Linking With The 4th Dimension – Foreword


In the first book on auras that we gave you, it was noticed that there were certain promises made in the Foreword of that book that were not, in fact, kept in the meat of the book.
We like to keep our promises, so this volume will fulfill the promises made and, as the subject of auras is comprehensive and continues beyond what we told you in the first volume, we will add new information above and beyond the information contained in the original book.
In the first book we promised to show you techniques for entering the different dimensions – auras and dimensions being the same thing – and this we will do in this volume.
However, we must add a warning.
We have already, many times, explained how to enter the higher 4th dimension, which is where we are to be found and we will do so again, but the higher 4th contains many levels or layers (we have referred to them as landscapes), so we will explain how to enter some of them that you would not normally be able to enter without this new knowledge.
But it is not without difficulty.
To enter spiritual areas requires attuning oneself to those landscapes, adjusting one’s frequency.

Therefore, it will require much training to achieve this.
We will teach you how to align yourself to certain landscapes but we cannot do it for you.
We will be with you to protect you, but we require you to act in a responsible, adult manner.
What we can teach you is not a game. It is serious spiritual wisdom and must be treated as such.

Further, we have decided to give you new, previously undisclosed information about the auras and, once again, we ask you to treat this information with respect because it will be information never before revealed to man in this cycle of incarnation.

We are treating you as advanced students of cosmic wisdom or consciousness and this wisdom is not given lightly by us.
If you are not prepared to approach this course in cosmic wisdom with total seriousness, it would be better not to read this book.
Only the most conscientious of students will arrive at the end with a mastery of the subjects explained.

However, we will give you the information and leave you to attempt to learn or not.

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