Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 20



You may be under the impression that we are running out of areas in the 4th to describe to you and that we would be starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel in our attempt to find more topics to talk to you about.
This is not so.
There are virtually countless areas, or landscapes as we sometimes call them, in the 4th.
Not all are related to incarnation and not all areas would it be wise to describe to you.
Some would be outside of your current level of comprehension and some, if you investigated them, would put you in danger as they would open the door to investigating dangerous aspects of life.
The problem is that there are not just the humans, plants, animals or minerals that you are aware of. Nor yet just the demonic forces that we have described. Nor, once again, the fairy world that we have mentioned. Nor, finally, the horrible entities in the 1st and 2nd dimensions which, once again, we have mentioned.
These beings, some of them are dangerous and some of them are friendly.
Some, there are, that are neutral but the areas they live in would have a disturbing effect should you visit such areas.
Indeed, it is not unknown that people who have severe drink or drug problems, open the door into one of these areas and have terrifying visions.
Some people mock those experiencing Delirium Tremens (DT’s) and talk of seeing pink elephants but we can assure you that these areas are real and the creatures (etheric) that live in them would cause the bravest person to blanch.
It is not funny for those who experience the visions brought on by DT’s.
We should have sympathy for those who, through excessive drink or drug consumption, see these monsters. We should do all that we can to help such people rather than mocking them.

But even all that we just described is not the end of the various life forms contained throughout the dimensions.
Life is endless and there is always the need to keep things in balance. So, for every nice entity to be found in the astral realms there must be an equal and opposite number of negative beings.
Further, the archangelic forces that serve God and have been doing so for billions of years created, in etheric or astral form, a large number of entities, some of which we would call positive and an equal number that we would call negative.

We will also remind you that humans were never intended to incarnate to Earth originally, and thus the area in the 6th dimension that you call your universe was never intended to be created originally nor were a number of aspects of the 4th, and indeed the 5th, and that all had to be created once the decision was taken that man should have what you call an incarnation.
The point that we are making is that there are landscapes and monsters that inhabit those landscapes that man was never intended to interact with.
It is only since incarnation was created that the likelihood of entering dangerous landscapes and thus interacting with dangerous entities came about.
So, we cannot blame God’s archangels. The danger comes from the fact that human’s development towards incarnation overlaps the domains in which the negative – from our perspective – areas or beings live.

We hope that you have understood this short explanation about some of the dangers of describing the negative landscapes and the negative creatures that inhabit them.
Everything is vibration and if we described these areas it would peak the curiosity of some people and, by the law of mutual attraction, would draw people to those areas.
This would benefit you nothing and could destroy your minds.
Curiosity is a positive attribute when correctly used, but morbid curiosity about negative – to our eyes – areas and creatures should be strictly controlled.
We repeat, to come into contact with some of these areas would destroy you so we hope that you will heed our warnings.

You may wonder why, if we do not want you to visit certain areas, we mentioned them.
The answer is twofold.
1. We promised to tell you as much about the non-physical planes as we could and so we feel obliged to mention them.
2. Any good parent would explain to his children the dangers of negative frequentation and, as we possibly have more knowledge about these areas than you, we warn you to stay away from them.

Having explained that there are a number of areas or landscapes in the various astral and etheric planes that it would be better not to investigate, let us turn our attention to an area that it is safe to mention in the 4th and it is this.
One of the many areas we could talk about is the area, landscape or frequency, that deals with brilliance.
We have spoken about brilliance, or genius, before and we have described it as having the ability to jump from known facts on a subject to a conclusion on the subject without taking the logical steps that most people would have to take to progress from the question under discussion, considering all the known facts and puzzling, step by step, the points that would lead to a conclusion.
Further, anyone blessed by being brilliant usually comes to the correct conclusion as opposed to the average person who, after considered examination of all the facts, frequently comes to the wrong conclusion.

There is an area in the 4th that contains the concept of brilliance or genius.
We all know what the word genius means but few of us understand what brilliance refers to.
Although it equates to genius, we like the word brilliance as it describes light.
God is light, pure starlight and so this area which is described as the brilliance plane, if one visits it, shines with star light.
So, this gives us a clue that anyone blessed by brilliance is able to contact this area and link to the power of God which takes the form of star light.
God is attributed with being the source of all knowledge, all wisdom, and if one can visit that area and incorporate at least some of that power into his psyche, he can act in a manner that is described as genius or brilliance.
We will go on to say that it is not in the gift of anyone to incorporate all of God’s power into his psyche or personality.
To do so would destroy the person, even the most brilliant of them. The power of God is infinite and is beyond anything that could be imagined by anyone.
Although to incorporate a small, carefully measured dose of God’s power in someone results in genius, let us try to imagine the total power of God by talking about atomic fusion.

It has been noted, regrettably, that atoms contain power and to split an atom can release that power.
Let us further question how many atoms there are in existence?
Everything is made of atoms combining in some way.
Every mineral, plant, animal, human, planet and, indeed, dimension is created from atoms combining in some way to create all that exists.
Each and every one of this unbelievable number of atoms contains the total power of God. If it was possible to detonate, together, all of these atoms, could you even begin to conceive of the enormity of the explosion?
That is the amount of power that would be incorporated into the psyche of anyone who could link with the totality of God’s power.
So, we hope that you can realise the danger of anyone linking to the totality of God’s power … rather too much of a good thing.
However, it is possible to link to a small portion of that power and then we say that the person is brilliant, a genius.
The person himself might not recognise himself as a genius because it is stated that genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
This may or may not be true but it is fair to say that most geniuses have to put quite a lot of effort into obtaining conclusions, but we must recognise that a genius can obtain a result where the average person would just flounder. So, even a small amount of God’s power goes a long way.

Now, as we did with the last chapter, we need to define where God’s power is contained.
Either, it seems to us, that is contained in this brilliant area in the 4th or it is contained in the personality of the individual. As was mentioned in the last chapter, probably DNA is also involved.
So, let us ignore what we said in the last chapter about the happiness plane and commence our investigations from the beginning and see where they lead us.
After all, to base any new investigations on the results of the last might be a dangerous procedure and could lead us to wrong conclusions.
This has happened many times in the past to huge numbers of so-called experts, and we must not fall into the trap of following in their footsteps. Let us start with what we know.

We know that everything is vibration (frequency) combining in some fashion to form all that exists, whether it be physical or non-physical (astral).
Further, we know that the only things that exist are atoms. These atoms might combine to create all that exists in the 6th dimension physicality – which is the reality in which you live – or they might exist in other dimensions forming all that exists in any dimension.
We know that people struggle with this concept. They can accept that they live in a physical universe, but because other dimensions are invisible to most people, many think that they do not exist and are a figment of the imagination of misguided individuals one step removed from the lunatic asylum.
However, for those who have learnt to visit some of these dimensions and, even more, to those who live in other dimensions such as the 4th where we live, it is obvious that dimensions are as solid and as real as your dimension is to you. It is only a question of difference of frequency. The atoms that combine to create life in other dimensions are as real as the atoms that constitute your world. It is just that they vibrate to a different frequency that makes them invisible.
But for those who can accept that life is indeed universal, it comes as no surprise that other dimensions than yours exist and also that, for life to exist in other dimensions, it requires a solidity and that solidity is created by ‘astral atoms’ combining to create all that exists in other dimensions.
Therefore, this brilliance plane must be constructed by atoms combining to form this area.
We also know that each and every atom contains the totality of what we refer to as God, also known as prime creator or the all that is.
So, whatever dimensions atoms are contained in, each atom contains the one creative force. Not a variation of that force according to which dimension they are found in but the one, unique creative force that is everywhere in existence.

Next, we know that this creative force can be manipulated by what is referred to as consciousness.
It is thanks to consciousness that we have animals, vegetables, minerals and human life forms on Earth plus, of course, all the so-called fairy realms and other spirit forces, some of which we have spoken about at the beginning of this chapter.
The God force is quite simply the creator of life and it is consciousness that enables the God force contained in atoms to combine to create everything. That combination plan is called a logos.
The point to bear in mind is that everything, everywhere, is the one God force contained in atoms that come together under the direction of the logos, and then consciousness creates the unique frequency of everything, keeping all things apart.
This seems rather complicated until one has created a pigeon hole in the mind in which to store this information. Once one has the ability to store this information in the mind, it all becomes simple and obvious.

The point that we are coming to is that all the areas in the 4th that we have so far described, plus countless more, are created from atoms combining according to the logos given to that area and as each atom is alive, once they come together to form something, that something is alive and has consciousness and, more, it has a unique frequency. All is one, so what you are, each and every area or landscape in the 4th is also.
Therefore, we hope that you can see that the brilliance or genius area in the 4th is alive and is conscious.
It may not look like you but is every bit as alive as you are and, as all is one, there must be a link between the brilliance area and you.
We could go on to say that, as all is one and that one is God, everything is you and you are everything.
Although this is true, we must also say that it is true that everything is kept apart by individual consciousness and individual frequency.
That is why there appears to be a difference between you and the brilliance plane, just to consider these two things.

Before we continue to try to unravel where brilliance (genius) is contained, let us break off and state a couple of things.
Logos, consciousness and your personal frequency, combine to create what is called ‘ego’.
Ego is quite simply the fact that you feel different from any other person or object no matter what it is. We could also describe ego as selfishness, as selfishness is a feeling of self as opposed to anything else.
The extreme example of ego or selfishness is a psychopath.
A psychopath is someone who considers that only his thoughts, hopes, ambitions and desires count and he has absolutely no consideration for the same feelings that others have.
They will go to any lengths they feel necessary to remove any person or anything else that stands in their way to achieving their goals.
We will also say that the object of your existence, your creation, is to remove, ultimately, any trace of ego and at that point your journey ends.
For those who think that they are close to perfection and thus close to the end of their journey, let us say that we congratulate you for the strides already made but you will find that you have a virtually endless journey still to take.
The more one removes ego promoted faults, the more one discovers endless depths of ego still remaining.
The destiny of all of us is to finish in the arms of God but there is a long way to go for all of us.
We spend a huge amount of time in the spirit world, gradually removing egoistic thoughts, then go on through the angelic stage and, finally, spend eons of time as archangels before removing the last fault and then we can take the final step of merging into the Godhead.
The journey is virtually endless, but every step taken brings us joy.
At the beginning, those who are psychopaths are constantly seeking happiness through power, money, and all the other things that one sees that psychopaths accumulate, but nothing brings them lasting happiness because they are looking in the wrong direction.
Happiness comes in the degree that we can help others, not ourselves.

But let us return to what we were examining.
We mentioned that there was a link between the brilliance plane and you.
We also mentioned that the brilliance plane has a unique vibration but you also have a unique vibration.
So, it is a case of ‘never the twain shall meet’.
However, all is not lost.
Assuming what we said about the brilliance plane is true, it is obvious that some people are able to link to that plane by accident or design.

Before we go on to investigate the brilliance plane and how it can link to humanity, may we mention yet another way that, from time to time, genius can be transferred to a person, and may we say that in very exceptional cases, animals.
We wish to mention Nirmanakaya.
We have mentioned these special angelic entities before, but we will do so again to complete the picture.
The word Nirmanakaya is Sanskrit which indicates that their presence has been known about for several thousands of years.
A Nirmanakaya is a non-human creation, an angel would be the nearest description to anything that you could understand.
Each and every land mass, which should really be considered to be a country if it was not for egotistical humans desiring to carve areas out that they can control in order to impose their will and thus impose their power over the population, is under the control of a Nirmanakaya.
Nirmanakaya normally have no interest in humanity and only a passing interest in the fauna of the country he oversees.
It is actually somewhat difficult to know what the function of a Nirmanakaya is as they take no interest in the actions of humanity on the land masses under their surveillance, and even in countries where huge and negative deforestation is taking place, it does not seem to concern them. At least, they do not seem to take any action to negate man’s effects on the countries under their jurisdiction.
Perhaps they take long-term views and realise that, in the case of countries where deforestation is taking place, either man will realise his error and will replant the forests or their country can cope with the effects of man’s actions.
After all, before man came on the scene, much of the world was covered in forests of one kind or another.
Man has, over the centuries, deforested much of Europe for example in order to create space for planting arable crops, to build houses and to burn for fuel. It seems not to have caused much long-term harm to the land as such, although it has caused much harm to the animal population of those places.

But, nevertheless, Nirmanakaya exist and, we repeat, each and every land mass or island is under the control of a Nirmanakaya.
Where they come into our story is that although Nirmanakaya are not normally interested in man, they do, from time to time, take a young human under their wing and somehow install the concept of genius or brilliance in them.
Thus it is that we have, throughout history, a few geniuses, some of whom became well-known, some of whom seem to have remained in the shadows and some who date so far back in the history of Earth that their works have become lost in the mists of time.

Now, we do not know why Nirmanakaya select people from time to time and put the genius thread with them, nor do we know if somehow they link the person to the brilliance plane we are discussing.
We should, perhaps, admit that we could find this information by delving into the file in the akashic record of any person who was thus treated by a Nirmanakaya, but we must be honest and tell you that as that file would not contain information about a Nirmanakaya, the Nirmanakaya in question not being human and thus not mentioned in a person’s file, makes it almost impossible to trace the thread of genius back to its origin. So, we don’t spend the energy thus battling.
But we do know that some people, very few, are selected by Nirmanakaya and become geniuses.
However, the number is so few that we can ignore it except to say that Nirmanakaya are a subject worth investigating, and it would be instructive to find out how and why they select people and how they install the ‘gene’ – if we may use that word – of genius in them.
We do not know very much about Nirmanakaya, but we do know that they select some people and help them become geniuses from time to time.
Logic would suggest that there must be a reason for this but we do not know why it is done nor how it is done.
Let us return to the genius or brilliance plane (as we prefer to call it) in the 4th and try to tell you what we know about it.

Like all the many and diverse planes or landscapes in the 4th, it is created from vibrations or frequency.
As we have mentioned before, to enter it requires that one incorporates into one’s personality that frequency. Unless and until that is done, it is not possible to link with that frequency. The exception being, of course, if one can link by accident to that frequency.
As we did with the last chapter, which was about the happiness – or unhappiness – plane(s), let us say that it is a bit more complicated than just having the desire to link with the brilliance plane or many people would do so as most of us would like to be brilliant.
However, if we study history and consider the lives of brilliant people, these people were not necessarily happy people and we consider that to be happy and contented far outweighs the desire to be brilliant.
Indeed, our investigations of brilliant people have shown that many brilliant people have led deeply unhappy lives and for a number of reasons.
Before we go much further with this subject, let us look at a few of the reasons why brilliant people are not always happy people.

The first reason, we would suggest, is jealousy. Brilliance or genius is a rare gift and in a logical and fair world, others who are not brilliant would admire, plaudit and promote such people to places of leadership and do all they can to assist such people to push life forward.
However, very often the opposite obtains.
There are many people who may be fairly intelligent but lack the spark of genius.
However, they may have ego highly developed.
Having spent long years studying a subject and having become highly qualified in their chosen subject, they do not take kindly to others bypassing their achievements without doing very much study at all.
If we may generalize, to become qualified in any subject does not necessarily require much intelligence, it simply requires a good memory.
To pass an examination simply requires to have memorized similar questions to those being asked in the examination and trotting out the answer.

The problem – sometimes, not always – is that the person who passes the examination because he has a good memory and thus is considered to be qualified as an expert on a particular subject, might develop an inflated ego.
But as you can imagine, if someone else comes along who has not studied the subject under question but, because he is brilliant (a genius), he might well propose new, innovative methods of presenting information far in advance of the first person who contents himself in repeating collective wisdom that has been proposed for ages.
When that happens, ego kicks in and the first person feels his position as an accepted authority on a subject threatened.
So, he does all that he can, in conjunction with his colleagues, to discredit the genius.
This has happened over and over again and thus leads to deep unhappiness in the genius who might well find his ability stifled by those far below him in quality but far above him in power.
We fully expect that things will alter for the better in due course as we move further into ascension.

There is another type of person who has genius tendencies but that one could not describe as having common sense.
Genius on its own is not sufficient. Unless it is linked to common sense and/or a profound sense of what we call ‘feet on the ground’, genius serves little purpose.
We find this displayed in certain types of autistic people that are referred to as ‘autistic savants’.
These people were once referred to as idiots. Such a description, highly offensive, we would not apply today.
Autism is a very interesting and complicated aspect of life and, perhaps, we will write an essay on the subject.
We criticise no one and we certainly would not criticise or mock anyone who has what is referred to as autism.
But, there are a small number of people who only have a tenuous grasp on everyday life – that is referred to as common sense – but have a genius level of a particular subject.
This could be almost anything: mathematics, art, music, almost any subject.
This talent, to be able to complete the most difficult tasks in the subject that their genius attaches itself to, never ceases to amaze the average person who has no idea of what is going on.
Set an autistic savant the task of creating something in his selected subject and he or she will produce answers far beyond what any normal person could conceive of.
The ability in this one subject is truly amazing, but it is often the case that they are incapable of dealing with normal life and have to be cared for.

We mentioned these people because there is often a link with other geniuses who seem not to be normal in the sense that the average person considers normal.
They are sometimes referred to as eccentric.
One gets the impression that life has made a trade-off with geniuses. They have traded brilliance for common sense to a greater or lesser degree.
This is interesting and is worth investigating.
If it is true that genius or brilliance, which is our preferred term, can vary in its degree of attribution to a person and it is true that someone who has total brilliance on a subject has almost no grasp of everyday life, it would seem that a genius has to give up a portion of common sense in order to obtain a portion of genius.
It is as if genius and common sense are opposed.
The more genius one has the less common sense the person has.
This is, of course, a generality and there are, no doubt, numbers of people who have a degree of brilliance but also have enough common sense to be able to cope with life.

We stress, at this point, that when we mention brilliance or genius, we are not in any way referring to those who have cunning highly developed and thus have developed the skill of exploiting others in a very clever manner to benefit themselves.
Cunning, in our terminology, is an evil concept whereas brilliance or genius never knowingly harms anyone.

But to return to what we were saying about the trade-off between brilliance and common sense.
Please understand that we are generalizing here and we do not wish that the people reading this chapter who try to find fault with what we say, fly into an indignant rage and point out that there are cases of someone brilliant who is also perfectly capable of coping with life. Of course there is, but it has been noted that the more brilliant a number of people are, ranging from eccentric to autistic savant, the more they seem remote from what is considered normal, everyday sort of people who manage to cope with their incarnation through common sense.
It has been noted that, quite often, the more a person is brilliant, the less common sense that person may have.
We repeat. We are not saying that all people display this tendency nor are we suggesting that all those who struggle coping with incarnation display brilliance.
We are generalizing but we are also mentioning fact.
So please accept what we are saying as a point for discussion, even if you disagree with our, and many psychiatrists, conclusions.
If it is true that there might be a trade-off between brilliance and common sense, we should try to consider why this should be.

However, let us return to the area in the 4th that contains the brilliance plane.
To do so, as with all the planes or landscapes, simply requires attuning oneself to the appropriate plane. In this case, as it is a somewhat physical area, it shines with a brilliant white light which is the power of God, greatly reduced compared with the true, unbridled power of God but, nevertheless, gives us an indication that what we are observing is linked to the power of God.
This is, perhaps, not surprising, as to be connected to God will surely mean having total knowledge. It is hardly conceivable that God would not know everything that there is to know about every subject imaginable. That is one of the natures we attribute to God … total knowledge.
As God manifests himself as pure starlight, total knowledge would be the most powerful, brightest and purest light: starlight.
As we have already mentioned, total light would destroy us through its total power and so this area contains a reduced version of God’s power.
Nevertheless, when linking to this area, the light is magnificent.
We would like you to note that light is a frequency and starlight, which is pure white light, contains all the frequencies that combine to produce light in equal quantities so there is no shade of red or blue in starlight. It is pure white of a dazzling power.
In the heavenly spheres we do not have atmosphere to alter the colour of pure white, nor do we have any colours coming from atoms in space that alters the whiteness that you see from a star in the night sky.
You may not know this, but space is not empty. It is full of atoms, the sort of atoms that you know about and also atoms of dark energy.
This is because the galaxy is just as alive as you are and, just as your body is composed of countless atoms, so the galaxy has a living body and that is composed of atoms.
As the galaxy is alive, it has consciousness and thus has emotions.
As each atom has auras, these atoms can emit colours according to the emotion that the galaxy is feeling.
These colours can alter the perceived colour being emitted by stars. You may not notice much difference when you gaze into the night sky but, in fact, you never see true white star light. It is always coloured by the emotions of the galaxy as the star light shines down on you.

However, in the brilliance or genius area, we see true white star light, which is the light of God.
So, it is totally pure white light.
Although, as we said, the light is reduced in power so as to not harm anyone linking with it, it retains its purity and is quite remarkable to see.
However, we who take the trouble to link with that plane might be disappointed to realise that we are not transformed instantly into geniuses. We remain with the level of intelligence that we had before linking to that plane.
So, we realise that this area, this brilliance or genius plane, does not directly transform anyone who links with it into a genius. How disappointing!
But we do know that this area exists and we do know that it is connected to brilliance or genius, and we further know that genius becomes so through a connection to that area.
After all, if people were not affected by that plane there would be no point in it existing. God does not make useless things.
If this area exists, and if it emits pure white light and that light is the fount of all knowledge, this area must be connected to transferring brilliance or genius to certain people.
But not to us, apparently! Obviously, there is more going on here than meets the eye.

So, we must investigate further.
It is clear that the brilliance plane does not directly create genius in the person but is somehow connected to genius. We must turn to the actual people who become geniuses to see how it works.
We must, as is so often the case, look to personality, and possibly, DNA to find the connection.
To cut a long story short, with the help of our angel colleagues, we think we have the answer.
It turns out that, before incarnation, at the moment that the life plan is decided upon, certain people decide to incorporate brilliance into their personality in order to explore this talent.
But, it is done at a price.
Apparently, it is not possible to be a genius and have total command of common sense.
The reason is as follows.
When a person’s life plan is decided upon, a large number of decisions are taken. We have mentioned most of them before but, for the sake of clarity, we will repeat some of them.
The decisions taken include the sex of the person, his country of birth, his family and, as a result of the above-mentioned decisions, he is born into a rich or poor family and that influences his education and career path. So, for most people who are born into an average family, only so much intelligence is required, and in order to survive on the earth plane, a certain degree of what is called common sense is required.

Now, all the above-mentioned decisions are related to survival and connection to the earth plane.
This gives the impression that, if we make decisions between connection to spirit as opposed to Earth connections, most people incorporate into their life plan, connection to Earth rather than connection to spirit.
This might be a bit confusing so let us explain in greater detail.

As you should know, we are all pure spirit as we are all created by God, and God is pure spirit.
However, the earth plane was created in the 6th dimension and even though it is an illusion, it apes physicality as closely as possible.
Physicality is closely connected to the way plants and animals survive.
We are sure that you know that the average animal has incorporated into his personality the fight/flight emotion.
They fight for survival and for food. Also for mating rights, etc., and if danger rears its ugly head, they run away.
That is the way that animals survive.
Although most plants remain static, they fight to survive by competing for water, nutrients and sunlight.
Although they cannot run from danger, many plants have developed different mechanisms: thorns or toxins. These take the place of flight.

So, basic survival on Earth is connected to fight/flight.
With humans, although the survival mechanism might seem more complicated, people battle to get money or food to survive.
They compete to attract the best mate and, if danger looms, they defend themselves either through actual fighting or through litigation.
If you think about it, the way we humans survive is just an adaptation to the way animals survive.
We call that fight/flight instinct, common sense.
Common sense is used as a means of creating what we need in order to satisfy our desire to create what our life plan says that we should.

But there are others that decide to incorporate brilliance or genius into their life plan.
So, they have their personality rather split between the Earth sentiment of fight/flight, i.e., common sense, and a connection to the God force which is contained in the brilliance or genius plane in the 4th.
Now, it should be obvious that these two sentiments or emotions are rather opposed. It would be very difficult to have total common sense, the ‘feet on the ground feeling’, and also a total link to the genius plane which is directly connected to the God sphere.
So, people make a choice.
The vast majority of us ignore the genius plane. Indeed, before incarnating, when people are being shown around heaven and see the genius or brilliance area, once they have it explained to them the choice they would have to make when incarnating, they totally reject brilliance and settle for a degree of intelligence, usually connected to common sense, thus giving them a greater chance of survival on Earth.
However, there are some who decide to incorporate brilliance into their life plan at the expense of common sense.

Then these people have to decide to what degree they wish to incorporate brilliance into their life plan.
Please remember what we said above. You can’t have both. In the degree that one incorporates brilliance or genius, one must reject common sense.
Equally, in the degree that one rejects brilliance, one can incorporate common sense – the feet on the ground sentiment.
But, thanks to personality, ego and DNA, etc., it is possible to incorporate a varying portion of this brilliance power.
How can we describe it?
Shall we imagine a See-Saw with brilliance on one seat and common sense on the other or shall we imagine it as a pair of scales, once again with brilliance on one pan and common sense on the other?
Whatever way we look at it, we have a trade-off. As brilliance is accepted more and more into a person so the common sense factor tends to reduce. And vice versa.
Of course, as we mentioned, there are occasionally those who are able to accept a measure of brilliance and still retain a good measure of common sense but, usually, the more brilliance a person decides to incorporate into him, by the law of trade off, common sense reduces.

The extreme case of someone accepting brilliance in his life plan and thus his personality, is the case of the autistic savant and, at the opposite end, we have people who accept just a small amount of the brilliance field within them and become a clever person able to cope with incarnation.
Those who decide to accept a large amount of brilliance into their personalities have two problems.
The first is an almost total trade-off with common sense, the ability to cope with life, and the second is that, generally speaking, at this stage of evolution of the human race, the person cannot incorporate more than a narrow part of total knowledge.
Thus they become brilliant at a chosen subject, very inferior at anything else and unable to cope with life.
Of course, we are generalizing, but that is what usually happens.
We will just say here that the destiny of man for the future is not to incarnate to Earth. It will not be necessary as man evolves beyond the need to test himself through incarnation. We have mentioned this before. Man will stay in the 4th and, as he evolves, he will be able, eventually, to incorporate, totally, the brilliance plane and, totally, be able to incorporate common sense because, even in the 4th common sense is very much required.

So, we hope that you can see that an autistic savant is a brave person who has chosen a very difficult incarnation path in order to experience what it is like to be a genius at a subject.
The price they pay, as do all that have a degree of brilliance, is heavy.
They are often rejected or mocked by society when they see a very clever person unable to cope with everyday common-sense matters.
We should not mock them. We should admire them for wishing to experience brilliance on a planet where the majority of incarnates have no idea either of their brilliance nor why they struggle with incarnation.

However, once their incarnation finished, they are welcomed into an area of Summerland where their genius is appreciated and their common sense is not tested. They are cared for by guides and angelic beings who look after them with total love.
Their brilliance, they are given free rein to express and expound, free from any constraints that incarnation put on them.
For those who choose to cease to be brilliant, steps are taken to free them from the link with the brilliance plane and they return to become normal people before their life plan was put with them. In effect they choose a different life plan.

We hope that you have understood this chapter which was not easy to explain and we hope that you will start to admire people who show signs of being autistic savants or even eccentricity.
They are different from you in that they are exploring a difficult path through incarnation, but they provide a valuable insight into what brilliance is and though they are different from you – and us – they are, nevertheless, part of us as we are part of them.
So, try to accept them as you accept yourself.

We will end this chapter and move onto yet another topic.

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