Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 27



Let us jump straight into the next chapter.
This one will be about giving.
Once again, what do we mean by the word ‘giving’ and why is it important enough to devote a chapter?
In fact, learning to give is of vital importance, as we hope to demonstrate throughout this chapter, and is one of the differences between us humans and the fauna and flora of Earth.
It is important enough that there is a place, a landscape in the 4th that contains the concept of giving.

Giving is a rare act in nature and the only time we see in practice is when a female mammal gives milk to her young or when a bird, for example, regurgitates food for its offspring.
Nature is surprisingly selfish and this is due to the fact that virtually every animal and every plant devotes its energy to surviving by getting the most food, the best shelter and the highest protection for itself at the expense of leaving weaker members of its species to survive if it can and to the best of its ability.
Although most animals, for example, live in relative peace together, the concept of giving or sharing is unknown.
No animal, except for a mother, would even consider giving part of its food or giving its shelter to another of its species.

Strangely enough, there are two exceptions to this rule: ants and bees.
Within reason, and depending on the type of ants, they, for example, will gather a variety of food, transport it to their nest, produce the fungus that ants eat and all the nest participates of this stock of food.
But do not think that ants share their stock of food through any desire to give in the sense we understand.
There is a design that ants have developed over time which has created the need for all ants to partake of the common store of food, not through generosity but in order for the nest to survive.
It is the fact that, from the mass of fauna and flora that ants collect and is transformed by a process that creates a form of mushroom, that has evolved into the concept that all ants eat of this produced food.
If ants could digest directly any food, they would do so without a moment’s thought for their fellow ants.
As we said, it is the fact that the ants have to work together gathering a variety of nourishment and then fermenting it that creates a common stockpile of food the ants can digest.
Their DNA is programmed to do this, so they work without thought, each ant programmed to play its part in the production of the end product. There is no thought of giving or sharing.
Bees do much the same.
There are exceptions but, generally speaking, it is only humans who give or share. And not all humans do this willingly!

Before we get too involved in expanding this subject, we wish to explain something.
We are aware that many of you would like us to concentrate on and describe the dramatic aspects of the areas in the 4th. We do understand that it is natural to wish for us to describe the gory areas that appeal to people’s desires to know about the negative areas.
Some of the subjects we explain you may find unexciting or boring but we take a different point of view. We would like to excite you by describing the negative areas and, if space in this book permits perhaps we will, but this particular book sets out to describe some of the areas that affect us all and not all areas are dramatic.
But all the areas we describe play a cardinal role in people’s lives.
This chapter, although not dramatic, is important for humanity to understand.
So, we hope that you will bear with us and allow us to describe the important subject of giving.

Let us first enter the place in the 4th where the feeling of giving is to be found.
As always, it has its own frequency to keep it apart from any other area so the student has to learn how to link with this area.
It is another non-physical area by which we mean that there is nothing to see, but when we enter this area or landscape we are filled with a glorious desire to be generous to all life.
It is a magnificent feeling.
We forget about our own desires, needs and concerns and just have the desire to help all life.

The question is, of course, why should this area exist and why should we feel the desire to give any and all of our possessions to help those without these things.
The answer is that we are all one and we are all God. Therefore, by entering this giving area, we are not so much entering an area that contains the desire to get rid of any possessions but we are entering an area where the God force blasts us with the knowledge that we are all one and thus anything that we might possess, that another might lack, creates the desire to help that person.
Can you understand this?
We are saying that when we enter this giving place we have an overwhelming desire to become one with all life.
To become one implies total equality between all people. What one has, all should have.
But there is much more to this area than that.
It has been stated that you cannot give anything away!
What does this apparently stupid statement mean?
Quite simply, it means that God created everything and as we are God, we can create anything.
But the trick is that to receive, we have first to give. You cannot add more water to a flask already full. You have to empty it before being able to refill it.
The Master Jesus was aware of this giving area. He was asked by a rich man, ‘What must I do to enter the kingdom of heaven?’
Jesus answered, ‘Sell what you have, give it to the poor and follow me.’
By ‘me’, of course, he implied his Christ spirit.
Jesus used a different metaphor to us, but it comes to the same thing.
We need to locate and enter this giving area, or at least allow it to enter our aura.
The concept of giving what we have to assist the needy is a fundamental aspect of being human and realizing our oneness to God and to all life.

So, this giving area is very important, and in a fairer world, there would be no needy people as there is more than enough of everything for all people to be cared for correctly and humanely.
We are all receiving into one of our auras this area. We are all aware that we should be helping the needy.
But, unfortunately, it was decided long ago that the rich and powerful keeping the poor and needy in that state was a good political stratagem by the rich and powerful.
If everyone had enough of everything the power of politicians would lessen. But, by keeping the poor in that state gives power to politicians because, that way, they can get people to vote for them by promising to end the difficulties whilst, at the same time, having absolutely no intention of providing any real aid.
You may have noticed that politicians make extravagant promises but, in fact, change very little.
This situation will continue until people wake up, reject the false promises, throw the liars out and replace them with honest people who really do care for the needy.

We do understand the lure of fame, power and riches, but to lie is a sin. One should never lie. But, we also understand that no one would vote for a politician who openly said that he had no intention of helping the poor and needy. So the lies go on and the amazing thing is that many people believe that they are going to be helped if they vote for any particular politician or party.
Politicians only help themselves. This needs to be understood for things to change.
Everyone deserves a chance but once it is noticed that someone is not fulfilling his elected duty, he should be replaced.

Now, let us return to the concept of giving. We mentioned that we are at least two things in one.
(a) We are God.
(b) We are all one.
We are all variants of the same person, if we may express it in such simplistic terms.
So, if we followed the advice of Jesus and gave to the poor, in fact we are giving to ourselves.
Thus, it is that by giving we receive because, if we are all one and we give to another version of ourselves, we are giving to ourselves.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the human population does not realise this.
The result is that huge numbers of people spend their lives chasing after fame and fortune.
If we realised that we were all one and that one is God and God is the creator – via his archangels – we would understand that if we meet someone who has less than us, that person is us in another form. Thus, if we give some of what we have to the person who has less than us, we are, in fact, giving to ourselves.
What happens, in reality, is that by helping any person or animal that needs help, in the short-term we might seem to have less of what we gave away. But, sooner or later, God gives us back what we gave.
This is the inevitable result of the fact that by giving to another we are giving to ourselves and thus, what we gave returns to us.

But, it is even more miraculous than that because, let us say we have a certain amount of money.
We give some of it away. Thus, one person receives but we have given.
Eventually, God repays us so there are two lots of money generated.
(a) The money we gave away and is now in the possession of someone else, and
(b) The new money God gives us.
So, there was extra money created by God’s archangels. God is all powerful and God can create anything.
By the simple act of giving money to another, God creates more to replace the money – or anything else – that was given.
If we give help, in whatever fashion we feel we need to in order to help another and have faith in God, that help is always replaced.
That is the way this area in the 4th, the giving area, works.
We give and we receive.
But we must give before receiving. We cannot add more to a cup already full. We must empty the cup and God will refill it for us again.

As we give and find that we are repaid so our confidence, our faith grows.
The more faith we have the more what seems to be miracles work.
So, if you see any person, animal or even plant that needs help and you have the means of helping that entity, do not hesitate.
Give willingly, knowing that God will replace what you give.
But you must do it willingly knowing that God will replace what you have given. If you do not give willingly, the magic doesn’t work.

However, as far as the area in the 4th is concerned, it sends out to our auras the desire to give. It contains no information concerning what we give will be replaced, which is why many people hesitate to give because the knowledge that God will replace whatever we give is contained in our spiritual aspects.
We have to learn to trust God and this trust develops in the degree that we can understand that all is one and that God always replaces whatever we give.

We have just attempted to describe how this works. Indeed, we have explained and talked about this many times.
But we will repeat it yet again in the hopes that anyone sitting on the fence with regard to God giving us back that which we give, will be finally convinced.

We have an area in the 4th that contains the desire to give.
But we are God. Everyone and everything is the one same God that you and we are.
So, if we give something, providing we realise that we are all one and that one is God, it is, in effect, God giving to God.
God, taking the form of us who give, and God taking the form of the receiver.
So, as far as God is concerned, nothing much happened. Something; money, help or whatever, has merely moved from one aspect of him to another.
But from the spiritual aspect of giving and receiving, an exchange has been made.
Someone lacked something. So, one aspect of God felt he lacked something and that desire to obtain the missing something reaches into the giving area which has now become aware that someone lacks something.
The desire to give is permanently being sent to all people, incarnate or not, and so some people are aware that they should give and some just ignore the message, wishing to hold on to what they have accumulated.
For those who are aware and desirous of giving, the law of mutual attraction operates, and the person desirous of giving is made aware of the desire to obtain something by the needy person.
The person who has, gives to the needy person.

But then the person who gave has less of whatever it was he gave.
Unconsciously, he sends a message to the ‘give’ area that he now has less of what he gave.
Although he may not worry about it, the faith in God that he will provide sends a message to someone else who is in a position to provide, and the person who gave finds himself reimbursed of what he gave.
This goes on and on, giving and receiving.

There is no shortage of anything. Governments are always pleading poverty and find ways of making poor people poorer by increasing taxes but have you noticed if, for example, one country declares war on another, both countries find enormous amounts of resources to fund the war?
Imagine if that vast reserve was given to the poor, as the master Jesus suggested, poverty could be relieved worldwide. And wars ended!

So, we have two types of people. Those who ignore the appeal going into everyone’s auras to give and those who realise that one may give and simple faith in God will ensure that the person will recuperate what he gave.
However, we must add a word of warning here. If, for example, one gives money, that money usually comes from a bank.
Banks are not in the habit of giving money away, so the bank will not reimburse any money given.
That money will be reimbursed one way or another, but when one gives, angels leap into action to repay the giver.
However, it may take some time for the money to be organised so it may take some time to organize the repayment. Also, that money may not be reimbursed in exactly the way that it was given. Money is not produced from thin air but you can be sure that what you gave will come back to you one way or another.
Equally, if you help someone by rendering some service, you can be sure that when you need help, it will be given.
That is why we said that you cannot give anything away. Money, articles or help will all be returned to you as and when it is organised and as and when you need it.

Although the giving plane is of vital importance, it is easy to explain, which we have done and we hope you have understood.
So, we will end this short chapter here and move on to the next area.

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