Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 25



We are somewhat hesitant to give you this chapter because some of you might deduce that we are insulting you personally. We are not. We explain the faults that we are all subject to, no matter who we are, but if what we say in this chapter applies to you, we say it with the best of intentions. Not in any way to criticise, insult or harm you but to point out the temptations that can affect us.
We are no different to you, having all had incarnations at one time or another and so we, too, were tempted by the subject of this chapter.
Some of us mastered it to a certain extent and some of us did not.
It is only since we have been in the heavenly spheres and are thus removed from this temptation that it fades through lack of opportunity.
So, what are we talking about?
The subject of this chapter will be about hate.

What do we mean by hate?
First, let us say that we are sure that you have a concept of hate just as you have a concept of love.
But the subject of hate is quite complex and can involve righteous indignation or dealing with people who do not think like you.
It can involve people of other religions or skin colours, and a whole variety of topics, many of which are considered normal and even acceptable to many people.
So, as we said in our opening statement, if we describe any attitude that might apply to you and that you accept as your right, please do not be offended.
Step back and allow the information to flow over you without reacting, as if it had no connection to you. In fact, it does not have any connection to you.
We are merely describing attitudes and do not wish anyone to think that we are criticizing their personal attitudes, which they have a perfect right to hold.
Of course, if someone finds that it does apply to them and resolves to correct that attitude, so much the better, but the aim of this chapter is just to describe some of the ways that hate can affect and damage our lives.

So, where to begin?
We must start by saying, once again, that planet Earth was designed exclusively for animals and so all the personal attributes given to planet Earth were to enable animals to survive in the dog-eat-dog environment that was necessary.
Let us say that the archangels who work for God are neutral in their attitudes.
God creates life. We have said this many times but must repeat it once again as it applies to this chapter.
God creates life and stops at that.
He is not at all as described in religious texts as an old man with a long beard, sitting on a cloud pouring hellfire and damnation on us all.
God is the force that creates life. However, God has intelligence and the ability to learn.
So, God created archangels and tasked them to create all that exists, not only on Earth, but in all the dimensions and areas that we have mentioned in this and other books.
This must have taken a vast amount of intelligence, wisdom and trial and error on behalf of these archangels and we must say that they are still hard at work keeping the whole system going.

Perhaps we should mention at this point two things.
First, there is no physical life anywhere in our galaxy above and beyond anything that we have described in our books, with particular mention of what goes on in the various dimensions. And those seeking life elsewhere are wasting their time. Planet Earth is the only one with physical life on it.
Second, we must say that God’s archangels have no sense of emotions as we would know them to be.
This leads back to Earth and the animals that were created by these archangels and placed here.
The fact that some are herbivores and some are carnivorous seemed appropriate to these archangels who saw no difference between an antelope eating grass and a lion eating the antelope.
They, the archangels, do not have any appreciation of that type of emotion, emotions that shock, sadden and horrify us if we see lions attacking, killing and eating antelopes for example.
These are human emotions and we humans were never intended to incarnate to Earth originally. Planet Earth was created for animals and even now animals have almost no human emotions, so if one antelope saw another being killed by lions, apart from being relieved that it was not he that was attacked, thinks no more about it.
Of course, a mother animal, if one of her young offspring was attacked, killed and eaten by a predator, might be sad for a while but she would not show the sorts of outrage that a human would if her baby was attacked and killed.

The archangels did not introduce human emotions into animals.
So, what emotions do animals have in the wild?
Generally, they are fairly basic; the desire to eat, to mate and the feeling of fight/flight.
It is this last feeling, that of fight/flight that interests us because it is the basis of this chapter which is about hate
We will ignore, in this chapter, the wonderful love that some animals show towards humans that adopt and love them and we will ignore the horrendous cruelty some people inflict on animals.
Nor will we mention the love that most female animals shower onto their offspring. We will concentrate on what feelings wild animals have as and when it is transferred to us humans.

Eventually, as you know, humans were introduced to Earth and thus were given a variety of personality traits exclusive to humans, with the exception of fight/flight.
Now, we must say that no animal has the emotion of hate. He might show fear, aggressivity and the desire to fight but that comes from the fight/flight concept.
Animals do not know hate.
And yet humans do.
This may seem strange because in heaven, where we all came from before incarnating, the overriding emotion is love. The theme of our God is love, and in heaven, we are all surrounded by loving beings.
So, where does hate come from?

This is difficult to explain because hate does not exist in heaven except, perhaps, in the hellish regions, but certainly does not exist in heaven. We will explain the one exception later.
But, when we incarnate, swirling around in the etheric realms is the emotion of fight/flight.
This also links to fear. All animals have a feeling of fear.
This may be fear of being attacked or fear of not finding food to sustain the animal.
A mother with young might be frightened of her young being attacked.
So, closely related to fight/flight is fear.

Once again, fear is unknown in heaven. There is nothing to be frightened of. No one is going to attack us and no one is going to insult us as we are surrounded by like-minded people and so we can discuss topics without fear of anyone disagreeing with us. Someone might suggest a modification of a topic but no one insults anyone else. We all live in peace and mutual harmony.
The only possible exceptions are those in hell and those who live in the area we explained in the last chapter – the chosen ones!
All the rest of us live in peace together.

But incarnation is a whole different concept.
Before incarnating we are taught about all the disagreeable attitudes that exist – attitudes we have described in other works – and so we are taught about fear and about fight/flight.
So, we are born with these two aspects added to our basic personality that we have developed before incarnating.
These two additional aspects are vital to our survival on Earth, and yet they are unknown in heaven.
They are animal instincts.
So, let us look at this again.
Humans may have a variety of personality traits but they have no concept, in heaven, of fear or fight/flight.
Animals have these concepts – fear, and fight/flight upmost in their concepts.
So, we humans are born into incarnation with fear and fight/flight added to our personality.
But we still have not discovered hate!

Hate comes from the inability not to be able to reduce to fight/flight in a situation of stress.
We humans, given the chance, will run from a dangerous situation, or if trapped, might be tempted to strike out to defend ourselves but there are many situations where we can neither run nor fight.
So we are trapped, so to speak, and so that frustration, based on fear, creates hate.
Hate is unknown to animals and it would be a sad day if it ever was introduced.
They know fear and they know fight/flight but their defense mechanisms stop at that.
We humans, trapped in uncontrollable situations in which we have fear but fight/flight is inappropriate or impossible have developed an emotion termed hate. It comes from feeling trapped in a horrible situation.
This chapter will deal with some of the situations with which we can be confronted and why we hate these situations or people.

Hate is not an easy subject to talk about because there are many degrees of so-called hate ranging from expressions such as, ‘I hate this or that’, meaning that one dislikes the subject under discussion, to genuine, almost phobic dislike of something or someone.
Who can say what hate can describe in its most intense form?
Many people say that they hate someone or something but we have difficulty in finding an example of ultimate hate to describe to you.
There have been, from time to time, throughout history really dreadful and cruel people and their victims no doubt hated the individual but that hate was often tinged with fear.
So, to what degree of fear the victims had compared to pure hate is hard to say.
We told you that animals can fear but do not know the meaning of hate whereas, before incarnation, hate can be introduced into the personality palette of a human whereas fear is unknown before incarnation.
Therefore, fear and hate come together in an Earthly incarnation but are separate from animal emotions and human emotions in the different spheres; earth and heaven.

Why are we mentioning this?
The answer lies in a strange area in the 4th that contains the frequency of hate.
It is there in order that potential incarnation candidates can get a taste of real hate in order to recognise it once the incarnation starts in order to be for-armed, so to speak.
We will take you on a mental tour of this area to explain to you what it is like but, as we said to you above, we have no example to compare this area to you and words do not exist to describe absolute hate.
But we will try.

Now, the first thing we have to do is to separate fear from hate.
Fear does not exist in the 4th dimension, with the possible exception of certain levels of hell, and even there, our explorations have never felt fear except as brought by us after having an incarnation and thus having a knowledge of fear.
The denizens of hell have no fear of the suffering they experience because, strange as it may seem, the vast majority of those in hell are there because their personalities accord with the area that they find themselves in, and thus they are perfectly at home with whatever they are suffering, and that they can inflict similar suffering on others also in the same place.
They find it normal to be like that and who are we to criticize them?
To use an old expression, ‘They have made their beds and must lie in them.’
Many of the people in hell do not have much time for being in bed as they spend their time either being tormented by others or tormenting those people in return.
So, the expression is not very accurate with regards to hell, but we hope you can understand why we used it.

But let us return to the area in the 4th that contains the emotions of hate.
As usual, it is of a particular frequency to keep it apart from any other area and students have to learn to connect to that frequency.
Also, it is non-physical. It is yet another area purely mental. We wish we could find another word to describe non-physical areas because the word mental has connotations with folly or madness but we use the word in the sense of it being non-physical, just an emotion.

So the student, always accompanied by an experienced guide, links to the frequency of hate and transports himself – or rather transports his mind – to that area.
So, what does he experience?
We need to search for words to describe the emotion of hate which bombards the mind of the student.
What can we say?
Pure detestation of all things. Pure desire to cause harm. Disgust for everything and everyone. The desire to cause as much revolt as possible.
We could look in a thesaurus to try to find words that truly describe pure, unreasonable hate but there are no words to describe pure hate.
It is an emotion without reason. It is not a question in this area of hating a person or a situation. It is pure, unadulterated hate. That is all we can say.
The student is bombarded with this incredibly powerful and negative emotion, something that he has never experienced before, always being in a world of love, but this is, if we may say, the total, complete and absolute opposite of love.
Hate is the ultimate negative force and yet it is a force that many use on Earth either in a half joking sense or slightly more realistically in terms like, ‘I hate my job.’ or ‘I hate my school.’ etc. But we consider that no one has ever incarnated to Earth with the full power of total hate in his personality. Even the worst tyrants and psychopaths have, or had, a watered down version of hate as expressed in the area in the 4th we tried to describe.
And just as well.
If someone incarnated with the total force of pure hate in his personality, and rose to a position where he could exercise that degree of hate, life for others would be unimaginable.
As it is, there have been a number of tyrant psychopaths that have caused immense harm through exercising hate, but what they accomplished is a pale shadow of what someone expressing pure hate would exhibit in his actions.
So, we apologize for not being able successfully to describe the emotions of pure, unadulterated hate, but as we said, words do not exist to explain it and, to our knowledge, it has never been exercised to its full extent on Earth.
All we can do is to give a few examples of hate as expressed through people’s personalities and leave it at that.
So where shall we start?

Let us start on a humorous note and ask, ‘Hands up all those who have never used the word hate?’
We don’t see many hands going up. Don’t forget that we, too, had incarnations and for many of us, particularly those of our group who incarnated in the past, had much more reason to use the word hate than we do today. But we also used the word hate lightly although, when we realise its true meaning, it is no laughing matter.
Hate, on Earth, is invariably linked to fear.
Those who lived long ago and fell foul of some authority suffered terribly, rather as the description of what Jesus went through, as recounted in the Bible, was inflicted.
Sometimes this punishment was inflicted just once but often it was repeated several times and so the unfortunate victim feared what was in store for him as well as hated the suffering he was repeatedly going through, so he hated the people who condemned him as well as those who inflicted the punishment, many of them thoroughly enjoying inflicting such pain.

So, invariably, in real events, hate and fear are linked.
This hate and fear come together when a person, faced with a difficult or unpleasant situation, cannot use the animal instinct of fight or flight.
We accept that Jesus, assuming that what happened to him is a true account, accepted his fate bravely and did not exercise either fight or flight.
We will just say at this point that even if the Biblical account of the fate of Jesus did not really happen to him, it happened to countless others, so it comes to the same thing.

But let us not get too morbid at this point.
We are talking about those who use the word hate lightly.
We have all said that we hate someone. We have also said, at school, that we hate some subject or some teacher. Or we hate our school uniform, for those obliged to wear one.
We go on into adult life and say we hate our job or hate our boss or hate a work colleague.
But none of these situations really apply to the word hate as we have tried – and failed – to describe it to you in the hate area in the 4th dimension.
What we really mean is we dislike some person or some situation and, possibly, we might fear someone or some situation, but on no account can our dislike conform to the true meaning of hate.
Now, what are we really talking about here?

It is obvious, and we are glad to say this, that we misuse the word hate. We should more properly use the word ‘dislike’ which, although one can say is connected to hate in a watered-down sense, is also, usually connected to fear and, to be honest, is often connected to fight/flight.
For instance, if we can avoid meeting someone we dislike or fear, we tend to do so by, for example, hiding if we see the person coming or taking an alternative route in a building if we see the person heading our way. That is flight.
If we are on a relatively equal status to the person, we might violently disagree with what he says and a shouting match ensues. That is fight.
These are simple examples, but we are sure that most of you understand what we are saying.
But if a person truly hated another and that second person approached, what would the first person do?
What action would his absolute hate for the other push him to do?
What action would he take?
Well, we really can’t answer that question because we do not hate anyone, but it would not surprise us if the first person tried to eliminate the second – murder!

Now, unfortunately, murder happens all the time by all sorts of people in virtually every country and by using a variety of methods.
Does this mean that the murderer is full of hate?
Once again, we cannot answer this but we doubt that anyone contains, on Earth, the full measure of hate as found in the hate area in 4th.
There have been a number of fictional stories of people full of hate. The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde comes to mind, Mr. Hyde being the epitome of ruthlessness and evil which could translate to hate for humanity, and there have been other stories, true this time – Jack the Ripper – for example, where a person was overcome with hate for a certain class of ladies.
Now, these sorts of examples we gave, one fictional and one factual get pretty close to pure hate and we have no doubt that similar cases happen frequently. But in general, very few people push their dislike of someone to that extent.
However, murders are frequent for a number of reasons.
Couples living together can disagree and one murders the other.
Religious people of one faith can be indoctrinated by evil leaders to encourage gullible followers of that religion to kill others because of belonging to a different faith.
People of different skin colours can develop a form of hate and murder each other.
Occasionally, someone might dislike his business associate to the point that he will take violent action.
At the time of writing this book it occasionally happens that school children kill other children and teachers for no apparent reason.
And lastly, wars have been going on for generations for very flimsy reasons, resulting in the deaths of millions of people.
These are all terrible acts and we wish with all our hearts that they would stop, but to what degree does blind hate play a part?
These are difficult questions to answer and, certainly, we can offer no reason why these things happen, but if we compare what does happen – these terrible murders – and compare them to the emotion of pure hate we felt when we visited that hate area in the 4th, we can see little correlation.
If we link in the akashic records to the files of those who have committed murder, we can usually link the murders to the fight/flight or fear motives rather than just pure hate.
Most murderers target individuals or groups whereas hate acts indiscriminately. Hate doesn’t care who gets hurt nor by what means. True hate implies hate for everything and everybody. It doesn’t target individuals or groups. Hate targets all life.

We must mention two groups of individuals who have been vilified and not without reason.
1. Reptilians
2. Archons
We will say that both groups have their agendas to cause unhappiness in the world, but in their defense, we must say that from our investigations of these two groups they are not driven by hate.
It is quite simply that their way of living is not based on love as we should live and though they do cause immense harm, neither the reptilians nor the archons are hate driven.
They live in negative worlds and their negativity pushes them to create chaos, which gives them pleasure.
In true hate, there is no pleasure. True hate is a strange emotion that exists as the opposite of true love.
There is no other emotion involved except this rather enigmatic emotion of hate.
It stands apart and is not connected to fight/flight or fear nor any desire to cause harm.
These are animal and human emotions mixed.
Hate, true hate, exists on its own with no rhyme or reason. It just is.

So, we have presented to you this bizarre area in the 4th called hate for the simple reason that it exists and the object of this book is to relate to you a number of areas to which we hope you can relate.
We do not suggest that you try to contact this area because you would need to know the frequency and if you did enter it, the emotion of pure hate would shatter your mind.
We have enough problems dealing with dislike, and fight/flight and fear concepts without trying to introduce pure hate into our lives.

You might have found this chapter, the way we have presented it, rather strange as we have actually suggested that this area of pure hate exists but that it is not present on Earth.
As we said, we explained what we know about it and what we know about human/animal emotions in relation to what we call hate, but the bottom line is that, in fact, true mindless hate does not exist on Earth, thankfully.
What we call hate is really levels of dislike and are often based on fear and thus fight/flight.

So, once again we end another chapter and we’ll try to find something else to talk about which we hope you will find interesting.
We do feel that some of you might feel a bit disappointed by this chapter entitled hate because it is, in a way, a misnomer as hate does not truly exist amongst the beings on Earth.
But this area exists in the 4th and we felt obliged to mention it.

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