Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 22



We have given you a lot of information in this book and we are pleased to share our knowledge with you.
There is so much more that we could talk about. You may not realise it, but there are hundreds of aspects to life and each one is interesting and each one connects to the others to form creation. Creation is endless, so the number of topics we could describe is endless.
If you go back to book one and carefully read all the books, and if you read all the lessons and watch all the videos we have given you, you will see that we have already described a fair number of elements of life, but what we have said so far is just a drop in the ocean of what is waiting for you to discover.
So, we cannot possibly cover all the aspects of life before we end this book by telling you how to enter the upper fourth dimension. But, we will cover a few more aspects.

This next one concerns the way life reacts to problems
This may seem nonsense and we would agree that we do not refer to the petty concerns that occupy so much of people’s time.
We are talking about the major decision’s life has to take as and when catastrophes occur, the worst being ELEs (extinction level events). Fortunately, these are few and far between, but there are lesser events that can cause problems: volcanoes, earthquakes, forest fires, major floods and so on.
These, generally, effect a relatively small portion of planet Earth at any one time and, when they occur, the cost in human lives lost is counted and people mourn the demise of their loved ones.
But, all is one. The tiniest microbe and you all contain the totality of God. It is only the logos that denotes the difference. There are angels and the Directors of Life that are deeply concerned when there is a catastrophe because of the vast number of life forms that perish. Not just humans – with which you concern yourself – but also the plants, trees, animals, insects and so on that also lose their lives.
Each and every one of these life forms is as precious as you are to God and to his servants.
They mourn the suffering and demise of everything that is alive when something happens that destroys vast numbers of God’s creatures.

Now, why do we mention this?
It is because, when something happens that destroys, prematurely, huge numbers of life, it upsets the balance of power that is so important to keep life in balance.
By power, we are not talking about man’s political shenanigans. We are talking about the balance between all the life forms that were created by God’s archangels to keep life in balance.
Each and every life form is essential, otherwise the archangels would not have spent the energy to create them.
We can afford to lose a few creatures but the sudden demise of huge numbers of life forms, some of which only grow in selected areas and climates, can cause major knock-on effects throughout the world.
God’s archangels and the Directors of Life (who are another form of archangel) are constantly monitoring all life and are altering the DNA of all life to keep pace with the constant changes to planet Earth. This happens billions of times a second. The reason they do this is because it is essential to keep all life going in order to keep all life in balance.
Angels do not waste energy, so you can see that it is of vital importance that these angelic beings spend so much energy doing what they do, because it is of the utmost importance to keep life in balance.

However, catastrophes happen from time to time. Some of them are promoted by man and some of them are natural.
Although we heartily condemn the man-made catastrophes and assure you that, once the incarnations of the instigators of such events are over, they pay a heavy price for their crimes, we will not dwell on them as, man-made or natural, the loss of life is the same and it is that loss and how it is dealt with that interests us.
If a catastrophe hits a part of the world, the devastation can be much greater than you can possibly imagine. The devastation to towns or cities, which promotes worldwide news is comparatively harmless in the terms we are considering because, although the loss of human life might be severe and cause much heartache to the relatives and loved ones remaining, generally speaking, the actual numbers of life forms lost is not that great.
But, if there is a catastrophe that affects a forested area, for example, the loss of the number of life forms will be considerable.
As we said, each and every life form, whatever it is, is God taking the form of that life form, so even though humans are considered to be more important by man to plants and animals, in fact they are all God taking whatever form their logos created for them.
So, they all play an important role in the balance of nature.

Can we possibly imagine the number of creatures that live in forests, for example, that would be exterminated by a catastrophe?
We mentioned plants, trees, insects, animals and humans but we would have difficulty in counting the number of such entities that would be lost to nature.
Fortunately, in any catastrophe, the loss of human life is limited but there might be thousands of trees destroyed, millions of plants, thousands of slow-moving animals, millions of insects and billions of microbes. Each one is alive and each one is God in one form or another. So, each one is as important as any other life form, human or otherwise. Then we might consider the nature spirits. These delightful creatures cannot be physically harmed as they are etheric but the effect on them to see their habitats destroyed would be severe.
The only creatures that might be happy might be the goblins who are part of the negative forces involved with the demise of plants.
All the rest of the fairy realm would have to set up home elsewhere in areas where there are already similar creatures living. Whether newcomers into their home lands would be welcome or not, we do not know.
Do not forget that even nature spirits are God in the form of a nature spirit and so are essential to the balance of life in that area.

The problem is what can be done about it?
If it is a flood, generally, the flood waters recede after a while or are soaked up by the Earth.
So, although huge numbers of plants might be destroyed and a large number of slow-moving animals drowned, not to mention the earthworms and other entities that live underground, the damage is limited and life soon returns to normal once the flood waters recede.
However, in the case of huge forest fires, whole areas of forests and all the life forms that could not escape the fire would be burnt.
Fast moving animals such as birds, deer, elk and even rabbits might be able to escape but other creatures such as tortoises, snakes, mice and worms, etc., have no chance and get burnt alive.
If such a fire was created by man deliberately, the crime against nature is immense and anyone responsible for all that suffering pays a terrible price in hell once his incarnation is finished.
No right-minded person should provoke such a fire. The price in retribution that he pays is the equivalent of every sufferance he caused to any of God’s creatures. He pays until the last debt is resolved.

Earthquakes, once again might cause major upsets and can alter the landscape permanently but, generally speaking, there is no irremediable damage to life.
Life (fauna and flora) is very resilient and with the help of God’s archangels and the Directors of Life, balance is usually restored.
Volcanoes erupting can cause a lot of damage because, from the point of view that we are considering, it is not only the immediate destruction of fauna, flora and humans caught unaware, but if lava covers an area, although other fauna and flora might eventually cover the area it is lost permanently to the original fauna and flora that lived there.

Now, we have mentioned all this and we are sure that you agree with us that catastrophes are most unfortunate, you may be wondering what it has to do with this book which is about the areas in the 4th concerned with us.
Well, in a way, we could say nothing, as we could go through our lives and not give a thought to catastrophes unless, by bad luck we happen to be involved with one – in which case they very much come to the forefront of our thoughts – but we know of two reasons why we should concern ourselves.
1. By leading good lives we create positivity which reduces the chances of catastrophes, and
2. We can, spiritually, play an active role in praying for peace in the world as a whole. Not only making sure that we never involve ourselves in negative thoughts and actions, but by doing all that we can to help all life, when appropriate. You would be surprised of the degree that you can help peace come to all areas of life, no matter in what degree we try and in what degree catastrophes might start to take place.
By surrounding ourselves with peace and love, we can change life.
You must remember that you live in your own universe, created by you and so, by refusing to give way to negativity, your world stays peaceful and so all of life stays peaceful.

This sounds like gobbledygook and we would be the first to admit that we might keep our lives peaceful but others, who live in a more violent world, would provoke catastrophes that could harm innocent people.

Now, although we have mentioned that we all create and live in our own unique universes created by us, and have given quite detailed explanations as to how the singularity we are, in conjunction with our logos, DNA, and other parts of us create the world that seems so real to us.
But what happens if there is a catastrophe, for example, that seems to affect huge numbers of humans, fauna or flora? If we are alone, how can others be affected?

We are gradually working our way towards the area in the 4th that governs all this, but we need to explain in much greater detail this concept of you living in your singularity – just you, alone – with no one else existing in your reality.
We will attempt to explain but we are not sure of how great a job we can make of the explanation, nor of how much you will be able to understand.
As usual, however, we will do our best and hope to make this topic understandable.
It will not be easy because although we have mentioned this topic many times and although we have mentioned alternative realities, in fact this topic – that you are the only one that lives in your reality – will be just about the most difficult and counterintuitive subject we could ever discuss and yet it is quite simple once one understands.

Let us first repeat the point that is hardest of all to comprehend.
You are the only human that lives in your reality.
If anyone told you this before you had read the many thousands of words we have written explaining this fact, we are sure that most, if not all, would reject that concept.
Indeed, even now we know that there are many who cannot accept this, and we don’t blame you.
It does seem obvious that we are surrounded by countless people, animals, plants and minerals. The sky is full of planets, suns and stars (points of light in the night sky).
This is obviously, incontrovertibly true as you look around you.
You go outside your house and are instantly in contact with all that goes on in the outside world.
You turn on your TVs and you see countless people presenting entertainment of one sort or another.
And yet we tell you that none of this is real.
Please notice that we did not say that it didn’t exist in your imagination. We said that all you see that seems so real is not real.

Let us try to examine what the word real means.
A dictionary gives the impression that the word real implies physical as opposed to imaginary and yet we tell you that nothing is real. All is created by your imagination, aided and abetted by your logos, ego, personality, DNA and a number of other aspects.
So how can we resolve this conundrum?
If you look at something you ‘see’ it with your eyes and your brain translates the image into a form that you consider to be real.
If you touch the object, another aspect of your five senses confirms what your eyes – or rather your brain – saw.
And so it goes on.
The only link to the object is what your five senses transfer to your brain, and thus you form an image of the object.

But, if we were able to link to the brain of someone else, how could we be sure that both people were seeing exactly the same thing?
The truth is, we couldn’t. We just accept that one person’s description of an object conforms to ours, and thus we call the object real.
We have stated before that if, for example, a crime is committed and the police ask a number of witnesses to describe the event or the culprit, descriptions can vary widely.
We could go on to discuss religions. Some people are convinced of one version of a religion and another believes something quite different.
Politics is another example that we are sure that you are aware of.
We could go on and on pointing out the differences people have in a whole variety of topics.
If we question a number of people about a variety of topics, some physical and some intellectual and we carefully note their replies, we have to come to the conclusion that no two people see, or think, the same thing.

We could go on and examine relationships.
Someone might love his husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter, and that image would be coloured by his/her love for the person and forgiveness of faults. The person who loves someone would tend to overlook physical blemishes and see the loved one as handsome or beautiful, with a nice voice and a nice comportment (manners).
But, on the other hand, someone who hates anyone would see them in a diametrically opposed fashion. And yet it is the same person.
If we have a pet dog, for example, we might love that dog, find it beautiful, gentle and loving but anyone who was scared of that dog – maybe he has been bitten by the dog – would have a totally opposite view of the animal.
We are sorry to labor the point, but we wish to point out that our image of something or someone depends entirely on our opinion of the person, animal, object or scene and can vary widely. We form in our minds and our brain an image, not formed by fact but by emotion.
So, what is real?
What is reality?
This is the point we are making that reality is just the image we form of something, not the object itself. That is because the object does not exist. We create it in our minds and personalities.
We do appreciate that we have made a leap from saying that we form an image of something to saying that the object does not exist, and it is difficult to understand this fact.
If you think about the subject dispassionately, no matter what image you form of the object or subject, it can only be exclusive to you. Each and every person forms an image of what they are thinking about and that image can, and is, only relevant to that person.

Let us go on and hammer home what we are trying to describe to you and then we will expand to try to explain why nothing exists.
Let us imagine that we go to a shop with someone close to us to buy something. It matters not what the something is. It might be a house, a car, clothes, furniture, kitchenware – absolutely anything.
You know from experience that, initially, no two people will agree instantly that what is being considered is the correct choice.
A whole plethora of factors might be brought into consideration depending on what the object is.
If we take a simple example – a tea service (which we have chosen out of the blue) – can you imagine the number of factors that come into play?
For example, one person might think that enough cups and saucers for four people might be correct. The other person might think that enough for six or more would be correct.
Then the types of cups, modern or more traditional? Is it in china or porcelain?
How many plates and ancillary ware – cake stands and so on – should be considered? Does the service include cake stands? The price? Is it unique or does everyone have a similar service?
On and on.
The two people might go from shop to shop before settling on a compromise.
A compromise usually pleases no one totally, as each person has an image of what he/she really wants, and either cannot find it or has to settle for second best.
The moral to this is that the tea set the person wants does not exist and what is finally purchased is not what was imagined by either person.
Now, this story may not, at first read, seem to be connected to the fact that nothing exists, but look at it this way.

In a factory somewhere a designer draws a tea service that he hopes will sell. He may not like the design himself, but he feels obliged to draw it.
Then a craftsman makes the molds. Then others create and fire the actual cups, saucers and other things. These people may like or dislike what they are obliged to make.
This goes on until the buyer for the shop looks through a catalogue and selects that tea service, hoping it will sell.
He also may like or dislike the service but he hopes that his customers will like it.
Finally, as we said, the customers, after much deliberation, settle for that tea service.
Once again, what has this got to do with the fact that it doesn’t exist?

The answer lies in the emotions of the various people who were involved with the design, manufacture, sale and purchase of the tea service.
We have told you that you are pure spirit and you are one with God, which implies that there is only one and that one is God.
Whether you believe this or not, there is only one life form in reality and that is God pretending to be you and everyone and everything else.
This is the fundamental truth about life.
If you refuse to accept this, there is no point in reading this chapter. If you can accept this, we will continue to explain.

Everything is made of atoms combining in some way to produce all that exists. We hope that even the most skeptical reader can accept this.
Atoms contain the force of God. In a way they are God using his archangelic colleagues to produce objects through atoms combining under the logos that is given to all things.
But, atoms create objects: animal, vegetable, mineral or human as spirit forms because God is a spirit form, so atoms are spirit forms.
They appear to be real due to the fact that they are placed in the illusionary world we call the 6th dimension (or part of it) but that you call reality.
It all seems real to you because you are also part of the illusion.
However, atoms contain auras and auras contain personality, ego, etc., as we have often explained. As all is one and as you have personality, so everything has personality.
Thus, when you look at an object, a teacup, you are not really looking at the object, you are looking at the way your personality thinks about the object, and that object thinks about you. That is why you are drawn to some things and not others.
That is why there can be so many points of view about a simple tea cup.
If you consider this, if there can be so many points of view about a teacup, can it be real?
If reality is how we think about a teacup and there have been dozens, at least, of points of view concerning the mining of the clay up to the point that someone sips tea from the cup, whose point of view is the correct one?

Further, as all is one and you and the teacup are one, only your point of view can be valid for you.
Think about this and try to feel the connection between a teacup and you.
That connection is there because the cup and you are one.
There is no other ‘one’ involved. All is one, so that cup and you is all that exists as far as you are concerned.

If you take the logic on, it should lead you to the conclusion that you – your thoughts, etc., – are all that exist.
Everything else is your imagination creating what we have called background people and objects, popping in and out of your creation.
It is all very much like a play or a film as Shakespeare and us have often explained.

As we said, if you cannot accept this truth, so be it.
We understand, as it is counterintuitive of the worlds we all live in, but it is a great truth and by understanding and accepting this, it can change your life.

Now, at long last, let us turn to the 4th.
There is an area in the 4th that contains the emotion to do with the connection of all life and how we can help reduce catastrophes through the realization of our oneness to all life and that, as all is illusion, we can cast our emotions into that area, which is connected to catastrophes, and reduce or negate them.
We spent a number of pages trying to explain how and why you are all that exists in your world – which you are free to accept or reject. – and we assure you that it was very difficult for us to explain the basics of it in simple, easy to understand terms.
If that part was difficult to accept and understand, this next part will be equally difficult but we will do our best as always.

Now, planet Earth is alive, just as alive as you are. We tend to term her ‘she’ because she is the mother of all incarnate and, even though mother Earth is an illusion, to all those incarnate, you live on her and every aspect of your life comes from her. You are made of atoms that come from earth. Your food, clothing, housing and heating come from earth.
But there is a difference between earth and Earth.
The earth provides all that we need but mother Earth is a living entity. She is you, as you should be aware of now, and you are her. All is one.
But mother Earth, like all living things, has personality.
As such, she takes the decision, from time to time, to react and cause changes to her morphology.
We will ignore man-made catastrophes and just consider the catastrophes that mother Earth decides to make.
The reason that she decides to make changes are difficult for us to comprehend, but the fact is that, from time to time, she decides to take actions that can affect us.
Let us use some childish examples taken from human life to explain.

Your whole body is covered with bacteria of one sort or another.
Some people seldom wash but the majority of people take showers or baths and those actions cause the demise of countless bacteria which, we remind you, are alive and are God taking the form of bacteria. So, each time we wash we are killing millions of life forms, but we consider it necessary in order to remove the smell created by bacteria on our skin.
Equally, we might cut our hair or trim our finger and toe nails. Once again, numbers of bacteria are eliminated.
We could say that to protect all life we should, perhaps, never wash, brush our teeth, trim our hair and nails, never wash our clothes and there are certain holy people that protect bacteria by never performing any acts of hygiene but we think that you would agree that although protecting all life is a laudable act, we would have some difficulty in being accepted if we never washed, never brushed our teeth and never washed our clothes.
As far as the bacteria are concerned, they have no idea why we performed the hygiene acts we do. They only know that by living on human bodies they are regularly affected by catastrophes occurring to them that we call hygiene.

We apologise to you for using this childish example but we hope that you can see the point we are making which is that, for some reason unknown to them, millions of bacteria are destroyed through drowning, scrubbing or poisoning them with hygiene products, etc.
In a similar way, for some reason incomprehensible to us, people, plants and animals are harmed by the dramatic actions taken by mother Earth.
No doubt, mother Earth is aware of the living creatures living on her skin, or just below it, but just how much she takes their destruction into account before she performs any violent action, we don’t know.
However, the point of this chapter is to tell you that in the 4th is an area that connects to mother Earth. After all, if all is one, it would be logical that we, plus the animals and plants should be connected to Earth.
This place in 4th provides that connection. However, it does more than that.
As we humans have quite strong personalities, through this connection to Earth in the 4th, we can persuade her to reduce or stop catastrophes.

We repeat that mother Earth is alive just as you are and is, in fact, you in just another form. Just as you in incarnation have moods – happiness, sadness, illness and health, the desire to move, scratch, clear yourself of unwanted microbes, so mother Earth has similar feelings.
This may seem strange to those who think that Earth is just made of earth and is there to be exploited in any way, shape or manner anyone desires, if and when we can realise that Earth is the same as you, the picture changes.
You may remember us saying, ‘Never do anything to others that you would not like done to you.’ And, equally, ‘Always do to others that which you would like done to you.’
If we can include mother Earth in those statements it implies always treating mother Earth as you would wish to be treated.
Now, in the 4th there is an area that provides a link between us, and all living things, to the mind of mother Earth.
We should perhaps say that we constantly use the term ‘mother Earth’ to denote the difference between a living object that is just as alive in all respects as you, compared to a dead sphere of earth, rock and stone that people feel free to exploit and destroy.
We want you clearly to realise that mother Earth is as alive and as sensitive as you are and should be treated with the same respect as you would wish that you would be respected.
Gradually, as man advances in ascension, so all animate life will be respected and, we hope, mother Earth will be treated with the respect that she deserves.
We will also mention at this point, that new forms of manufacturing vegan food will come to be – the same system that is used in alternative realities – so that it will not be necessary to destroy vast areas of nature in order to allow livestock to grow, nor to grow the huge amount of vegetable food products to feed livestock.
Mother Earth is aware of this terrible, primitive method of feeding the world and we can tell you that she does not approve.
Man must learn to live in harmony with nature and not exploit and destroy it.

We have spent most of this chapter explaining to you that physical life, as you know it to be, is actually the result of the way non-physical aspects, personality, ego, etc., play out in physicality, and this area in the 4th deals with the way that our spiritual aspects of personality link with the personality of mother Earth. It is all non-physical, but plays out on Earth in physical events.
So, if we link to this area, as it is non-physical, even in an astral sense, there is nothing to see. It is yet another area that is purely mental as opposed to physical.
But, the important point is that, as all is one, our attitudes can link with the non-physical aspects of mother Earth and by impressing on her our feelings of love, peace, acceptance of her as a respected being, we can reduce catastrophes that mother Earth feels inclined to create in order to rid herself of unwanted interference, just as we wash in order to get rid of unwanted bacteria on our bodies.

Mother Earth is quite a gentle, tolerant being and she allows man to abuse her to an extent that few humans would tolerate, but she does protest from time to time.
Who can blame her when we consider the way we have treated her over the millennia?
But the levels of abuse that man has imposed on her over recent years is too much.
Coal and oil mining. The emptying of the seas of fish. Atomic explosions and, finally, fracking have reached such proportions that she protests.
She has no intention of causing harm to us but she is warning us, in her own way, that enough is enough.

To reach into this area in the 4th normally requires knowing the exact frequency of that area, but this matter is of such importance that advanced guides and some angels have volunteered to help good people send our loving thoughts out. They – these advanced beings – will pick them up and transfer them to this area in the 4th where mother Earth can pick them up and thus reassure her that we are not all bad people which, we hope, will calm her and help her decide not to create catastrophes.

There will always be some catastrophes as mother Earth moves and adjusts her body (planet Earth) but, by the simple act of prayer and adjusting our lives to live in peace with each other and with the planet, we can stop many of the catastrophic events that devastate us from time to time.

So, what should we do to help?
The first thing is to have the desire to help mother Earth and, by the same token, help all life.
The second thing is to become, gradually, vegan. This act, which we remind you should be done slowly to help your body adjust to the change, will help planet Earth enormously.
We will remind you that you must take vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), in one form or another or you could become very ill. Humans have been carnivores for so long that our bodies have adapted to the meat diet, which naturally contains B12, and so you must augment your vegan diet with regular doses of B12 to replace the B12 contained in animal products.
We should also advise you to survey your health. Not all people can accept a vegan diet and if this applies to you, stop and return to your normal diet.

The next thing is to meditate regularly, if and when you can. We have described the technique frequently and will do so again at the end of this book. As you meditate you are sent the power of God and, at the end of each meditation, you should send, with your mind, that power out to the world. It will be picked up by the aforementioned guides and angels and will be transferred to this area in the 4th and mother Earth will receive it and it will help her reduce her desire to react to man’s negative actions.
Lastly, never harm by word or deed anything or anyone.
Always stay calm and loving.
Those emotions will fly around the etheric realms and will help bring peace to Earth.
These acts will spread and will be noticeable in a reduction in the number of catastrophes inflicted on us by Earth’s retaliation to the way we abuse her.
We feel that we have explained enough about this plane in the 4th and our relationship to mother Earth and we hope that you will join the ever-growing throng of people that recognise that mother Earth is a living, sentient being as sentient as you are, with feelings as deep as yours.
We hope that you will help us live in peace with our mother so that she can live in peace with us.

So, we will end this chapter here and move onto yet another topic in the 4th dimension that has relevance to us all.

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