Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 3



You will, we hope, forgive us if we repeat somewhat information that we have given elsewhere but for those who have not followed our previous teachings we feel obliged to give an overview of the basic areas of the 4th before describing areas that we have, as yet, not covered.

Life in the 4th tends to be a series of lessons, one following another, rather like classes in a school so it is important to have an understanding of the basics before advancing to more esoteric lessons or areas.

We got to the point where young spirits arrived in their various oversoul groups and were taken control of by wise guides and also wise angels.
Each young spirit, person, is put into the specific care of at least one guide or angel.

Now, it is important to know that a guide would be a person who has spent many years in the 4th and has an extensive knowledge of many of the landscapes of the 4th.
He would belong to the same oversoul group as his pupil.
He will remain in constant communication with that student and will help guide him for a long time until that student no longer requires his assistance.
Then they will split up and the teacher will link with another new arrival and start the education process again.

That guide will remain in close contact with his student even if and when the student decides to have an earthly incarnation.
He never leaves his student.
These are the people known as Spirit Guides and all people have at least one.

We will mention at this point that all students are different and, according to their interests, they may attract other teachers who can impart specific knowledge on specific subjects.
Equally, there might be students who are not interested in learning in which case there will be one guide who looks after the student but does not push him to learn any specific subjects.

We mentioned angels.
These would be human angels and their interest is spirituality.
Now, very few students are interested at first in spirituality. They might well take an interest in learning subjects very similar to those available for study on Earth but not many would be drawn to study spirituality until they have lived in the spirit world for a long time.
But there are a few who are naturally interested in spirituality and, to help them, human angels come close to them and guide them along the path to perfection.

So, such a student, both while in the 4th and also if he decides to have an incarnation, would have his spirit guide with him but also an angel who will try to open doors to assist the student to advance in spirituality.

This does not imply that the student would start spouting high sounding spiritual phrases or would have a high degree of spiritual wisdom.
The spiritual guidance given by an angel would be more a question of being guided along a path that would enable him to gain access to spiritual knowledge.
The student, in all probability, would have no idea that he has two guides, the first, the friend and helper that all have and the second an angel.

Now, we should ask if the first guide and the angelic guide work in close harmony?
We can say that both individuals would be aware that the other one is there but would not necessarily work together to aid the student.
Each guide has his own mission, his own priorities and will work separately to assist the student.
Certainly, one will never get in the way of the other so if one guide wishes to spend time assisting a student with a project, the other guide will withdraw until the first guide has finished what he wanted to do before entering the fray once more – although it is never a battle. It is each guide assisting the student when it is the appropriate moment.

In principle there is no limit to the number of helpers or guides that a student may draw to him.
The minimum would be one. No one is ever left to his own devices. So, he would always have one.
Equally, depending on what the student does with his life there is no limit to the number of helper guides that he might have.
As his interests grow and expand so, by the law of mutual attraction, the student will attract a larger number of helpers.

Now, these helper guides do not necessarily need to be holy. If the student turns to evil the student will attract a guide or guides that will assist him along the evil path.

No one is judged nor criticized in heaven.
People have free will and if they choose to take the left-hand path, that is their choice.
That does not mean that a guide will actively assist or push someone down the path of evil but they will do their best to help and protect the student that has been placed in their care.

Another point we should mention in relation to spirit guides is that all spirit guides have spirit guides helping them. By which we mean that no one is left on their own.
You may well have a spirit guide who is with you, out of sight but there, 24/7, but that guide also has a guide more advanced than he is that is helping him.
In turn, that guide will also have a guide higher than him that is assisting him.
And so it goes on, guide above guide.

Quite where it all ends; we cannot say because there are so many levels of existence that it seems to go on and on endlessly. Each and every person has someone higher than him that is helping him along the path.

So, this is a magnificent way of living.
Even though we are really talking about spirituality, the same would apply to whatever interests a person.
Suppose, for instance, that someone is interested in any imaginable subject. That person, by the law of mutual attraction would draw towards him at least two guides.
The first would be the guide charged with assisting the person along his basic path. That guide would have a guide helping him just as we described.
But, depending on the discipline that interests a person he will draw a second guide that would assist the person with his chosen subject. That guide, in turn, would have a guide who is also interested in that subject.
So, it goes on.

This is a cleverly thought out way of progressing.

Any one person has a sort of mother/father figure that acts very much like a loving parent on Earth does. They allow the child to experiment with life and make mistakes but is always there to pick up the pieces of any grave errors their child makes.
Then, according to the interests of the child, a tutor will be there to assist in educating the child.
We mention child but, of course, student or chela would be a better description because a guide can and will be with his charge for practically all eternity.
We hope that you can understand that the process of having a guide starts at the moment the student enters the 4th dimension and continues for virtually all eternity.
Actually, the guide is chosen for the student while he, the student, is still in the 7th dimension but contact in earnest starts at the moment when the student enters his oversoul group in 4th. This implies, of course, that as the student and guide will belong to the same oversoul group the decision as to what group the student will link to is taken long before the student moves to the 4th, while he is still in the 7th.

Now, we must consider how the relationship between student and guide develops over time.

Normally, the guide will always be one step more advanced than his student.
As the student advances so, in turn, the guide is advancing and so the guide remains in advance of his charge. However, it can happen that the student might be precocious and catches up or passes his teacher in spiritual wisdom. It is rare but can and does happen.
In this case the guide drops out and is assigned to another newly arrived student while the precocious student is put in the care of a more advanced guide.
There would be no point in having a student more advanced than his guide who also acts as a sort of teacher.
A guide’s prime purpose is to act as a loving parent but that also implies guiding the student down the spiritual path to a certain extent or at least to be available to assist the student when he needs help.
All this implies the guide to be ahead of the student in wisdom.

We have used the word student but that is a poor description of the relationship between the guide and his charge.
The guide accepts his charge and spends many, many years – both in the heavenly spheres and during an incarnation – caring for his charge.

The relationship is not so much teacher/student but more parent/beloved child. The relationship is based on total platonic love.

Now, it is not customary for the student to know the name of his guide nor any personal details of that guide.
It has been found best to keep the personal details apart from the student.
He will learn a certain amount about the guide when in the 4th but during an incarnation the guide remains somewhat secret.
He is in close contact with his student but the student is not permitted to have a too close connection to his guide.
This communication can develop but it implies the student taking the necessary steps to develop the ability to communicate spiritually.
Even then the personal guide tends to remain in the background.
It is rare for a student, especially while incarnate, to be able to converse with his personal guide.
If, however, he is able to draw secondary guides to him, if it is appropriate, he may develop telepathy and/or clairsentience and thus be able to talk and/or see these secondary guides.
They make themselves visible or talk so as to impart wisdom to the student. They could not do this if they remained invisible or silent.

So, we have two distinct sorts of guides.
The first is the guide that is selected because he has an affinity to the young student. We should also mention that this guide would have wisdom and infinite patience and is willing to devote a countless amount of time to the care of someone else other than himself. Not all people have these qualities so we must all be very grateful to our guides because even we in the 4th have guides.

The second sort of guide would be one – or more than one – person attributed to a student if he takes an interest in a subject.
This guide may or may not be of the same oversoul group as the student.
He, too, must have great knowledge of his subject, great patience plus an ability to transfer his knowledge to his student.
If the student loses interest in a subject the guide will drop out and if the student decides to pursue a different subject of interest to him a new guide will be sought to assist him.
But his first guide always remains.

In the case of demonic creatures from the lower 4th exactly the same process obtains.
Each and every evil spirit has a guide – who also has a guide assisting him – and also may draw another guide to assist the evil spirit with any project he may develop. All is one.

It is difficult to imagine that a plant would have a guide or even an animal would have one, but they do. The amount of love, care or information given would be very limited compared to humans but they do have plant or animal guides who would be the same sort of plant or the same sort of animal as the ‘student’ plant or animal.
This helps plants or animals develop rather in Darwinian fashion.
Humans are not connected to animals and follow a totally different course of development to plants or animals but one could say that even humans follow a course of progress as proposed by Darwin to a certain degree while incarnate.

Obviously, the development of fauna, flora and humans as noted by Darwin and others is not directly connected to survival as he (they) imagined it. We have described at length the actual process but one can appreciate that people observing the way life altered, which enabled them to survive – or not – from a strictly physical point of view, with no knowledge of the esoteric activities, would give the impression that nature favored changes thus enabling life to adapt to changing events.
So, we do not criticise people who follow Darwinism although we look forward to the day when people can regard life with developed vision.
But we must accept people as they are because we, when incarnate, only had limited vision.
As ascension develops so more and more people will start to study and accept expanded wisdom.
Not that it will alter the basic fact that life is constantly changing and developing.
It is understanding the reason behind change that will alter, not change itself.

This change, often linked to Darwinism, is mainly concerned with physicality – the 6th dimension – but change also happens in the 4th.

Our concern in this book will be limited to the 4th and how to navigate around it so we do not wish to become sidetracked in considering physicality.
Also, we are considering in this chapter guides.

So, let us stop here and move on to describe other areas of the 4th.

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