Linking With The 4th Dimension – Chapter 9



So, as we continue to walk along the path and start to leave Summerland, we notice that the physical landscape alters in that it becomes ever more beautiful but, more importantly, it is the atmosphere that alters and becomes increasingly peaceful and loving.
This is an atmosphere that fills our hearts with joy as the atmosphere enters our auras.
We are visitors to this area. Our normal level of development would not permit us to be here but we have been granted permission by noble people who live here and that have taken us under their wings, so to speak, and are helping us along the path.
Just how far we can progress, even with their help, remains to be seen because we only have a limited level of spirituality and even with the help of these high beings that are boosting our level of spirituality for the moment, we will only be able to go so far.
After that we must rely on what these people can tell us to complete the trip.

First, let us describe these high beings.
Normally, they would just be orbs of light because they have long since passed the need to take physical form – in an astral sense.
However, for the purposes of this book they have agreed to take physical form in order that we might describe them.
Now, race has no meaning in the heavenly spheres but these people, most of whom had an incarnation on Earth at one point long ago, still retain the memories of what country they lived in and to what race they belonged.
Thus, they would appear to us, when they take physical form, to be of a variety of skin colours.
Skin colour is no barrier in heaven.
So, some would be white, others brown skinned, others black or yellow skinned. Yet others would have the colour of Native Americans and so on.
The only thing that counts in heaven is the level of spirituality.
We see some of them laughing as they look at their friends, appearing for the first time as physical people as opposed to orbs of light and they see each other with various skin colours, tall or short, men or women.
In their world they would have long passed any sense of physicality or gender. They all interact as spheres of spiritual light so they find it highly amusing to observe each other as they appeared whilst in incarnation.
They tend to talk telepathically but we can pick up some of their thoughts as they joke to each other about how they look in physicality. This is all good-natured banter and they take advantage of appearing in physical form to joke to each other about their appearance.

They all wear long, thin robes of dazzling white material.
They all glow – indeed, blaze – with pure white light radiating from them.
This light, as you should know, is the starlight of God that fills these people.
However, they are anxious to assure us that they are far from the top of the tree in terms of spiritual advancement and that there are others, far more advanced than themselves, who would be too remote from us to be able to communicate with us.

These are extremely powerful people in terms of spirituality.
There may well be others more advanced than them but, as their auras blend with ours, we feel almost overwhelmed by their power.
Goodness knows what it would feel like if we contacted even more powerful people.
We must reinforce the fact that these people are not angels. They are people who were, at one stage, just ordinary people like you and us but that have advanced to a higher spiritual state.
We notice how happy they seem to be. They have a serious side to them but there is no trace of aggressivity. They seem to be full of joy, of bliss and as their auras overpower us we, too, feel the joy that they have. It is a wonderful feeling, and we must say, is a little strange to us.
We tend to take life seriously and often have meetings for instance to decide what books to present to you.
These people can decide serious matters but the seriousness of the issues they deal with in no way affects their emotions.
They act quite impartially, deciding serious events, but what they talk about remains remote from the joy that they live in at all times.

It must be good to be able to take life changing decisions, being absolutely sure of their decisions, but what they are dealing with remains remote from their sentiments of joy.
This is the nature of life in the heavenly spheres, to be able to deal with problems in an intelligent fashion but any negotiation they might have amongst themselves or with other groups does not affect the love they have for all life, which is the source of their joy.

When one considers the matter, if it is true that the theme of our God is love and that everything is affected by this love, it would be foolish to do anything else but love all life, yet how many of us spend our lives living in opposition to that emotion.
We can, to a certain extent, understand and excuse those who live without love if they have fallen under the influence of negative beings; Archons and negative Reptilians, but we all have free will and do not have to draw these entities to us.
Many do so by trying to gain money or power.
Money is not used in heaven but power certainly is and the power of these great beings that are helping us is immense, but it is a positive power.

This should be obvious to you because, if it is true that the theme of our God is love, that love is a real and vibrant force.
The more someone incorporates that power of love into his being, the more powerful he becomes.
We can assure you all that a few minutes spent in the company and under the influence of one of the more powerful of these advanced beings would change one’s life forever.
One could never go back to being a negative person again.

So, to return to the theme of this chapter which is a description of the heavenly spheres, we walk this path for as long as we can, going in the direction of the starlight of God.
As we walk, beauty grows ever greater, joy grows ever more, and if we could follow the path to its conclusion, we would enter the God sphere.
Obviously, that place is far away both in terms of the distance the path would need to go and also in terms of the degree of spirituality we would need to develop.
So, we hope that you will forgive us if we can only go so far. After that we can only speculate or relate what higher beings than us explain to us.

Now, what do we see in terms of the ever unfolding landscapes?
This is a bit difficult to describe because there is nothing revolutionary to describe.
As you can imagine, the landscapes grow ever more beautiful in terms of the Flora but we cannot really describe anything extraordinary.
Beautiful flowers, parkland, lakes and so on are much the same wherever one is in heaven. There are no cities that we could see, though we were told that they, like Summerland, have libraries, schools and study areas, no doubt, far in advance of those we might have in Summerland but a school is a school.
We were not shown any but accept that they exist.
The reason we were not shown any is twofold.
1. They would be incomprehensible to us, being so far in advance to anything we would understand, and
2. They would only exist in orb form and thus would be invisible to our eyes.

But, as we advance, so the feelings of bliss overwhelm us and we have this great desire to remain forever in this emotion of total peace and joy.
We understand that people who have a near death experience often want to remain in Summerland as opposed to returning to incarnation.
We have the same feeling – the great desire to remain in this area – although we do realise that we are only visitors and sooner or later we must return to our level of Summerland.
But the feeling of being ever more at home as we approach the God sphere grows stronger and helps us realise that God is our home.
We are all on a long journey, having been created by God, and have been sent out on a long voyage to perfect ourselves and when this is done, we return home to our Father, God.
But we are not there yet.
We have eons of time before us, before that happy day arrives when we will return to our maker.
Joy increases with every step we take but the ultimate joy of returning to source – God – must wait until we have perfected ourselves.

This is the main message of visiting the heavenly spheres.
We must do all that we can to perfect ourselves.
We must learn to love all life, help and assist all life and always keep our focus on the goal which is to incorporate all life into us so that we become one with all life and thus with God.
So, reluctantly, we say goodbye to our advanced friends who assure us that we will meet again when we advance sufficiently to be able to live in the heavenly spheres, and we retrace our steps to our level of Summerland.

This chapter is short because there is not much to describe in physical terms.
Everything happens in an emotional sense and that emotion is an ever-increasing sense of love.
Love for all life.
Total understanding and forgiveness for all that are less than we are because we, too, had to progress from lower thoughts.

The heavenly spheres project ever increasing levels of joy, of bliss, of understanding and of truly comprehending the meaning of oneness. The oneness of being close to the God plane which is where we came from initially.

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