Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 26



Shall we make this book much longer? We are torn between ending the book so that it can be made public and continuing into the future, because there are countless areas in the 4th that some of you might find informative.
We have had a short discussion with our Earthly scribe – he who kindly writes the words we transmit – and his opinion is that we should continue to describe as many of the areas in the 4th that apply to you all, because he is aware that there are a number of followers of our channel that are interested in learning as much as they can about the areas in the 4th that apply to you in incarnation.
After all, the only way we have of informing you about these areas is to describe them in books.
We took the decision, as we said at the beginning of this book, that we would correct the error we made in a previous book about auras of not giving you much information.
We are correcting that error by describing a number of areas that, not only exist in the 4th, but also enter your auras and directly affect you whether you are aware or not.
This is the purpose of this book, and you may have deduced that there are a huge number of areas in the 4th that transmit, if we may use that word, information constantly into your auras and, despite your personality, affect how you behave in your incarnation.
Some do more than others but all that we have described so far in this book play a role in the way you proceed through your incarnation, influenced by these areas.

As we said, there are countless more areas that play a role and, though we cannot describe them all, we have made the decision to continue to provide at least a few more of these areas and make a quite large book which will become a sort of compendium of the areas that broadcast out into the auras of all people and influence their behavior.
So, we will continue with this book, chapter after chapter, dealing with a specific subject that enmeshes with your auras and, via your higher self and other aspects of your makeup, influence your thoughts and your behavior in incarnation.
So, we crave your indulgence if we create a large volume.
We feel that if you have a knowledge of these areas, and that they are influencing you to some degree, it will enable you to consider your path through incarnation and permit you, by allowing some aspects to become more prominent in your life and by reducing others that you consider are harming you, to become a better, wiser and more noble person.
Without knowledge we are all lost.
This book, if carefully read, will give you the opportunity to mould your life in a more positive fashion, with you in control rather than the whims of life pushing you this way and that.
You may become, thanks to the information in this book, to be the captain of a fully functioning ocean-going vessel rather than a refugee floating on a raft blown this way or that by tides or wind.
We apologise for that childish metaphor but it describes how the information we give you will help you to become the person you were created to be.
Knowledge creates wisdom and wisdom is the key to becoming the powerful – in a spiritual sense – person God created you to become.
Thus, we continue the book.
The next subject will be about the area that creates the desire to belong to a family.

The first question we must answer is what exactly do we mean by the word family?
The word family is used in many ways to describe people or objects that are similar.
We all, in incarnation, have a family, whether we are aware of it or not.
Even single mothers who have broken all ties to their parents nevertheless have parents, grandparents, possibly brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and they are that lady’s family.
Similarly, the father would have a family.
Then we talk about the families of animals and plants meaning fauna or flora that have a connection.
This connection is genetic.
Despite any emotional attachment one person can have for other members of their family, the connection can be traced back and out from generation to generation and to brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts through DNA.
Similarly, the same thing can be achieved if the DNA of animals or plants are compared.

So, we have confirmed that, to a large extent, family and DNA are linked.
This is in incarnation where physical bodies; human, animal or plant are compared.
But, what about family connections in the non-physical realms – the 4th dimension where humans live?
We have to ignore animals and plants in this chapter because, (a) this book is about the connection between areas in the 4th and how these areas affect humans via their auras and, (b) if we wrote about fauna and flora, this chapter would be too complicated.
So, we restrict ourselves to families as applied to humans.

Where does the concept of family come from because each individual was created as a stand-alone person and does not need a family?
Indeed, in the 4th, unless someone has had an incarnation and thus has family members from that incarnation with him, those who do not incarnate cannot have a family as such as procreation does not exist in the non-physical realms. Procreation can only occur on Earth.

So, each and every person is created as an individual and yet most people have an overriding desire to belong to a family and many people who have had an incarnation spend a lot of time and effort tracing their ancestors through photographs, paintings, letters and documents.
Some create a family tree and are proud to have created one.
Clearly, the concept of family is important.
We can trace the origin of this desire to belong to a family back to our oversoul.
We have described this countless times but will do so again and we will try to link the oversoul to our DNA (non-physical) and to our auras.

When we are in the 7th dimension, shortly after being selected to become humans, already, guides and certain angelic beings that work closely with humans start to take an interest in the chosen individuals to observe any particular interests or talents, shall we say.
This is not exactly true but we wish to explain things in an easy-to-understand fashion and you are aware of organizations that look out for young people who might show a particular aptitude to a sport, an art form, mathematics and so on.
A similar thing happens in the 7th.
Now, eventually, all young embryo humans descend to the 4th.
This descent is vital because it is the plane that will mould and develop the young, totally ignorant human concept into a fully-fledged human such as yourself who is reading this book. The fledgling humans are divided, in a sense, into two groups.
Those who have already shown an interest in life, as we described earlier and the rest who are human but just remain as embryo humans.

In the 4th are a number of what are termed oversouls.
These oversouls are of incredible importance to the humans and a person will remain attached to an oversoul for all eternity.
It is important that correct decisions are taken at the outset to ensure that each embryo human is placed within the correct oversoul.
Oversouls are not all the same.
They all have the same basic concepts of acting as a connecting point for its members but, after that, they play a variety of roles.
Some oversouls tend to collect young humans interested in art, others sport, others mathematics, others languages and on and on.
Then there are those who collect embryo humans that show no interest in anything for the moment.

They have been likened to houses in schools and platoons in the military.
We are aware that not all schools have the house system but, in fact, for those who did, they served a purpose. If we may paraphrase a statement from a book, ‘Your house will act as your family while you are at this school.’
In the 4th your oversoul acts as your family throughout your long-life sojourn from the moment of your introduction into the 4th until the day, far into the future, that you reach perfection and your life as we know it to be ends as you become part of the God force.

So, the concept of family starts with your introduction into your oversoul.
We have mentioned oversouls many times and have stated that an oversoul has no buildings, no uniforms and no identification markers that tell a person that he belongs to any particular oversoul.
An oversoul is a group of like-minded people.
Some of the members of an oversoul might be newcomers and some might have belonged to an oversoul for many thousands of years. Time matters not in the 4th. The overriding concept is like-mindedness.
It has already been mentioned but we will repeat that no one is trapped in his oversoul.
If a person feels that he is in the wrong oversoul, he may change at any time.
The overriding concept of an oversoul is that it consists of like-minded people.
We hope that you can see that the oversoul is the starting point of the concept of family.

Now, it may seem strange but there is an area in the 4th that contains the beginning of the concept of family.
It may seem strange, because logic would dictate that there should be no need for such a place, but the truth of the matter is that virtually every emotion that is available for humans to incorporate into their personality is contained in an area that is the starting point, the origin, of these emotions.
We will repeat this to try to make it perfectly clear.
Virtually every emotion that a human might incorporate into his personality – and there are a surprising number of aspects – exist because there is an area in the 4th that contains the concept in pure form.
If you look back over the chapters of this book, with one or two exceptions, each chapter is about an aspect of personality and we have explained the areas in the 4th that are the origins of these aspects of personality.
Family is no different.
In the 4th, there is an area that contains, in concentrated form, the concept of family.
Once again, it is non-physical and is kept separate from everything else by having a unique frequency. In order to enter it, the student must learn to link to this particular frequency.

When one enters this place or area, the emotions one feels are rather pleasant. One is filled with an intense desire, not only to love all people rather as a mother loves her newborn baby, but one is filled with the desire to fill one’s life by welcoming everyone into contact with oneself. It is the epitome of family pushed to a concentrated form.
Can you imagine being in this place of total love?
Love for all people, plants and animals for that matter.
This love is important because the theme of our planet is love, and though that love can be demonstrated in many areas and by many people, the family area is one of the areas where love comes together.
So, family equates, not only to like-minded people, but also to love. Love and like mindedness have a connection.

Now, we are going to say something here that might be difficult to understand.
Love can take many forms.
We are all aware of the meaning of true love and we have described it many times in our various books and documents.
But love, as we said, is connected to like-mindedness.
Think about this!
Unless you think in a similar fashion to someone else or to some group, you cannot have any connection.
If you think about the word ‘love’ you will realise that to love someone implies like thinking.
It is true that advanced beings and angels are able to love everyone despite their faults, but these advanced beings can see beyond the personality of the individual and can see the God spirit that we all share.
So, that is the connection of love. The advanced being can love all people because we all share a common connection – the God spirit.
So, even advanced beings can see a common connection.
Us lesser beings are still trapped in our personalities and can only love – using the word love in a much less powerful sense – people who think like us.

Now, where does this take us?
We are discussing family and have postulated that family is connected to like mindedness and that is connected to a form of love.
We should, perhaps, repeat that love can take many forms. Pure love is the most noble aspect of life that exists, but love can also be reduced to ‘like’.
For instance, we have all said that we love to do this or that but what we really mean is that we like to do something.

Let us return to our oversoul, which becomes our family.
There is usually a connection between people who love or like to do certain things. Some like gardening. Some like painting. Others writing and so on. Yet others do not want to do anything but they all end up in an oversoul best suited to them.
But what about those with the tendency towards evil, cruelty, harming others, etc?
Such beings exist and so there are oversouls that welcome such beings into their midst.
All people have a right to exist, and unfortunately, there is a minority who have a penchant for unpleasantness.
Therefore, there are oversouls for such people. Can we relate this to love? Certainly not in the sense of pure love as we have described it.
But we have also linked a weak degree of love to like. Some people like to cause harm.
Unfortunately, they have the right to do that. All people have free will and if someone chooses to cause harm, that is his right.
But in the spirit world, it is not possible to cause harm to others except under certain conditions.
In these oversouls that we are considering, it is possible to cause harm to others within the same oversoul.
This may seem strange but there exists certain oversouls that like-minded people belong to and if those like-minded people enjoy causing harm to each other they have that right.
Obviously, such oversouls are kept far apart from decent oversoul groups.
If we were to visit such a group, we would find them hard at work thinking of ways of causing distress to each other.

Then, of course, like all people, they are offered the chance to have an Earthly incarnation.
They are made fully aware of the consequences of causing harm during their incarnations by going to a level of hell once their incarnation is over, but this is not a deterrent as they already live in an oversoul that has many connections to hell.
Not all such people choose an Earthly incarnation, but many do, and we see the results around us on Earth.

So, can we trace a direct line, in all cases, between an oversoul, a family on Earth and the behavioral patterns of individuals?
It can happen that someone from a good, loving family can take to evil but it is rare.
However, the degree that a family can display love varies greatly. It is not unknown for parents, under the pretext of obeying the laws of God, can be very cruel to their children, and in such a case, it is not surprising that the victim child, when he reaches adulthood, treats his children in a similar fashion.
But in truly loving families, the offspring usually turn out to be loving people also.

There are many oversouls and many family types.
The point we wish to state is that before we join an oversoul, we belong to a family.
We are created by and from God. So, our first family and the one that will endure for all eternity is the family of being part of and total God. That is our true and enduring family. We are all aspects of God.
This is very important and we want to impress on you all, as we have stated many times, and, no doubt, will state many times again in the future, you and we are all God. God acting in a myriad of fashions to create all that seems to exist, but we are all this one God.
Can we call God a family? We consider that all things; people, plants, animals and minerals are all God pretending to be those things and so we feel that everything is our family because everything has a direct connection to us individuals.
So, God is our original family.
From there it expands – or perhaps we could say contracts – to oversouls and then for those who have an incarnation, our Earthly families.

Now, we mentioned that there was an area in the 4th that contains the concept of family.
We, perhaps, may question why this should be?
What purpose does this area serve?
A moment’s thought should provide the answer.
If it is true that we are all connected because we are all God, then we might consider that we are all one family.
Then we have a second family, our oversoul.
Finally, we have a third, our family through incarnation.
But there is more to the concept of family. There exist clubs, political parties, religious organizations and so on where like-minded people group together and form ‘families’. These may not be true families in the sense of genetic connection but nevertheless, people are like minded enough that we might call them families.
All of these groups, these families, exist because of the place in the 4th that contains the concept of family and this concept is being broadcast out to our auras and give us all the desire to belong to a family.

Of course, there are families and families (different sorts of families), by which we imply that some families – like minded people – are good, kind people but there are also families, if we may use that word, that are less than noble.
There are groups of people who might be criminals of various sorts; robbers, drug dealers, pedophiles and so on. And yet they all group together to promote whatever agenda they might be involved with.
This seems bizarre to us because, as we said, if we visit the family area in the 4th we get the feeling of harmony, togetherness and a very positive emotion. The sort of feeling that one imagines if one considers the concept of family.
And yet there are groups of people who link together in a way that we might consider to be a family and yet they are very negative people.
So, what exactly is a family?
One would think that if this area in the 4th is positive when one visits it, and yet there are groups of people that we could consider almost to be families and yet are involved in negative acts, there seems to be a problem.
Let us explain further.

The area we termed family in the 4th is positive and is broadcasting its emotion into everyone’s aura so, initially, our concept of family is positive.
And yet we know that there are groups of people, like minded people, that we could term families, that are involved in a variety of nefarious activities. How can this be?
Can you understand what the problem is?
The emotion of family being projected into our auras is positive but there are many people who form families that are negative.
Perhaps we do not fully understand what the word family means.

If we ignore the genetic aspect of family in the sense of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, etc., that we obtain through incarnation, and broadening the concept of family to include groups of like-minded people, we get a different meaning to the word family.
After all, when we consider plants and animals, for instance, we talk about families of similar plants and animals despite there being no direct genetic connection in the sense of families as in mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. We talk about similar groups of entities as in lions, tigers, dogs, cats and various plants.
So, the word family has at least two meanings.
One is the sort of family we are used to describing as in people of the same genetic group; mother, father, son and daughter but we also use the word family as in similar groups of animals and plants.

Now, it is true that, in the 4th, the emotion we feel when we visit that area is of togetherness and even a form of love, which we can trace back to the fact that we are all aspects of God and, thus, are all one. But, we invent, if we may use that word, a different sort of family as in humans, plants and animals of similar types.
It is the second understanding of the word family that allows us to include negative beings – like minded but negative – that allows us to use the word family to mean like minded people.
Animals and plants may have some concept that if, for example, they are dogs or cats, lions or tigers, monkeys or mice they belong to groups, but we think its fair to say they would not have any concept of the word family.
It is only humans that think in that manner.
So, it is only humans that can form families of good or bad people.
Animals might know that they belong to a certain group and, generally, only live and mate with animals of their own species, but they would have no concept of good or bad. No animal is able to understand that it might have a choice of linking with other animals of its own species but, within that species there might be good, kind ones and/or evil members. Animals and, indeed, plants do not think like that. Good or bad in the plant and animal kingdoms does not exist. It is only among humans that we have the concepts of being good or bad.

Now where does all this take us?
To understand the word family, we must ignore plants and animals.
Although plants and animals belong to families both in the genetic sense of mother, father, they have no understanding of the word family. They act automatically and mate, generally, only with members of their own species.
We humans are different. We can not only be aware that we belong to the human race and also belong to the latest variety of humans (homo sapien sapiens), but we are also aware that we belong to families in the genetic sense of mother, father, brother and sister as we mentioned above.
But, finally, we have a third meaning of the word family as in good people or bad people.

So, despite the family concept being broadcast into our auras from this place in the 4th, we are able, because we are human and because we have strong personalities, to realise, when we think about it, variants to the word family.
We can realise that we are all one because we are all God.
Then we can realise that we belong to the human race.
Next, we realise that we have genetic families, or we do if we have an incarnation, and finally, we realise that through our personalities we are drawn towards groups of like-minded people.
To each one of these aspects we might attribute the appellation family.
The meaning of the word family changes somewhat depending on which aspect of us we are considering but each one can carry the word family, if we choose thus to call it.

So, we have done our best to describe the word family.
We have pointed out that family is a multifaceted word implying quite a variety of meanings depending on the implication we give to the word.
We wished to inform you that there exists in the 4th an area that contains the concept of family but the actual meaning of the word alters according to how we use that word.
So, having told you about yet another place in the 4th, we will end this chapter here and leave you to decide for yourself the meaning you attribute to the word family.

We will turn to yet another aspect of the countless areas in the 4th that broadcast their message into our auras and influence our lives.

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