Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 29



We have been asked to show you some of the more unpleasant areas in the 4th, so we have chosen one with which you will all be familiar, even if you have not practiced it.
We are going to consider the area in the 4th that contains the concept of adultery.
Once again, most people consider adultery to be a self chosen act that a person may select if he/she becomes bored with the partner he/she has, and is attracted to someone else.
In reality, it is quite a complex matter, but we will do our best to unravel the complexities of it in simple language.

Now, the word adultery actually has a number of meanings, or at least variations of the word does.
The first and best-known meaning is the one that we described above, but another meaning is to corrupt something, usually food, by adding foreign or unwelcome ingredients into the food for various nefarious reasons.
The most obvious reason is to make the food object cheaper to produce to increase profits but can also be done in order, deliberately, to corrupt something to poison people or animals.

So, is there a connection between deviant sexual behavior and acts taken to corrupt food items for various reasons?
Logic would dictate no, but we wish in this chapter to point out connections between devious sexual behavior and devious corruption of food items either by directly changing certain items in a recipe, or by poisoning animals for various reasons. There is a link between these apparently disparate acts.
This link is yet another area in the 4th that contains, in pure form, the concept of adultery or adulterous acts or behavior.
This area, as always, is within its own particular frequency and is, once again, non-physical, by which we mean that, upon entering it, there is nothing to see. One feels just the emotion of this area.
The strange thing is that, upon entering this area, one is not overwhelmed by the desire to cheat on one’s husband or wife but one is overwhelmed with the concept of cheating one’s fellow man/woman.

We used the phrase man/woman to demonstrate that this area is non-sexist and can corrupt either men or women equally, but from now on we will return to literary customs and just use the masculine; he, him, man, etc.
But please accept that we include females in our talk. We are not sexist. It is just literary convention and makes it easier than having to write he/she/they and so on, especially when one regards the plethora of gender identifications that have been invented by misguided individuals.
Can you imagine how ridiculous writing a book would be if every time we referred to anyone, we had to put a hundred different supposed gender variants in order not to offend anyone?
Until this nonsense stops, we will continue to ignore it and, in our books, refer to the masculine. From that you may imply that we include all people, regardless of their supposed gender identification.
Indeed, the origin of all this useless and misguided gender identification can be found in the adultery plane. It is adulterating the identification of people in a nefarious way to spread confusion and promote discord.
So, we want you clearly to understand that this strange plane exists to spread discord and unhappiness and any sexual connotation is just one by-product of connection to this plane.

Therefore, let us try to explain how this area which we could consider to be negative works. It will not take long as most of what we will say is already known to people incarnate. Evil and misguided people have been using this plane for thousands of years to corrupt the lives of many people willing to link to this plane.
This plane, as we said, deals with adultery in all its connotations. We should mention at this point that these planes that we describe do not have name tags attached to them. There are no signposts directing one towards one of these areas.
It is we that ascribe the names we give you.
This particular plane, we thought long and hard about before ascribing the name ‘adultery’, because we could equally have given the name ‘corruption’ to it and it would have been just as accurate.
We chose the word adultery because that word, originally, described changing or corrupting one thing for another by human intervention.
We described how food was and is altered for greater profit. How animals are altered by the administration of drugs, and we could include how plants and cereals are corrupted by the addition of foreign material for increased profit.
All of this came, originally, under the heading of adultery.
It is only more recently that it has come to mean deviant sexual behavior.

So, before we consider actual individual cases of adultery, let us describe as fully as we can what it feels like to enter this plane to which we ascribe the appellation ‘the adultery plane’.
It is a strange feeling for us because we live in a world of honesty, respect and complete open-handedness to each other.
Entering this area takes us back to the feelings we experienced during our incarnation, when we were surrounded on all sides and in all areas by people trying in one way or another to cheat their fellow man.
This is a horrible feeling.
We remember always being on our guard to avoid being cheated by someone offering to sell us some service or goods that failed to live up to their – the salesman’s – promises and our hopes.
None of this exists in the spheres in which we normally live, and we have to enter a plane such as the adultery plane in order to feel, once more, that worrying sensation.

So, as we enter this feeling, this concept of changing, altering, corrupting or cheating is in pure form and it is, to us, at least, a most unwelcome feeling. We had left it behind, in somewhat diluted form, when our incarnations ended and yet here we are again being bombarded with the pure force of cheating. Perhaps we could have termed this area the ‘cheating plane’ and that would have described it just as well.
In pure form, as we experience it, it is the ultimate feeling of everything that is the opposite of fair play – if we may use that old-fashioned term. We are not sure that all people understand the meaning of fair play, but it implies never doing anything underhand or dishonest.
This plane – the adultery plane – opens our minds to consider any and all ways of cheating others.
The meaning of the word, in its sexual connotation, is only one aspect of cheating, but it is interesting that the offended party, who inevitably finds out, is usually very hurt, disappointed and is left with a feeling of not only disgust, but of feeling unclean as if not only their body had been soiled by the cheating party but the love bond is broken.
The couple might stay together to try to heal the bond, but the relationship will never be the same. Something was broken that could never be fully repaired.

All of this is the work of the adultery plane that exists exactly to spread all those unhappy feelings.
It is a negative, evil area, and when we enter it and receive full blast its effects we, ourselves, feel unclean and deeply unhappy.
Not that this area is trying to heal broken relationships.
Not at all.
It exists to promote broken relationships. It is our reaction to these concepts that make us feel sad and unhappy as we realise that there are so many people on Earth who are victims of this plane.
It is pernicious and very few people escape some of its effects.
Just to consider a couple. Their relationship may start out very loving and caring but, inevitably, they link to part of this area and then they start to put a watchful eye on their partner for signs of cheating on their vows they made when they got together.
Some religions have accepted this plane into their doctrines and allow men to have multiple wives. Some rich people in certain countries are even allowed harems. But you will notice that is always men who are allowed multiple wives. It is never women who are allowed multiple husbands.
Many women are shut in their homes, and if they are allowed out, it is in the company with a male who guards them and, often, the women are clothed so is to hide their beauty.
All this comes from this dreadful plane, and in this case is designed to make women unhappy as it is natural for women to make themselves look as attractive as possible.
So, this plane leaps into action and denies women to look attractive and insults them when their husband has the right to shower his affections on other women.
Some accept this, but many feel insulted when a husband announces that he has chosen another woman to share his bed.
This plane exists to promote that unhappiness.
So, you can see how negative this plane is, and it is constantly broadcasting its negative waves into the auras of those susceptible to accept its negative vibrations.
We will talk about other things that this plane can harm in a moment, but first we need to explain how and why adultery as you understand it exists.

When a couple start a serious relationship and decide to live together and, possibly, have children it is because they love each other.
Love is a wonderful emotion and is the foundation of the galaxy created by God because our galaxy contains the emotion of love.
So, the couple love each other and enjoy spending their lives together in all senses of the word.
But, this negative plane that we have called adultery is never far away.
One of the couple may start to notice that the person that he decided to live with may not live up to his expectations.
When we use the masculine, remember that we include the feminine and any blend in between.
So, inevitably, he starts to consider his options.
Infidelity may come into his mind.
At that point, one of his auras links to this idea and sends a message to this horrible plane for it to interact with the individual.
Instantly, the adultery plane reacts by sending a part of its pernicious influence back to the person.
So, the trap is set.
Over the coming days and weeks, the individual battles. His natural sense of self dignity, of honour, etc., tells him that he should stay faithful to his wife or husband, while the adultery area is telling him that he should be infidel to his vows of love to his partner.
What decision he comes to is his affair. Either he resists and learns to love his partner as he/she is or he gives in and seeks another person.

What is being sought is the thrill of that first contact of love he had with his partner.
Inevitably, that love will fade as he learns that the new person is not perfect for him.
So, this adultery plane will push him to seek another person.
In some cases, it has been known for people to share their lives with a large number of people, one after another. Never finding happiness.
The trick, obviously, is to resist this evil plane, recognise it for what it is, a mechanism that will destroy marriages and can be resisted.
It can only be accepted in the degree that one allows it to enter one’s personality.
It can be rejected by an act of the will because you are God and you are in charge of your body, not some emotion plane in the 4th dimension.

We encourage all who are in a relationship to do all that you can to preserve the love that you had at the beginning of your relationship, throughout the long years that you may live together.
It is delightful to see a happy family and it is delightful to see an elderly couple who have spent long years together walking along, hand in hand.
They will arrive in heaven, one closely behind the other and spend all of eternity together in a loving relationship.

However, what we have described is only one small aspect of this plane that we called the adultery plane.
We said, ‘one small aspect’, but, in effect, the way that the effects of accepting the negative influences of this evil plane into the lives of so many people, causes great harm to families.
But, this plane exists to cause harm.
Some planes are positive and some are negative and you have asked us to choose to describe a negative plane. We have chosen this one. Although, until you realise just how damaging this plane is, it is hard to imagine it affects, but we hope to describe to you as you reach into this area just how harmful it is. It is truly negative and although we do not like to use the word evil, because it is not connected to the lower 4th where demons live, nevertheless, its effects on humanity can be severely negative.
We will explain by giving a few examples.

One of the most outstanding negative results of this plane is what has become known as terrorism.
This is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon and is causing great distress, not only to all those who have been directly affected by terrorist attacks, but also the families and friends of those so affected.
Equally, its effects spread as people have to decide if they should leave their homes and walk the streets, never sure if they will become victims to mindless attacks.

The normal state for people to live in is peace. Even when wars were and are occurring, it was recognized that it was considered ‘fair play’ for opposing sides to wear a uniform so that they could be recognized as either friend or foe.
But terrorism is different.
Terrorists do not wear uniforms, but mix with the populations of towns and cities, waiting for the moment when they can attack.
This is both dreadful and cowardly.
As people walk the streets going peacefully about their business, they might be attacked at any moment by some misguided person who has incorporated a large degree of this negative emotion into his aura.
The individual, as he links to this area we called the adultery plane, is filled with the desire to destroy the peace and calm, which is everyone’s right.
This area exists to corrupt, to cause damage by pushing people to think in a negative – dare we say evil – fashion, destroying the peace and equilibrium that is the right of all normal people.
Just as we mentioned in the previous example about adultery in couples, and how the design behind negative behavior by one of the parties was there to cause distress, so we can link the negative behavior of a person to act in the way that we called terrorism to cause distress.

Adultery in a family affects a relatively small group – the actual family and then their friends – but terrorism is an act that can cause fear merely by the potential threat of being attacked by a complete stranger.
Many of these attacks are promoted by religious fanaticism.
We have often said that we do not approve of religions because they exist to separate God’s children, one from another.
Religions have always been connected to this adultery plane, and as the leaders of any religion accept more and more of this negative plane into their auras, so that pushes them to think of more ways of causing separation.
One of the best (or worst) ways up till now has been terrorism.
Terrorism is not exclusive to one religion although it is fair to say that, at the time of writing this book, many acts of terrorism have been promoted by the leadership of a certain religion.
It is not the fault of the religion as such, but by the effects that the leaders of that religion imbibe into their auras, which causes them to promote terrorism for some dubious end.
The effect of terrorism is terrible indeed, and those who promoted and those that cause it will face terrible consequences for their ungodly actions when their incarnations end.
If those promoting terrorism, whatever the cause, could see the fate that awaits them they would not cause these acts, but unfortunately, this adultery plane pushes them to shut their eyes to any consequences of their actions and just wish to cause separatism between people.
Terrorism is a negative act and in no way will cause people to convert to a certain religion, often the cause of terrorism.
On the contrary, it causes people to detest the religion and those involved with it.
This is what the adultery plane exists for. To cause separatism between people. To cause unhappiness, as one detests one’s neighbour for belonging to a religion that promotes terrorism.
Those promoting these negative and mindless acts will never dominate decent people, and by harming them, is only causing more division.
It is a pity that the leaders of religions do not realise that violence will never succeed in bringing people together.
Violence comes from this adultery plane, and this plane exists to cause separatism.
Can we think of any other act or acts that exists to separate one group from another?
Actually, the list is endless. People accept this plane into their auras and thus feel separate from other people.

The next obvious one is politics. Political parties have existed in one form or another for thousands of years.
The basic structure is always a number of groups of people who claim to have opposing views on how a country should be run.
We will not bore you with details as we are sure that all readers of this book will be aware of politics and how they divide nations.
This will continue until the public bring the political concept to an end, and promote good and wise people to steer their country in a peaceful way, providing for the needs of all people and working to bring world peace.
We are far from that in most countries, but it will come to be one day.

We could mention wars. Once again, they have existed for thousands of years and exist in the degree that leaders are filled with the concept of causing separatism, which we termed adultery.
Looking back, we are beginning to think that adultery was not a good choice to call this plane, which is devoted to the concept of causing separatism.
Perhaps we should explain something here.
Many of the books we have given you were written a long time ago and have become textbooks that students in the 4th study. We give them to you to enable you to be on as equal a level as our students in the 4th.
That way, as ascension becomes more evident, you will be armed to accept the changes to society that will come.
But this book we, the members of the Great White Brotherhood, collectively have written.
Some of us in the Great White Brotherhood are relatively recent arrivals but many have been members for long ages, as the Great White Brotherhood has existed for a long time.
This title ‘adultery’ was suggested by elders of our group who understood the original meaning of the word adultery as in altering, corrupting, changing, harming.
They suggested the title, and out of respect for these much admired and wise elders, we adopted it.
However, we do understand that adultery has become a more narrow meaning word and its current accepted meaning is connected to unfaithfulness in couples.
So, when you read the word ‘adultery’, please accept that we mean this in its old meaning of altering and corrupting.

Let us touch on food.
Now, in our opinion, we consider harming animals to be a sin – Thou shalt not kill.
Even if an animal has been murdered and is cut up on a butcher’s slab, it is for us that the animal was killed so we are guilty of its death.
So, we would like to see all people become vegan, as you call it, but we do accept that this evil plane has pushed people to think it normal and acceptable to eat animals.
We will not argue with you – it is your free will choice.
But all people, whether they are vegan or not, have the right to have clean, unadulterated food that will nourish the human body.
This gives an opportunity for people to be influenced by this negative plane called adultery (corruption) to introduce poisons into plants and animals.
Once you understand that the adultery plane exists to cause as much harm as possible in an opposite sense to normality, it is easy to see that those in a position to alter food, filled with the effects of this negative and evil plane, will find a means of corrupting pure vegetables, fruits and animals.
Thus they have found means of genetically modifying plants and of introducing harmful hormones into animals in an attempt to destroy the health of people.

We find the same with injections. Originally, injections of bacteria into the human body gave protection from harmful diseases and was a good idea, so once again, this awful plane influenced doctors to find ways of corrupting the injections.
The result has been the rise in unfortunate health problems that could have been avoided by giving clean, uncorrupted injections.
Fortunately, people have made the connection between adulterated injections and are protesting.

We could go on.
We could consider, for example, how old-fashioned cars were created with a proper chassis and metallic bumpers (fenders) at each end.
This meant that in the case of an accident, the chassis held the car together and the metallic bumpers (fenders) protected the body work thus reducing bodily harm and costly repairs.
Now, of course, most cars are constructed of subframes, which fold up in the case of accidents, and plastic bumpers (fenders) which may look attractive but provide absolutely no protection in the case of an accident.
The result has been many people hurt or killed, trapped in crumpled up cars and costly repairs.

We could go on. Virtually every domain of human life has been affected in a negative sense by this negative, corrupted plane, influencing all and sundry that allow themselves to reach out and contact this plane.

The remedy is simple. Sit down and consider all the things that you think about, all the things you do that could be considered to be the opposite of good, kind, and peaceful actions or thoughts and resolve to stop thinking and acting in that fashion.
As we said in the last chapter, you are God taking human form and though you are being bombarded with this negative plane, it can only affect you in the degree that you accept it into your personality, your thoughts and actions.
Reject all thoughts of negativity.
Reject all thoughts of harm, revenge and self-protection against a supposed enemy.
Walk fearlessly about, surrounding yourself with the power of God, the power of goodness and never give way to anger, insults or any thoughts of revenge.
Live in peace with yourself and with all people.
In the degree that you do this, you will rid yourself of the effects of this negative, evil plane, and God’s angels can come close to you taking the space that was once occupied by this evil force.
You cannot have both negativity and holiness in your personality at the same time. It has to be one or the other.
Make your choice but choose wisely.

This plane, that we called the adultery plane, is just about the most pernicious and evil plane in the 4th.
It exists because we all need choice. We need to learn either to be under the domination of this evil place or to stand in the light of God.
It has to be your choice.

We have informed you of some of the dangers of linking to this negative force and we’ll leave you to consider your position in relation to it.
Remember that we have only given a few examples of how this adultery plane can affect you. There are many more examples but we leave you to consider them.
So, we will end this chapter here and move on yet again to something else.

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