Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 32



Let us now turn our attention to yet another subject.
We have described many areas or planes in the 4th, and you will be aware that for virtually every aspect of life that you might be aware of, its origin is contained in the 4th dimension.
In fact, there are hundreds of such areas, some relating to physical life and some relating to emotions.
Obviously, we cannot describe them all so we have concentrated on the most interesting and well-known aspects.
We do not wish to be accused of overkill so we will gradually draw this book to a conclusion.
But there are still a few topics that we wish to discuss and the next one will deal with what happens when we die.
Why should we go to a place called heaven?
Why is it that once our incarnation ends, we do not fade into nothingness?

We have talked about the afterlife at length over a number of years, and those of you who have followed our teachings might think that there is nothing more to say.
Whilst it is true that we have described the afterlife at great length and have described many of its areas, there is one topic that we have yet to discuss.
We have described as fully and as clearly as we can what the non-physical planes/landscapes are like, but we have never mentioned why they exist.
We have asked you to accept that once physical life on Earth ends, generally speaking, everyone ends up in a non-physical landscape but we have not yet touched on why this should be.
What is the force that creates the afterlife? What is the reason for it and who set it all up in the first place?
That topic is what this chapter is about.

Once again, in other books, we have talked about the eight dimensions and have described life first being created in the kindergarten plane and then being transferred to the 8th dimension. We have described how life advances until it reaches the 4th, which is where it remains unless it has an incarnation in the 6th dimension.
Then we said that those who have an incarnation on what you call the earth plane (contained within the 6th dimension) eventually return home to the 4th where they remain for virtually ever.
It gives the impression that whether one has an incarnation in the 6th or not, once that incarnation is over, we merely rejoin the other life who did not have an incarnation and life continues almost as if incarnation never happened.
This is not at all true. Or should we say that the consequences of having an incarnation are not without major effect on our continued life in the 4th.
Let us explain.

Those who do not have an incarnation follow a certain path and, hopefully, rise in spirituality. This affects their frequency. So, those who choose not to have an incarnation find themselves in a different part of heaven to those who do have an incarnation. This first group – those who choose not to have an incarnation – follow a totally separate education to those who do have an incarnation.
Let us call those who do not have an incarnation group A and those who do, group B. This is just to make explanations simple.
The only Earthly example we can think of is to imagine group A as children not wishing to follow a military career and those in group B being pushed into becoming boy soldiers by their parents.
Although basic education might be somewhat similar, group B would contain a lot of military training that group A would not need.
Although this might be a poor example of the difference a potential incarnation makes, we hope that you can see that, from the beginning, group B would need to have information that would not be in the least relevant to group A.
So, from the moment a person makes his choice either to have an incarnation or not, their paths split and both groups receive a totally different type of education.
It is not that one is better than another, it is that they are different.
Group A follows one path that excludes incarnation while group B follows an educational path destined to prepare group B for incarnation.

Included in group B’s education is the fact that the incarnation will only last for a certain period of time and then it will end and we call that end death.
But, you will notice that, generally, although group B are taught that they will die, it is rare that anyone from group B remembers being taught what will happen after death.
This is because the teachers of group B do not know what will happen.
This sounds crazy but it is so.
The teachers, those chosen to educate group B, have never experienced death or, more importantly, they have never met anyone who died.
We must explain this more fully for you to be able to understand.

We will totally ignore group A, because that group have their own teachers and those teachers only know what they need to teach group A.
You must try to understand something about teachers and education.
If we go back to the example we used about students either having a normal education as opposed to those involved with a military education.
The teachers of normal education were taught about normal subjects when they were students. Equally, those involved with a military lifestyle were, when they were students, taught about military matters and that is all they are qualified to teach.
We want you to realise this difference because it is important to the subject under discussion.

We have two groups of students and we have two groups of teachers that we called group A and group B.
Those in group A know nothing about those in group B and vice versa.
Those in group A know nothing about death, because this has no meaning to group A students or teachers.
But let us concentrate on Group B, which involved us and involves you.

There comes a problem when teaching Group B students.
The teachers have, themselves, never had an incarnation. They actually come from group A students and have received special training to enable them to educate Group B students up to the point that they will be armed to face an incarnation.
Finally, they learn that the incarnation ceases eventually, and at that point their knowledge stops.
They have not had, themselves, an incarnation, so they have no experience of what might happen when incarnation ends. If the teachers do not know what comes next, they cannot teach it.
This may sound strange but it is so.

We feel that we should explain this further to make it quite clear.
For group B students, life is in three parts.
Part 1 is the education given before incarnation.
Part 2 is the incarnation, which is what you are experiencing now.
Part 3 is what comes after incarnation ends.
The teachers of group B are only qualified to teach about incarnation up to the point that the students actually start their incarnations.
At that point, the teachers lose contact with the students and never hear from them again.
Incarnation creates a clean break from the classroom – if we may thus describe the group B educational process – and actual incarnation.
It is all a question of vibration, of frequency.
Part 1 is of a certain frequency.
Then there is a change of frequency when incarnation starts.
Finally, there is another change of frequency when incarnation ends.
They are all totally different frequencies, so there is no possible connection between part 1, part 2 and part 3.

But it is important to realise that the teachers of group B have never actually had an incarnation themselves. They have only been taught about incarnation and as the frequency of incarnation ends with physical death, they cannot teach group B students what, if anything, comes after death.
We, who have had an incarnation have no means of contacting these teachers because we are all on different frequencies and thus are in the equivalent of being in different worlds.
Therefore, we who know that life continues after death have no means of passing that knowledge to the teachers of group B.
That is why everyone who has an incarnation is born with absolutely no idea of what happens once a person dies.

We are sure that you find what we have so far said very bizarre, but we assure you that it is so.
Indeed, this lack of knowledge of the continuity of life after death has caused great confusion.
There are many convinced that there is nothing after physical death.
Then there are those who think that only the followers of their particular religion will go to heaven. And there are a variety of beliefs in between.
But, the subject of this chapter is why is it that life does indeed continue once incarnation finishes.
After all, if the teachers of group B students do not know about it, was there ever a time when life did end once incarnation finished?
We may not be able to answer all the questions but we can answer some of them.

To begin to answer these questions, we need to look back over past information we gave and we will mention two things.
We apologise if what we are about to say is already known to you but we must consider all readers of this book, and so we will assume that there are some readers to whom what we are about to say is unknown.
We will mention two things as titles and then we will expand on both of them because they are connected together as topics, and will also help us to answer the questions we posed earlier.
1. Planet Earth was first designed just for animals and plants.
2. Humans were a later introduction.

So, let us discuss topic 1.
When planet Earth was first created, a decision was taken that it would be the place where life could develop in what is termed physicality.
Right from the beginning, long before any thoughts of physicality were conceived, there was life created in the non-physical realms. We are going back a long, long time here to the time before any planets, galaxies, etc., existed in physical form.
Already, at that distant time, life existed and it started in the 8th dimension – if we ignore the kindergarten plane.
We have discussed this at length in a previous book (the Path of Mankind) but we must briefly mention it again in order to push this chapter along.
God’s archangels created what you see as physicality. You see this mainly from the point of view of planet Earth because, when the archangels created what you see as planet Earth and all the various planets, moons, stars and galaxies which, we remind you, are all created from your consciousness, your imagination in the imagination plane – the 6th – it was decided to concentrate all of what you refer to as physicality on just one planet, planet Earth.
This was so as to be able to keep all of physicality concentrated together.
Although scientists are scanning the universe – the physical universe – in the vain hopes of finding life elsewhere, they are wasting their time.
There is no life anywhere else in physicality. There is plenty of life elsewhere in the non-physical realms, especially the 4th where we live, but there is nothing in or on the various planet’s scientists claim to have discovered in the so-called Goldilocks zone.
Just because a planet is discovered just the right distance from our sun to create conditions similar to those found on Earth, and just because there might be liquid water on those planets, does not imply that there is physical life.
We can tell you that there is not!

You may ask why it is that all life is concentrated on and in just one small planet we call Earth although, due to the fact that most of it is water, seas, lakes, rivers, snow and underground lakes and rivers, it might have been more appropriate to have named it planet water!
Anyway, you might question why it was decided to concentrate all life on one planet?
The answer is all around you.
If someone decides to create a zoo, which is a large collection of animals from all over the world gathered together, they are trapped inside a sort of cage, a fence that keeps the animals in and the public out.
In this way, should anyone wish to control the animals or to study them, they can do so easily as the animals are at hand.
Of course, we are aware that this is not a perfect example as there are animals in the wild in many countries and people go out either to study them or to destroy them.
So, we ask you to use your intelligence to see the point we are making which is that when animals are brought together into one place it is easier to control them than when they are spread all over the place.
You have the same concepts in schools, prisons, military establishments and so on.
Lifeforms are concentrated in specific areas to make it easier to relate to them.

The same idea was taken by the archangels when a decision was taken to create an area where life that was present in the 8th and 7th dimensions could advance the desire of God to grow in wisdom and thus, in imaginary form, what you call the solar system, including planet Earth, was created.
This takes us on to what is known as the Big Bang. It is thought that everything that constitutes the cosmos was created at once. This is not exactly true
Planet Earth was created first and it was only when man was introduced and he expected to see things in the night sky, that the rest of the cosmos was introduced.
So, planet Earth was created.
This takes us a bit further along in the story. We know that we said that we would try to answer some specific questions, the topic of this chapter, but we feel that it would help to explain all this in relation to incarnation.

So, planet Earth was created and populated with sufficient plants, water, caves and so on for the next phase to be introduced.
This next phase was to introduce animals.
As you may realise, it took a vast amount of spiritual energy to create planet Earth and populate it with plants, water and so on.
That energy needed, and still needs, to be replaced.
Spiritual energy is created at a high level, but to create so-called physicality, a large amount of that energy was lowered in frequency to create physicality.
Everything is made of vibrations of one sort or another. This energy that we are discussing was almost at the frequency of God himself. We have described this as pure starlight although, at that time that we are discussing, with the exception of the sun (a star), stars did not exist.

We mentioned in another book that man and animals already existed in the 8th and 7th dimensions so a decision was taken to introduce animals into the 6th dimension which is where physicality was created.
This was an experiment by the archangels to see if life could be introduced into physicality and if that physical life would evolve to the point that it could pay back the energy that was used to create physicality.
After much trial and error, and a number of failed attempts based on the elements found on Earth, especially water and stone, the concept of transforming plants and water into flesh was created.
This used even more energy but was successful.
So, animals of various sorts were introduced and populated the Earth.
The object was two-fold.
First and foremost was to satisfy the God force in his quest to grow in experience and wisdom and also, related to that first answer, was in the hopes that animals would evolve to the point that they would repay the energy used to create physicality.
So far, this part has failed. Certainly, animals have, generally, being successful at breeding, surviving and populating the world, but the hope that they would rise in spirituality and repay the energy used to create physicality has not succeeded.

At this point we need to return to man in the 8th and 7th dimensions and try to answer the question of this chapter which is to find out if life after death continues and why – assuming that life after physical death does continue!
For those in any doubt, we assure you that it does!
We got to the point concerning mankind where we were talking about two sorts of humans; group A and group B.
Group A never have an incarnation and Group B do.
But let us talk about life before man was introduced into incarnation.
Now, animals and humans were, originally, all only in astral form in either the 8th (really only as basic life forms – singularities) and later in the seventh as defined life forms either animal or human.
In either case, they remained in astral form as physicality had not yet been created.
Eventually, physicality was created and animals introduced.
This created a problem as animals need to be born, grow to maturity, reproduce and then they must eventually die.
This four-fold process created enormous problems for God’s archangels because the concept of physicality was new and the concept of birth, growth, reproduction and death did not exist in the astral realms. They were new, and each phase had to be carefully thought about and created.
One of the major problems was what to do with life once the death phase was reached.
Recycling the atoms of physical life so that the animals bodies did not pollute the Earth and that there would not be countless corpses of animals everywhere was one thing, but what to do with the spirits of animals once the incarnation was finished was a whole different level of complexity as the 4th dimension, although it existed as a carrier wave, did not exist in the form that it is today.

As far as animals were concerned, they started their existence in the 8th, moved to the 7th and remained there.
Once incarnation had been perfected, a third level was created – 8th, the 7th and now the 6th (incarnation). But the problem remained, what to do with the spirits of dead animals.
We will also say that, at some point in evolution, the concept of the 4th was created but it was done so in order that man – God’s greatest invention – could evolve.
So, a part of the 4th was created, the part that we called part 1 earlier on in this chapter, and specially trained teachers were hired to teach young humans about the mysteries of life.
We hope that you will forgive us if we go back to an earlier part of this chapter and refresh your memories.
We said that there were two groups; group A and group B. Forget for a moment group B and just retain in your mind group A.
This was involved with just teaching about life before incarnation because incarnation did not exist.
These teachers still only teach group A students (those not intending to have an incarnation) about the endless evolution, which was done in the newly created area which was placed in the 4th.

We hope you have followed so far?
Before we move on, we wish to say that all that we have said so far, explained in the various chapters of this book, with the exception of anything to do with after incarnation, is taught to students of both group A and group B. This includes all that we have explained and much more.
As we said, we cannot tell you about all the aspects (emotions) of life, as we wish to keep this book to a reasonable size, and that the teachers of group A students do not know about incarnation and what might happen after incarnation.

To return to animals. A part of the 4th had already been created for educational purposes for humans and so another part was created to deal with the spiritual forces after incarnation.
So, the spirit forces of animals, once their incarnations had finished were and are taken to a part of the newly created 4th and, in the case of animals, with the exception of loved pets, gradually fade and the spiritual atoms recycled.

The really big problem came when it was decided to introduce humans into physicality and what to do with their spiritual part once physicality ended.
Eventually, once it was obvious to God’s archangels that animals would never evolve to the point that they would repay the energy used to create physicality, human volunteers were called for, and in your case and ours, we stepped forward and said that we would be prepared to have a physical incarnation.

At this point, two things had to be created.
The first was to split humanity, pre-incarnation, into two groups; group A and group B as we mentioned earlier.
Second, was to expand the post incarnation part of the 4th to accommodate the spirits of humans that had an incarnation.
This was done because it was decided that humans were too important to God’s great plan merely to recycle their spiritual atoms. God wanted humans to continue their journey as they could continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom and that could contribute to the endless creation of spiritual power so necessary for all life to continue.

So, let us recapitulate so far.
* At one point there were no planets and no incarnations. In what we call physicality, there was nothing.
* Then physicality was created in the 6th and planet Earth was created.
* Eventually, animals were placed from the 7th into physicality in the 6th.
* At much the same time humans were moved from the 7th to the newly created 4th where a long educational process of all the emotions created by archangels were taught.
* Once the point that humans were introduced into incarnation was reached, two groups of humans were placed either in group A or group B: those not intending to have an incarnation and those intending to have an incarnation.
* So, the area in the 4th which, before incarnation, contained all student humans was expanded to accommodate the two groups, and also so as to accommodate the returning spirits of the group B section of humanity once their incarnation was finished.

Thus, we hope that you can see that the answer to the questions posed at the beginning of this chapter have been explained as far as we know.
The questions asked were, paraphrasing, what happens when we die?
Where do we go?
Did heaven always exist?
Why do we not just fade away?
We have done our best to answer these questions.

Before we finish this chapter we wish to remind you and bring to your attention the vast amount of work and intelligence it took for God’s archangels to create, not only the various emotions that both group A and group B students are taught, not only the amazing complexity of incarnation but the incredible, never-ending life available for you and us to study and to learn about post incarnation.
It was, and is, a truly monumental accomplishment and our eternal thanks go out, not only to God but to his unbelievably creative archangels that put so much thought into making what we accept as creation, scarcely giving it a second thought.
So, we will end this rather complex subject here and move onto yet another topic.
We hope that you found this chapter interesting. We wish, finally, to tell you that this is new information revealed to humanity and you are the first to know about it.


It has been pointed out to us that what we explained in this chapter was not entirely clear.
We would like to add this piece to the chapter to clarify the situation.

We mentioned that there were two groups of humans, those intending not to have an incarnation and those intending to have an incarnation. We called these two groups group A and group B.
We further mentioned that once the decision had been made, the two groups split and followed different paths.

Now, let us for the moment ignore group A and concentrate on Group B.
We mentioned that group B teachers were taught sufficient about incarnation to inform the group B students about the incarnation they would have and said that these teachers taught about incarnation and stopped at the moment where a person’s physical life ended.
To avoid confusion we mentioned little else, but it was pointed out that the chapter was incomplete because we did not mention that the group B students did have further education. They were able to meet people who had returned from an incarnation and converse with these people about their incarnation and their return to the afterlife that you call heaven.
We will now correct that lacune (gap).

We must always remember that in the heavenly spheres frequency always plays a large part.
So, in simple terms, let us state that the teachers of group B are on a particular frequency, as are the students.
However, once the teachers of group B have finished their task of informing the students up to the point where incarnation ends, the teachers say goodbye to the students and the students move onto the next phase of education prior to having their incarnation.

Then, the frequency of the group B students is altered to align itself with the next group of teachers which we will call guides to avoid confusion with the first group of teachers.
As this change of frequency occurs, the first group of teachers disappear and the students find themselves in the presence of guides who take control of the educational process of the group B set of students.
There is a clear break between the first set of teachers and these guides.

These guides teach, among other things, that once an incarnation is finished, the students will return to yet another part of heaven, with another frequency, and when the time is ripe, these guides alter the frequency of their students to align them with the frequency of those people who have returned to heaven after their incarnation was finished.
Thus, the students can meet and talk to those who have had an incarnation and have returned to Summerland in the 4th dimension.
And so, these students can learn that life continues after death.
We must say that the story is more complicated than that and involves oversouls but we do not wish to complicate matters more than necessary.

Once the students have learnt all that they need to know about life in incarnation (given by the group B teachers) and then, following a change of frequency and advice given by guides and people who have returned from incarnation, that information is placed within the akashic record, which is connected to higher self, and the students prepare to have their incarnation which involves not only yet another change of frequency but also the students losing direct contact with their higher selves and thus not having any memory of their long education.

And so, the students come to Earth according to their Earth plan and have their incarnation.
Eventually, that incarnation ends, the students return, one by one, to Summerland – involving yet another change of frequency – where they can not only follow yet more education, but inform the next group of students about their lives after incarnation.

This may all seem a bit complicated, involving a number of changes of frequency and thus a number of changes of landscapes, which is why we did not mention it.
We will also say that we have only described the bare bones of what happens. We have just given an overview.
The reality is much more complicated than what we have described, but what we have said will give you some understanding of how life progresses and an idea of the number of different landscapes, all contained in separate frequencies, there are in heaven.

Heaven – the 4th dimension – is vast, endless and each area/landscape is kept separate by changing frequencies and each area deals with specific parts of life.

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