Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 24



This new chapter will deal with yet another aspect of life in areas of the 4th that can concern you but that some might find difficult to accept.
You may have noticed that, as this book progresses, we have been moving from fairly down to earth, easy to understand topics into rather stranger areas.
We do this deliberately for several reasons.
Firstly, we know that there are some readers who are very curious to learn about topics that are rarely or never discussed, and if they are, are usually just guesses and have no connection to reality.
Then, there are other readers who have not yet incarnated but, when they do, although much is hidden in their higher minds, we hope will jog their memories and help them to remember their lives before incarnating and will thus enable them to recreate the link between themselves in incarnation and the lives they lived before incarnating.
We want, eventually, all people to have this link to the 4th which will help those in incarnation to be fully connected to their friends and guides in the 4th.
Thus, will planet Earth change and peace be restored.
Imagine a life where you could live in peace with all people and also have a daily link with your friends in the spirit realms.
Would that not be a better life?
That is the object of what we do and the information we give you.
However, we give you the information and leave you to decide what to do with it.

So, let us go on to describe yet another area in the 4th that exists and deals with people who think, either that life after incarnation doesn’t exist or, for religious reasons, think that they are ‘dead’ until some being comes to wake them up to eternal life.

Although these are different subjects and we will talk about them separately, let us describe what happens when people’s lives first come to an end in so-called physicality.
We have talked about this subject many times and we know that there is a video in which our Earthly instrument described at least two different methods of transitioning from Earth to heaven (the 4th dimension).
We will just briefly repeat them.
1. The first is that, as a person prepares to transition (die), a member of his/her family will appear psychically and remain until the person dies which means, quite simply, that the silver cord which transmits energy from the spiritual aspect of the person – the real person – into the so-called physical body and, once this cord separates, the physical body ceases to function and the person is declared dead.

At this point the family member guides his charge safely to the 4th dimension (heaven) and the newly liberated person is met by an advanced individual who explains to the new arrival that he/she is in heaven.

2. The other method is the famous tunnel of light.

If, for some reason, the individual who is to die does not have a family member arrive to assist him, in the case of a violent accident for example, the higher self opens a portal between the spiritual aspect of the individual concerned and the heavenly spheres and the individual finds himself floating down this beautiful tunnel of light, as it is called.
Once again, we use the masculine when describing things and events but this is just standard literary convention. We include females or any other gender, of course, in our intentions and mean no offence to anyone.
Once again, the individual steps into the light of heaven and is met by an advanced person who explains that the individual is now liberated from his physical body and is in heaven.

This is what normally happens to a newly released individual. Released from incarnation either through old age, illness, accident or suicide. We will discuss suicide cases separately.
So, we repeat, in one way or another, all people should transition from Earth to heaven in a calm and dignified manner.
What happens after that – the life review and so on – we have already described in other chapters.
But there are two cases where the person either does not go to heaven or does not believe heaven exists and he is, quite simply, ‘dead’. Believing that there is nothing after the physical life.

We have already mentioned the unfortunate individuals who finish up in limbo but will briefly mention it again.
It can happen that a person, for some reason, is not met by a family member or does not have the tunnel of light open.
Once released from physicality, the spiritual person has to go somewhere so he goes off to a place called limbo.
Now, limbo is a sort of storage area although, to those who are there it appears real, and with their imaginations they create buildings of various sorts and try to construct a life as best they can.
Limbo is an unhappy place.
It is not heaven and it is not hell. It is an area made available for those who, for whatever reason, did not make it to heaven. That is why we called it a storage area because the people there remain so until they accept to be guided to heaven.
Guides of various sorts volunteer to spend long periods of time trying to persuade the denizens of limbo to be guided to heaven.
But, unfortunately, the very nature of limbo promotes distrust because there are a number of negative beings of various sorts who get pleasure from misleading victims and so the people there learn to be distrustful of anyone and any advice, including that given by well-meaning guides.
We have been asked why people end up in limbo and what sort of people end up there.
Let us say, and here we are taking care not to insult or criticize anyone, but there are a number of people who, shall we say, have never considered what happens when we die.
This, of course, includes those who feel that life ends with death of the physical body, but even these people have considered the possibility of life after death, even if they have rejected the concept.
These people, having sowed the seeds of life after death, usually end up in heaven.
No, we are mentioning those who are so wrapped up in incarnation that they have never thought about life after death and so have not sown the seeds, if we may use that expression, that there is a heaven. It has not crossed their minds to think about it.
This might include some teenage children and a number of middle-aged men and women, in the prime of their lives, who suddenly die but have not made the connection to heaven.
Their spirits have to go somewhere and so some of them end up in limbo where they still live, not realizing that heaven exists and they could make the transition if they would trust the guides to take them there.

Young children, obviously, may not have heard of heaven but, when the demise of a child occurs, guides quickly come to assist them to make the transition.
It is only when the person concerned has reached what we would call adulthood and can make decisions for himself that he is left to his own devices until he accepts to be guided to heaven.
It is all part of life’s rich pageant, as Shakespeare said, and we allow them to have that experience, safe in the knowledge that, sooner or later, out of desperation they accept that heaven exists and they link with a guide who assists them to the light of heaven.
Elderly people, generally, as they approached the day that their incarnation will end, turn to thoughts of what happens when they die and accept that heaven exists. Thus, it is rare that elderly people are in limbo.
It is mainly occupied by people ranging from teenagers to late middle-aged men and women.
As we said, young people and the elderly nearly always end up in heaven.

You are never alone, as each person, whether in incarnation or not, has a guide who looks after the individual as best he can.
However, this guide has no right to interfere with the life of the person he has charge of and, if the individual has no concern with esoteric matters, being totally involved with his incarnation, the guide can only look on, helpless to assist the person to go to heaven.
This guide will stay with the individual even if he goes to limbo and can only wait patiently until the person decides to go to heaven.
This guide will work with the guides who try to persuade people to go to heaven but, as we said, has no right to interfere with the person’s choice.

Limbo is found in the upper portions of the etheric planes just below the lower 4th dimension and is thus influenced by that dismal area.
Thus, limbo is a horrible, dull, dismal place and the denizens of that area are usually lost and unhappy, wondering where they are and why they are there.
Some people try to contact them using specially modified radios.
Usually, they connect to other areas of the etheric realms and other entities who inhabit them.
We consider it most unwise to use these devices as they can open the doors to be attached to evil entities.
The spirit realms should be left to those who have been trained to enter them safely.

But let us return to the subject of this chapter, which is what happens to those who enter heaven firmly believing that they are not there and what they are seeing is an illusion.
We said that we would deal with the two types of people who refuse to accept that they are alive after physical death separately.
1. Those who are convinced that there is no life after physical death, and;
2. Those who are convinced that they remain dead until a person (Christ) comes to give them eternal life.

Let us, however, consider first suicide cases, that we said we would mention.
Now, it should be obvious to all people that, having taken the decision to have an incarnation and having decided on a life plan, no matter what that involves, they should see their life to its natural end.
Unfortunately, there are a number of misguided or evil people promoting the idea that suicide is acceptable.
Some of these people might be promoting this concept out of humanitarian sympathy for those struggling with their incarnation, while there are evil individuals promoting suicide in the hopes that, not only the person who takes his life will suffer terribly but also their friends and relatives will also suffer.
The object is to make the atmosphere that surrounds planet Earth in the etheric realms full of unhappiness, which allows them to spread misery to all people.
These people, when their incarnations end, will go to hell where they will suffer greatly, but we are concerned with what happens to a suicide victim when he leaves his body and his incarnation ends.

We are aware that there are many who wish and hope that the person who ends their life prematurely suffers in the burning depths of hell for all eternity, and, indeed, many religions portray this horrible fate for those who terminate their lives prematurely and at their own hands.
Now, we have to proceed carefully here.
We wish to state with all the force at our disposition that no one, and we repeat, no one should commit suicide for the simple reason that even the nastiest of people are surrounded by those who care about them. No one is an island. We all have family, acquaintances and friends and the object of life is to put others first and ourselves last.
For those who can understand this, it should be obvious that anyone who commits suicide causes great unhappiness to all those who cared for and/or loved the individual. We have no right to cause suffering to others.
So, we repeat, no one has the right to cause others suffering and so no one has the right to end their life prematurely.
We hope – indeed, require – all people who are thinking of committing suicide because of some trauma in their life to step back and consider the effect, not only upon themselves, but upon the people who care for them.
Suicide is a selfish act.
We are given life by God and we choose an incarnation to have experiences.
Some of these experiences might bring us joy and some unhappiness but they are all part of our life plan and should be faced with bravery.
No one should consider suicide as a means of escaping the trivial ups and downs of life.
We can assure you that, no matter how heavy a burden you think that life has placed upon you, others in the past endured, bravely, much greater hardships and lived to tell the tale.
No unpleasant event lasts forever and, sooner or later, we will move into peace and tranquility again so we just need to take life day by day until the storm passes.
So, we formally forbid you to commit suicide.

As for those who are actively pushing others to commit suicide, the destiny of such people once their incarnation ends doesn’t bear thinking about.
To push someone to terminate his incarnation is one of the most heinous crimes it is possible to do and the punishment in hell for these people is commensurate with the level of that crime.
However, having explained that no one should commit suicide, let us consider what happens, in reality, to those who do.
As we said, most religions describe a dreadful fate for such people and we can understand this as God creates life and only God has the right to decide when it should end.
Also, we must say, normal people might have a difficult time – from time to time – but do not consider suicide.
It is a natural thing to want to cling onto life for as long as possible.
Even animals and plants cling to life until the last moment.
Mention has been made of Lemmings leaping over cliffs but that is not really based on truth.
Life is considered sacred by all life forms.
So, religions try to dissuade people from committing suicide and we formally forbid it.

But, we see, increasingly, young people – perhaps influenced by the evil ones – that for apparently, to others, simple reasons, decide to commit suicide.
This is very sad and if they had ridden the storm their lives would have settled down and given them both joy and a reason to go on, but no, we get the impression that, at the slightest upset in their lives they find a way of ending it.
As you should know, life is immortal and you, once you were created by God can never die.
Your so-called incarnation will end one day, but the true you will live forever.
So, what happens to someone who commits suicide?
We wish that we could say that you would burn forever in the pits of hell as a punishment for committing suicide but that would be a lie.

The truth is that someone who commits suicide, generally, find himself transported to heaven as do virtually all people who die of natural causes.
Some, of course, might end up in limbo as we described earlier but the vast majority of suicides go to the heavenly spheres.
They are met with an advanced being who explains that their Earthly incarnation is now terminated and that they have returned home.
Why should this be?
The answer is that God is love and heaven is based on love. Even what we call hell is designed to enable people to come to terms with the wrongness of causing harm to others and to reject those concepts and turn to love.

A person who commits suicide is, usually, deeply confused and depressed, so that person, generally, would be placed in one of the hospital areas until he is cured of his depression and then he has his life review and understands, not only that he has committed suicide and the reason why he did it, but also understands the pain and trauma he caused to others.
According to his reactions he may go to one of the levels of hell but if he is truly repentant, he remains in the light and picks up life again.

That is the simple truth concerning suicide but do not think that we are condoning it.
We are obliged to present you the truth but we severely condemned suicide and formally oblige you to see through the pros and cons of life bravely and we formally forbid you to take your own life.
We hope that we have made this abundantly clear. No matter what your circumstances are and no matter how much you think that you are suffering and how black the future looks, we formally forbid you from considering suicide as an escape.

Let us now turn to the real purpose of this chapter which is to consider the reasons of those whose incarnations come to an end but who are convinced that their lives should not continue in an unbroken chain from incarnation into the afterlife, which is in the 4th dimension.
Like the vast majority of people, once the silver cord is broken, they find themselves in an area of bright light and are greeted by an advanced being, usually dressed in white, who not only greets the individual but pours pure love out to him.
Actually, if someone thinks that life does not continue after physical death, if it were not a serious matter it would be quite amusing to observe the reaction of the individual.
He suddenly finds himself with the appearance of a physical body, more awake and alert than he has ever been before during his incarnation, being greeted by a noble spirit who also has a physical body, but every fibre of his being tells him that it is not happening.
He does not think that it is an illusion because that would imply that he must be alive to observe the illusion. But he is convinced that there is nothing after physical death so even an illusion cannot occur.

So, he stands there while his mind battles with what he observes.
One part of him can see, and feel, that life is continuing while another part of him tries to convince him that what he sees cannot be.
The advanced guide who is, of course, fully aware of the internal battle the newly deceased is going through, stands in front of the individual, pouring love towards him, but says nothing.
He waits while the individual completes his internal battle knowing that the person must, eventually, start to question the guide.
It can happen, on rare occasions, that the individual patently refuses to accept the guide and the area of light in which he finds himself, and on those rare occasions the new arrival is placed in what you might term a deep sleep or even an artificial coma and is placed in a hospital area until, one day, he wakes up believing that life does, indeed, continue.
The way this works is that while the person is in a deep sleep, energy is poured into him by healers and this energy can be directed towards the areas of the individual’s mind connected to what we might term ‘common sense’. This is not actually true and is used as an illustration.
Eventually, when the individual has begun to accept that life continues after the demise of the earthly body, the person slowly awakens and is introduced to the world in which he finds himself.
We mentioned that this is not exactly what happens because, in heaven, no one has the right to influence anyone else. It goes against the law of free will. So, in effect, the individual, during his deep sleep is shown dreams, if we may use that word, which reach into his subconscious and presents him with possibilities that, perhaps, life continues after the death of the physical body. As time does not exist in the 4th, it matters not for how long these dreams last.
The point is that, sooner or later, the person awakens and accepts the possibility that life does continue, and from that point forward the individual can gently be introduced to his loved ones, and life in general in the 4th.
We insist to remind you that at no time is the individual forced to accept that he is still alive. It has to be his decision and, obviously, some people take longer than others to accept that life carries on and so great patience is exercised by the healers until the person, by his own accord, accepts that life continues in the 4th.
That is the nature of life in the 4th: patience, kindness and love.
No one is ever pressured to do or to believe anything.

But let us go back to the moment that the newly deceased person is face-to-face with this loving guide.
The individual stares at the advanced guide who stands and says nothing.
Having the ability to master telepathy, he, the guide, can read the individual’s mind and is aware of the internal battle going on in the mind of the newly deceased person.
His old beliefs convince him that life cannot continue once he is ‘dead’ and yet he sees that he is alive – clearly alive. How can this be?
It does not seem to be an illusion and yet it cannot be true!
The guide waits patiently until the individual starts asking questions about what is going on and where he is.
This gives the chance for the guide to explain that the person has passed to heaven and is still very much alive. Indeed, much more alive than he was during his incarnation.
He gently and patiently answers all the questions the newly deceased has until the individual can accept that he was mistaken and that he has entered the realm of eternal life.

As you can imagine if you put yourself in the shoes of the deceased person, this is no easy thing to accept – that after spending all his life convinced that life after death did not exist – to find that he was totally mistaken.
Not only was he wrong, but his ego has taken a blow.
He tried to convince anyone with whom he discussed life and death and, indeed, the existence of God, that it was all baloney but now he sees that he was wrong on all counts. His pride, his opinions, his ego and his concepts were all wrong and he now has to reject all those wrong assumptions and has to accept that the opposite to his belief is the truth.
This is not an easy thing to do and causes much turmoil in the mind of the individual.

The guide, obviously, is aware of this and so, very gently, describes at least part of the truth about eternal life.
There would be no point in going into depths about how life works as we explain to you because it would be too much for the new arrival to accept.
So, the guide explains that life goes on and stops at that.
In all probability a house would be constructed by etheric means to allow the individual to have the sort of base similar to what he had on Earth.
Food and drink (vegan, of course) would be created to satisfy any feelings of hunger that the individual might have and great effort is taken to ease the passage between the old reality and the new one.
We are always very pleased to see a new soul opening himself to eternal life.

There are, of course, certain individuals who refuse to accept that they are still alive and accuse us of being hallucinations brought on by the fact, in his estimation, that he is still alive and we are just figments of his imagination.
We have no right to interfere with his beliefs and so we take him to a hospital and place him in a deep sleep while healers project rays to him which work on his mind until, one day, he wakes up realizing that he is still alive. Then can he be introduced to life in heaven.
In both cases, eventually and gradually, his family and friends who passed before him are introduced to him to help confirm that he is truly alive.
Gradually he is able to take his place in the heavenly spheres and take an interest in the educational work that goes on.

Let us lastly consider those who are convinced that they are ‘dead’ until God or Jesus or someone returns and wakes them up to eternal life.
As soon as they arrive in heaven, special guides are awaiting their arrival, and before they can see the light of heaven they are placed in a deep sleep.
Then they are transported to a hospital and are allowed to sleep deeply until, one day, they awaken of their own accord and accept that the long awaited moment of the arrival of their savior has occurred.
This gives them great joy because they are convinced that they are amongst the chosen ones who merit to be saved.
Who are we to disillusion them?
There are many such people who have left their incarnation with such beliefs and so there is an area reserved exclusively for such people.

This area, like all areas in the 4th, is a matter of frequency or vibration, so this area is kept apart from any other area by the simple expedient of its unique frequency.
The newly awakened person is instantly transported to this area by specially trained guides, which the people see as angels, and is welcomed into the group.
He or she is accepted as yet another chosen one and causes great joy to this relatively large group of ‘chosen’ individuals.
It may seem somewhat childish to those who know the truth about eternal life but everyone has free will and thus everyone has the right to believe what he chooses to believe.

Let us take a short tour of this area and describe to you what goes on there.
First, we notice that there are a number of buildings of various sorts that seem real to those who live in this area.
Of course, the buildings are constructed by thought and, although to us who realise that we do not need any buildings in order to live in this area, the particular vibration permits the construction of any buildings those who live there think they need.
So, there are houses for all people. Some people live alone in these houses and some live with their family members.
There are churches, meeting halls and courthouses where any who commit misdemeanors – in the eyes of the people who live there – are tried for their crimes.
There are no jails as such but there are judges who try anyone who oversteps the rules laid down by the elders and are sanctioned.
So, the people of this area have set up a system based on early life type rules and regulations and all who live there are obliged to conform to these rules.

They eat and drink (vegan, of course) food they produce and they either eat at home or eat in communal halls and gardens as many used to do in the past.
Church services are regularly held so there is a priesthood who wear special clothes to denote their status.
All people are required to do work of some kind, ranging from growing crops to writing religious texts. There are a number of leaders rather like politicians who create laws to which all must comply, and there is a complete civilization – if we may use that term – based on a hodgepodge of various Earth ways of living.
We cannot say that the majority of people who live there are happy because they are bound by so many rules and regulations that they are scared of failing to obey them in some way.
There are no punishments really but transgressors are severely criticized and made to feel guilty for not obeying the mass of laws to the letter.

This area has existed for a surprisingly long time because the concept of some God coming to give eternal life to the chosen ones far out dates Christianity.
This has given the inhabitants of this area the chance to set up a complex infrastructure of life, rules and regulations.
It must be appreciated that religions – all religions – are based on control, and transgressors of the rules laid down have to be dealt with.
It may seem strange to us who live freely, to observe these people living in permanent dread of transgressing any law invented by these people but we have to accept that this is their chosen path and they live that life of their own free will.

Now, we must touch on the rather delicate subject of racism.
In the world in which we live, we only see people with whom we live in harmony. This implies that those who do not live by the same concepts as us live in their own areas, areas full of people who live in harmony with like individuals.
These areas are not based on creed, colour or race but are based on harmony – like thinking.

The area we are describing is somewhat similar. The main criteria for being accepted is the belief that they are the chosen ones of God.
Now, this is more complicated than one might imagine.
Most people are aware of the modern Christian belief of being a chosen person – or not – but, as we said, it by far predates Christianity.
There are also other religions that embrace the same concept.
So, to be accepted into this group requires that each person believes that he or she is a chosen one, regardless of their religion they followed on Earth or their skin colour.
This causes a certain amount of confusion because, although each person believes that he or she is a chosen one, they may still have a desire to follow their own religion.
The elders, those who first came to this area, set up a certain type of religion far predating Christianity or Islam but, over the years, new arrivals appeared convinced that they were the chosen ones but may have followed, on Earth, a particular religion such as Christianity or Islam which, although often based on previous religions, differed somewhat from the earlier religions that the elders followed.
This has caused much conversation and confusion as you can imagine.
The elders recognized that all the new arrivals believed that they are the chosen ones but, when questioned, believed in a different sort of savior.
This might include Jesus or Muhammad or one of the plethora of Indian gods and so on.
Much discussion took place until it was decided to create a new religion that tried to incorporate the concept of a God, eternal life and their special place as chosen ones.
We will not describe this religion as it would take too long and, to be honest, is no concern to us.
But all new arrivals are obliged to follow this religion.
We do not criticise it because (a) we have no right to do so and (b) it is based on God so is based on truth.
It is just the cleverly thought out details that might seem bizarre to us but satisfies the people of that area.

So, there is no colour bar, nor is there any religious dissension, as all must conform to this created religion.
The only people who are sanctioned are those who, at first, refuse to accept this religion and they are brought before a tribunal of elders who oblige them to reject their old religion and accept the new one and are placed in isolation houses until they agree to accept the new religion. Then they are permitted to rejoin society.
Language, of course, is no barrier as the universal language of telepathy is used by all people.

Now, there are, from time to time, those who start to question the wisdom of living like that and wonder if there is not a better, freer way of living.
None of the people who live in that area, because of the vibration, are in contact with the rest of heaven anymore than the majority of you have the ability of contacting heaven where we live.
On Earth, you all live in an area of a certain frequency which keeps you trapped there.
We in the 4th live close to you but are separated from you by being of a different frequency.
In the case of the individuals we are discussing – the so-called chosen ones – they are kept apart from the majority of us by being in a world of a different frequency.
If someone wishes to escape, he has to learn to incorporate a different frequency into his being in exactly the same manner that you have in order to link with us. Indeed, we have to do the same thing if we wish to link with you.
The difference between us, you and this chosen group is that we explain to you how to contact us whereas, as in the chosen group, no one explains how to contact the other dimensions that surround them.
Therefore, it is rare that anyone escapes from the area that he finds himself in – the chosen one’s area.
So, it is rare that anyone could remove himself from that area and any such desires would be quashed by the elders and leaders who are convinced that they are the only ones in heaven and nothing else exists.
They have no idea of the enormous world that surrounds them and they have no concept of the type of information that we give to you.
They would be horrified if they could glimpse the real world outside of their enclosure, and they are quite content to live in their little world and keep it as it is.
No angel or advanced guide ever visits them to try to open their eyes to the greater reality the rest of us live in.
They have free will and their free will decision is to live in their little world, safe in the knowledge that God has chosen them as his special people and they will live forever, one assumes, following that belief.

So, we have described yet another area of the heavenly spheres and we hope you found it both interesting and informative. We will end this chapter here and move on to yet another area which we hope you will find instructive.

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