Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 33



The last chapter was rather complicated. It is sometimes difficult for us who live in the 4th dimension and live daily with events about which you, who are incarnate, may know little or nothing of the topics we describe to you. We sometimes forget that it is necessary for us to be specific to avoid confusion.
However, thanks to the vigilance of one of our members who is incarnate, we have added the addendum hoping to clarify a situation that we take for granted.

This brings us to the next topic which will be about the different frequencies, why they exist and how to link with them.
This may be a short chapter because, although there are countless areas and thus countless frequencies in the 4th, many of them would be beyond your ability to reach and others, once you have had the technique explained, one explanation will cover all access.
So, let us try to explain in simple terms how and why all these different areas and different frequencies exist.

If we can consider the earth plane, you all have areas which are kept apart by various rules and agreements.
For example, generally, if you wish to travel from one country to another, with the exception of certain European countries, travel documents are required: passports, visas, and sometimes, other documents also.
People are not necessarily permitted to enter foreign countries.
Proof of goodwill is also required and those who have offended a country would be refused entry.
Also, closer to your homes, people have their own dwellings and a visitor is required to be invited in before entering a dwelling.

In the heavenly spheres we do not have passports nor do we have locks and bars but we do have a very proficient means of keeping unwanted visitors out.
These are different frequencies. This does not imply any desire to bar people but some, indeed many areas in the 4th, have to be kept apart for a variety of reasons.
The only visitors we do not wish to enter the upper 4th are those demonic beings from the lower 4th. No doubt, some of them would very much like to enter our realms but they cannot and never will due to a simple device which is a change of frequency.
The lower 4th, due to the nature of the beings that reside there, vibrates to a relatively low frequency as do its inhabitants.
The upper 4th vibrates to a much higher frequency, once again thanks to the noble, peace-loving people that live there.
The demonic beings would find it quite impossible to raise their frequency to ours and thus our world seems invisible to them.

We wish you to understand that the concept of different frequencies, although simple, is a very effective tool for keeping areas apart.
This concept was first thought of, as far as we have been informed, by God when he first invented the eight dimensions that constitutes all that exists.
No doubt, the archangels that work for the God force were involved at some point but we understand that the genius behind this simple but totally effective idea was God himself.
We should, perhaps, remind you that when we refer to God in the masculine, it is for literary convention.
We are not sexist nor racist and if you wish to think of God in the feminine (she) or in the neuter (it) we have absolutely no objection.
But for the sake of simplicity we will continue to refer to God in the masculine (he). God does not have a colour, so the question of racism does not arise.

We wish you to realise that everything in all of creation is created by and through vibrations.
Your planet Earth vibrates at a certain frequency and every object on the planet vibrates at the same frequency. That is why you do not notice it vibrating.
But in the case of the upper 4th, although there is a quiescent frequency for both the lower and the upper 4th, there are a vast number in intermediary frequencies.
This is interesting because it implies that all the people – or animals – that are entering our area (the upper 4th) in their descent from the 7th dimension, or who are returning to the upper 4th at the end of an incarnation, vibrate to two frequencies.
The first is the quiescent frequency of the upper 4th and the second is the frequency of whatever part of the upper 4th the person, or animal, finds himself in.
We will ignore the animal kingdom and just focus on humans.
As you should know, a human, assuming that he has finished his incarnation (and assuming he had one), either finishes up in a part of hell, Summerland or one of the higher realms.
This is because, when having his incarnation, according to how he acted he was already vibrating at a certain frequency.
This implies that on Earth, also, people vibrate to two frequencies: the quiescent frequency of planet Earth and the frequency promoted by their personality, their actions and their thoughts and desires.

On planet Earth, due to the fact that it appears physical and ‘heavy’ in terms of its secondary vibrations, people of all temperaments are mixed together. This is one of the reasons that planet Earth exists and is what makes it so different and fascinating compared to the upper 4th.
We apologise for so often saying, but we have spoken about this phenomenon before, but this book being about the frequencies, areas or landscapes that we find both in the 4th and in incarnation, we feel obliged to mention it again.

So, all of you incarnate are vibrating to two frequencies, one being the frequency of your planet and this involves your physical body vibrating at the quiescent frequency of the planet. The second frequency involves the vibration generated by your personality and it is your spiritual body that is vibrating to this second frequency.
At the end of your incarnation your spirit withdraws and returns to the 4th. But your second frequency continues and that, by the law of mutual attraction, draws you, as we have said, to one of the many areas in the 4th of either hell, heaven or the in-between part, Summerland.
In order to ensure that you are drawn to a light area of the 4th implies that you lead a noble, spiritual existence whilst incarnate.
Nobody expects you to be a saint, unless you want to follow that path, but we do suggest that you try to be a good, kind person, doing good when you can and avoiding doing harm.
This will ensure that you at least go to Summerland when your incarnation ends, and thus avoid going to one of the regions of hell.

This book, we hope you have noticed, has been mainly concerned with describing various other landscapes of the 4th, some just emotional and some more concrete (physical).
So, a person incarnate can, in effect, seem to vibrate to three frequencies:
1. The quiescent frequency of planet Earth.
2. The frequency of his personality, and
3. The frequency of one of the areas/landscapes in the 4th that he tries to link with – the areas that we have described in this book.

Now, we have said that you vibrate to three frequencies but this is not actually, literally so.
Certainly, your body vibrates to the frequency of planet Earth and that never changes but areas 2 and 3 can become somewhat mixed.
A person is born with the personality that he developed before incarnating and if he stayed just with that personality, he would stay with that frequency.
However, we humans tend to be curious creatures and we tend also to want to explore other features of existence; the topics that we have described in this book and many more that we have not described.
Some of these areas, we told you, you could not enter for various reasons, but others you can.
This is where things get a bit complicated.
Most people, in most situations, mix a part of one of the landscapes into their personality and thus divide, in a way, their personality into two, one part remaining with the personality they develop before incarnation while another part explores one of the landscapes concerned with other aspects of creation.
For instance, if a person has developed a personality in which he displays love and compassion, he could also link to the happiness plane or the cheerful plane and incorporate some of that into his personality.
However, it may be obvious that if a person is full of love and compassion, he would find it impossible to link to a plane that promotes hate. The person might get angry from time to time but he would not fill himself full of hate.
So, there is a limit, based on one’s personality, that one can link to other planes.
But, for a very advanced person, it is possible to link to other planes, totally, while retaining one’s original personality.
This is not easy to do. Let us explain.

All people have their basic personality, and depending on that personality, it is possible to link, to a greater or lesser extent, with other compatible traits, areas or landscapes.
But the degree to which one can develop or incorporate this secondary trait into one’s personality depends on the level of spiritual advancement of the individual.
Very advanced people can keep their basic personality and incorporate, totally, a compatible trait.
As we said, this is not easy to do and very few people can achieve this.
It is not a case of sharing one’s personality with another area. It is that the individual can totally retain his personality while totally incorporating a second trait, in its pure form, into him. Then he has two aspects to him.
1. His personality
2. The trait or area he wishes to incorporate.

Further, for an advanced individual, he is not limited to that. He can incorporate several areas into himself in their pure form.
Such people are very rare at the moment.
It is very difficult to be able to have, totally, more than just our basic personality.
Certainly, it is possible to incorporate a greater or lesser degree of a second aspect of a plane into a personality but it is done at the price of the original personality being sacrificed, reduced. But, to keep a personality intact and incorporate, totally, another aspect is very difficult.
It is almost as if one can split one’s mind. This is not so.
People with split personality, which is an illness, change from one personality to another. But they only have one personality at a time.
We are talking here of people who can have two or more aspects of personality, in pure form, present at the same time.

The question might be asked as to why anyone would want to have more than one personality?
The answer is that, in the degree that one can incorporate different areas into one, the person grows in wisdom.
We must say that the people we are mentioning here are invariably holy. Evil people tend not to be able to develop this attribute. It is only very holy people that have the spiritual growth to develop the ability of incorporating more than one aspect into their personalities.

If we only have our basic personality, one can be a good, kind person or one can be an unkind person, but to incorporate more than one personality indicates that one grows in wisdom in the degree that one can achieve this.
This is because we have a greater understanding of life.

The question is how do we link to one of the planes/frequencies in the upper 4th that we wish to incorporate into our basic personality?
The answer is twofold.
Most people can naturally link, to a certain extent, to one or more of the sub-personalities that we have described in this book quite simply by having the desire so to do.
This might be any one of the aspects that we have described in this book, but in this case, it is done in a rather haphazard fashion. One might be successful or one might not. In the degree that one desires to incorporate a sub-frequency and in the degree that one concentrates on that sub-frequency, one tends to draw it towards one.
But there is another way of doing this that is more positive and assures greater success.
This is through meditation.
We have described how to meditate before but will do so again, as we stated at the beginning of this book that we would tell you how to link with the many planes that we have described in this rather long book.
The secret is meditation.

Before we describe the technique, for those who do not know how to meditate, let us talk about why meditation is so important.
We wish to state also that we who are in the afterlife and who want to serve God, spend a lot of time in meditation.
It is not only a tool that you on the earth plane can use and develop. We use it too. Indeed, the holier some people are, the more they meditate. One can develop this until one is in a permanent state of meditation.
One can use this concept that we have described above of having two aspects going on at the same time.
It is possible to go about one’s duties, serving all life, concentrating totally on the tasks at hand, and at the same time being totally in a state of meditation.
This is a very privileged state and brings great peace to the individual who can develop this.
Meditation has existed for thousands of years, particularly in countries like India but has now spread all over the world and we encourage all who can to learn to meditate.
Meditation is one of the paths of ascension.

What happens when we meditate, its goal, is to still the mind.
Christ said,’ Be still and know that I Am.’ This rather enigmatic phrase implies that if one can still one’s mind, one can link with the God spirit.
However, to still one’s mind is no easy task.
The mind is not used to being still. Ever since we were first created in the 7th dimension, long ago, our mind has been active, thinking, exploring and puzzling out the complexities of existence, first in the spiritual planes and now in incarnation.
You are a lot older than you think you are.
Your incarnation into your family on Earth may have started fairly recently, but you – the real you – came into existence long ago, and in all that time your mind has been active.
And now we are asking it to be still.
The mind does not appreciate this and will fight us for a long time.
Indian people who wish to learn to meditate call it, ‘the monkey mind,’ because it always wants to be active sending us endless thoughts.
These thoughts are important but form a barrier between us, who would like to take control of our lives and our thoughts, and the higher self which is linked to God.
This barrier is difficult to break through but is the secret of meditation.
We should say that, in our experience, it is almost impossible to be completely successful at stilling the mind, and to be honest, for the average person who does not wish to become a guru, it is not necessary.
However, it is important to try. We must concentrate, in meditation, on trying to push thoughts away and, gradually, we will have short moments – seconds – when we will be successful.
These are startling moments.
To sit and be totally without thought is a strange experience and its effect can be – not alarming – but surprising at first.
Gradually, over time, as we become accustomed to these moments of stillness of the mind, we can accept them and they bring great peace into our lives.
Eventually, two or more things happen.
1. We see, with our eyes closed, a bright white light. This is the light from God flooding our mind with his power. We told you that God is pure starlight and this light that shines on us is an aspect of it.
This light, so bright yet utterly harmless to us, fills us with a sort of warmth. It is a comforting feeling and it is a pleasure to sit, bathed with this warm light. Eventually, it is possible to see this light all the time, which is a wonderful feeling, but it takes time and a lot of meditation to achieve this state.
2. We are able to be in control of our lives. At the moment, most of us are like a ship that has lost its rudder and is wandering aimlessly over an ocean. Once we can start to still the mind, we find that we have control over our lives.

This control comes in the degree that we can force – persuade is a better term – our thoughts to stop and when that happens, we create a direct link between our mind and our higher self which is our version of the God spirit. So, instead of our thoughts – coming via our personality – trying to direct our lives, we have God directing our lives and God is the force that is able to control life.
Then we find absolute control of the direction that our lives take.

Let us now describe how to meditate. It is not difficult, but like all things, it requires certain actions to be carried out in a certain order.

1. A room must be selected where one can be without being disturbed by our family or any extraneous noise.

2. We must sit on a chair with our back straight. There is no need to exaggerate with this but one should not lie on a bed. Sit on a chair.

3. Calm the mind and then thank God’s angels for standing guard over the meditation keeping away any unwanted interference.

4. With one’s hands, describe, just outside the body, a sort of egg shape. Imagine that we are protected within a cocoon (an egg shell) of spiritual power. Once again, do not force or exaggerate.
It suffices to describe this egg shell with one’s hands and visualise it with the mind.
We are now protected in the astral realms by God’s angels and protected in the etheric realms by being in this eggshell of protective power.

5. Sit quietly for about 15 minutes, attempting to still the mind and pushing away the thoughts that invade our mind.

6. After about 15 minutes, send our love out to anyone we know that might be ill or has problems. Equally, we can just, with our mind, send our thoughts out to the world. This act is important. When we meditate, we receive God’s power and we should always send that power onwards so that it helps others.

7. Remove, with the mind, the eggshell of protection we created. Thank God and his angels for having stood guard over your meditation and then return to normal and carry on with life.

As you can see from the above instructions, meditation is simple, but over time it will transform your life.
Meditation enables us to break the link with the mind and create a link with the higher self.
The mind does not know the path through life but the higher self does.
So, instead, as we said, of being like a ship with a broken rudder just drifting through life, the higher self takes control and we are now steered by the God force.
This God force enables us to be in total control of events occurring in our lives.
This gives us confidence, assurance and enables us to proceed through life in peace, joy and happiness.
It also enables us to link with the planes in the 4th that we have described in this book.

We will end this book here. We have attempted to describe some of the areas in the higher 4th that affect us both in incarnation and in the spirit world.
Lastly, we have described how to meditate and we encourage all to do so. Meditation creates a transformation from being a lost soul and enables one to take control of one’s life.

We hope that you have learnt something about life from this book and we will start another one which will be the 9th in the series, this book being the 8th.

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