Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 31



After the rather sad area of crime and punishment and all the harm that those two areas have caused mankind, let us turn to a rather more light area of the 4th. This will be an area that promotes cheerfulness.
Cheerfulness, as we are sure you are aware, is an emotion that some people naturally seem to feel. As we have mentioned before relating to an area that concerned joy (the happiness plane), cheerfulness is a sort of fellow area.
Cheerfulness is not exactly the same as happiness as people can be experiencing deeply unhappy times and yet still remain cheerful.
There exists in the 4th a plane that we call the plane of cheerfulness.
It is an excellent area to enter because, although we live in a wonderful and peaceful area compared to the incarnation plane in which you live, not all of us are naturally cheerful. We carry our Earthly emotions with us when we make the transfer from the earth plane to heaven so, if we were not naturally cheerful people in incarnation, we arrive in heaven still not being naturally cheerful.
This does not mean that we succumb to being unhappy or miserable as there is nothing in the true heavenly spheres for us to be miserable about, with the exception of if we visit the hellish planes and we see how the people who have self provoked a visit to these areas to help them correct some fault live, we do not know what feeling unhappy is like.
But that does not imply that we are naturally cheerful.
Cheerfulness is a state that anyone who is naturally cheerful, no matter what circumstances he finds himself in, remains positive.
So, cheerfulness is a separate feeling to being happy as happiness can come and go as the waves of life experience rise and fall.
A cheerful person remains so no matter what the slings and arrows of life fling at him.

We consider that it is important to be cheerful because that emotion can be infectious and can be transmitted to others that meet a cheerful person. Contact with a cheerful person can provoke that person to wish to become cheerful themselves, and so can attract that emotion through contact with a cheerful person.
Such an emotion can be absorbed and can be transmitted to others. This will infect (if you will forgive the word) more and more people and this will provoke a rise in frequency to all, or at least to many people, and thus will humanity incarnate rise in ascension.
Ascension is a state that incorporates spirituality, knowledge, wisdom and, also, cheerfulness. One cannot rise in ascension if one is miserable nor if one is subject to swings of emotion from happy to unhappy and back again.
It is essential to be positive and cheerful no matter what circumstances life presents to us.
To be like the wonderful people, those who have a near death experience meet, those people have to be happy, positive, wise and cheerful.
Those who have a near death experience always report meeting a person who not only exudes love in a total manner but also cheerfulness.
Can you imagine someone having a near death experience being greeted by a person emitting waves of depression? It would be ridiculous. Those having a near death experience always report being met by a person exhibiting cheerfulness.
So, cheerfulness is a requisite part of being an ascended being, to use a term that you tend to apply to an advanced person.
The term ‘ascended being’ that you often use when describing someone who exhibits signs of spiritual wisdom is not a term that we readily use.
Of course, in our world in the 4th dimension, we are often in contact with people much more advanced than the majority of us are.

Perhaps, at this point, we can give a short description of the Great White Brotherhood.
We have already spoken about our group and our Earthly instruments have been kind enough to put what we said on the website that was created. But for those who have not read what we said, may we repeat some of it, and do so from the point of view of the difference in the degree of spiritual growth?
The person who contacts our Earthly scribe has not been in the heavenly sphere for very long and is not very wise.
This is necessary.
Our Earthly scribe has a certain degree of spiritual wisdom.
But he is not very holy compared to some members of the Great White Brotherhood who have been in the heavenly spheres for thousands of years and who have risen to great heights.
But, in order for us to contact our Earthly scribe, a person had to be selected whose spiritual growth – frequency – was not dissimilar to that of our Earthly scribe.
Had a person in the heavenly spheres been selected who was many degrees in advance to our Earthly scribe, the difference in frequency would have been so great that communication would have been difficult or impossible. Frequency counts when using telepathy.
So, a person in heaven not very different in spiritual frequency was selected and the communication works.
We mention this to demonstrate that, in the case of the Great White Brotherhood, some of us are not very advanced whilst others are so advanced as to be almost at the angelic state.
This is interesting because the very advanced souls may not speak any language that the rest of us are familiar with. Fortunately, telepathy, which is what we use to communicate, does not need language. It is thought transference.
This enables us to communicate and so we are aware of the thoughts of the most advanced and we can all work as one team.
There is a stream of thought coming from the most advanced members, linking to those slightly below the wisest ones, down and down until the thoughts enter the minds of the least advanced. It is in this fashion that these books are conceived.
The wisest ones transfer their thoughts down to us, and in the process, the language used is modernized and turned into an English that we hope you can understand when it is transmitted to the scribe who attempts to report, accurately, what is sent to him.
We do not know if you appreciate what an honour it is for you to read words that were originally sent from tremendously advanced people, and couched in words understandable to you by intermediary members who received the thoughts transmitted by the wisest souls, and present them to you in plain English.

One of the conditions, requirements, that are necessary to be a member of the Great White Brotherhood is to have had an incarnation but another is to be a cheerful person. We do not accept into the Great White Brotherhood anyone who has swings of mood into depression.
All the members must be stable, cheerful people.
This gives some indication of how important being cheerful is.
You who are struggling through your incarnation can link to the cheerful plane and incorporate this emotion into your personality.

So, let us describe this plane. Like so many areas in the 4th it is non-physical, meaning that when we enter it, there is nothing to see.
We have to learn to link to this frequency and when we can do this we are automatically transferred to this area.
Thus do we link to the cheerfulness plane and, as it is in pure form, we are filled with what we call cheerfulness.
Now, this emotion – cheerfulness – is more difficult to describe than we think.
We all know, or most of us do, what it feels like to be cheerful. But this emotion is usually linked to other emotions: to receive lots of money, to fall in love and so on.
But the feeling of having enough money to face any financial difficulty that might occur may not, necessarily, make us cheerful. Indeed, there are many extremely rich people who are far from happy or cheerful. They might be rich but they lead empty lives chasing … something!
Falling in love is a bit nearer to being cheerful but even that emotion can be tinged with fear that the relationship might not last.
So, even being in love might make us cheerful for only a short while.

The feeling of cheerfulness that we experience when we enter the cheerful plane is different.
We will try to explain the feeling but it will not be easy as we will have to link it to other emotions which are not actually the case in reality.
We are familiar with feeling happy. Certainly, this plane – the cheerful plane – gives us a feeling of happiness. But, as we explained, happiness is often tinged with fear so happiness does not fully describe being cheerful. Being healthy and brimming with vitality is also a good feeling but, once again, we may feel fit but not cheerful as our minds dwell on all the things that might be lacking.
Being in love, as we mentioned, is a wonderful feeling but, once again, can be tinged with fear over the uncertainty that the love will last.
So, no matter what we describe, usually one can find a negative aspect.
Riches may not last, so even amongst the richest of the rich there is the fear of losing their riches.
Also, we may say that vast amounts of money do not always lead to happiness as possessions and an extravagant lifestyle seldom bring lasting pleasure.
Possessions become meaningless, and buying endless items does not ever bring lasting happiness.
Without happiness, it is impossible to be cheerful. The two, happiness and cheerfulness, go hand in hand together.
They occur in this order.
1. Cheerfulness
2. Happiness
So, no matter what our situation in life, without cheerfulness one cannot find happiness.

The question is, how does the average person, beset with money problems, beset with problems concerning love and/or health and all the mass of unpleasant events that life presents, ever find cheerfulness?
Quite simply, it is a plane that anyone can contact but to contact that plane is not at all simple for the average person.
Uppermost in our minds is the endless collection of problems we mentioned: money or lack of it, wealth, generally, as in the endless accumulation of possessions, health or lack of it, love or the lack of it and on and on.
One has the impression that each time a problem is solved another problem rears its ugly head. It never seems to end.
So, how can one possibly be happy faced with endless problems?
We can assure you that money or wealth does not solve all problems. You can ask any rich person and they will tell you that, despite all their wealth, they are beset with problems.
So, one cannot be happy if one is beset with problems and yet we all seek happiness.

In the case of animals, they might be temporarily content if they have a full stomach and a safe place to sleep, but this contentedness only lasts until they are hungry again or where they sleep becomes unsafe.
So, even animals are seldom completely happy.
You may remember us saying that to be happy requires that one first acquires cheerfulness.
So, in our opinion, one of the most important aspects of life is to acquire cheerfulness.
Cheerfulness is not affected by wealth or lack of it, nor by health, nor by love or any other thing that we might seek.
They are all secondary and, if one acquires cheerfulness, one can be happy despite lack of almost everything that most of us considered to be so important.

We will go back to the cheerfulness plane and consider what it is connected to.
We have said that cheerfulness is not related to anything connected to incarnation – wealth, health, love, etc., – and we will also say that moving to the non-incarnation planes does not promote cheerfulness.
Cheerfulness promotes happiness, but they are two separate things, and cheerfulness, we will tell you, is connected to our link to the God force.
Someone filled with the power of God is cheerful. It is the most important link, so when we enter the cheerfulness plane we are, indeed, filled with cheerfulness but we are also filled with a link to God.
This is more difficult to explain.

We have all met people who claim to be ‘God fearing’.
This is not what we are talking about at all. We are talking about ‘God loving’.
We are filled, in this cheerfulness plane, with an intense love of and for God, which means that we feel an intense love for everyone and everything, because everything is created by and for God.
So, cheerfulness implies a profound love of God, which implies a profound love for all things; humans, animals, plants and anything made of minerals (houses, statues or whatever).
But true happiness is independent of possession of anything.
The cheerful person is detached from any desire to possess.

The strange thing is that, in the degree that we can detach ourselves from the desire to possess, we tend to get things.
This also is difficult to understand but we will try to explain
Those who have constant desire to possess happiness chase endlessly after possessions, thinking that possessions are connected to happiness. They also think that by having possessions will enable them to be cheerful as their problems fade.
This is not so. Life does not work like that. As we rid ourselves of one problem, another appears.
Therefore, seeking possessions does not bring happiness and without happiness one cannot be cheerful.
They, cheerfulness and happiness, are mutually dependent.
However, cheerfulness plus happiness, and then possessions, are mutually independent. By which we mean, and we repeat, wealth, health, etc., does not make us happy and without happiness we cannot be cheerful.
Especially, love is dependent on the partner being cheerful. No one will love someone who is horrible, bad-tempered and constantly chasing something, the desire to possess ever more eating away at them.
The great gurus that history has noted, and indeed, the vast number that have never been publicly known, all had some things in common.
By gurus, we mean wise people. Not necessarily Indian but people with spiritual wisdom.
First and foremost, they possessed very little. They did not chase after possessions. It sufficed that they had sufficient clothing to keep them warm. They ate very little and generally, relied on other, kind people to provide food for them. This was important because those who provided food were, themselves, often not rich. Rich people are often selfish and would not wish to share their food with a guru.
Their attitude is that if the guru wanted to eat, let him get a job and earn money to buy food.
But there are many poor people who give food to gurus. To be poor and often close to starvation is an important lesson. When one has gone to bed hungry enables one to appreciate what hunger is. So, if a guru asks a rich person for food, he will often be turned away, but if the guru asks a poor person, quite often that person will share his meagre rations with the guru.
This sacrifice brings great blessings to the giver and not only brings spiritual growth but helps to promote happiness and this helps to be cheerful.
These are the very attributes that the rich person seeks but he cannot receive the gift of happiness and cheerfulness unless he first gives.
You may remember the lesson in the Bible in which a rich person asked the Master Jesus what he should do to enter the kingdom of God. Jesus told the rich man to sell all his possessions, give to the poor and follow the path of holiness.
You will note that Jesus told the rich man to give and then he would be in a position to be blessed by God.
So, to receive one must first give.

The function of a true guru is not to seek salvation for himself, but to encourage others to find salvation.
That is why a guru asks for food.
A true guru could quite easily create food, because if he is really a true guru or holy man, he would have already mastered the art of creating all that he needs by manipulating the etheric and astral realms.
But he asks for food – or for anything else for that matter – in order to give a chance for another person to rise in spirituality by sharing what they have. The person gives and by giving he receives. We have already explained this in other works but it is worth repeating.
We also mention this because there are a number of so-called gurus who persuade rich people to share their wealth with the guru and the guru himself becomes wealthy.
Such a guru should, in our opinion, be avoided.
The object, the goal of being a guru, is not only to teach spirituality but also to help others rise in spirituality by following the advice given by great teachers such as the Master Jesus.
There is no point in asking a poor person to share his small supply of food with the guru if the guru is immensely wealthy.
For the trick to work, the guru must be in a position that he is genuinely hungry and not have any food and then the person who shares his food – or whatever else the guru needs – receives great blessings from God.

Jesus, in his great teaching on giving to receive, went on to say if someone asks for your shirt, give him your coat as well. If someone asks you to walk a certain distance with him walk twice the distance.
It all comes down to giving to receive.
The way it works, in fact, is that we are all one and that one is God.
So, by giving to another, it is our aspect of God giving to another aspect of God.
This creates a Gestalt – the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.
By giving creates more God power in those who give. God is the source of all love and love is the source of cheerfulness and happiness.
That is why we must do our best to care for all life.
No matter what we do, if we do it with love and a genuine desire to help no matter how great the cost to us in personal terms, by giving we receive.
The power of God will look after us and give us whatever it is we need.
By helping one aspect of God, our God power grows and this God power is the source of all creation. So by giving we create more.
Whatever it is that we need, by giving we create more.
If we are short of food, by giving we create more food.
If we are short of money, by giving we create more money.
No matter what it is, by giving we receive.
By being cheerful, we create more cheerfulness.
By being happy, we create more happiness.
It is all connected to the limitless power of the love of God.
The power of God can be endlessly created and this creation brings cheerfulness into our lives.
If God is deeply loving us through our generous deeds, that love manifests itself through cheerfulness and happiness.

So, to sum up, there is in the 4th dimension an area that creates cheerfulness. This plane is also connected to the God power.
Happiness, which we have already talked about in another chapter, is closely connected to cheerfulness and thus to God.
The power of God is endless, but to create more God power we have first to give.
Therefore, to be cheerful, we must link to the effulgent, never-ending power of God and to contact this power we must give.
It doesn’t matter what we give of us – who are God made manifest in whatever we consider to be us – we give to another aspect of God. This has the effect of creating more God power and this manifests itself in creating more God love.
To have the love of God manifest in us creates cheerfulness and happiness.
Thus, to be cheerful we need to be immersed, enfolded, in the love given by God.
To create this love and thus cheerfulness we need to give to God. In the degree that we give to God, God blesses us with his love in an endless manner. It is not a question of quantity but of degree. It is related to the quantity of whatever we have, and how much of that we give, that God bestows his blessings on us.
To be fully and totally blessed by God is a wonderful emotion and that emotion creates a person who is always cheerful.

We think that you can see that to be blessed by God is not hard.
By the simple act of loving all life – which is why we give when necessary – we create more love and this love creates cheerfulness and happiness.
Love is just about the most important emotion that is possible to have, and to be loved by God is the most wonderful of all the love emotions.
To be loved by God requires that one cares for all his creation.
So, we suggest you help all life; animal, vegetable, mineral and human.
In the degree that you assist God made manifest in all these things, God will pour his love into you and that love creates cheerfulness.

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