The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Chapter 2


When this creature we call man was created for, make no mistake, everything that exists was created, he was made of spiritual matter, etheric essence, the God force.

Thus, he was not only a spiritual force but he was, in essence, the life force we call God.

Now, one tends to think of God as all intelligent, all knowing, containing infinite wisdom concerning any subject and it is true that, today, we can give those attributes to God.  But it was not always so.
By its very nature God, having created all life, did so in order to gain knowledge so, logically, there must have been a time when God was without knowledge.

This, obviously, was a long time ago.  A time so distant that it would be almost impossible to imagine it.

But, nevertheless, this life force existed, the only thing that existed in an empty void.

Over eons of time this life force, having curiosity, thought about how to explore, create, manifest its life force into some form of reality and so, as was mentioned in chapter one, it created a number of bands, each one separate from another from another by distinct frequencies that we call carrier waves.

So now, we have in an empty void, the life force that we refer to as God, being a simple, uneducated – for want of a better word – force and eight distinct bands, also empty but awaiting the moment when this life force would start to inhabit these eight bands of frequency.

We wish you to comprehend that, at that moment in time, absolutely nothing existed in any of these dimensions, neither physical, etheric or astral.

Indeed, these terms had no meaning. All that existed was eight bands of vibration and a life force.
This, obviously was before the, so called, “big bang”, this imaginary event that science has erroneously invented in a futile attempt to explain how the visible universe came into being.

In fact, there was no explosive moment when planets suddenly appeared as will be made apparent. Science, once again, in observing the physical creation is merely observing the final effect of a process that started in much higher realms.

So, if science hopes, one day, to locate the point of origin of creation they must put down their measuring instruments and begin to work with their spiritual faculties, for the answers to their questions will be found in those areas.

Now, curiosity, the desire to create the means to express itself, pushed this God force to take action. It must be remembered that the God force is also vibration, far above the vibrational field of any of the eight bands that had been created, but it is a vibrational force.

Indeed, if it was not vibrating, it would not have had the idea to create these eight bands also vibrating. It was like-constructing-like.

So we would like you to imagine, if you will, that the God force who, being pure light, was vibrating. As light is a vibrational force, so it created eight versions of itself, each one of a lower, denser frequency until the lowest one shone with very little light. This lowest band is the one in which physical life was ultimately created. However, each one of these bands existed only as potentials, being bereft of any life form.

It occurred to God that, in order to create any forms to inhabit these bands, these carrier waves, it would have to lower its frequency, split itself into eight and put itself into each of these bands.

This, it did.

However, it was not much further forward as God itself did not have any form, so nothing existed in these bands of vibration except the God force itself.
But God, being life, was able, over vast amounts of time, to create one essential life force that had something that could be called intelligent life – a form of man.

Man was God’s first creation.

Once again, God was not much further forward. God had created this life force in its highest plane of vibration but this life force was, itself, a sort of copy of God, albeit with a form that we would recognise as man, but this was a pure spiritual force, pure light, but itself with no more experience than God itself.

So God gave this life force – man – the means to think, to explore and to wonder why it existed.

Thus, to help this creation, God manifested space and time in a higher dimensional form than man incarnate could imagine and he furnished this space/time with planets and all that exists on the highest plane to this day.

The object was to provide this human being with experiences that would help him educate himself and thus grow in wisdom.

We should point out at this moment that it is actually a picture that we are painting rather than strict truth because the actual events, the vast amount of time involved and the processes undertaken to create all this would make the actual events incomprehensible to modern man incarnate at the moment – you – the reader, but is, in essence, true and close enough to reality that we feel comfortable presenting this story to you in order to give you a basis for understanding the origins of man.

So, at this point we have these eight carrier waves of vibration (light), but only the highest one containing any form of life and that life was man.

This early man explored the astral world that God had created and fed that information back into the original God force and this force started to grow in wisdom.

It is not known just how many versions of itself in human form God created but there were sufficient, not only to explore this band of frequency – the eighth dimension – but, once God had created them he stopped. So the number of humans that God created at that time is the same number that exists today.

In fact, although we have explained it in this fashion to help you understand, we must admit that what we have said is not the total truth.

We stated, earlier, that all life is one, so God was only able to create what we might imagine to be just one entity. This, as you can imagine, was not what God had in mind because, not only did he create eight different bands of carrier waves but, in order to obtain a maximum amount of experience God found a way of creating a vast number of consciousnesses.

Thus, although there is only one life force (God), nevertheless, there are a huge number of expressions of that consciousness which, in effect, creates the illusion of a huge number of humans of various shapes and forms because, it is not necessary for all humans to have the same exact form as you are accustomed to seeing.

Indeed, even on Earth, there are virtually no two people exactly the same.

There are people with different skin colors, different head shapes, different eyes, noses and mouths. Different heights and body forms.

Therefore, no two people are identical.

The basic human form of having a head, body, two arms, two legs is what is considered to be what makes a human form.

So the various consciousness that God created is what gives each human form its unique identity.

We repeat, in order to make this quite clear that, at some distant point in the past, God created one single entity that could be considered to be a human but he instilled into that human a virtually unlimited number of consciousnesses rather as one might imagine a person with what is called split personalities although, of course, this was not an illness but a deliberate act on the part of God to create as many expressions of itself as were considered necessary to experience life to the full, ultimately.

This will, of course, be difficult for some people to realise that, although they have a distinct, unique body, hidden behind that body, at its base concept it is one with all life, past, present and future.

There is only one life and that life is God.

Now, we must remember that this splitting of itself into multiple consciousnesses was taking place in the eighth dimension.

So we need to visualise that, in that dimension, the highest in terms of vibration that exists, this unique life force was able to manifest itself as an enormous number of different consciousnesses.

This was all well and good but the God force required more from its creation.

There was no point in just having countless points of consciousness, countless points of life floating in a sea of vibration which represented the carrier wave of the eighth dimension.

These points of consciousness were just aspects of life, with no experience, no sense of self, of personality. Not even a sense that it was human.

We break off here to state that, although we have been concentrating on humanity and will continue to do so as the intention of this book is to explain the history of man, the God force also created other versions of itself that would be used to create other life forms.

This book would be impossibly complicated, not to say to become an unwieldy tome if we tried to incorporate the history of every life form in the multiverse, so we need, perforce, to ignore the other life forms and just follow our quest along the path that mankind took.

So, we have an eighth dimension and, within the vibrational field of that dimension, we have the God force representing itself as many forms of consciousness that would, eventually, take the form of mankind.

However, in this eighth dimension, the consciousness created by God could be compared to an embryo child: a potential without actual form of any sort of life dynamic that we could associate with.

Just a life force.

This is where things will start to become even more difficult for some people to appreciate or comprehend.

The desire of God was not to create entities that were copies of itself. Its desire was to create objects that could think for themselves, go forth and have experiences that would enrich the God force and help it grow in wisdom.

This desire to grow in wisdom is the dominant driving force for most people.

So a way of organising a system to enable this to take place was conceived.

It was decided by God to manifest what can best be described as problems. Not problems that beings incarnate would recognise, but challenges to intelligence that would push human consciousnesses, present in that eighth dimension, to investigate and overcome.

These challenges, these problems, would not be considered difficult by modern man except that, occurring in the highest spiritual plane that God had manifested, required these original humans to think in terms of spirituality to overcome them.

Just what these little problems were is of no interest to comprehend because they were resolved so long ago by early man that they no longer concern us and also, to be honest with you, they would not relate to anything with which you are familiar and thus would, in all probability, not be understood by the majority.

So please accept that this early form of man was presented with these problems that pushed him to use his intuition and intelligence, limited as it was, to overcome them.

It is a fact that life evolves through experience. All experience presents itself as a challenge of some sort and compels us to think about the experience being undergone and to incorporate that experience – and its resolving – into its life force.

Thus, slowly, early man developed what can be described as wisdom as a result of resolving these simple problems.

This was the beginning of creating man in a truly recognisable form, not only in a physical, albeit astral sense, but also in a sense of having wisdom to deal with problems.

Man, as we understand it to be could not exist in purely physical form, whatever plane of existence it would find itself on. Man must also contain a mental component, wisdom, knowledge or even cunning before it can truly be called “man”.

So this was a giant step forward for the development of man, and God decided to use it as the basis for all his future attempts to push his experiment forward.

Already, by the number of consciousnesses that were presented with identical problems, it was noticed by God that a number of different approaches for solving these problems were undertaken and this pleased God. It was exactly what it was looking for, independent thought about problem solving.

So, still on this highest plane, God created more and more problems for his creation, man, to solve and each time the solutions were fed back into the God force in their entirety and thus the God force itself began to develop wisdom in problem solving, as did the manlike consciousness present in the eighth dimension.

We will not bore you by describing the eons of time this continued, the mountains of problems these early beings were presented with, the steps they took to resolve these problems. Suffice to say that, if we jump forward today to that eighth plane of vibration, every conceivable problem that could ever exist has been experienced and resolved and all that vast amount of information has been fed into the God force.

Thus we can say, today, that God is infinite wisdom and, once a human evolves to the eighth plane, he too will be infinitely wise and at the equivalent level of wisdom as God itself.

That is the reason that the God force reabsorbs that supremely wise and knowledgeable conscious back into itself as it has completed its journey through time and has become one again with the God force that created it in the beginning long, long ages ago.

So, we break off here to suggest to you, the reader, not to try to avoid problems because it is inevitable that they will appear, but to use the God force that is called your higher self to call forth the solution.

One must remember that God made us all as consciousness, reflections of itself and this God force contains both information about any problem conceivable and also the answer.

This God force has been placed in association with you.

Some call it your “soul”, although that is not strictly true as the soul is just a protective shell surrounding and protecting the God spirit but, in essence it is the same as spirit and soul travel together until the God spirit merges once more with its creator, God, and at that point, both the God spirit and the shell – soul – disappear.

The point being made is that you, and every person, has this all-knowing God spirit associated with you so the solution to any problem is available if you know how to make contact with your higher self and draw the appropriate response to any problem from its vast stock of solutions.

We repeat, the answer to any problem that could ever come to you, whatever its form, whatever its complexity, is available because it is stored within your personal aspect of God, known as your higher self, thanks to the vast years spent by early, spiritual, man finding solutions to problems presented by the God force and by feeding both the questions and the answers back to God. It is thanks to these courageous, industrious, early versions of man that these solutions are given to you and you should be grateful.

Have you noticed, however, that the vast majority of humanity incarnate today face each problem as if it were occurring for the first time and stumbles through error after error in an attempt to resolve the problems when the answer is sitting and waiting to come forth from their higher self if only contact with that higher self could be made? Researching the solution to that problem will be dealt with in a later chapter as we wish to continue exploring the development of early non-physical man.

Suffice to say that any problem you could be confronted with was created by the God force long ago, so any solution to that problem was already discovered long ago and it is all available to you because you are that God force.

There is never any need to dread problems arriving on your doorsteps. They may be presented to you by another person or event but both the person or event are the God force manifest in man or the situations that man creates, so the solution is also instantly available to you, if and when, you can draw it from the God force, your higher self.

The day people realise this a great change will occur. People will realise that there is no point in trying to create difficulties for others because they are drawing these difficulties from their higher selves and the recipient of those difficulties already has the solution disponible as he draws that solution from his higher self.

When this happy day arrives will be the day that man learns to live in peace together ceasing to create problems for each other but banding together as one to resolve the inevitable problems that life itself creates in its thirst to create more wisdom for itself.

Problems will always occur but worry will cease as someone, somewhere in creation, will be able to draw the solution to that problem and make it available to those seeking the solution.

Thus will God continue in its endless quest for wisdom by creating problems and receiving solutions. It is not the solution that interests God but the steps taken by man to resolve the problem.

Thus does God grow ever wiser and thus will man grow ever wiser.

However, to return to the subject under discussion.

We have man in the eighth carrier wave, dimension, now long years into the past, infinitely wise, having solved every problem that the God force could think to present to it.

But still the other bands of frequency, of lower frequency than the eighth, remain empty.

The next logical step was to find a way of transferring man into those lower dimensions, one step at a time.

So, in order to do this, something else needed to be thought about: how to lower the frequency of at least some of the humans on the eighth plane down into the seventh without disturbing the frequency of the eighth plane and the entities that it contains.

So the first step was to request volunteers, humans that were willing to be moved in frequency down from the eighth dimension to a lower one. This took a certain amount of courage by the humans living in the eighth dimension as it would be a leap in the dark.

However, the God force had created all of these planes identical, as has already been mentioned so, when the volunteers arrived on this seventh plane it seemed familiar.

Now, the process of changing from one frequency, one carrier wave, one dimension to another is, of course, a spiritual one. We are still dealing with spiritual forces.

God, quite simply, took these volunteers, one by one, and enveloped them in a sort of protective shell, rather as an embryo chick is encased in an egg shell and “bombarded” that person with a frequency that corresponded with the vibration of the seventh dimension.

Thus the person disappeared from that eighth dimension and found himself in the seventh.

This continued until all who chose to put themselves forward for transfer were sent to the seventh plane and these humans, now on a world identical to the one that they had left except that, as it was of a lower frequency, the light was less brilliant.

So, having acclimatised to this new plane, natural curiosity pushed them to want to explore this world.

In what we might call a topographical sense the landscape was already known, being identical to the one they had just left but the beings that had arrived realised that God must have created it for some reason and wondered what that reason was.

There would have been no point in God creating an identical situation on the seventh dimension as had been created on the eighth – problem and solution – so God put another plan into action.

This was the concept of creating auras, by which is meant that a living being living on the seventh dimension could also retain a connection to the eighth.

Thus the humans that God created to inhabit the seventh dimension were able to retain a perfect connection to the higher dimension, the eighth plane where, we remember, that solutions to any problems were retained.

However, it was deemed necessary to create new experiences on this seventh plane and thus God put into the minds of these humans the desire to explore, physically, the various planets that God had also created.

It must at all times be remembered that this dimension is what would be termed astral and thus explorations undertaken were of an astral sense.

But it must also be realised that these planes, dimensions, although not physical when regarded from an Earthly perspective seem, nevertheless, real and as solid as the Earthly plane seems to the humans that live on that plane.

So early humanity set out to explore these diverse planets but, to their dismay, there was nothing much to see. No new experiences to be gained.

You will remember that God’s driving aim, the reason that it went to all the trouble to create everything was to gain knowledge.

Empty planets provided little or no knowledge.

So God decided to put other life on these planets.

These other life forms were early versions of the animals that are today observed on Earth.

It must be understood that their “physical” appearance, for want of a better word, bore little resemblance to the animals that we see on the surface of the planet Earth. It would be better to say that they were life forms different from human life forms.

These different life forms existed already in the eighth dimension but we have avoided mentioning them much in order to not confuse our examinations of human origins.

However, we are now in a position, on the seventh plane where we must consider early man’s interactions with these non-human life forms that we will still call animal.

Compared to man at this point who had access to the solutions to all the problems, thanks to the work accomplished in the eighth plane, these animal forms were totally “primitive”, once again for want of a better word.

By primitive, we mean without the benefit of any of the knowledge and wisdom that man had acquired at that point.

Thus these animal life forms were wandering about the seventh plane, no doubt feeling somewhat lost and wondering what life held in store for them.

They observed the presence of man sharing the astral planets of that seventh plane with them but without the means to comprehend who and what these humans where and what, if any, their interaction with these human beings would bring them in terms of experience.

Indeed, just like early man who started up on the eighth plane long years before, they were totally without any means to make any connection with man.

This is where God prodded man to take action to interrelate with these animal life forms.

It became quickly obvious to man that any form of intellectual interchange with these animals would be quite impossible, so early man took another approach and tried sowing the seeds of love and affection. This did work. The animals responded to affection and drew close to man as man tried to investigate just who and what these animal forms were.

So, one step was towards understanding was achieved. The animals could understand love.

Although early man may not have been aware of the reason why love worked, we now know that it was because the animals were created by God and God, being just one life force, was the same life force that created man. Therefore, both man and these animals under investigation were all aspects of the one creator, and so points of consciousness projecting from the one life force. Thus the animals and the humans were one with God.

As God is total light and love, both man and the animals responded to love in an effort to rejoin the God-force that sent them out from itself so long ago.

So, through the bond that love makes these animals came close to man and followed man about as he investigated the astral planets of the seventh plane.

We break off our investigations of early man once again to point out that this bond of love still exists to this day. Man still feels the desire to share his life with animals, that he now calls “pets”.

Any and all animals, if brought close to the love projected by man at an early age, accept the love and are keen to bond with man.

Not only cats and dogs. Animals of all descriptions will accept the love of man.

Thus we see animals of the widest variety link with man and we see humans caring for insects, mammals of all descriptions from mice to the huge felines and elephants, fish and every conceivable creation of the animal kingdom. They all respond to the love and care man gives animals and these animals respond within the limits of their abilities to so respond.

It is the link of love that causes this and this love comes from the deep realisation that all life is one.

To return to the seventh plane. We mentioned that animals followed man around as he explored the astral planets.

Thus animals began to investigate the parts of these planets that did not, necessarily, attract the attention of early man.

The animals explored caves and grottoes. They climbed high mountains and underground areas. They took to water, albeit in an astral sense.

Gradually, once again over eons of time, a more recognisable form of animal came into being.

Some, indeed many, broke away from the love and care of man and took up independent identities in the fields, forests, seas, lakes, caves and mountain tops.

Gradually they lost interest in man and man in them and they started to create their own experiences.

This, once again, was what God desired. All the experiences acquired by these early animals was fed into the God force and so God grew in wisdom thanks to the animal’s experiences.

This complex interplay between man and beast played out for a long time as early man tried to fine tune his relationship with the animal kingdom.

Some animals, over time, became distinctly wary of man and, equally, man became wary of the now wild animals.

Many animals remained close to man and a symbiosis between man and these friendly animals became strong and love bonds were formed.

However, the other creatures distanced themselves from man and, indeed, distanced themselves from other species unlike them until distinct groups were formed, each group forming specific packs of species, each one only feeling “at home” with fellow creatures of their own group or pack.

Fortunately, at that time, the concept of killing and the need for eating was not part of that reality and so the various groups of animals contented themselves with living apart from each other.

It must also be said that the concepts of fear and hatred were also unknown either to man or beast at that stage, so the various groups lived in relative peace and when one group of animals crossed the path of another group, they passed each other and continued on their way in peace.

Man also played a role in this theatre.

His job, at that time, as directed by the God instinct that he contained, was to try to act as an intermediary force between the various groups of animals and seek to bring them back together as friends – for want of a better word – as they were long before.

Needles to say, man’s efforts were in vain.

It was too late for man to undo the efforts of long years of separation and so the tribes of animals remain apart to this day.

As early man observed the behaviour of these disparate groups of animals, the concept, the idea that it might be a good idea if they, too, separated into disparate groups was born in the minds of early man.

So, once again over vast eons of time, man formed small “families” of people of similar mindset to themselves, and started to live apart from others.

Then, by the never ceasing law of mutual attraction – like attracting like – other likeminded people joined a group and the groups grew and expanded over time.

Eventually a more (to us) recognisable form of world came into being. A world where groups of animals lived apart from each others group and groups of man of similar outlook to each other started to band together into clans, villages and tribes not dissimilar to what is observed among primitive groups of people on Earth to this day.

The concept of tribalism was formed amongst man.

The concept of separatism was formed in animals.

These concepts were the birth of the very same effects that continue throughout the dimensions to this day, for do not think that discarnate man lives in universal brotherhood. Far from it.

Although man in his body of light cannot kill he can feel separateness from others should he wish and many do.

Equally, wild animals, when discarnate, still tend to live in packs in their universe and do not lose the sense of separateness.

We look forward to the day when man and beast, both incarnate and discarnate can live together in peace and love but the idea of separateness created so long ago is deeply ingrained and it will take a long time before this primitive concept will fade and be replaced with man and beast roaming the plains and rocky areas in peace together as was intended originally.

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