Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 23



This chapter will deal with another aspect of the areas in the 4th that connect, not only to the last chapters, but with the way that it connects to you in your incarnation and on into the afterlife.
We wish to mention actions that occur as you progress through life.
As you live your life day by day and follow your life plan, you may think that you have control of your life and, to a certain extent, you have.
Others feel they are almost victims of their life plans and, once again, although we would not use the word victim, you are obliged, to a certain extent, to follow your life plan.
Your life plan you decided on before you chose to incarnate and, thus, you were born male, female (or otherwise), into a certain family, in a certain country – with all that this entails – and follow a certain path.
However, this is not the whole story by any means.
There exists in the 4th an area which, if you can link with it, enables you to change your life plan and thus your destiny as you progress through life.

Changing your life plan is not something that one should undertake lightly as, unless it is done with the greatest care and with serious and prolonged consultation with one’s guides and mentors, could be catastrophic.
The incarnation that you first decided upon – with prolonged discussion with a number of guides – was designed to help you deal with at least one facet of incarnation and, we will be perfectly frank with you, is most unwise to change.
However, this area in the 4th that helps people change their life plans exists, and for the sake of completeness of this book, we feel obliged to discuss, but do not think that we are recommending you to follow.
We are merely mentioning it to you as it exists and, obviously, is a link between the 4th and incarnation, which is what this book is really about.
So, for those who do not fully understand about life plans, let us go back and start at the beginning.

You are a spiritual being which means that you are not a physical human as you probably perceive yourself to be.
You were created by God and, as we have said countless times, contain the totality of God, not only in every atom that creates your spiritual and physical (on Earth) body, but is also connected to your personality, ego, DNA and logos.
You are God taking the form of you.
Do not think that this is blasphemy – which is a concept created by religious leaders to keep you a slave to them and their religion.
You are God. Every aspect of you is God. There is no part of any of you that is not God. Every atom of you is God. Every aspect of your logos is God taking the form of you.
Every grain of sand, plant, insect or other human that connects with you, including the air you breathe and the water you drink is God.
That is all that exists. God is everywhere and is everything. You need to understand this deep in your soul.

You and God are the same thing.

That is the first and very important point we wish to hammer home to you. You are God.
Do not be ashamed of thinking this. It is not blasphemy. It is the truth.
Until you can accept this, much of what we and other sages and mystics, going back for thousands of years, have told you or tell you now will not make sense.
Indeed, it is an insult to God for anyone to suggest that all is not God.
Those who tell you that God is some psychopath waiting to pour hellfire and damnation on you might well be describing themselves and the destiny that awaits them for the lies that they have spread, but it does not describe God at all.
God is the force of pure love and, as you are God, your natural state is that of pure love.

However, as you are no doubt aware, your personality that you gradually created and finally adopted as a result of the information you learnt in your tours of the various information centers in heaven before incarnating, alters your natural form as a being of love and allows you to accept other flavors of life into your personality.
This is important because physical incarnation, which allows you to meet all sorts of people, acts as a protection if you can be loving but also have degrees of – not hate exactly – but degrees of emotions that are less than pure love.
Indeed, coping with incarnation in its present form would be almost impossible if some of us just had pure love while the rest of people lived with selfishness and violence upmost in their personalities.
We will also say that on our side of the veil, many advanced souls project love but they still retain a degree of other emotions in their personalities in case they need to deal with people or situations not based on pure love.
As we said, in the future, as ascension progresses, things will change for the better but planet Earth was designed as a melting pot for many different people with many different points of view and attitudes and will always remain so to a small extent even in the future.
There would be no point in incarnation if there was not this mixture of personality types for us to test ourselves against.
That is why you come to Earth and why we, in turn, came to Earth. We suffered, probably, much more than you do today at the hands of evil people and it was only when our incarnations were, thankfully, finished and we returned home to our oversouls in the 4th that we could look back at our incarnation and see the point of it.
And the point was that both we who suffered and those who caused our suffering learnt valuable lessons of dealing with each other and learning the lessons that incarnation presented to us so that we could learn, either through being the perpetrators or the victims of wrongdoing, that it was incorrect and that love for each other was the answer.
This information was and is presented to the next generation preparing themselves for incarnation and so these next generations incarnate with the knowledge in their higher selves that hate, cruelty, unkindness, etc., is not the way forward and that kindness, love and care for all is what matters.
Of course, as this information is hidden in the higher self via the akashic records, not all people realise this love for each other and so terrible deeds still occur but, generally, such acts are frowned upon nowadays whereas, years ago, not only was cruelty and unkindness accepted as normal, it was actually encouraged by states and religions – with the possible exception of Buddhism.
We see, as time passes, that, less and less is the opposite of love in all its connotations acceptable and we see, at least in most civilized countries, systems where the weak and poor are cared for whereas, years ago, poverty was looked at almost as a crime and poor people summarily dealt with.
There was no sympathy for the weak, the poor, the disabled and those who did not fit into the dog-eat-dog societies. To be rich and powerful was all that mattered and those who could not be rich and powerful were treated dreadfully.
People did not realise that they incarnated to learn compassion for others. Self preservation was all that mattered.
But, life progresses and, generally, things are improving.

What has all that we have mentioned got to do with this place in the 4th where we can change our life plan?
The answer, of course, lies with those who feel that they have chosen the wrong life plan and wish to have another stab at having a different one.
As we have said, everyone, whether they intend to have an Earthly incarnation or not, is given a long education in the 4th and are shown a multitude of different aspects of personality.
This education, before a physical incarnation is even considered, is thorough.
Virtually every aspect of life is presented to the student, and his mentors take careful note of what the student is drawn towards and what he rejects.

We just mentioned that a physical incarnation is a choice people make and many young students in the 4th decide not to have one. It is not through cowardice, being unwilling to face the rigors of incarnation. It is because, quite simply, they are not attracted to it.
But many people who are shown what incarnation is and the part they could play in incarnation decide to incorporate that option into their personalities.
And so, gradually, a sort of list of options builds up and forms the personality of the individual.
This happens to everyone whether they decide to have an incarnation or not.
In your case and ours, we decided to have an incarnation and so, as we have explained, decisions are taken as to the sort of incarnation we wish to have.
We will not discuss the pros and cons of our decisions as we have already discussed this many times and even gave you a book called Personalities in which incarnation choices were discussed and described at length.

Of course, as we go through our incarnation, often feeling lost as we are battered by the negativity flooding around us through the thoughts of evil and lost souls whose thoughts go into the etheric realms and affect us all through all sorts of negativity.
We do not realise that we chose that type of incarnation and we wish we could change life, usually by winning a lot of money but, as we have said, the rich are not necessarily happy. They exchange one set of problems for another.
The life plan a person chose ensures that, whatever his bank balance, he has to have certain experiences.
No matter what we do, our life plan pushes tests to us and we have to learn to react to those tests.
If we change our financial situation, the changes might alter but these tests, which to a certain extent are preordained, will be presented to us.

Perhaps, to make the point clear, let us imagine a child who goes to school.
Towards the end of each year he will sit examinations in a variety of subjects.
Now, imagine that the parents of the child win – or lose – a lot of money. This might result in the child going to a different school, one private, or if the parents lose their money, a state-run school.
In either case, at the end of each year, examinations are held. The fact that the child changed schools does not alter the fact that tests are held to find out how much the child had learned.
Life is the same. No matter what one does, life will present the tests already programmed into his life plan.
So, there are some people who wish to change their life plan.
The area we are going to describe is created for these people.

As we said, changing one’s life plan is not a simple thing to do as it involves not only a change for the person concerned, but it also affects each and every person the individual knew and each and every event that occurred.
This part is going to be difficult to explain and, no doubt, difficult for many to understand and accept because it involves going right back to the moment the individual left the 7th dimension and moved to the 4th.
It is not just a question of adding a new life plan to the end of the previous one. Life does not work like that.
Each and every experience, from the moment the person became conscious, is recorded for all time in his personal file in the akashic record. These records, normally, are a permanent recording of that person’s life and should remain as a permanent record for all time rather like a diary written and carefully conserved.
It is by the method of conserving people’s diaries, for example, that scholars can refer to them and discover how the person who wrote the diary lived. The record in the diary never changes. It is a permanent record of how the person lived in whatever detail was recorded.

The akashic record is much the same. It is a permanent record of that person’s life as controlled by his life plan and his personality.
However, if someone wishes to have a new life plan, his file in the akashic record has to be erased and a new one created as if the person was a totally different individual.
Can you imagine just how complicated this is to erase each and every event, conversation, encounters and actions of the person since he was created?
Equally, someone has to go through the files of the huge number of people, guides and angels the person had contact with and eliminate all of it from the files of those he encountered.
Not just in incarnation, if the person had an incarnation, but from his long life in the spiritual planes.

What, for instance, if the person had an incarnation, happens to his life in incarnation?
His family into which he was born?
Any children he had? Any grandchildren?
All of this has to be altered as if the person had never existed.
All of his school and work history has to be erased as if he never went to school or work. The memories of those who knew him have to be modified via their files in the akashic record.
It is an immensely complicated thing to consider changing one’s life plan. It is possible to do but is an immense amount of work, as you can imagine.

By the way, we spoke of erasing from a person’s memory the existence of someone.
We will tell you how it is done. It is not difficult once one knows how but it is something that should not be done. We will mention it just for those curious about modifying memory, safe in the knowledge that no one incarnate could do it.
First, it has been noted that certain quasi military people have developed techniques through drugs and hypnosis and have been able to suppress or alter memories.
This is not permanent as the real memory of an event is stored in the person’s file in the akashic records, and merely blocking the event does not make it permanent.
The real memory can be recovered.
No, what we are talking about is getting access to a person’s file in the akashic record and eliminating, not only that file, but the same event that is stored in the personal file of anyone connected to that event.
This would be impossibly complicated for anyone to do and only specially trained angels – very advanced beings – are permitted to go into the akashic record and perform such actions.
When we say ‘permitted’, we are not implying that there is any police force in heaven controlling things. We are implying that people’s sense of right and wrong would prevent them from taking such a step.
The memories in the akashic record are connected to the God force and are considered sacred.
It is rare that they are tampered with.

But what happens if someone insists on changing their life plan?
Before we deal with an actual person let us take a look at the place in the akashic record that concerns these changes.
First, let us say that it is not physical. It is a frequency.
But, associated with it are a number of angelic beings who, if someone insists on this change, have to enter the akashic record and make all the adjustments. These angelic beings are wise and powerful and, we will say, courageous when you understand the tasks they perform.
Anyone changing their life plan is, fortunately, extremely rare so, no doubt, these angels occupy themselves with other duties until required to come together to perform this special duty.
So, this place in the 4th concerned with life plan change is difficult to describe as there is nothing to see nor, if we visit this place, do we have the desire to change our life plan.
It is only when a person wishes to change his life plan would it ‘wake up’ and send a message to these special angels to meet and decide what to do.
Now, the individual concerned makes it known that he wishes to change his life plan.
Initially, his guides and helpers all meet with him and discuss with him why he wishes to do this and what sort of new life plan he desires.
These guides and helpers do not take sides to prevent him from following his desire to change. They discuss the pros and cons of such a decision and, quite often, the person concerned changes his mind and retains his old life plan.

However, assuming that the person insists on changing his life plan, the above-mentioned angels swing into action.
Erasing the old life plan of the person concerned is a relatively simple affair but erasing all knowledge and the consequences of, perhaps, long years of connection to others is a matter of a different order of complexity altogether.
Erasing the memories of people that only vaguely knew the individual is not difficult.
The difficulty comes in sorting out those who knew the person well.

Let us examine what happens if the person had an incarnation.
In that case, he would have parents, grandparents, spouse, children and, possibly, grandchildren all of whom knew the individual well.
Some of the family – and friends – might still be in incarnation and some would be in the 4th dimension somewhere.
So, how is it possible to deal with all those situations?
Logic would suggest that all the children, for example, would have to be eradicated as, if the individual who changes his life plan would have a completely different life, his descendants should no longer exist.
However, the angels would not conceive of eradicating countless people who knew the original individual, so another course of action is practiced.
The angels change the life plans of all those that were close relations of friends and link them to a volunteer who takes over the role of the original person.

This is a complicated thing to do, but by going into the akashic record and altering the events stored there, it is possible to do.
This may sound crazy because the spouse and children, for example, one moment have a spouse and/or father or mother and then, in a flash, have a totally different person as a relation.
As crazy as this seems, this in fact, is what is done.
The new person will play the role of the relation until his or her incarnation ends and the person goes to the 4th. From there, it is easier to control events.

We will repeat just to make it perfectly clear.
For those who only slightly knew the individual who wants to change his life plan they have their memories of contact with that person wiped from their memories in the akashic record.
But for those closely related to the individual, another person plays the role of the original person until his/her life on Earth ends. The memories in the akashic record of all those who knew that person are altered and the family and close friends suddenly find themselves with the new relation that they are convinced is the original person.
At the same time, any official documents are altered to correspond to the new person and no one notices the difference.

We do appreciate that this sounds like make believe but, fortunately, changing life plans is such a rare event that it can be achieved successfully.
If it were a common event, it would be difficult to control and it might be possible for a slip-up to occur
Due to the fact that it is an extremely rare event – a change of life plan – great care can be taken to ensure that every eventuality is covered and the new person plays the role of the first person while incarnate.

All this is possible due to this area in the 4th that is a place of a certain frequency that sends out a signal if a person wishes to change his life plan, and enables certain angels to take charge of the event.
We repeat that this life plan change is an extremely rare event and we explained it just for the sake of explaining yet another area in the 4th.

We hope that you have found this chapter interesting as it gives an idea of the power that angelic beings have and the incredible dedication and skill they demonstrate to assist someone who desires to change his life plan.
But, we insist to remind you that this is a very rare event.

The person who decides to change his life plan, of course, has his memories wiped from the akashic record and he starts again with a new life plan of his choice, made in conjunction with a new set of helpers.

So, we will end this bizarre chapter here which, we do understand that many will have difficulty in believing, and turn to yet another area in the 4th connected to life both in and out of incarnation.

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