Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 28



We have taken note of all the messages that have been sent over time concerning the somewhat new and mysterious way that life really works, as we have described in our various books, etc.
But there is an aspect to which we devoted this entire book, but without explaining the modus operandi behind our descriptions.
Now is the time, as you who have got this far through the book to be reading this message might have guessed, to reveal to you all that for each and every emotion that man is capable of feeling, there exists an area in the 4th that contains the essence of this emotion and broadcasts itself into our emotions (personality).
One way of imagining this is a sort of ‘one-armed bandit’, a gambling machine that, every time the handle is pulled a number of images appear. If the images line-up, the prize is won.

Now, obviously, the real world is not a bit like that but we want you to visualise a vast number of emotions that are contained in the 4th awaiting the moment you choose to activate that emotion.
When that happens, the emotion enters your aura and starts to influence you.
This influence can be anything you choose. Think of the vast number of emotions, of desires that you could consider. This might be love, hate, friendship, jealousy, any emotion connected to the arts, anger, fear, addictions, etc.
If one were to consider, seriously, all the emotions that exist for us to choose, the list, though not endless, is vast indeed.
Well, we want you clearly to realise that every one of these emotions is contained in pure form in the 4th.
Further, these emotions are poised, ready at all moment to spring into action and send that emotion to one of your auras where, in a flash, it enters your reality via your chakras and you feel that emotion.
The degree that you feel that emotion depends on the amount of it you let into your personality.

We mentioned above a ‘one-armed bandit’. Well, imagine such a machine but with a large number of wheels containing pictures that you could line-up.
Imagine that you pull the handle and a certain number of images line-up. You block those images and pull the handle once more and more images line-up. You continue until all the wheels show the same image. At this point the machine regurgitates your reward, usually money, although it could be some other prize.
We do admit that we have used a poor example but if you have ever watched people hooked on gambling (an emotion), frantically throwing their money away, you can realise how powerful an emotion can be.
Most of us, if we go into a casino, might try a machine but would quickly stop as the gambling emotion has been sent from the 4th into the auras of the person concerned, but that person has not accepted much of the gambling emotion and so quickly stops as he realizes he is throwing his hard-earned money away.
But the hooked gambler accepts a vast amount of this gambling emotion into his personality and remains at the machine until he has wasted all his money.
Gambling is considered by many to be an illness, a disease and in a way, we could consider it so, but it can be controlled by an effort of will.

If we may, we will devote this chapter about how all that we have so far mentioned actually works and we hope that it will enable you to control your emotions better because none of these afflictions, gambling, alcoholism, depression and so on are actually illnesses. They are simply someone accepting into their personalities that emotion. They can be controlled, as we hope to demonstrate in this chapter.
So, let us go back to the beginning and give a short overview of these emotions that people are subject to.

In the 4th, there are a large number of emotions, all separate one from another, that are in pure, undiluted form. Those of you who have read this book thus far will realise that we have described a few of them.
As we said, the list is vast but each emotion that a person can be subject to is contained in its individual area in the 4th.
Until it is activated by someone, each emotion remains quiescent but, if you think of all the billions of humans incarnate and add to that number the large number of us in the spiritual realms, because we also can be subject to emotions, these emotions are very active. Pushing their concepts out through the multiverse, influencing any and all people concerned by their thoughts and emotions.
All of us, all the time are thinking and feeling, thus those feelings are connected to emotions and so we can assure you that most of the emotion areas are extremely active pushing their particular emotion out into the personalities of people who begin to think in any direction.

Let us explain this again in other words.
We want you to imagine the vast number of emotions, even just humans incarnate are subject to, not counting those in the spirit worlds, nor animals, nor plants.
Each and every one of these entities are subject to emotions of one sort or another.
Now, God’s archangels constructed an area in the 4th for each one of these emotions and placed, in pure form, these emotions.
Perhaps we can describe why we have these emotions and how they were created.

It was realised that in order for life to have any real sense, it was necessary for all things to have personalities and it was further noted that, unless each and every being (entity) had the chance to have variations in their personalities, people would all be like zombies. The same applies to a lesser degree to animals, to an even lesser degree to plants, and to minerals hardly at all.
So, the concept of personalities was created and placed within the spiritual concepts of all life as we explained in a book entitled Personalities.
But the obvious problem was that if humans, just to consider humans, had now the possibility to have emotions, these emotions and access to them had to be created.

As emotions are non-physical, it seemed obvious that emotions needed to be created and placed in a non-physical area.
The upper 4th dimension was chosen and so, within that dimension, a large number of frequencies were created, one for each emotion.
Then these emotions were created and placed within these frequencies.
Just how God’s archangels constructed all these emotions would be such advanced physics that it remains outside of the scope of this book.
Please accept that the spiritual concept of each and every emotion it is possible to feel was constructed in pure form and placed in one of the areas created to hold them.
So, we have a situation where God’s archangels thought about and constructed, in spiritual form, all of the mass of emotions to what one can be subject, and placed them in the individual areas in the 4th.
This, as you can imagine, was no easy task and we salute these archangels for their incredible skills and talents when you think that they, collectively and individually, constructed all that exists in so-called physicality, and also the vast numbers of concepts and events they constructed in the non-physical dimensions.
It is truly amazing and what we have so far explained in our various books, lessons and videos is far from all that exists.
There is a lot more to explain and we hope we will have sufficient trained Earthly instruments to whom we can transmit the information.

Transmitting books and having someone sufficiently trained to receive them is no small affair.
It takes an immense amount of time and effort to train someone to receive, accurately, what we send, and writing a book is an immense amount of work as any author will confirm.
Our books are more difficult in that we have to be sure that the scribe on Earth is fully trained in telepathy so as to receive our transmitted wisdom without distortion.
But we have been tasked to transmit information to you and nothing will stop us.

Let us return to the places in the 4th where various emotions are stored.
It would already be an immense task of creating these emotion areas, but they would serve no purpose unless they were used in some way.
Therefore, as you must now be aware, links to our personality were made.
Now, this, actually, is quite complicated. We have explained it all once, but will do so again.
Before even considering if we are going to choose an earthly incarnation or not, the young person in the 4th is taken on a long and extended tour of all the emotional areas.
Although we mentioned this form of education, we did not mention that these were the emotion areas we are now discussing.
We did not mention this fact because we did not wish to confuse you by jumping ahead of our explanations. But now is the moment to bring all this together.

So, the young student’s guides show him all these areas.
You may question how it is that, if we wish to enter one of these areas, we have to learn the frequency of that area and yet our guides can take us there with ease?
The answer is that the guides have already taken the time and effort to learn the frequencies and they can, quite simply, take us along with them rather as if someone has a key to a locked room and by opening the lock, anyone with the person with the key can also enter the room.
So, guides show us virtually all of these emotion areas and take note of our reactions when we are affected by the emotion contained in any space.
Some interest us and some do not.

Now, these emotions that interest us are placed – or rather a connection to these emotions are placed – within our personalities.
There are so many emotions that virtually no two people have identical personalities.
Thus, we are born into the next stage of our lives. We could consider this like leaving one junior school and entering a more advanced school.
The next phase might include an incarnation or it might not.
The point we wish to make is that, having taken an interest in some emotions, and rejected others, they help form our personalities.
What actually happens is that, via an aura, we maintain – or not – a link to a number of the emotion areas.
The process is, in this case that we have sown the seeds (the desires) to incorporate various emotions into our personality, so we reach out through an aura and connect with any one or any number of emotions and draw that or those emotions back down, through the aura and into our personality.

The degree of that emotion that we draw into our personality depends, to a small or to a large extent, on our ego.
For instance, imagine someone has an interest in a subject.
This could be almost anything. But, now the person has a choice. He might be only slightly interested in the subject, in which case he draws very little of the pure power of the emotion into his personality, or he might be totally devoted to the emotion, in which case he draws a lot more of the pure emotion into his personality.
His ego governs just how much he draws within his personality, and that, in turn, depends on how much his aura reaches into the emotion concerned and how much is triggered to be sent back to the personality.

The emotions, each and every one of them, are placed in their independent areas as pure emotion. They are the pure form of whatever emotion we might consider.
It is only the degree of any emotion that we select and draw into our personality that varies.
Very few of us select the totality of any pure emotion. The effect would be overwhelming.
So, the vast majority, incarnate or discarnate, select a small amount of any emotion.
Those who select more are those who chase after one subject, generally.
History contains the records of those who devoted their lives to the pursuit of one subject.
The explanation we have provided above gives an indication as to how and why this happened.

We have more or less covered this topic, and in conjunction with at least one of the other chapters we gave you, should provide you with an indication as to why you feel drawn to any emotion.
But before we leave this subject, we wish to reinforce something we mentioned earlier.
You may change or reduce any emotion by an act of will. You may reinforce the desire to study any subject that interests you by the simple act of concentrating on that subject, which is also an emotion.
Equally, and more importantly, if there is any emotion that you could consider is harming you; depression, addiction, etc., you are not a victim of that emotion.
By an act of will, you may reduce or eliminate it from your personality by the simple act of refusing to accept it into your personality.
This sounds simple – and it is – but, in reality, it can be an uphill struggle to reject any negative aspects from our personalities.
Please never forget that we, the members of the Great White Brotherhood, are just like you. We have all had incarnations and have all battled to remove negative aspects of our personalities and, indeed, many of us are still struggling.
Many of us had problems with depression.
Others had problems of alcoholism or drug addictions. We are not perfect. Far from it.
We have had to learn to battle to reduce the desire for harmful things.
The fact that we know how and why these harmful emotions affect us has helped us, and we pass this information on to you in the hopes that it will help those who have drawn harmful emotions into their personalities.

We have struggled and we know what an uphill battle it is to eliminate harmful emotions from our personality.
If one suffers from depression, it is a horrible thing, that can be conquered by refusing to accept that emotion.
Equally, anyone suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction battles with his ego for a long time until the connection to those pure emotions in the 4th is severed.
It is hard but it can be done.
It takes an act of will and courage but, every day that we resist temptation, reduces the connection to those emotions that are harming us.

So, we will end this chapter here and move on.

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