Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 4



So, we explained that each and every person has a guide that links with him at the moment of his inception into the 4th and stays with him for virtually all eternity.
This simple statement has greater implications than just writing it would suggest.
To start to understand, one would need to be fully conversant with the contents of book 7 which was entitled Personalities and, as the name suggests, was about personalities!
In order fully to understand this chapter and much that follows requires an understanding of book 7 because it should be obvious that all people have personalities and guides also have personalities.
The reason for book 7 was to bring to your attention the importance of DNA and a multitude of diverse elements that, collectively, we call personality.
We stressed that every aspect, that we described as fully as we could in book 7, needed all to come together before life as we know it could exist. Not one aspect could be missing.
If one aspect was not there all life would disappear in an instant and there would be nothing.
Not just an individual’s life but life in a global sense – all life.

What has this got to do with the subject of this book which is about auras but, more importantly, the 4th aura or dimension and how to enter diverse and different areas of it?

Now, at the risk of repeating ourselves, at the end of book 7, which was both long and complex, we suggested that the basis of life (God) was a number of things that have different names but, essentially, mean the same thing.
We proposed that God was consciousness.
We also suggested that God was formed from our individual and collective personalities.
We also said that God was DNA.

So, assuming that God exists it must be the result of at least three above-mentioned things; consciousness, personalities and DNA.
As God is not only prime creator but also all that is, it implies that consciousness, personalities and DNA are one and the same thing.
Of course, we mentioned higher self and the Holy Spirit but we will not get involved with those aspects for the moment.
May we say that if you do not understand what we are talking about you refer to book 7.
What we are implying is that all the eight carrier waves exist in their own right but only as carrier waves.
It is the information that is stored in them that give them any meaning, any value.

As we have said, our focus in this book will be the 4th dimension.
This dimension contains a vast amount of life, for everything is created by God and anything created by God is alive.
That is what God is. God is life and life is God.

But as we said, in order to make sense of life it is divided (if we may use that word) into a number of aspects, some of the most important being consciousness, personality and DNA.
There are a number of sub aspects that support life but it is fair to say that the three words we used above, counting DNA as one word, are the most important.
So, this implies that all life contained in the 4th or indeed the 6th, where incarnation takes place, are created through the life spirit being connected to consciousness, personality and DNA.
At the moment of writing these words it is assumed, generally, that God equates to consciousness but our investigations have demonstrated that personality and DNA play an equally important role in creating life.

So, what does all this mean?
Where does it take us in our investigation of the 4th?
The answer lies in vibration, frequency.

We have all met people with noble, high-ranking thoughts and we have all met people with low, crass thoughts.
This does not mean that one person is less than another. We are all equal. But it does imply a difference in frequency.
This difference in frequency does not play a huge role to those in incarnation in the 6th dimension or aura but it certainly does in the spirit world. It is the prime means of separating good angels from demons, good people from bad people and is the fundamental fashion in which all the non-physical realms are organised.

If you could imagine all the people incarnate having a unique identity number and those people being grouped according to groups of numbers but, for instance, having a letter followed by numbers; A1234 then B1234 then C1234, a similar system is used in non-physicality.
Obviously, it is totally different but the principle is the same.
All those whose spiritual vibrations would be similar would find themselves grouped together. Then those with a slightly different group of vibrations would be grouped but apart from the first group and so on.
It sounds complicated but, in reality, is very simple.

As there are landscapes that also have groups of vibrations, by the law of mutual attraction, people whose vibrations are similar to the vibrations of landscapes are drawn to those landscapes. We have already explained this in detail in other works.

The thing is getting around to explaining how many different areas there are and how many of them someone incarnate would be likely to be able to visit.

We must say that there are so many different areas in the 4th that it would take a large compendium just to list all the areas and, as many of them would be beyond the capabilities of even the most advanced student incarnate to enter we will limit our investigation exclusively to those that you might be able to enter.

We have already mentioned some of them: heaven/hell, the lower 4th, Summerland and, in previous works, the educational areas.
We have also mentioned the akashic record which, although not really part of the 4th nevertheless is used by those in the 4th to investigate and also to obtain personality from.
We also mentioned that there are areas for plants and animals.
We mentioned the oversoul and stated that as one advances so one tends to lose one’s sense of individuality and starts to link with other like-minded people to form a collective personality.

In fact, one should consider this the other way around.
Our natural state would be total unity to all life.
We should all feel as one person because that is what we are. Indeed, this one person is God.
But, for various reasons that we have already described, God’s archangels created a system of vibrations that enables us all to appear to have separate personalities.
Indeed, when incarnate we all have unique aspects to us; appearance, skin colour, gender and many other aspects that enable both us and our acquaintances to see us as unique individuals.

Many of us feel that this sense of individuality is very important and we would feel lost if we were all just one person.
It is interesting to consider why we feel that we need to have this sense of individuality but the reason is simple and we have already explained this.
God, for some reason, decided that he required us to feel individual so that we could all have experiences.
If we were all one, we would all think and act alike but if we feel separate, we can have a multitude of different experiences but, behind this sense of individuality is an area where we can realise our oneness.

We would like to introduce you to this area because it exists as a real area within the 4th and one can enter this area if one chooses and one knows how to.
So, we need to explain this area carefully because it is quite an important place.

We have explained that there are three basic areas that we are normally drawn to in the 4th according to our frequencies. These areas are hell, Summerland and heaven.

We all, not only are part of an oversoul but are part of the many sub-frequencies or landscapes of hell, Summerland and or heaven and most of us spend virtually all of our time in the area or landscape that corresponds to our frequency.
But there is this other area that we mentioned where we can visit in order to experience what it feels like to be part of the oneness of all life.

Now, this area would include all or most of humanity, many plants and many animals. But it would not include those from the depths of hell nor would it include any demonic entities from the lower 4th.
The reason for that is that, quite simply, negative beings cannot raise their vibrations to the level of this oneness plane.
But we could consider it to be rather like a holiday area in which people can visit to take a break from their everyday activities.

Not everyone in the non-physical (upper 4th) visits this area because not everyone knows about it. The strange thing is that the various guides and tutors that assist the students on a day-to-day basis do not mention this area because the student needs to mature to the point that he works out for himself that there has to be more than what he is aware of.
In other words, the student has to start to question why all life is separate and why, if God only created one life form, do we all have distinct personalities.
We explained personalities in book 7, called Personalities, and made a case that it was important for us all to have distinct personalities.
However, for those who can think back to the origin of life and learn that we are all one, some, at least, start to question what it would be like to be able to all link back to this oneness.
Then it is considered that they are ready to begin the journey to this oneness place.

We might be giving the idea that the student packs a bag with what he would need for a voyage and sets off into the sunset.
Life in the spirit world is not like that. All is vibration and in the spirit world it is not necessary to journey anywhere. All is done through meditation, adjusting one’s frequency until one is compatible with the frequency of the appropriate area. Then one arrives in that area.
So special guides are brought in who assist the student in the special meditative techniques necessary to develop the correct frequency.

We will mention at this point that this area of the upper 4th has never been talked about before so you will be the first group of people incarnate to know about it. However, we will not mention the technique required to be able to enter this place. That will be for future generations to be told.
We will also say that it has been known for some fortunate people to have a Near Death Experience (NDE) and instead of going to Summerland, find themselves in this oneness place and these people have described some of the wonderful experiences.
They are quickly recuperated from that area and are either returned to their body or go to Summerland before returning to their physical body.

As the student adjusts his frequency to that of the oneness area, he can start to visit it.
This would be done with guides in exactly the same way that someone on Earth having done sufficient meditation to be able to raise his frequency to the Summerland level would be taken by guides to visit Summerland. In the same manner a student visits the oneness plane with guides who assist the student through the experience.

It will be worth taking a few lines to describe why someone having an NDE and who finds himself in this oneness place is removed as quickly as possible.
When one arrives in this area – and we will say that it is a vast area and anyone having an NDE will only see a small part of it – nevertheless is bombarded with incredible amounts of esoteric knowledge.
He sees, feels, knows all there is to know about any area he might visit.
Now, this can have dramatic results once he returns to his normal life.
Some people have little residue memory of their visit but others retain the ability to know everything about all people he encounters.
Thus, he might enter a busy shopping place and is bombarded with the thoughts, emotions and feelings of all the people in that area.
He would know every detail of their lives, every experience they have had and all their life history.
This can cause great upset for those not able to handle all this information and many a person has either committed suicide or has finished up in a mental institution.
That is why NDE visitors to the oneness plane are removed as quickly as possible.

But for those who are not in incarnation, if they show interest in visiting this oneness area, they are prepared by teachers who know about that area and get the student to the point that it will not come as a shock when he is bombarded with masses of knowledge and wisdom.

This area, this oneness plane, is broken into a number of areas.
There is a place where every detail of human history is contained.
There is another where the equivalent of the akashic record concerning humans is contained by which we refer to the personal lives of people.
Yet another concerning animals, another for plants and yet another concerning the galaxy as a whole.
So, the student is asked what area he would like to visit first and the student makes a choice.
Once that decision taken the student is guided to that area.

So, let us explain a typical visit, a typical experience.
No matter what subject area the student chooses, as soon as he arrives in that area, he is immediately aware that he knows everything that there is to know about that area.
His mind contains everything that exists in that area.
He not only knows everything but can experience it as a living area and every single object contained in that area he feels as being alive, connected and can feel the connection back to prime creator.
It is an experience difficult to describe so we ask you to imagine how you would feel if, suddenly, you knew every aspect of anything; human, animal, plant or mineral?

Imagine, if you can, if you suddenly knew everything about all and every individual animal that had ever lived, is living or will live in the future.
Imagine if you could feel, intimately, every animal’s thoughts and reactions to life and of its connection, not only to all other animals, but it’s connection to all life and the God force itself.
You would know the life history of every animal from the moment of its conception until the moment of its demise.
You would know all about its parents and its brothers and sisters.
You would know every aspect of its life, others of its own species with whom it mated and about its offspring.
You would appreciate the terrain in which it lived in every aspect of its life in any manner possible to imagine. And this for every animal that ever lived, is living or will live.
To use a modern expression, it would be mind-blowing and it is only because the student has been carefully prepared for the experience that he is able to handle this amount of information.

The student stays with his guides in that area for only a few minutes because all this knowledge is downloaded to the student in a flash so there is no need to remain for long there.
Then the student is returned to his home in the 4th and his guides allow all the time necessary for the student to come to terms with what he experienced.
Eventually, if the student wishes he will be escorted to another area of the oneness plane and will experience all that there is to know about that new area.

Not all students can handle that amount of knowledge and for those who cannot, help is given to reduce or erase the memories.
For those who can handle it, it assists greatly to the rise in wisdom and spirituality for the spiritual aspect is clearly seen when he receives the information. All comes from God and it is the connection to God that can be seen in any area and in any life force.

Can we describe how and why this area exists?
This is simple but not easy to explain or understand.
The simple truth is that all life is one and that one is God.

We have explained in a book entitled Personalities how this one force is split, via the Holy Spirit, into all that we think exists.
Now, this Holy Spirit contains an area where all of creation is contained as a series of ‘lumps’ if we may use such a crude expression, before being divided into all of creation.
So, what the student does, in effect, is to link to this area and connect to one of the lumps of information.

Quite why God’s archangels put this area into place we are not sure but we are grateful that it does exist for much of the information we give you is influenced or inspired by visits to this area and we are able to garner massive amounts of information that would otherwise not be available to us.

We mentioned this place because we were talking about some of the areas of the upper 4th.
Now, we do advise you that, unless an accident happens, you will not be able to visit that area and it would be most inadvisable to try.
You may visit it one day when your incarnation has finished but it is not for now.
We mentioned it because we are describing the upper 4th and this oneness area is an important part of it.

So, we will end this chapter here and move on to other aspects.

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