The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Chapter 10


In the last chapter we described the dying process and how, once the lock is broken that chains us to our body, we usually, go to a light area called by some ‘Summerland’.

This area appears very bright to most new arrivals for the simple reason that, for the first time since the person left heaven to descend into incarnation he is able to see clearly the world that surrounds him.
Planet Earth is a dark and dismal place for the simple reason that humans are tied to a physical body that is not made to see clearly. The term used to see clearly is a French word ‘Clairvoyance’. There is no direct parallel to that word in the English language. Clair means to see clearly, voyance implies looking into the astral world. Thus to see clearly into the astral realms.
But, we would say that if someone had the ability to see planet Earth as she really is, that person would have a totally different experience. Planet Earth when clearly seen is a beautiful place but for many long ages man has been looking with eyes that are partially blind folded and thus appears dismal.
This is the result, not of genetic manipulation by the Archons exactly, but by their influence on humanity in their never ceasing attempts to create a dismal world so that they – the Archons – could benefit from the unhappiness created.
Fortunately, as we have stated, their domination over humanity is coming to a close and, gradually, people will start to see clearly again.

The reason that this was mentioned is because when a person’s incarnation is finished and he moves to Summerland he is seeing life as it should be seen on Earth were it not for the Archon influence.
He arrives, usually, in a beautiful park area. Vast expanses of well kept lawns, miles of flower beds of lakes, of paths and benches and the overall effect is staggering for most people.
The air is filled with the perfume from the flowers and gentle music fills the air.
It is all an illusion, of course, just as planet Earth is an illusion but seems just as solid and real as planet Earth does.

The person is met, if he exists from the tunnel of light, by a very bright and holy looking person. This person, as we have already mentioned is someone who devotes his time to welcoming the new arrivals.

Now, we must mention a strange effect.
The new arrival will find himself alone for some time with this helper but a moment’s thought should indicate that this is not logical.
There must be a number of people of all nationalities, races, skin colors etc, dying each moment from a variety of causes and thus one might expect that there would be a number of new arrivals also being greeted by angelic hosts but, no, the new arrival finds himself alone with the person sent to greet him.
Where are all the other people arriving in Summerland each moment?

We have to understand that heaven works by different rules, different laws than those that apply on Earth.
If Summerland was on Earth we would, no doubt, see a large number of new arrivals and a large number of people greeting them.
But the person is alone with his host who greeted him.
How is this possible?
The laws that heaven work under are spiritual laws. The first is “All is one and one is all.”
The implication of this law allows us to create our own reality because we are one and that one is God. Therefore each person in heaven is able, through his imagination, to exercise his right to be the sole person in heaven.
Obviously, that statement seems ridiculous and will need to be explained but, for the moment, let us accept that the host, the person who comes to greet the newly deceased person creates, with his mind, the desire to be alone with the newly deceased person and so he creates a space where no one else exists, just him and the person stepping forth into the light.
Of course, all the other people preparing to greet a newly deceased person does the same so all who have recently died are alone with his host.

The host will appear radiant and shining, the result of his level of spirituality.
Love, pure love, radiates from him as he waits patiently for the deceased person to approach him.
The host will explain that the person has left Earth forever, his cares and worries that had plagued him for all his incarnation are at an end, left behind with his body.
He explains many things and will answer any questions that the new arrival might have and reassure him that all is well.

This will happen to all people regardless of their life style and cause of death. There is no judgement in heaven.
However, another spiritual law is the law of mutual attraction – like attracting like.
To use a Biblical term, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

This brings us to the life review.
At a certain point, when the newly arrived person is ready, he will have his life review. This life review all go through.
They see their incarnation, the good and the bad that they did, the mistakes that they made and the lessons they learned.
They will see the people they made happy and the people they hurt.
They will feel exactly the emotions of the people with whom they interacted. The joy they spread and the unhappiness they caused.
This life review is a chance for the deceased person to step back from his life on Earth, see what his life plan was and to see how far he followed it.

This life review is important because, in heaven, we have no secrets. What we did while we were incarnate we can hide from others but not in heaven.
Spiritual progress must be based on honesty and openness and so the life review gives us the chance to appraise our level of spirituality.
From that review, a process starts that automatically draws us, via the law of mutual attraction, to the level of heaven commensurate with our level of spirituality.
So we suddenly find that this period of isolation with the host person changes and we find ourselves in the level of heaven that matches our spiritual level.

We find ourselves in the company of like minded people who welcome us into their midst.
Now, exactly where we go and where we find ourselves is difficult to describe, not because it is complicated to describe but because there are so many areas; literally thousands.
Just imagine here on Earth the countless points of views. It would be an endless task.
In a similar fashion, in heaven, for each and every point of view there is an area and in that area one finds discarnate people who think like the recently deceased person.

The advantage of this is that it avoids conflict. If everyone that you see share the same opinion on all matters, there cannot be conflict and discussion.
Further, each group lives in his own isolated bubble of created reality so no one from an outside thought area could wander in.

However, from the point of view of us wandering about observing the different groups let us assume that we could enter these different bubbles of created reality and observe the groups living there. Imagine we could eavesdrop on their conversations.
What would we see and what would we hear?

We mentioned that there are countless groups all drawn to their various groups by the law of mutual attraction; like attracting like.
So, we would find people who feel most comfortable with others that think like them.
Thus, we find groups drawn together by race, color, religion, sex, political views and so on.
It must be said that none of those things have any significance once one leaves the Earth plane but we arrive in the heavenly spheres with exactly the same feelings and emotions that we had on Earth. Nothing changes.
Therefore it is amusing to study these diverse groups and listen to them earnestly discussing topics that have absolutely no relevance in heaven nor, it must be said, did they have any importance whilst in incarnation, only the importance that lost souls gave them.
These same groups go on believing in the importance of nonsensical topics but it gives them something to do.
They will grow out of that childishness one day and pick up the reigns of spiritual life.
In the meantime we leave them to their world of illusion.
So, to avoid discussing these countless groups and getting lost in the intricacies of their beliefs, let us just group them into 3 separate sections:
Those, spiritually advanced.
The vast majority that are not bad but have just lived a ‘normal’ life.
The evil ones.

As we said, the law of mutual attraction gathers like minded people together and places them in a part of heaven commensurate with their spiritual advancement.
Now, God is light.
So heaven contains various levels where the light is brighter or dimmer according to the levels of spirituality of the people attracted to those areas.
The degree of light is created by the collective thoughts of the occupants of those areas.
So, at the very highest level, close to God, we would find a land of extreme beauty and beings of extreme beauty and brightness.
It must also be said that once humans arrive at that level they would have long outgrown the need for any form of physicality and they live as beings of light in a world of light. But for the sake of our trying to describe to you the various levels of heaven, let us assume that the beings of beauty live in a world of beauty.

Next let us examine the world of ordinary people. This group have passed their incarnation without trying to advance spiritually.
They may have paid lip service to a religion but their focus during their incarnation was work, family, TV, sports and so on – ordinary people. There is nothing wrong with this group and we do not criticize them. They did their best to look after their families and much of life depends on this, the working class.
However, their level of spirituality being less than the illuminated ones, they live in a world less bright.
This would resemble Summerland to a large extent.

In that area of heaven they would generally meet with various members of their family with whom that had an affinity and also some friends that they had on Earth that had passed to heaven before them.
We will also say that they may well be presented with pets they had whilst incarnate and with whom love had blossomed.
This obviously depends upon the ability of the animal to be able to experience love because some animals can generate this emotion whilst others have not yet developed it.
So, we would expect to see people walking about accompanied by pet dogs and, to a lesser degree, cats.
Occasionally one might see a person in the company of other animals of high order, felines, wolves and all sorts of bizarre pets but, of course, it is rare.

Now, we must explain that the law of mutual attraction is always at work drawing like to like.
This law works in two directions.
Thus a person might well find himself in the company of friends and loved ones but, equally, he would never encounter those that he neither cared for nor those that he had never met.
There are exceptions to this of course.
We are all watched over and guided by higher beings, so the recent visitor to heaven would, occasionally receive the visit from a more advanced person who will help him progress through the heavenly spheres.

We have described much of the Summerland area in the previous volume, “The Stairway To Freedom”, so we do not propose to cover much about it here.
All the books that we hope will be published, given by us, link together and all should be read in order to obtain a complete understanding of physical and spiritual life.

So we will stop here in the description of where the average person finds himself and move, briefly, to an overview of the doleful areas known as hell.
Once again, we have covered, extensively, that area in the above-mentioned volume and refer the student to that work.

What we will explain is why a person should go to hell, although we are sure that we all agree that some deserve to suffer in the degree that they made others suffer.
However, we make it plain that one is never judged in heaven except by oneself.
The people who live in the heavenly spheres do so because they realize that it is pointless to judge another. Judgement plays no part in life outside of the physical plane.

But, there is a simple, but powerful, law that is always at work that makes sure that everyone is in their correct place.
We have mentioned this law many times.
It is the law of mutual attraction.
It has been given many names by a number of generations.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap being a famous one attributed to the master Jesus.
What it means is that everyone, during his incarnation decides to act in a certain fashion. Thus is his personality moulded.
When that person’s incarnation is over, he will automatically be drawn by the law of mutual attraction to that area of the afterlife commensurate with his personality.
The life review explains to the person why he might find himself in a high or low area of heaven.
Thus, he cannot complain that he has been unfairly judged.
He understands that his actions during his Earthly incarnation draw him to the level that he finds himself.

We have to say that some people find it easy to repent their actions while others, filled with ‘righteous indignation’, think themselves hard done by and thus remain in the dismal spheres for long ages refusing to repent what they saw as a law filled life.
In this group we often find Judges and other law officers, religious leaders of many denominations and others who considered it their right and duty to judge, control and punish others.
This is the way that the law of mutual attraction works bringing happiness to love filled people and bringing misery to hate filled people.

But, the good news is even the most egocentric people usually realize that hate is pointless and so, sooner or later they repent and can then be assisted towards the light filled areas.

We wish, at this point, to make a statement that may shock many people who are convinced that heaven and hell are factual places to which one gravitates. In a way they are right because, either when one’s incarnation ends, we are drawn to light or dark areas that appear just as real as Earth appears to those incarnate but those areas are illusion.
We have already mentioned that planet Earth and the incarnation experience is illusion.
In a likewise manner, heaven and hell are illusionary planes created by cosmic consciousness.
What actually happens is, at the end of an incarnation a person is drawn to a level of consciousness commensurate with that person’s level of spirituality.

So, all the various levels of heaven/hell that exist are actually just levels of spiritual awareness.
However, to realize this, at the level that most people are at does not make much difference.
Just as it makes little difference to realize that incarnation is an illusion because we are all still tied to it by the silver cord whilst incarnate, to realize that the afterlife is an illusion makes no difference. The experience seems totally real and has to be experienced.
We mention that the planes of heaven and hell are part of the great illusion because we are obliged to talk about it whilst we are explaining the reality of life.  But we all experience the heavenly and hellish planes as reality for long ages until we have developed sufficiently to be able to see through the illusion.

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