Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 8



So, we retrace our steps and we enter the glorious landscapes known to you as Summerland. We just refer to it as home as most of you will come to know it when you return there.
We have described Summerland many times but, for those who do not know the area, we will describe it one more time.
Once again, we will not add much new information so this chapter, which we will keep short, will give a brief overview because much more in depth descriptions have already been provided elsewhere in other books, videos and lessons.

So, we return to the beautiful gardens of Summerland. We are surrounded by the beauty of the lawns, flower beds, paths and lakes that constitute this area.
We see birds of the most colorful plumage flying around. We see butterflies of similar staggering colours.
We see people walking and talking, each one as happy as it is possible to be in that area. We see animals – beloved pets – of all types following their friends that you would call owners. Not just dogs and cats but lions, tigers and all sorts of animals and birds that were loved by their owners and, in turn, were loved by these pets.
In Summerland, where there is love there can never be separation.

We apologise to those who are familiar with Summerland but, to help those who are not familiar, we feel obliged to repeat the information.
Summerland is not just one area or landscape. There are many levels of Summerland.
According to one’s spiritual frequency, one goes to a level of Summerland that corresponds to that level of spirituality.
Thus, there are an infinite number of landscapes that we call Summerland.
The first or lowest level starts where the highest level of hell leaves off. So, this first or lowest level would not be very beautiful and would correspond, roughly, to the sorts of parks that one would see on Earth.
Obviously, we exclude desert areas and we just apply this lowest area to the sorts of parks one would find in areas of Earth where it rains sufficiently to promote flora of all sorts.
The people one would find there would be kind, decent (ordinary) people who did little harm during their incarnation on Earth but did not do much to help their fellow man either. Just ordinary people.

Let us go on walking along the path towards the light that we described in the last chapter.
If we listened to the conversations of these people, they would just be talking about families they had on Earth, their jobs, the sorts of houses and cars they had and just everyday subjects that ordinary people talk about whilst incarnate.
These people are happy and contented. They appreciate the place they are in and ask for no more.
They are in this fairly low level of Summerland because their ability to love is not very developed.
There is nothing wrong with this. It takes all sorts to make a world, as the saying goes and these are just ordinary, decent people but with their level of spirituality not very developed.

As we proceed along the path, the light grows stronger, the landscapes more beautiful and we start to see people with levels of spirituality more developed.

You may ask why people in any one area do not walk to higher or lower levels but remain in their one Summerland?
This question was answered in the last chapter.
They could easily go to a lower landscape but ask yourself, if you were in their situation would you choose to move to a colder, dimmer, bleak or barren area or would you remain in a sunny, warm and beautiful place?
Equally, if they tried to move to higher landscapes, they would find their paths blocked by this fog we described. They could not surpass their level of spirituality.
We, of course, being more developed have greater freedom to move to higher areas!

So, we progress along the path and the landscapes become ever more sunny, warm and beautiful. The flowers start to ‘sing’ if we may use that term. This is not really singing as we would know a song to sound but it is a mixture of bell-like sounds and other very musical tones coming from the flowers and plants.
Why should this be?
The answer is that flora that is full of love needs to express that love.
They do this in a number of ways: beautiful colours, wonderful perfumes and, finally, by emitting musical sounds.
This may seem improbable but is so.

The people who live in these landscapes start to glow with light, spiritual light.
This light may be of many colours. They would all be beautiful colours which are, actually, the reflection of the love contained in their auras.
At the highest end of Summerland, the people would have white light surrounding them.
It is interesting to note that the pets that some might have also reflect the love given by their human friends so these animals also would have their auras glow to the same colour as their friends.
Animals are quite capable of love and if their friend or master has such a degree of love that his auras shine with colour or white light, their pets also absorb that love and shine with the same frequency as their human friends.

So, as we progress further we, in effect, leave Summerland and enter the true heavenly planes.
However, the change is gradual and there is no landmark or barrier dividing Summerland from true heaven. We just see things getting ever brighter and more beautiful. Eventually, it would be obvious that we have entered the true heavenly planes but one just blends into the other.

We should also say that, at the opposite end, we leave the highest level of hell and enter the lowest region of Summerland.
Once again, there is no barrier between the states.
They just blend from one to another.

Thus, it would be possible to start at the lowest level of hell, walk towards the light and pass from hell into Summerland, cross Summerland and enter true heaven.
If our level of spirituality permitted, we could continue along the path until we arrived at the God plane. It would all be one path.
Thus, in theory, it could be possible for someone who is in the depths of hell, by repenting of his sins and by following the spiritual path, to progress from the deepest depths of hell, through Summerland into true heaven and finally end up in the arms of God.
Although this does not seem very likely, it does happen and, although it might take millions of years, is the path that all take.
No one is left out. No one is abandoned so all are encouraged and tutored to become better people in the hopes that they will progress towards God.
With many it is hard going at first as the worst criminals reject any help but brave souls persist until, one by one, the poor wretches see the light, so to speak, and proceed towards that light.
So, to repeat, no one is abandoned. Even the most abject criminal is shown love. Eventually, they all respond to this love and climb slowly back to the light which is God’s love.

Now let us mention the newly deceased.
Once again, we have mentioned this but for those who have not followed our books we will repeat.

When a person ‘dies’, in effect the link between his spiritual aspect and his physical body dissolves and the person is freed from incarnation.
He may look from his spiritual body down upon his physical body which is lying inert.
This will be the last time he sees his physical body because for all eternity he will live in his spiritual body. Reincarnation is not true.

In reality, his physical body was never alive and only appeared alive because of the energy that flowed from his spiritual body into his physical body by an umbilical cord which attached the two.
This umbilical cord is sometimes referred to as the silver cord.
This cord is very flexible and can be short when the spiritual and physical bodies are close together but can stretch for great distances if the person is doing Astral Projection.
At the moment of death, this cord dissolves and the link between the two bodies ceases, at which point the physical body dies.
The spiritual body is free at that point.

At this moment the spiritual body needs to go to Summerland.
This happens in one of two ways.
Either a close member of the family arrives in astral form and guides the person to Summerland or a portal opens between the higher self and Summerland that is called the tunnel of light and the person proceeds along the tunnel until he sees a bright light which is the entry point into Summerland.

We should just mention at this point that there are a number of evil or misguided people who are advocating not going down the tunnel.
This is very stupid and dangerous advice because, after death, the spirit body must go somewhere and if it does not go to Summerland it will go to a place called limbo.
Limbo is in the etheric planes and there are quite a large number of lost souls who are in that area because for one reason or another, they did not go to the heavenly spheres.
Limbo is not a nice place to be and can be avoided by the simple process of either following the guide that arrives to take them to heaven or by going down the tunnel of light.
So, we repeat, when your time comes to leave incarnation either follow the person that comes to collect you or go down the tunnel of light.
Do not end up in limbo. It takes a long time to get from limbo to Summerland and limbo is very unpleasant.

Assuming that one arrived safely in Summerland, one will be met by someone. This person will seem very bright to the new arrival but that is his degree of spirituality shining.
Now, as you can imagine, there are a large number of newly ‘dead’ people arriving in Summerland each and every minute of the day or night, but each person is met by someone completely alone.
Further, each newly deceased person, regardless of whether he was a horrible person or an extremely nice person arrives in Summerland and is met by someone.
Tales of people having a near death experience (NDE) and finding themselves in a burning hell surrounded by imps who torture them is imagination. The burning pit of hell does not exist. It is an Archon invention to scare people.

What happens is that there is a large group of advanced spiritual humans that have chosen to welcome newly deceased people.
When they are alerted that someone is on his way to Summerland, one of these advanced humans volunteers to greet the person.
So, he or she does a couple of things.
First, he or she creates a place with a unique vibration for the deceased person to arrive in.
Second, at the moment of arrival, a sort of shield or cloak is placed around the new arrival that corresponds to the frequency of the area of arrival.
In that way, no matter how noble or how crass the person is, he or she arrives at this particular spot.
The person concerned is met by the human who is charged with greeting the newly deceased and explains that the person’s incarnation is finished and he is now back home in the heavenly spheres.
We will drop the modern he/she concept and return to the classical convention of calling all people “he”. For “he”, please assume that we include “she” also. No insult is intended.
Obviously, for each nationality of deceased person, there is a guide (if we can thus describe the welcoming spirit) of that nationality so there is no barrier of language or culture.
The deceased person is introduced to his loved ones who are already in Summerland and allowed to acclimate to his new home.

Eventually, he has his life review.
This consists of him viewing every moment of his entire life and he sees all the good that he did and also all the harm he caused.
Not only does he see it from his point of view but sees it also from the point of view of those who were affected by his actions.
This gives the person concerned the opportunity to repent – or not – the harm he might have caused.

Now, the person has a quiescent frequency which is masked by the cloak or shield that was placed around him when he arrived.
As he watches his life review, his shield is gradually removed and his true frequency is revealed.
So, for every good action taken the frequency rises somewhat.
But for every bad action, one of two things can occur.
Either the person was glad of the harm he caused, in which case his frequency drops or he is sorry for the harm he caused and wished he had not done the misdeed, in which case he forgives himself and the misdeed is forgiven.

All this results, ultimately, in him having a certain frequency, and by the law of mutual attraction, the person is drawn to a level of hell / Summerland / heaven that corresponds to his new frequency.
So, you see that no one judges you. It is all quite natural and is the result of the way you led your life and your reaction to the life review.

This is an important aspect of life in heaven.
It is the desire of all noble spirits in the higher regions, that all people, once their incarnation finished and having nothing to regret, having led a peaceful and love filled existence but, unfortunately, such is not the case at the moment. Deception and falsehood is rife in all sections of parliamentary, business, religious and family life at the moment.
Eventually, as we move into ascension, these acts will stop but, at the moment, it is not the case and is not helped by the fact that our leaders in politics, business and religion do not hesitate to spread falsehoods in the vain hopes of improving their personal situation.
However, heaven is not fooled, and at the life review, the full extent of the deceptions perpetrated by such people is revealed to the perpetrators.
We, who once had an incarnation and some of whom were guilty of such duplicity are very anxious that all people going through their incarnation should be aware that one day these people will have to face the consequences of their acts just as we had to.
However, having said that, we must also say that it is possible to repent for one’s actions and thus can progress through the heavenly spheres.
But how much better it would be if people were honest and did not try to present false images to our fellow man.

We may rest assured that duplicity will be revealed sooner or later and how much better it would be if those in our soul groups could pat us on the backs for an incarnation well lived instead of watching some of us descend to hell to repay for a life of crime.
Perhaps not crime as contained in the statute books but crime as observed from the spiritual realms.
Love is the rule by which we should all live.
Love for all of God’s creatures; human or animal.
No spiritual person would do any action to put himself above any other human.
Jesus summed it up by saying that we should love our neighbour as ourselves.

We should also mention that, as all is one, to harm animals through hunting, animal farms and by eating animals is also considered a sin in heaven, and although people that do not know that to kill God’s creatures is a sin cannot be held accountable, once they are aware that killing or eating animals is a sin and carry on doing it, they are considered accountable under God’s laws.
How much better would it be if the life review was just an account of a life spent helping all other life, human or animal, and not an endless tale of crime against God?

We can take our lead from young children, who have recently arrived from the heavenly spheres and thus are filled with love.
Can you imagine the effect on a child if he was taken into an abattoir and was shown the slaughter (murder) of beautiful animals?
Also, can you imagine the effect on a child if he was taken hunting and watched people kill animals or birds?
Lastly, what would be the effect on a child if he was taken into the death cell of a prison that has the death penalty and watches some poor wretch have his life terminated?
We can learn a lot from children, as Jesus noted. ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me.’
Jesus understood the purity of children, and those who claim to be followers of Jesus would do well to think of this when they sit down to a meal containing meat, fowl or fish.
It is not sufficient to say that it is mentioned in the Bible that Jesus ate meat.
The Bible often contains half-truths at best and often downright falsehoods.
We will also say that the old Greek term for food and for meat was the same word and so, when the Bible was translated into english, the translators could not imagine anyone surviving on a vegan diet, despite many Indian people having done so for ages, and so they attributed a carnivorous diet to Jesus.
The views of Jesus are known to us and if he was incarnate today, he would be a strict vegan.
So, can we say that the followers of Jesus are really walking in his footsteps if they hunt, fish or eat anything other than vegetables?

In an ideal sense, people incarnate would not eat anything – not even vegetables – and there are a gifted and blessed few that do not eat but get their sustenance from the ether as we do in heaven, but for the rest of those incarnate, it is considered acceptable to eat vegetables as they contain so little consciousness that they do not suffer when eaten.
It should be spiritual law for anyone wishing to lead a holy life that they should banish any animal product; meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese from their diets.
To eat anything other than vegetables, fruit etc., involves suffering of sentient entities and is a crime. A crime that must be repaid at some point.

However, we have strayed somewhat from our discussion of Summerland.
But be aware that if you have led a life of sin in any fashion, through your personal and business activities or through your diet and even the clothes you wore, if they contain animal fur, leather, wool or silk, this will lower your vibration. We suggest that you banish any clothes that contain fur, wool, silk or leather – including shoes – and only purchase garments made from vegetable fibers.
Thus, if you pay attention to this advice, your vibration will rise and, at the end of your incarnation, you will find yourself in one of the higher levels of heaven instead of one of the lower.
The choice is yours, but life’s incarnation is short compared to the eternity we spend in the heavenly spheres and to follow the spiritual path involves making a few sacrifices that we will list below.

1. Do not take any action that will benefit only you.
2. Always compare how any action you might take will affect others.
3. Do not take any action that will harm any person or animal.
4. Do not hunt or fish.
5. Do not eat anything other than fruit, nuts, pulses and vegetables.
6. Do not wear anything of animal origin.
7. Do your best to act in a kind and loving fashion to all life.

To sum it up.
(A) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
(B) Never do to others that which you would not like done to you.

These simple suggestions will take you into the upper reaches of Summerland or even the true levels of heaven, which will be the subject of the next chapter.

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