Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 7



We hope that you are finding this book interesting because we are revealing information concerning the 4th dimension that has never been made public before.
As we have said, there are many areas (landscapes) in the 4th and it is our intention to make as many as we can available to you, at least so that you know about them even if you will not be able to enter and experience them whilst incarnate.

We should say that all, or most, of the areas we describe are available for your inspection whilst incarnate but our experience suggests that very few of you will have the time or freedom from your daily duties that would permit you to spend the long hours in meditation necessary to develop the frequencies that would enable you to link with the areas we describe.
But at least you will be aware that these areas exist and when your incarnation ends and you have more freedom from daily tasks, you will be able to develop the frequencies necessary in order to enter these areas and experience for yourselves that which we describe.

So, let us go on and describe another area.
We might call this area the “light plane”.
What we mean by this is that as one rises in spirituality (frequency), one can approach the starlight of God more and more.
Light is frequency – vibration – and the higher one rises in frequency, the brighter the areas one can interact with become.

Now, we need to explain how the heavenly spheres operate and to do so we will use an analogy.
Let us assume that you who are reading this chapter have some knowledge of mathematics or physics.
Let us also assume that some of you have more knowledge than others but that even for the most knowledgeable of you, your knowledge ends somewhere.

So, we could start with basic arithmetic, proceed to algebra, calculus and so on until we have the mathematical skills to create mathematical models to describe events in life.
This might include some areas of physics or time/space, gravity or whatever.
But, for most of you, there would be a point where you could not proceed any further.
Although the answers to your questions are out there somewhere, until you develop the skill to proceed, your progress stops.
There have been great mathematicians or scientists that are aware that the answers to their questions must exist but, until they develop the skill to contact those answers, they are obliged to stop.

Progress through the heavenly spheres is a bit like that.
We all have a degree of frequency (of light) that we vibrate to. Actually, we all have two frequencies.
The first is our body that vibrates to the quiescent frequency of planet Earth – and the galaxy – and the second is the spiritual frequency that denotes a person’s degree of holiness.
The first frequency is the same for all physical things.
Everything in the entire galaxy vibrates quite slowly like a pulsing heart or the beating of a drum.
You don’t notice this pulsing because everything is pulsing to the same frequency.
We will just mention that this frequency will increase somewhat as ascension asserts itself more and more and the quiescent frequency responds to the light pouring into the galaxy.

But, the second frequency is dependent on the degree of holiness of the person.
By holiness, we do not refer to people walking about in fancy robes pretending to represent God on earth. We refer to people’s decency, kindness, love for all life and so on.
This is the sort of frequency that increases more and more as a person becomes ever more holy.

So, this second frequency, which is contained in the auras, shines around the body of a person. It can clearly be seen by those with psychic vision and can even be sensed by ordinary people.
This second frequency is personal to all people.
No two people will have exactly the same degree of holiness, so no two people will have their auras vibrating identically.

As we have mentioned before, evil people have very little light emitting from their auras and in the lower 4th dimension, powerful demons actually absorb light. They “glow” (if we can use that word) to a negative light, darker than pitch black. This negative light actually absorbs energy, whereas positive light creates energy.
Fortunately, the great demons tend to remain in the lower 4th and so do not concern us.

We know that it is the desire of many black magicians to summon demons but, fortunately for both them and us, they invariably fail because a really powerful demon summoned into physicality would cause irreparable harm. But, as we said, this has almost never happened and, on the odd occasion when someone was able to summon a really powerful demon, the good forces, who are constantly monitoring life, chase them back to the lower 4th.
Light chases darkness so demons, being made of negative light, fear real light. Thus, the positive angelic forces always win.
Those who practice the black arts, demonology, would do well to realise that they are chasing shadows and by following these black arts, will never gain the power they seek.
Negativity is always destructive so those who hope to gain power in any fashion by practicing evil will only ever reap negativity.
Demons are cunning. Cunning is a negative act so demons are well versed in producing cunning.
Thus, a black magician who contacts a demon will be promised many things but, at the end of the day, demons, who can only produce negativity, will always only create emptiness.

Many black magicians have fallen into this trap.
They are willing to do the most horrendous acts in the hopes of gaining power, fortune or success, but once the person’s personal money or talent exhausted, he or she will be abandoned by the demon because the demon’s aim was always to produce negativity.
A demon might seem to befriend a black magician but the end result will always be the destruction of the magician.

It might seem strange to positive people that black magicians cannot see that to get involved with negative creatures will result in negativity but there are enormous numbers of people throughout time and into the present that are willing to do anything in the vain hopes of getting a positive result for themselves.
Life, however, does not work like that.
Interactions with negative entities only ever results in negative results for the person concerned.
This will become ever more evident as we move into positivity, called ascension.
Then, of course, once a person’s incarnation ends, the unfortunate magician finds himself in the depths of hell repaying the debt he incurred whilst incarnate and causing harm to God’s creatures, humans or animals.
But people have free will and if someone chooses to follow black magic, he is free to do so.
He should realize, however, that there is a price for everything and the price for harming life is high indeed.

You may wonder why, if we are going to describe the light planes, we should mention the lower 4th?
The answer, as you may well have realized, is that the 4th dimension is one area divided into two by light or lack of light.
Light or its lack are, of course, connected. There can only be darkness where there is lack of light but they are two aspects of the same force.
Darkness can only exist where there is lack of light because light chases darkness rather as day chases night.
But light starts somewhere and the foundation point of light has to start at the point where there is lack of light.
So, the 4th dimension, which is really one dimension, starts at the point where there is total darkness, which we could describe as lack of frequency.
Then, as soon as the first glimmer of light appears, a change occurs and we move from the lower 4th to the upper 4th and the upper 4th continues with ever increasing frequency until we reach star light which is considered to be as bright as light can get.
But the origin has to be a zero frequency which is total lack of light.

Let us now go on into the upper or higher 4th and start to examine the light planes from that first glimmer up to pure star light which is considered to be equal to God.
We have already, in previous chapters, mentioned a few areas of the upper 4th (which we will just call the 4th) but they all required degrees of illumination before they could be examined or experienced.
However, as all is vibration (frequency), there are many areas in the 4th that have more or less illumination.
There is a point where the first, the faintest glimmer of light starts.
Obviously, this is not a very spiritually advanced area but it is the foundation point on which all the higher levels of light are based.
If we were to visit this area, what would we see?
First of all, it must be obvious that there would be very little to see as there is so little light but this area does exist and is a solid area (as opposed to a thought area like some we have mentioned) but looks rather like the surface of the moon, just a barren wasteland.
For things to grow, for life to exist, light is usually needed so this area, being so dim, has nothing growing in it.
On Earth, there are a number of plants, fungi and some primitive creatures that can grow in a lightless situation but in the heavenly spheres light is nearly always a prerequisite to life.
As this is a heavenly sphere and as there is so little light, there is no life as we would know it.
Now, we have stated many times that all is frequency (vibration) and the greater or higher the frequency, the brighter the light and thus the more that intelligent life can be housed.
We break off in our discussion of light planes to mention how one can visit these areas.

There are basically two ways.
The first is to learn to adjust one’s quiescent frequency to that of the plane one wishes to visit in which case as soon as one starts to vibrate to that frequency one arrives in the desired area (landscape or plane).
But there is another technique.
Imagine that one has already arrived in an area of the 4th and one wishes to move to a higher or lower plane in terms of frequency.
In the heavenly spheres we can create things with our imagination so we create in our mind the desire to visit a higher or lower area and we suddenly see a path in front of us.
We start to walk along this path and, after a few minutes, we notice that the light is either getting brighter or dimmer according to which direction we choose to travel.

You may remember that in another chapter we mentioned mathematics. We did this for a reason and that reason becomes relevant now.
If you have some knowledge of mathematics, it would be fairly easy for you to trace the path back to ever more simple calculations but, going forward, you would eventually reach a point where you could not go on.
Following these paths follows a similar format.
In theory, it would be possible to go to areas of ever less frequency.
In the heavenly spheres, frequency equates to spiritual advancement so to reduce frequency equates to passing through areas of lower and lower holiness.
Eventually, the path would take us into the hell regions although, as we have said elsewhere, that would be ill advisable as our natural brightness would tend to frighten the denizens of those regions.
But, in theory, we could go on and on, down and down through hell until we reached the point where there is only the faintest glimmer of light, that we mentioned.

But, going forward into ever higher regions, one quickly comes to the point where our level of holiness stops. Then we can go no further.
It is the equivalent of coming to the limit of our mathematical knowledge.
In fact, as we walk the path towards the light, we are aware that the landscape becomes brighter and more beautiful. But sooner or later we reach a point where there seems to be a fog and we find that we cannot proceed any more.
That is the limit of our spirituality.
However, there is another way of advancing a bit further.
Imagine, to use mathematics again as an example, one had a good teacher. That teacher would locate our natural limit in mathematical knowledge but he could explain, to a certain extent, more advanced techniques and so, whilst the teacher was with us, we could enter areas of mathematics that we could not do on our own.
It is similar with the spiritual path.
With a guide, using his advanced level of spirituality, we can progress a bit further down the positive path than if we were on our own.
Once the guide leaves us, we of course, return to our previous limit.

So, we hope that you can imagine that the light plane has a virtually unlimited number of landscapes that are also very much connected to hell/Summerland and true heaven, starting at the depths of hell where there is just the faintest glimmer of light up to the God plane itself.
This darkest area that just contains the merest glimmer of light is actually very important for it is that glimmer of light that is the hope for all of those sad people in that area of eventually rising to ever higher landscapes should they choose to do so.
That glimmer, faint though it is, contains the God Spirit, so even the worst criminal is never abandoned.
It is that faint light that affords his connection to God and to salvation, should he choose to follow it.
Without that light there would be no hope for him.
But God is ever merciful and always makes his bounty, his forgiveness available to even the most abject sinner.
It is that faint glimmer of light that is the source of his salvation.

We should say that on very rare occasions, some people in that bottom level of hell choose to abandon life altogether and they reject that faint light and, at that point, their life essence is snuffed out and they cease to be. Fortunately, this is very rare and, generally, even the greatest sinner clings to some hope of redemption. Thus, he clings to the light.

It is interesting to note that a person who rejects the light would not go down to the lower 4th and join the ranks of the demons.
He was formed as a positive human and should he reject his humanity, he just ceases to be.
The lack of energy caused by his disappearance is compensated for by another human being created, for life must always be kept in balance and if the loss of one person was not compensated for, all life would cease.
As we said, fortunately, someone giving up life is very rare but it does happen so we must mention it.

We have spoken about hell in other works and we do not wish to bore you by repeating ourselves but for those who are not familiar with this area, we will repeat it.
Those who are familiar with what we have said about hell could skip this section if they wish.
We will not add very much new to the topic.

Before we begin our trip into hell, we would like to make a few introductory remarks.
First, we assume that all who read these books we give you are decent people. If you are not you probably would not be drawn to this information.
So, we are going to assume that you have been to one of the landscapes of Summerland but, desirous of visiting hell, have created the path that will lead you there.
At the moment you are in Summerland and can see and appreciate the beauty of that area and can feel the happiness of the people you might meet there.
But, with your guides you set off down the path that will lead you to the landscapes of hell – and they are many.
Let us also assume that you would be invisible to the people living in hell due to the fact that your quiescent frequency is higher than theirs.
As you walk, you will notice that the light becomes dimmer.
You will notice that the temperature becomes cooler and the people there seem less happy.
But you would not notice much difference except that the vegetation becomes less beautiful.
As you proceed, so this effect becomes more and more marked.

We will notice groups of people earnestly discussing various topics.
Let us, invisibly, listen in on their conversations. We would find them rather unpleasant.
We would hear groups discussing the pleasures of hunting – killing God’s creatures.
We would hear others discussing the pleasures of raping men, women, children and even animals.
We would hear groups of once professional soldiers discussing the pleasures of shooting or destroying enemy soldiers or civilians.
We would see people discussing robbery and all sorts of antisocial activities.
As we proceed along the path and as the landscapes become more sombre and barren, we would meet people who thought it correct to torture other humans or animals, those who thought the inquisition correct, those who thought that slavery was a good idea and so on.
There is almost no limit to the iniquities to which some can stoop and these people with similar penchants tend to draw together and discuss, reinforce and justify their points of view on any subject.

It might seem unthinkable to normal, decent people that to harm God’s creatures – human or animal – is justifiable but you would be surprised to see how many people there are in different areas of hell that are there because they thought that they had the right to inflict harm on others.
Some of these people have been in the hell areas for centuries and some are recent arrivals.
Many you would not recognise but there are a huge number of kings and queens, princes and princesses, politicians, army generals and soldiers, church people of all denominations and religions, all convinced that the dreadful harm they caused was justified.
They are all at varying levels of hell depending on the degree of their crimes and of their unwillingness to repent the harm they caused.

It is fair to say that there is not one level of the power structures of virtually every country that is not represented in the hellish regions, huge numbers of people that had power over people and animals and abused that power in contradiction to the oaths that they took to protect all life.
Indeed, it would be a good lesson to many who rise to positions of power if they could visit hell and see where they might end up if they abused their positions.
But, unfortunately, they do not visit these areas.
In fact, the opposite obtains.
Many who rise up through the stages of power end up living in magnificent homes with servants waiting on them hand and foot and, gradually, divorce themselves from the people they swore to serve.
There is an old expression: All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
This saying tends to be true.
Very few resist the temptation of power and so find themselves in hell repaying their debts to life.

Of course, hell contains many more people than just powerful people.
There are vast numbers of ordinary people who were unkind and thus are in one of the levels of hell but it is fair to say that the deepest levels tend to be occupied by those who were the most powerful when on Earth.
The reason is simple.
Ordinary people may have power over their spouses or their children but their power stops there.
More powerful people have much greater scope for manipulating large numbers of people to their evil intentions so their degree of crime is greater.

Of course, please do not think that we are globally criticizing all powerful people – we are not.
But there are, unfortunately, a large number who did and do abuse their authority over others and thus the degree of harm they have to pay back is greater.

As we progress along this sad path, we notice that the light glows less and less. The landscapes appear more and more barren until we reach levels of staggering unpleasantness.
There would be no point in describing graphically these areas because we do not want to be too dramatic.
Suffice to say that there are levels for really evil people that would almost defy description until we arrive at the last level where there is just the glimmer of light that we mentioned.

Before we return to Summerland let us say that there are brave souls that go down into these areas and try to persuade the occupants to repent, which would give them the chance to rise to lighter planes but, unfortunately, many of them in hell reject any offer of help and so they remain for long ages. That is their free will.

So, we will end this chapter here and return to Summerland.

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