Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 21



You may be getting tired of all the introductions that we put into virtually each chapter.
It is not that we wish to pad out the chapters with words just to make each chapter longer.
Far from it. We would much rather dive straight into the subject matter but we feel, quite often, that we need to preface each chapter with a warning about the dangers, or otherwise, of each subject.
After all, how many people have published information about astral projection and have described techniques for entering the etheric world but have failed to give the slightest warnings concerning the danger of encountering negative creatures that live in those realms? The result has been many people becoming ensnared, emotionally, with these entities.
We, on the other hand, have gone to great lengths to advise you not to go into the etheric without correct training and without being protected by guides.
We hope that we have saved many people from unfortunate encounters with negative etheric entities.
That is at least one reason that we preface descriptions of the planes or landscapes in the 4th with advice either asking you not to go to certain areas or, on the contrary, suggesting that it would be safe, under certain conditions, to do so.
If we can issue a general warning. The 4th dimension is astral. As such, only trained people can enter it.
We mentioned this in the preface of this book.
No one should attempt to do esoteric work or try to enter any part of the 4th until he has mastered, to a good extent, the art of projecting his personality into that area and has attracted guides who will protect him and guide him around the area.

For those who do not know, let us describe the path between the earth plane and the upper 4th.
We have the solid earth plane that you see around you. Then, as you start to do what is called astral projection, you enter the etheric realms. There are several of these realms or layers, each one separated by being encased in unique frequencies.
If you traverse all of these layers you enter the lower 4th.
That is the area where demons live.
We have described these areas before. There are a number of layers, once again, each one kept apart by unique frequencies.
Only after traversing the lower 4th can you enter the upper 4th and explore the heavenly realms.

So we hope that you can see that without a great deal of psychic training and without being able to have the protection of specially trained guides around you, the chances of you leaving, spiritually, the earth plane and arriving safely in the upper 4th without being interfered with by entities from either the etheric realms or from the demonic planes of the lower 4th are slim indeed.
And yet very few people who laudit the virtues of astral projection explain all this to you.
We do because we do not wish any of you to fall victim to negative entities.
It is up to you, either to pay heed or to ignore our warnings.

As a last statement on this subject let us mention frequencies.
The earth plane vibrates to a certain frequency.
The etheric plane vibrates to a slightly higher frequency.
Then the lower 4th vibrates to a higher frequency and, finally, the upper 4th vibrates to a yet higher frequency.
Anyone who has no spiritual training vibrates to the frequency of planet Earth.
It is only after much meditation and application to spiritual work that one can commence to vibrate to the frequency of the upper 4th.
So, if a person who has done little or no meditation attempts to enter the upper 4th he fails miserably because he does not have the ability to vibrate to the frequency of the upper 4th. Nor will he have attracted the special guides who will guard him from harm and guide him safely to the upper 4th.
So, if he manages to leave his physical body at all, the best he can hope for is to land in one of the etheric realms or, if he is really unlucky, he might end up in the lower 4th.
That would be bad news indeed.
Anyway, the moral of this story is do not attempt to do any form of astral projection without long months of training, and only train with a qualified and respected teacher.
Do not fall for giving money to online psychics and never fall into the clasp of fake mediums who charge money.
Spirituality is freely given by God and all spiritual training should be free.

We will warn any psychic that he or she feels has enough knowledge or skill to teach others, not to fall into the trap of asking money for passing on their knowledge.
God’s gifts are freely given and must be freely passed on to others.
If money becomes involved, God reserves the right to withdraw those skills and then any teacher who has no skills left has to improvise to maintain the illusion that he/she still has psychic skills
It will, in effect, become the case of the blind leading the blind.

Now, once again, we have spent several pages warning you about astral projection, unless you have correct training and protection and we hope that it will not fall on deaf ears.
We do not wish for anyone to fall into the snare of evil entities.

Having said all that, let us turn to the next subject that we have selected for discussion.
You may think that we are presenting chapter after chapter at random but, effectively, we try, as far as we can to link each new chapter to the previous ones.
This next chapter may, at first sight not seem to follow on from the last ones but, in fact, is connected.
We wish to consider alternative realities, a subject that we have mentioned before.
Although we have given you some information previously about alternative realities, we did not explain everything we know about them.
This chapter will give us the chance to give an expanded overview on the subject.
We do not promise to give a total explanation as the subject of alternative realities is extremely complicated and it would take a book in its own right to explain.
We will also say that it will profit you little, because it is not within the gift of many people to explore alternative realities. Most of us have quite enough to do exploring our reality without wondering about other realities!
However, curiosity about other aspects of life is natural, so we are happy to explain at least some of what we know about alternative realities.

Let us start from the beginning and mention a subject about which you should already be aware.
We have mentioned that each and every one of you lives in your own particular universe. This also applies to us, by the way.
We have mentioned this a number of times but will do so again in order to bring everyone up to the same level.
What we are going to say will have a direct bearing on the subject of alternative realities.

The simple fact of the matter is that you, if we may mention just you in order to keep things simple, are God. Now, God is an invisible life force that is real, but is outside of any means of locating with it.
This God force created, with the help of his archangelic friends, a means of you being aware of yourself, as opposed to anything or anyone else.
We call this your ‘sense of awareness’, or ‘self-consciousness’, ‘ego’ or ‘personality’ amongst a number of other things.
You, it turns out, are a singularity, a minuscule point of life. But you live in a world that is exclusive to you that your ego has created.
You are the only thing that exists in your world that you create with your imagination.
We do realise that we have flown through a mass of complicated information in a few lines but you should know all this. If you do not, please stop here, go back and study the information we have previously provided.

If you think about it, every person who has ever lived, is living or ever will live (because future people are alive already) is living in their own universe – their own alternative reality to yours. It is only the fact that the people you know have similar thoughts to yours that make them seem almost part of you. But, if you could link to their minds you would be amazed at how different, how unique they are compared to you.
Even the people close to you – immediate family for example – have hopes, aims and objectives that are completely different to your hopes, aims and objectives.

However, this is not what interests you. You wish to learn about life forms, humans, in different areas that are invisible to you.
We understand this and we will do our best to describe what we know about alternative realities and the people – and animals – that live in them.
We only prefaced this talk by mentioning that you and everyone else live in their unique universe to open your mind to the fact that you already live in a world full of alternative realities.
However, let us try to explain the sort of alternative reality that interests you.

This, as always, is going to be a bit difficult to explain, as to understand what we are going to say supposes that you have already read and understood our previous works and have a knowledge of the esoteric worlds and the life forms that live in them.
As we mentioned above, each and every one of them live in their own, unique universe. This is because all is one. What you are, everything is. We have repeated this ad nauseam but will do so again and again to try to drum into you that there is only one and that one is God.
All else is just the logos given to all living things to enable them to have experiences and to grow in wisdom.
We also mention this to remind you that your ultimate destination is to rid yourself of ego (personality, if you will) and return to God from whence you came.
You are on an endless cyclical journey from God back to God.
Everything is on the same journey as all is one.
However, with plants and animals the path from God back to God takes a different journey to the journey humans take.
Humans are God’s chosen people.
This also implies that the beings we find in alternative realities are also human and are following the same path as you – from God back to God.
They may or may not live in strange worlds compared to the world we all live in but the path is the same.

Let us try now to delve into the nuts and bolts of this subject of alternative realities and slowly and calmly unravel the mystery as clearly as we can.
But we do warn you that parts of what we must say might be difficult for you to digest but, as always, we will do our best to simplify our explanations whilst, at the same time, ensuring that what we will tell you is accurate.

So, where do we start?
We have already mentioned dimensions and have said that each dimension, or aura, is divided into to a plethora of sub-dimensions, each one separated from any other sub-dimension by a coating of thin gravity, the whole dimension kept separate from any other dimension, or aura, by a coating of thick gravity.
If you do not understand this, it is not our fault.
We gave you a complete book called ‘Auras’ in which we clearly explained all this.
Now we need to look into which part of this plethora of dimensions and sub-dimensions alternative realities are to be found.
We will say that this is going to be difficult to answer as they are actually all (for there are many alternative realities) contained in the 8th dimension where our existence started.
Once again, we have told you of the progress of life from the 8th to the 4th, where we all end up, and we hope that you have read and understood that progress.
We also mentioned the kindergarten area where life is first created and nurtured before being transferred to the 8th dimension to start its long journey back to God, who created life in the first place.
All this refers to our creation. The whole of this immense work (creation) refers to life as we know it, or can know it, if we investigate it enough.

But now, the Master God (for it seems that there is an overseeing God) is very creative and very careful. He thought to himself, ‘What happens if life’ – as we know it – ‘Ceased to be for any reason?’
So he created, based on the same system as ours, an almost infinite number of alternative realities but that were created around the model that we live in.
So, somewhere, there are a large number of creations that follow, more or less exactly, the system that was created for us: the kindergarten planet, the 8th dimension, the 4th and so on.

This is where it starts to get a bit complicated because we have to realise that our multiverse, which is immense and extremely complex, is only one of a virtually unlimited number of identical creations.
They are all back-up plans for if any – or many – realities should fail. There will still be more carrying on.
When we mention identical, we refer to the construction.
The life forms may differ widely from the life forms in our reality, as they were created by the wishes and desires for experience of the various Gods that oversee each reality. For, yes, each alternative reality has its own God following a theme and these themes may seem very strange to us but are, nevertheless, as important as our life forms seem to us.

We don’t know if you have understood this?
We have previously mentioned that elsewhere in our creation there are areas that form parts of personality, and we further mentioned that each one of these areas had a God overseeing it. But this is a different form of reality, virtually identical in its construction and that there are many of them, each one of which has a God in command just as our reality has a God in command.
So, we wish you to realise that the 8th dimension is subdivided into a large number of areas, if we may use that inaccurate term to describe an endless number of alternative realities. Each one is identical to the part of the 8th dimension that concerns us and each sub-dimension is coated with a thin gravity, the whole dimension being coated with a thick gravity, as are all dimensions and sub-dimensions. All is one, as we keep reminding you.
Then, as you should know, each sub-dimension has its own unique frequency.

So, the multiverse that we live in is only one of a large number of other multiverses, all following the same form of construction, but each one housing life forms either similar to ours or widely differing according to the instructions the God force gives to the archangels creating the life forms in any particular sub-frequency or multiverse.
We will go on to explore some of these sub-dimensions – alternative realities – not from the point of view of the construction, because each alternative reality is virtually identical in its construction to ours, but from the point of view of the lifeforms that live in them.

Each and every alternative reality, we remind you once again, is virtually a carbon copy to ours in that it has 8 dimensions, each one with countless sub-dimensions, and all the events that we have going on in the 7th down to the 1st dimension.
They are all identical because the Master God decided that it was a perfect concept so he put in charge of each one of these sub-dimensions a God and told that God to explore a certain life theme. Therefore, each God created archangels who, in turn, created the various life forms that God decided should be in accordance with the instructions of the Master God.
We don’t know if you can understand this? It implies that our multiverse is just one of many and there is nothing special about our multiverse. It just so happens that we all live here in this multiverse.
At the same time that we are exploring our multiverse there are countless other beings in countless other multiverses – each one separated from any other by thin gravity – scratching their heads and wondering what life is all about just as we wonder also.
It also implies that the 8th dimension is not reserved just for us.
In other books, where we might have mentioned the 8th dimension, we may have given the impression that life in the 8th was exclusively ours. This is true up to a point because all life, as far as it concerns us, was or is contained in the 8th, at least at first.
But, to keep things simple at that time, what we did not mention was that in the same 8th dimension, separated by thin gravity, was an infinite number of alternative realities. They all start off from the one, unique 8th dimension.
It is only after that, that each group of entities (humans, animals) follows its sub-dimension down to its own 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th dimensions etc.
Can you understand this?

All life starts from the 8th dimension but within that dimension it is all kept apart by being in its own reality (sub-dimension).
From then on, life, as it develops, follows its own path in what is called alternative realities.
So, in a way, the 8th dimension is huge. It is also multi-dimensional. Each sub-dimension has its own God who creates the life force under its command and then its archangelic forces create the beings that suit each sub-frequency. We call each sub-frequency an alternative reality.
As we said, each one of these alternative realities are created as backups in case any one or any group of realities should fail.
So, in the unlikely event that our reality should be exterminated, there are plenty more to carry life on. So, life will never cease. Our life might cease or another alternative life might cease but life will always continue. This is difficult to comprehend but it is so.

Generally, beings from any one reality should not contact beings from any other reality, but it can happen that very advanced beings from our reality learn how to enter other realities and, equally, advanced beings from another reality might learn how to enter our reality.
Curiosity pushes people to do this sort of thing but we must advise you that it can be very dangerous to enter an alternate reality and no one incarnate should attempt to do such a foolhardy thing.
We have mentioned before that it occasionally happens that in large forests people come across staircases just standing alone.
This can happen if a person from another dimension (reality) wishes to visit us and creates what we perceive to be a staircase as a passage between their world and ours.
Now, such a person would be a very advanced being and has learnt how, successfully, to traverse dimensions and create this staircase. These are strange looking things. The lower end stops on the forest floor but the upper end just stops in the air.
Although one cannot see the connection the upper end has to an alternative reality, nevertheless, it is there and the whole staircase forms a path between an alternative reality and our reality – a portal.
It has been known for people to climb such staircases and when they reach the top they disappear, never to be seen again.
Quite simply, what happens is that the person from our reality climbs the staircase and if he reaches the top, he enters the alternative reality to which the top is attached.
So, he enters this alternative reality and is gone forever from our reality.
The entity from an alternative reality that created the staircase, when he has finished exploring our world, climbs the staircase, returns to his reality and allows the staircase to dissolve because it was constructed from etheric matter and is under the control of the mind of the visitor.

So, let us now turn to what we would experience if we were to visit an alternative reality.
Before we start may we say a big ‘thank you’ to our angelic colleagues who have provided us with most of the information we are going to share with you. Even we who are in the 4th, hesitate to enter these realms because we are not sure of our ability to be able, successfully, to return to our reality, so we rely on angels who have much more skill than us. Even these angels can only traverse a few of these alternative realities as the further one penetrates, the stranger they become.

Let us start by saying that our multiverse is not the starting point as regards the totality of alternative realities. There are many on either side of ours.
The easiest way to imagine them is as a circle. A circle has no beginning and no end as a straight line would have.
If we select any point on a circle, there are points on either side of it. That is the nature of a circle.
Parallel universes are similar. We do not know where they start nor where they end. We only know that there are many of them.
Now, the interesting thing from the point of view of exploring them is that, if we were to visit any parallel universe (alternate reality) the next one to it would only be slightly different from the original one. Then the next one would be only slightly different from that. The differences become more and more marked from the original one to the point that, if we go far enough out, the universes are completely remote from the original one. But the change from each parallel reality to the next is slight.
Can you understand that? Let us explain again.
If we take our multiverse and compare it to another alternative reality – and here we mix universe, multiverse, parallel reality, alternative reality and so on but they all mean the same thing. We are mentioning a creation that looks, physically, more or less like ours in all aspects, dimensions included.
It is not so much the creation in a physical or astral sense that alters, it is the life forms that live in them that change.
But let us explain how they alter.
Let us call the first reality A. If we move from reality A to reality B, there would not be much difference and the beings that inhabit reality B would not differ very much from the beings that inhabit reality A.
That is why, by the way, that some people from reality B (if we live in reality A) can integrate and live with us for a while.
They might be more or less intelligent than us, speak our languages or not, but would pass amongst us unnoticed.
But now, if we move from reality B to reality C, the beings in reality C would not be much different from those in reality B but would start to show a difference between those in reality A.
If we may labor the point, if we go to reality D, the beings would be similar to those in reality C but show a marked difference from those in reality A.
And so it goes on. Each parallel reality being similar to the one next to it, but the difference becomes more and more marked the further one progresses from reality to reality compared to those far away, reality A, for example.

So even angels can only progress so far down the chain of parallel realities before the differences become so bizarre that they cannot comfortably proceed.
Therefore, we are aware that for the first few parallel realities close to ours, the humans and animals that live in them are instantly recognisable as such, but, eventually, the angels reach a point where the life forms are totally ‘alien’ if we can use that word without confusing strange life forms to true aliens. At variance to us would be a safer term to use.
Now, if we are human and all is one, are the beings that live in parallel realities that look human really human? Logic would say they are. Equally, cats, dogs, sheep, horses, cows, etc., that one might find in a parallel universe close to ours should be very similar to those we find in our reality.
But, if we were able to glimpse into a parallel universe (reality) far from ours and if all the life forms looked totally different from those found in our reality, would, for example, what we call a human still be a human even if he looked nothing like us? Once again, logic would suggest yes but let us turn to our kind and helpful angelic comrades and see what they can tell us, because they are the only ones that we know of who have the skill and courage to enter some of these realms and have the ability to return safely back to our reality.
The next paragraphs are what we were told by the angels.
Although we will present the information in our words, the wisdom comes from the angels. When we return to us talking, we will tell you.
So, here is what we were told.

‘The first thing is to learn how to change realities. This is not easy because we are meant to remain in our reality, so we have to invent a portal to move from our reality to the next one closest to ours. Then, if we wish to move on, we have to learn to invent a different portal to move on yet again. Inventing portals is not a simple thing because, as we said, we are not designed to change realities, so a lot of spiritual work has to go into creating a portal. Further, a portal will only transport one person so if several wish to change realities, each person has to learn how to do this.
Finally, of course, portals have to be recreated in order to move back again to our reality.
Portals are actually created by altered etheric material but this alteration has little or no connection to what you call astral projection. Astral projection uses etheric material but that normally would be used to move from one point of our reality to another.

Obviously, we are aware of how to do this, but changing realities is a different order of complexity altogether.
We know that everything is vibration (frequency) so we realise that each and every reality vibrates to a unique frequency just as our reality does.
The problem is finding the frequency of the reality next to ours and then finding the frequency of the one after that and so on.
This is not easy and took us a long time to discover the different frequencies of the parallel realities close to us.
We will not describe the frequency nor the technique because readers of this book could not emulate the technique and it would be futile and dangerous to try.
Suffice to say that after much trial and error we managed to discover the key to creating the frequency of at least some of these parallel areas, and as we already knew the frequency of our reality, we were able to create an etheric portal between our reality and the next one closest to ours.
What one has to do to change realities is to concentrate totally on the desired frequency. If one can do this sufficiently, one creates a portal between our reality and the desired frequency.
This links to the desired destination and so we can project ourselves from our multiverse’s frequency to the desired multiverse’s frequency.

We move on to our experiences in a parallel dimension closest to ours.
The first thing we noticed is that it appears very similar to ours geographically.
There are fields, mountains, lakes and forests. The sky looks much the same as our sky.
The animals seemed to be much the same as ours but we noticed that there were a lot less farm animals than in our dimension.
But what interests us – and you, no doubt – are humans.

We wish to break off here to correct a common misconception.
There are people who think that parallel universes (realities) are some sort of copy of ours and the humans that inhabit them are just different versions of us. This is not true.
Each and every parallel reality is a separate, unique creation under the control of its own God who, with the help of his trusted archangelic colleagues, creates totally new and separate life forms – separate from us, that is.
So, if a person from a parallel reality looks human that is because the Master God told each multiverse’s God to create humans but they are unique humans and are not copies of you or any other human in our reality.
They are all different people created expressly for that multiverse.

We approached a group of humans and introduced ourselves. This did not seem to shock them in the degree that people from a parallel universe would shock many people on Earth. They seemed just to accept us.
Now, we noticed, as we toured the planet we were on, that they could speak verbally just as we can but their spoken languages were not familiar to us.
Fortunately, they all had the ability to communicate telepathically and thus, as we can communicate telepathically and as telepathy is a thought process, we could communicate.
Another aspect of telepathy is that mixed with the actual words are the emotions of what the people, the communicants, are. So, we could tell that they were peaceful people and they could tell that we meant them no harm.
We should perhaps mention that, being human angels, our normal state is a spiritual sphere of energy, but we are able to create with our minds a physical form, which we did, and, as these people had a physical form, we looked similar.
The people we spoke to as we toured their world looked very similar to Earth people and we could easily be mistaken one from another.
Clothing was different to what the average human tends to wear, being of much brighter hues, many people wearing toga style robes of somewhat rainbow colours.
In the colder areas they wore thicker versions of the same robes but no animal products were used.

We discovered, in our communications, that they were somewhat more advanced, spiritually, than the average human and their diet was vegan. They ate no animal products and the few farm animals we saw were kept as pets and were cared for with all the love and attention that we share on our loved pets.
They had no armies and killing, stealing, etc., was virtually unknown. They live in peace and harmony together and have respect for all life.
They believe in God but, although they knew about religions from their past history, they did not follow any religion.
There were men, women and children just as there are on Earth. The children seem to be loved and cared for and were free to play together without supervision as there was no concept of child molestation.
The whole atmosphere was of peace and harmony.

Some of them had heard of the concept of parallel universes and they told us that there were people who could traverse universes but we never managed to find one as it is quite a rare event in their universe.

Their homes were different to ours as the houses were built from a material which does not exist on Earth. We were informed that they did not wish to harm nature so they had invented building materials that did not contain any products taken from nature. Quite what the building material was, we never discovered. It was not that they wished to keep the building material secret, it was just that it was created using a technique with which we were not familiar.
But their homes were somewhat similar to ours with tables, chairs, beds, bathrooms, etc.

Their entertainment was more advanced than ours with a lot of 3D projection. They did not have televisions nor computers. They did not need them.
If they required entertaining, they thought of a concept and a holographic film would appear, the theme of a creation of their desire.
If there were a number of people in the room all projecting with their minds aspects to add to alter the film, this would be a cause for much mirth amongst the viewers.
None of the films would show violence as violence does not exist in this alternative reality.
It is all very innocent, one might almost say childish, but causes happiness to all who watch the film.
Similarly, if they need any information, they simply consult their equivalence of the akashic record and retrieve the required information.
They have no parliaments as such but they do have groups of wise people who make decisions for all the people of whatever country they represent. The people have the right to question their decisions but it is all done very peacefully.

As far as we could tell, all of the humans on their planet were vegan and their food was very simple. There were no complicated meals. They ate a lot of vegetables raw.
They did not seem to eat a great deal and we saw no lavish banquets.
The monetary system was similar to ours but was used to help all people rather than a few hoarding vast riches while others starved.
People often shared what they had, so all benefited.
In that respect, life was much different to that on Earth and more closely followed that experienced in the upper fourth dimension of planet Earth (heaven).

Moving onto the next parallel reality, things started to change somewhat.
Once again, it followed the previous one as far as being vegan and their democracy, but the humans started to look different.
They were all quite tall and their heads were more bulbous than Earth humans.
They seemed extremely ‘brainy’, if you see what we mean, and were very quick to pick up thoughts and reply to them.
Once again, although they had languages, telepathy was their main means of communication, certainly with us.
There was no conflict and we got the impression that the earth plane was the Nadir of alternative realities.
We could not visit many alternative realities but we never found one that was as primitive as planet Earth.
All the planets we visited, the humans and animals altered in appearance but they all lived in peace and were clearly more advanced than Earth humans.
This gives us food for thought. Why should planet Earth contain such primitive people compared to what we encountered in other parallel realities?
Were there realities that contained people more primitive than us? Perhaps, but we never came across any.

So, as we could not progress very far because of the difficulty of selecting appropriate frequencies to create portals, we will stop here.
We will end by saying there have been, from time to time, people who claim to have come to Earth from other dimensions.
Some just fabricate the stories but the genuine ones all seem to be more advanced than Earth humans.
If what we experienced is true for most of the alternative realities, it would seem that most, if not all of them, are more advanced spiritually than us.
We are not in a position to say why.’

That is the end of what the angels told us. Obviously, they could have explained a lot more about the daily lives of the people in parallel realities but the angels tailored their remarks specifically for this chapter and just gave an overview.
We think that they said sufficient to enable you to comprehend that most, if not all, parallel realities seem to be more advanced spiritually than us, which is interesting.
Why this is we cannot say.
We could guess but guesses are not facts, and if we are not sure we do not like to speculate.

However, if there are other realities and their lives are more advanced in a positive sense than ours, it gives us hope that our planet and the people on it will follow the same path.
So, we consider that this short chapter about parallel or alternative realities has reached its conclusion and we hope that you have learnt something from it.
We will stop here and turn to yet another subject.

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