The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Chapter 1


People have long wondered about the origin of humanity, where it came from and why.

It appears that all other life is so simple and trouble free. Mammals, fish and all the creatures that inhabit Earth seem to get by worry free.  They do not need clothes, they all seem to find enough to eat each day and, when they have nothing better to do, they sleep, deep, untroubled sleep until they feel that it is the moment to wake up and pursue some other activity; hunting, mating, eating and, once that craving satisfied, they sleep again.

The only variation to this pattern seems to occur when an animal has young to care for. Then, and only then, does another instinct come to the fore that we term “the maternal instinct”.

Then the selfish aspects that dominates most of their lives takes a back seat and, for the first time, the creature, or creatures, start to put others first and themselves second or not at all.

Many creatures will give their lives and die, if necessary, protecting their young if attacked by a predator intent on harming those young.

For the first time we see in such creatures’ instincts that we could recognise and approve of.

We sometimes give these attributes human characteristics and talk of “motherly love”, and the “maternal instinct” of such animals.

Whether the animals themselves would recognise such attributes or whether they are merely following the instincts that nature has instilled in them is another matter.

But, from our point of view we can associate with the actions of a female mammal suckling its cuddly young and lavishing upon them as much care as even the most attentive human could.

This connection between the way in which an animal cares for its young and the attitude that decent humans have towards each other provides a clue as to the difference and the similarity between the animal population and humans.

So we can see that humans clearly have, in certain circumstances, attributes, both that we call positive and negative, a connection between the animal kingdom and us.

It is possible for man to be completely callous, selfish and looking out exclusively for himself but it is possible for man to be loving, caring, laying down his life to save another if required.

Thus we can clearly see the connection in animalistic terms between man and beast.

Yet for most thinking people it is clear that man is not an animal.

Animals do not wear clothes but man does.

Animals seem, generally, to be able to provide their nourishment for themselves where as man, in the same circumstances would have to ape animal behaviour and hunt or grub in the dirt for food or succumb to starvation.

He would not be able to have the types of food that he is used to in civilised society.

One could go on. Even hive creatures like ants and bees live by different rules to man, even though their behaviour has been long admired by some people and attempts to install such a hierarchical system of control, from one almighty being (the queen ant or bee) down through a military type of protection system, to the workers, toiling endlessly without question to provide all that the hive or nest requires, their useless bodies, once they have expired through exhaustion, either being recycled as food for the living or being ejected outside the nest as useless dross.

Such a system would gain great popularity in many communities but can hardly be approved when compared to the love given by a mother animal to its offspring.

So where does this comparison of the different aspects of animal life take us. Does it help in any way or fashion to discover the origins of mankind?

We have looked at some of the aspects of animalistic behaviour and considered the cold, almost military way that certain insect groups behave, through the “normal” somewhat selfish mindset of the average animal and then considered the loving, caring, giving aspects of certain creatures during the period where they have young to care for.

Now let us go back a long way in time before anything that we would describe as living existed.

What did the world look like?

It is possible to conjecture that, if one trawls far enough back in time, we would arrive at a point where nothing existed.

Such an exercise would provide little edification in identifying the origin of the creation of man, so we skip forward to the point where planets exist but life on them does not.

It is not possible to put a precise date on such a period because, due to the fact that life as we know it did not exist, no one was present to measure or note such a time!

And yet something must have existed in order to organise and put in motion the wheels of creation that have resulted in all that we currently see.

If we are to find out what that “something” was that kick-started life, perhaps, by extrapolation, we can uncover the source from whence mankind appeared.

So, we are at a point where planets now exist but there is no life as we would know it anywhere in the universe.

This is where we need to move outside of physicality and grope the depths of the invisible worlds, real and vibrant within their own dimensions but only recently thought about by a branch of science known as quantum mechanics.

This branch of investigation of life, unfortunately, describes these different universes as bands, strings, lifeless mathematical concepts that may, indeed, describe the basic concept of the various dimensions but fails, totally, to embrace the reality of the dynamic essence that these dimensions actually portray.

Indeed, it is true to say that, without the various dimensions that science has only recently discovered, physical reality would not be possible because, what is visible around us that is called reality is the end result of the complex interplay of the dimensional forces that permit so called reality to exist as has been explained in previous works.

So we need to discover how and why dimensions came into being before we can hope, eventually, to discover how man could have physical form on planet Earth.

Life is very complex and yet life is the only thing that exists.

Where did this life come from?

This is where we have to admit that we have a gap in our knowledge.

Many of us have spent vast amounts of time and energy investigating this mysterious force but it seems to be deemed to be the one great unsolvable mystery.

We feel the need to explain somewhat but the conundrum can be summed up in the question that has been asked for millennia; What came first, the chicken or the egg?

If and when anyone can satisfactorily answer that question, he will have the key to the question of where life came from.

Obviously, over time, wise men have pondered the question and have proposed some very intelligent solutions but none of them have stood the test of time.

The chicken and egg mystery is, of course, closely connected to another; who created everything in the first place?

Science, generally, ignores such questions, preferring to deal with subjects to which they can provide answers.

Religions claim the monopoly of knowledge as to who and what God is but, if pushed, will have to admit that the origin of God is a mystery to them.

As far as is known, the origin of the life force known as God, is not understood by any force anywhere in the various galaxies nor in the dimensions enrobing the galaxies.

So, there is this one, vital point that, for the moment, remains unanswerable.  Perhaps it is just as well because if it was discovered that the life force we call God was “made” by some other life force, we would open a Pandora’s box of questions as to who invented who indefinitely.

We are looking for answers, not endless questions so we start with the premise that states that some force, that some people refer to as God, is a life force and is the only life force that has ever existed or ever will.

Nothing can exist in any plane of reality, from physical to the uppermost dimension, unless it has this life force associated with it.

It may be difficult to comprehend that a grain of sand is alive but it is so.

Now we should, perhaps, elucidate at this point that being alive does not necessarily imply sentience or to have the ability to move.

Life comes in many forms.  Some are totally static and apparently lifeless such as rocks and stones and others are capable of moving at speed, such as birds.  But they all contain one thing – life.

So what is life?

We will not insult your intelligence by describing the physical events observable on Earth.

We are interested in examining the life force, invisible, behind and beyond anything that can be measured by instruments connected to a sick person in an hospital to indicate to the hospital staff that the physical body of the patient still has a beating heart.

The life force is an invisible, unknowable energy that was mentioned earlier that was referred to as God.

As we do not know what God is, except for the fact that it contains the life force, so we cannot actually explain what that life force is.

But we do know one important aspect of it.

There is but one life force!

To many people alive on Earth today this fact is known but there are also large numbers of people both incarnate and discarnate who do not know this fundamental truth.

All life is one.

Ridiculous as this seems, it is true.

Accepting this fact has enabled us to look back in time to the point that was mentioned earlier in this chapter, the place where planets existed but there was no life on any of the planets nor in any of the dimensions that were also mentioned.

So we have to accept that this life force created, using the laws of physics, a variety of planets in an invisible series of vibrational constructs that we refer to as dimensions.

Each dimension can be imagined as a planet or series of planets, real and solid but each dimension separated from another due to being subject to a different carrier wave.

It appears that the mysterious life force we call God created these dimensions as different experiments in its quest to discover just what life would create, because life is not just a static force, it contains curiosity, desire for knowledge, for expansion and so, to assist it in its quest for self awareness and growth, different bands of vibrations were set up and, by the law of mutual attraction – a fundamental part of the law of God – planets corresponding to that particular vibration were created.

This force we call God set up eight distinct bands, dimensions and furnished these dimensions with planets.

Now, we have to appreciate that God, this life force; is one unique life force. This being so it could only create one life.

But in order to create a maximum of opportunity for expansion and knowledge (wisdom), it divided this one life force into eight subsections by altering, dividing, the one life force into eight different vibratory bands.

We wish you to comprehend that all around you is the universe that you can observe in the night sky, and much more outside of the milky way, repeated another seven times, each universe identical to the one you observe but invisible to your eyes because it is subject to a carrier wave of a slightly different frequency.

The universe in which you currently live is also vibrating but you are not aware of it as you, yourself, are part of this effect and vibrate in harmony with your visible universe.

You also have bodies that are part and parcel of the other universes but we will deal with that subject later.

So, to labor the point, we wish to make it clear to you that this force we call God, which is life, and life contains intelligence, created what you refer to as a physical universe but also created seven more universes on different carrier waves – copies of the physical universe.

However, the total of all eight universes are one and that one we refer to as God.

So the form of man is multi layered, multi dimensional that, together, make the person we know as man.

This fact has been kept from humanity for long ages because a control system that was constructed also long ages ago for the simple reason to keep mankind enslaved, under servitude to a relatively few people who, themselves, may not know the truth about man but have been educated to act as controllers of humanity.

We need to examine who these controllers, these overseers of humanity are and why they do this.

To understand this slave system will take us outside of physicality and into at least one of the dimensions.

Everything that we see in the physical world, as was stated, is multi dimensional.

Everything physical has eight layers.  The physical reality is the lowest but man, just to concentrate on him, has seven other layers or bodies each one separated from his physical body, and his other bodies, by a different carrier wave frequency.

So, to reiterate, man is a creature with eight different but identical bodies, each one standing in a universe but each one enwrapped in that unique universe due to being encoded by a different unique frequency.

However, not all life forms are quite like that.  Some, like man when he “dies”, discards the lowest frequency and moves his consciousness into the next, higher, frequency and finds himself alive and present in that frequency.

The more higher frequencies are present but, because he is not aware that he has these other bodies, he does not explore them and so they remain quiescent, awaiting the happy day when he does become aware of them and decides to explore them with his mind.

But there are many entities that do not have physicality. They may well have all the other higher auras, as they are called, and some of them have developed the ability to move into them at will and explore the wonders that are available in those worlds.

Equally, there are other beings that live in the esoteric realms that are so cut off from the God force that their higher frequencies are virtually non-existent.

One such group have been known of for long ages and have been given the name “The Archons”.  These creatures live in a dimension just outside of the physical dimension and, as was stated, because they have chosen to ignore their higher frequencies, are totally cut off from any positive power that automatically flows from the higher realms into the lower.

Thus, these beings, the Archons, have all of their consciousness concentrated in this one etheric band, all else, in effect, not existing as far as they are concerned.

Now, these entities, the Archons, are totally unaware and totally, non-affected by any thoughts and feelings of their higher concepts.

Nothing that we would consider holy or Godlike enters their minds or their realities.

But these creatures are real, thinking beings although, if we were to meet one and try to converse with it, we would find their thoughts so “alien” to ours that it would be quite impossible to find any common ground for dialogue.

They, like all life, have existed for a very long time but have made no progress towards the Godhead, which is the prime consideration of the majority of life.

Thus, they are unique, outcasts from all other life, containing, not evil as such, but total non-consideration for anything or anyone outside of themselves.

However, like all things, they are immortal.

Virtually all other life progresses slowly from one frequency to another, discarding the lower frequencies as they do, rather like peeling the layers from an onion until, finally, they reveal their goal – the Godhead.

Although, with all life, it takes an enormous amount of time to move to that final vibration – the Godhead – all creatures are aware, at some level, that the frequency exists and so all creatures, whatever their shape, form or origin retain a sense of holiness, albeit, in some creatures, closely hidden from their actual level but, nevertheless, it is there and guides all life upwards from frequency to frequency, carrier wave to carrier wave, the lower ones being cast off as they rise.

All life does this except one group – the Archons.

They have remained static for so long that they cannot imagine that anything else exists, any higher form of life exists.

This, over eons of time has moulded a particular character both in an individual sense and in a collective regard.

Thus, they would, from our perspective, seem to be very one sided. Totally focussed on the very things that the majority of us try to reject; fear, hate, jealousy and all the things that we consider negative and make us unhappy.

Thus, most of us seek to live in situations where these emotions are not uppermost in our lives and we try to replace them with love and friendliness.

But these unfortunate beings, the Archons, know only these negative emotions.

Indeed, if someone spoke to one of these Archons and suggested that there were other, better emotions that he could include in his makeup, he would think we were mad.

Nothing that could be considered positive by us would enter the mind of the Archonic creatures and so they live in a world of hate.

A dark world, indeed!

So, to make things clear.  These Archons are not aware of any frequencies higher than the one in which they live but, a long time ago, they became aware of a frequency beneath theirs.

This, unfortunately, is the one that physical life lives in.  Your world!

The aim of all life is to move in frequency.  With the vast majority of life, the movement takes them upwards in frequency into the higher, more holy frequencies.

In the case of the Archons, they, too, feel the need to explore other frequencies and progress into them if they can.  But, as they are totally unaware that higher realms exist, this drive took them to explore the only frequency they could which happens to be the physical realm.

It must be remembered that Archons are non-physical and so they don’t have physical bodies. Thus, they found it impossible actually to integrate this lower frequency into their creation. They remain etheric beings.

However, the drive to move in frequency is paramount in all life and the Archons are no exception.

Many long years ago they found that they could, in certain circumstances, integrate your world somewhat, not in a physical sense but by taking over the minds of humans.

However, they hit a snag, a problem that they could not deal with.

As they tried to integrate with humans, they found that the minds of most humans, even those long years ago, contained elements of the higher, more holy frequencies.

This was incompatible with their frequency and so they found that they could not mould with the majority of humans.

However, the drive to change frequency being irresistible, they looked for a way to resolve the problem and find a group of people with whom they could integrate, people like minded with them, totally concentrated on self with none of the higher emotions present in their personalities.

Long years ago they discovered a group that thought like them. This group we consider to be victims of an illness that causes them to be unlike most of us. The majority of people are naturally gentle, kind, loving and generous, putting others – if not first in their lives – at least more or less equal to them and worthy of consideration.

However, there is this relatively small group of people who do not think like the majority.

This group only think of themselves, their needs, wants and ambitions and are willing to do anything to satisfy their aims.

We call them psychopaths.

This was the very group that the Archons were searching for, people like minded with them and so they found it easy to mould with these people, integrate their personalities and, virtually, to become one with them.

However, these psychopathic people found themselves outcasts from most societies, either banished, imprisoned or executed.

This did not serve the Archonic needs. There was no point in integrating with a person only to find that person banished, imprisoned or to have his physical incarnation terminated.

So the solution was found.

It was decided to put these people above the law and the system of making them rulers was introduced.

Further, over time, it was found that not all psychopaths could be made into kings or queens, so other systems were set up placing as many Archon influenced people in positions of power and authority, the idea being that they were placed in situations where the Archon influence for various forms of negativity could be exercised but the people being influenced were above the law, untouchable by any person not thinking as they did.

So, over many generations in virtually all countries of the world, the psychopathic people are in the top positions, outside of any control by other, more noble people.

All this was kept strictly secret from the public who, if they had been informed of what was going on, would have taken steps to remedy the situation.

So this is the sad state that the physical world and the physical situation is in.

This book is, in part, intended to be an alarm call, a wake-up call of what is going on.

Now, it must be explained that not all people in power are Archon controlled psychopaths but it must be realised that many, indeed most, are.

However, nothing lasts forever. The only constant is change and change is, at last, occurring both in the physical part of planet Earth and, more importantly, in the etheric and spiritual dimensions.

This change takes the form of an energetic wave rising that will, eventually, wake people up to realise their spiritual makeup as they start to make contact with their higher vibrational bodies and take steps to eliminate from power these Archonic driven souls who have been causing so much harm for so long.

However, the Archons, like so many psychopaths have as their base drive, fear. They are constantly on the look out for attack.

God loving people do not require fear as a dominant part of their personalities as they instinctively know that they are part of the God force and God is love.  If the love given by God is an integral part of the personality of virtually all people – having been made by this force we call God – fear has very little hold over them, even those who pretend that God does not exist.  So love for all humanity is present in the makeup of most people, with the exception of the psychopaths and, more importantly, the psychopaths under the domination of the Archons.

With this group, fear is their dominant motive and controls most of their actions.  They are constantly on the lookout for any force, any action, by any person or group that could attack them and reduce their control.

So they take whatever actions they can to prevent anything from happening that could affect them in any way.

This fear of attack manifests itself in many ways. They ban people from demonstrating for peace if they can. They fill the leisure moments of many people with various entertainments; sport, TV, cinema and so on that keeps the people from thinking. They fill the entertainment areas with as much violence as they can in the desire to keep the public in a state of negativity so that the actions of the leaders are not far removed from the actions portrayed in so called entertainment.

Thus there is much importance placed on sports; boxing, football, rugby, swimming, running and all the various athletic sports, all designed to be competitive and all designed to keep people in fear in case their sportsman, their team, fails to win.

The television is full of films of violence and programs of the harmful things going on in the world, all designed to generate fear.

The financial situation it designed to create fear in case there is not sufficient money earned to survive.

All this has been carefully designed for two reasons:

To promote fear which is Archonic in nature.

To make the public as much like the leaders as possible so that they do not see what the leaders are doing as the thoughts of the public are similar to the thoughts of the psychopaths that are in power.

These Archon controlled psychopaths understand that if the public realised their God force and turned to it, they would see through what has been constructed by the Archons and would remove their minions, your leaders, from power.

This day, fortunately, will come.

It is time.

The reason why it is time will be discussed in a later chapter but, rest assured, that the time has come.

Now, it has been suggested by many that the Archons use fear as food. This is not strictly true. Non-physical beings do not require sustenance. However, it is also true that all energy expended must be replaced from somewhere.

Physical people eat to sustain physical life.

Astral beings naturally draw sustenance from the God force that is everywhere.

However, the Archons, being negative, have cut themselves off from the God force, so that cannot sustain them.

Therefore, they do use fear, generated by their actions, as a sort of sustenance. It has actually very little regenerative power compared to the God force but it is all they have.

It must be realised that, being non-physical, they cannot die but they can grow weak.

In the past they managed, through wars, slavery and serf systems, heartless religions and so on to create a lot of fear which sustained them but nowadays, even wars create less fear as there is very little hand to hand combat which was a source of generating actual terror.

So the latest thing that has been invented is terrorism; terror – ism.

We could go on.

However, the means of combating these Archons is simply to starve them of fear by the act of laying down our arms and coming together in brotherly love.

To achieve this however will take time as we have, in a way, a “chicken and egg” situation. To defeat the Archons we need peace but, to create peace we need to defeat the Archons.

However, we are not alone in this battle. The most important thing is a natural cycle that is occurring that is moving the galactic system into a time of peace.

As the effect of this is felt by more and more people so the tide will turn.

This will happen, it is inevitable and the Archons know this which is why they are putting so much effort into a last-ditch attempt to cause chaos.

It is the nature of Archons that, if they can’t have something, they will destroy so that no one can have it.

So we must be on the “Qui Vive” for any, by psychopaths being influenced by Archons, to create a nuclear war.

Once again, we will get help should this idea come to fruition and a nuclear war will not be allowed to happen.

Thus the ultimate destiny of man is to live in peace.

The period that we are all going through at the moment is just the start. This period of peace will grow over time and will, indeed, last for many thousands of years just as the period of negativity lasted for many thousands of years.

We might consider life as an invisible wave of energy rising and falling over vast periods of time.

Fortunately, we have struck the nadir, the most negative part, so the only way is up towards positivity. It all happens slowly.

The speed that it happens is, in part, connected to something called collective consciousness and so, as very few people are actively working for good at the moment, the rise in consciousness is limited but, each day, more and more people wake up to their spiritual origins so, with each person that takes the path towards God, so the ascension accelerates.

Thus the destiny of man is to live in peace with himself and his fellow man.

Further, as mankind awakes to his spiritual reality, so he will discover that he does, indeed, contain these seven auras associated with him and will develop the desire to explore these auras and the dimensions upon which they are placed. This will eventually open the door to the development of a number of accomplishments that would seem almost magical at the moment.

It must be borne in mind that man is made by the God force and is God like should he realise it.

Just as, in the past, beings thought of as angelic came and interacted with certain people and were observed to have what were thought of as angelic gifts, so man is a similar angelic being and would have similar powers.

The people who saw angelic beings, saw them as beings of light.

Now, vibration is closely connected to light.

Further, the most important power in the universe is consciousness.

Thus, if a person had his God consciousness greatly developed, his body, which is under the control of his consciousness would, perforce, change.

As God consciousness is light, the more God consciousness a person incorporates into his personality, the more it will effect change in his physical body. Therefore, if a person was truly imbued with God consciousness, his body would start to glow with God’s light, a spiritual light shining in the dark.

This is the destiny of all mankind, to become beings of light, living on a planet of light.

There would be no place for darkness.

One day, everything will be aglow with spiritual light.

Does this sound like a fairy tale?

Maybe it does at the moment but the ascension movement is just at its beginning. In time, as man draws into his auras the God force, and as that God force enters his physical body, so that God force, which manifests itself as light, will transform the human body into a body of light reflecting to all the transformative power of God.

Light is actually all that exists, as the only thing that exists is the God force (life) and that God force is the light of God.

Can you imagine being a being of light like an angel?

Possibly not, but it is entirely possible if not probable right now.

However, for future generations it will become fact.

How long this transformation will take depends on each individual and also the collective consciousness.

But it will happen.

Further, other magical effects will occur.

The collective and individual consciousness is closely connected to the God force.

God, the creator of all that is, does not put a limit on itself.

So we will have no limit on ourselves as we advance towards God.  The only limit will be the limits that we impose on ourselves.

So, somewhat magical events will be perfectly possible.

Teleportation will be the standard form of transport, as it is in the astral realms.

Telepathy will be the normal form of contact as it is in the higher realms.

Food will be made from the ether. It actually is now but, due to the limitations of the planet’s, and our, level of spirituality, it has to pass through physical things.

Further, the spiritual force that imbues all things will manifest itself in creating a more vibrant planet.

Your home planet (Earth), will shake off its blanket of negativity that has for so long cloaked it, the negative thoughts of man’s creation, and reveal its true colors.

The color of the sky will be a more vibrant blue and the flowers of the field will grow in such profusion and with such colors that would be unimaginable at the moment.

Naturally, there will be no slaughter of animals as sustenance will be created from the ether.

Animals will become our friends rather than our victims and will be left to prosper as nature intended, nurtured by man rather than exploited.

Thus will all life live in peace and harmony together as one, as was intended.

The change will come slowly but it behoves all who can to speed that day by meditating, praying and by respecting all life.

Thus we wish to make it plain to all that the dark world in which you have all lived for so long is changing. Life is progressing from the negative concept, which is all any of you have known, up into a world of light.

Light chases darkness. Darkness disappears as soon as light is projected into it.

Darkness is an illusion. If it was real, light could not make it disappear but the simple fact that light shone into any area of darkness transforms it into light thus demonstrates that darkness is an illusion.

God’s light is starting to illuminate the world and shine into the collective consciousness. Thus it is inevitable that, in the degree that light illuminates every corner of God’s creation, darkness will disappear, leaving the evil ones exposed for who they really are.

With God’s light comes love, love for all things and, where there is love and light, there cannot be fear.

Fear is created by shutting out light and making people live in the dark.

People are naturally afraid of the dark because they do not know what menace might exist in a corner, lurking, waiting to attack a defenceless person.

However, once we shine light into that area we quickly see that in all probability there was nothing there to fear except fear itself.

It was mentioned earlier that the driving force of Archons is fear. Thus they have, for long ages created darkness – spiritual darkness if not actual darkness – so that people live in fear, which helps energise the Archons.

Light is coming and the day will arrive when the worst fear of the Archons will happen, exposure.

The Archons secret, the key to their success was secrecy. Secrets can only be kept if there is no exposure and so they have tried their best to keep light from shining on them.

They are doomed to fail.

Light is coming and the day will arrive when they will be exposed alongside the people they have victimised, the psychopaths that have both ruled you and kept you in the dark.

When this day occurs, and it will, we must turn to God and become Godlike in our response to them.

We must forgive them – for they know not what they do.

In a way they are innocent because to behave in a psychopathic way is all they know.

Equally, their masters, the Archons, do not know any other behaviour than what they are programmed by time to do, so it would not be correct to punish them even if such a thing were possible.

But, equally, there would be no place either for Archons or psychopaths in this new, light filled world, so a way must be found to isolate them from the rest of humanity.

This will be happening in a spiritual manner anyway.

As most of humanity starts to fill themselves with light and spiritual power, the relatively few psychopaths that, remember, have no access to the light will be left, scratching their heads and wondering just what is going on.

However, they have not been removed from power yet and so we do not need to take a decision as to how we will deal with these evil people.

One thing is certain, their time is over.

Their power is fading.

Light is already shining on them and revealing their negative actions.

Already the Archons, and their minions are feeling this light penetrating their world, revealing their dark secrets.

So we advance in peace drawing the power of God towards us, filling ourselves, slowly, with light, shining that light into the world, illuminating the dark corners, removing darkness, removing fear and replacing it with love.

This is the destiny, the goal of man – to become a being of light, a reflection of the God force.

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