Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 5



We have promised in this book to correct two emissions made in the first book about auras, which was to describe the various auras and how to enter them if and when appropriate.
However, we decided that it would be largely sufficient for the purposes of this book to limit ourselves to the upper 4th and only those areas that a student could safely enter.

We considered this idea and decided to change it somewhat.
We felt that if we only described the areas that someone incarnate could enter, it would greatly limit the import and impact of this book because there are many areas of the upper 4th that are interesting but that you, incarnate, could or should not enter.
So, to make this book more complete and more interesting we will describe a number of areas but tell you that you should not attempt to enter some of them.

We have already mentioned one such area in chapter four and we hope you can realise why you should not attempt to enter it. It could destroy your mental equilibrium.
There are other areas that we will discuss but will advise against you trying to contact them.

As we said, the technique for entering the upper 4th we will describe at the end of this book.
First, we wish to describe some, if not all, of the areas of the upper 4th.

We have already stated that the upper 4th is the only dimension that contains life in a complete sense.
Dimensions 8,7,6 and 5 have already been described in other works and although dimension 6 contains physical life, that dimension is a pale shadow of dimension 4.
Also, of course, the fact that you are in incarnation and thus are in the 6th dimension suggests that you would know sufficient about it that we do not need to explain much more about physicality then we already have in other works.
But, of course, your knowledge of the 4th will be limited and we have tasked ourselves with explaining what we can about the 4th and hope to fill in some of the blanks.

So let us examine another area that you may not know much about.

We wish to take you to an area in which life is regarded in another fashion.
This is, once again, the sort of gobbledygook that we often mention so stay with us and we will explain.

If you have read and digested all the information we have so far giving you – and it is more than has ever been given to anyone incarnate – you will have realised that life is amazingly complex and you may have wondered why this is so.
We have often stated that we feel that God dislikes complexity and, through his archangels, tries to keep life simple.
But, at the same time, life as we have so far explained seems to be vastly complicated. Far more complicated than any logic would suggest is necessary.
We will also state that what we have so far explained is far from all that is and there are countless levels of life that we have so far not touched upon.
So, let us try to describe this new area – new to you, that is.

It is a place that is, in some ways, the opposite to the oneness plane.
In the oneness plane everything about a particular aspect of life is felt as a composite whole.
But to keep life in balance it would not be surprising if there was somewhere where the opposite to this oneness was explored.
So, what is this place and what aspect of life, of personality, is examined?

It is an area where it is possible to experience what it is like not to have any personality.
We must say, straight away, we are not considering the nowhere place where God or higher self is found.
This is a different place.

This area will not be easy to explain because we are all used to having personality.
There are many aspects of personality and we know that we have one main aspect and also a variety of sub aspects that, collectively, make us who we are from a personality point of view.

There are, unfortunately, some people who have mental illnesses and withdraw within themselves to the point that they will just sit for hours without moving, will stay for long periods of time without talking and we could consider that such people have rejected much of their original personalities.
But this area that we will attempt to describe is not an illness.
It is an area that contains a lack of personality.
What does this imply?

If we think about it, virtually everything has personality.
Not only humans but animals and, to a certain extent, plants.
Even buildings have personalities, admittedly created in part by the people that have lived in them but also due to the nature of the buildings themselves.
And not only buildings but open spaces also; parklands, countryside, deserts, seas etc.
That is why people love to visit castles, palaces, parks and even travel to the coastal areas to frolic in the sea.
It is the personalities of these areas that people seek and, for a while, exchange their lives for the life that they sense is being projected to them by the various areas they visit.

So the more we open our minds to the fact that everything has personality in one way or another, the more we realise that we are surrounded (bombarded) by personality from the moment of our birth to the moment of our release from incarnation.
Then we return to our home in the upper 4th and there we sense the vibrant personality of each plane with ever greater force.

Everywhere, that is, except this one area which is completely without personality.

As we have often stated, everything is vibration so this area vibrates to a certain frequency and it is just a question of us being able to adjust our frequency to this plane, this landscape, that permits us to link with it.

We have already stated why this place exists but will do so again.
Life always needs to be kept in balance and so as much of life contains personalities, it is necessary to have a place that does not contain personality in order to keep life in balance.

Of course, it could be argued that a plane that has no personality is a misnomer. We could be trying to describe an area where its personality is not obvious, but that its very lack of personality, in a way that we are familiar with, is just life presenting us with another facet of personality. Rather as if we were trying to describe the opposite of something.
If it is true that virtually everything has personality it would be normal to consider that some aspects would be the negative, the reverse, of others.
For instance, we might have love and hate, light and darkness, heat and cold.
These things might well be the reverse face of something but, we would agree, would have an equal amount of personality.
It is just us observing a different way that life presents itself to us.

So, if we suggest to you that there exists a plane where total lack of personality obtains, would that be correct or is it just that whatever personality this area has, has been incorrectly named by us because apparent lack of personality is this area’s way of presenting its personality to us?
This lack of personality is its personality!

We would not argue against this logic except to say that we have been informed that this area does exist and those of us who have visited this area have experienced it first-hand and can confirm that it does seem a place without personality.

So, can we describe this place because if by its very nature it contains no personality, it would suggest that there is not much to go on, not much to describe.

This is not entirely true so let us begin to examine what an area that has no personality might look like.

So, having made the necessary adjustment to link with that plane we automatically find ourselves there.

We have got somewhat ahead of ourselves so let us go back to the point where, having heard about this place, our quest for knowledge prods us to want to investigate it.

We talk to our guides and specialist teachers are introduced to us that have knowledge of this area and they teach us the meditative technique that enables us to develop the frequency that corresponds to this area.
As you might imagine this is not easy because in virtually every aspect of life, meditation enables us to develop a frequency that would correspond to an area that has, according to our explanation given above, personality.
But this time we have to learn to match our frequency to a place that has no personality.

This does not imply that nothing exists, but what it does imply is that in some way we have to match ourselves to a totally unique area in which things exist but these things are without personality.

Can you understand just how difficult this is to do?

For the first and last time in our lives we must try to develop the frequency that would enable us to enter a realm where things exist but those things do not have the concept of personality attached to them.
As we look at the above few words, we do understand that we have done a poor job in explaining the training process due to the simple fact that it is almost impossible to imagine somewhere totally without personality in any way, shape or form.

As we have said previously, we might imagine that there are some things that do not have personality but that is just because of the limited way we have of considering creation. In fact, everything, from the tiniest microbe to the whole galaxy has personality and life could not be if it were not so.

We have explained that personality is an integral part of life – of God – but there is this one area that God’s archangels have created that does not contain personality.

We will make an aside here and say that we said that God is created from at least three things; consciousness, DNA and personality.
As everything can be traced back to prime creator – God – is it possible for there to be a part of God’s Kingdom that lacks one of the fundamental aspects that created God… personality?
One would have thought not, but either we should not limit the creative power of God or, in this place, personality was replaced by another, equal force.
We will consider these possibilities later.

You may have noticed that we have spent several pages of this chapter so far skirting around the edges of this subject without actually describing it and the reason is that it is not at all easy to describe this area.
A place with a distinct character is relatively easy to describe but a place that has nothing to describe, nothing to cling onto is a different order of complexity.
But we must try, so let us make a start.

It was hard enough to explain what the basic concept of this plane or landscape was and now we must delve into its meaning.
So, let us assume that we have mastered the technique for entering this place and, with our guides, decide so to do.
What do we see, what do we feel?

The first thing is what do we see?
We see an area that is hard to visualise because it is nothing like any area that we have ever seen before so we have nothing with which to compare it.
We can only use an analogy.

Imagine that you had spent your existence up till now in an area that was solid such as under the Earth or under the sea by which we imply being totally surrounded at all times by physical forces; the pressure of Earth or water.
Then imagine that you suddenly found yourself in a vacuum.

As we have explained, “nothing” is itself “something” and those who have had the opportunity to visit the area in which higher self or even God exists will know that this appears to be a completely empty space, totally lacking in anything we could relate to.
And yet, this area in which higher self and God is, is the most important aspect of life. Further, we know that higher self and God need personality in order to exist so to be in a place that seems totally devoid of anything is, actually, the creation point of personality. So, we could hardly say that the higher self/God plane is devoid of personality.

The area we are trying to explain is not that area.

But can we describe an area that we know exists but has nothing that we could describe?
As personality gives meaning to life, along with consciousness and DNA, to remove personality also, in a way, removes life.
But we know that this is not true.

The problem is that language does not exist to describe anywhere devoid of any form of personality.

What else can we say about this strange place?
When we visit this area, we are bombarded with the frequency of this area and thus we find that our personality no longer exists.
Obviously, this state only continues for as long as we are linked to this place and as soon, with the help of the guides who oversee our visit there, we return to our normal area of the 4th our personality returns.
But for the duration of our visit our personality disappears.

Now, try yourself to imagine that you had no personality!
How would you feel?
The answer is that question would have no meaning, as to ask such a question would imply that we have the curiosity to ask about feelings.
So, straight away we have two aspects of personality. One being curiosity and second, feelings.
If we remove all curiosity, all feeling, all sense of who we are and any other possible aspect we can think of, what we would be left with is what this place is about.

Do we feel that we are still alive? This is a meaningless question in this place.
Do we feel that we are dead? This is a meaningless question in this place.

This is what makes this subject so difficult to describe because it is not that we don’t exist in that area but that we cannot ask any questions.
We cannot ask if we do not exist.
We cannot ask if we do not exist because that would imply curiosity which is part of personality.

So, we have the greatest difficulty in describing this area and can really only do it by mentioning all that it isn’t because life as we know it is usually linked to us asking questions and seeking answers; all linked to personality.
In this area we do not ask questions and we do not seek answers. We just are.

Now, there is another aspect to life that this area does not have and that is intelligence.
Generally speaking, the more intelligent we are the more we tend to ask questions and the more we seek answers.
Thus, intelligence is linked to personality.
Which brings us to the reason, we think, that this place exists.

You may have noticed that amongst the plethora of personalities and sub-personalities that people may have there are some people who seldom question and seldom try to understand.
These people are very valuable to those who run organizations.

Armies contain vast numbers of people who are content just to obey orders.
Religions are the same.
Many businesses require such people either acting in security positions obeying, without question, the orders from those above them.

Indeed, it would be difficult to run such organizations if people questioned orders and, possibly, refused to implement them if they did not agree with the director’s point of view on a subject.

Thus, many organizations actively seek people who do not question.
Other organizations use brainwashing techniques to mould their servants to act automatically and without question.

So, it is our understanding that such people as we have just mentioned link, at least in part, with this non-personality area and incorporate it into what personality they may have been born with.

We said that personality is linked with intelligence and this is true.
And yet there are large numbers of highly qualified people in many domains that do not question.
We find this in many disciplines of life: medicine, science, religion, history in all its connotations and so on.
Thus, we find people, going back over considerable periods of time, that had evidence staring them in their faces that they dismiss.
We find, for example, Egyptologists, when faced with evidence contradicting accepted wisdom, just refuse to consider new evidence and insist that what they expound is correct.
We just mention Egyptology but you can work out for yourself the vast number of highly qualified, highly educated and much respected experts on a variety of subjects that turn a blind eye to anything that disturbs their paradigms.
This, we think, is because they have incorporated at least part of this non-personality area into their personalities thus eliminating, at least, some important aspects of personality such as curiosity.

So, this strange non-personality area turns out to be an important aspect of life and, if it did not exist, life as we know it would be vastly different.
If it were not for people blindly following orders, advice and instructions from manipulative people, armies would not exist.
Politics might not exist and many religions would not exist because they are all based on the concept of a manipulative few directing the actions of many, not to think but just to obey.
This concept has been highly prized by the leaders who realised that they could manipulate people with non-personality active in their makeup.

The good news is that gradually, with ascension, people will realise the choice they have.
They can either remain like sheep or turn into leaders going in the right direction.
Over time, manipulative leaders and sheep like people will fade out to be replaced with more intelligent people and so this non-physicality area will fade from incarnation.
It will take time but will happen.

So, we turn from this strange and unfortunate area and will explore something else.

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