The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Chapter 3


In the beginning, long before anything that we would recognise as life existed there was, nevertheless, a life force.

This life force we have already mentioned and we called it God.  This life force – God – has always existed as far as is known.

It would be logical to question where this God-force came from for nothing can appear out of the blue by magic.

But there are a few things about which even the wisest amongst us has no knowledge. We have to have an open mind about things, use our intelligence to puzzle out what seems logical and what seems ridiculous.

It is obvious that something that we call life exists and so it must be obvious that something must have created that life.

We accept that the originator of life is this mysterious, unfathomable force we term God. As has been mentioned previously, where God came from is not known by anyone.

We understand the desire that many have had, stretching back for long ages, to resolve this mystery but no one has yet found the answer.

The origin of God is unknown.

What is known is that this force we call God has always existed and is responsible for the creation of all life in all dimensions and throughout all time.

It is further known that this force we call God has created all that exists as a spiritual force, because of the need to manipulate everything according to the desire of God to create experience.

Thus it became apparent that whatever this force we call God is, one thing is certain.

It is a force of infinite power.

Among these powers is the ability to create illusion. This, if anyone has followed the various teachings already transmitted to you, must be obvious by now.

So great is this illusionary force that, to try to explain how life is constructed, we have, ourselves, time and again, been obliged to use subterfuge to explain the points we have been trying to illustrate.

This does not please us and is not our goal, but the reality of the construction of all life is complex and to launch ourselves into a factual explanation of reality – as far as it exists – would have been pointless.

We apologize for confusing you with tales, with what might be considered stories related to young children by parents trying to explain sophisticated elements taken from life.

This concept of story telling instead of relating truth has been used by many great teachers over the years. The master Jesus often used parables to illustrate spiritual points he wanted to make and other teachers often used childish descriptions when trying to explain their understanding of who God was for instance.

There are many people today that would have difficulty in accepting God as an abstract force, completely devoid of any desire to influence life but, in opposition, just desirous of absorbing the knowledge that the experiences of his creations offered.

Thus, often, God is presented as a person controlling the world, offering blessings, granting wishes and pardoning or condemning people in an arbitrary fashion.

This is, of course, quite understandable when we look at past people whose level of education and whose ability to think clearly was limited.

It is, perhaps, relevant to our discussion of life to question why man, just a few centuries ago had such a limited ability to analyse life and thus to understand more clearly the nature of God.

People talk about evolution.

Usually, when evolution is discussed reference is made to physical aspects of the subject under discussion – how, in the case of man, for example, body shape has altered as food has become more plentiful for most, hygiene and eating habits have improved and so on – but reference is seldom made to the evolution of the spiritual part of man.

And yet, one would have thought that examining and analysing the changes in spiritual attitudes would have been of considerable importance in quantifying who man is, what he has become in comparison to what he was a relatively short time in the past.

Much time is, and has been, spent comparing earlier man to modern man, not only in physical form but also in mental abilities, in the construction of so called “civilisation”; housing, transport and providing comfort, but who has ever stopped to examine and compare the spiritual qualities of earlier man compared to today?

Has anybody ever compared the spiritual growth of man over the years?

It might be postulated that the opposite is the case. It might be thought probable that man’s spiritual progression has been at a standstill for long ages.

One could suggest that, as witches are no longer burned at the stake and that heretics are no longer punished or killed that some progress has been made.

However, even that is not true.

At the moment when this book is being produced, in a number of countries it is common practice that people committing the “sin” of unauthorised dress-wear or of eating the wrong food, consuming the wrong beverages are punished in a horrific fashion or beheaded in public for the delight of the spectators.

Now, as all life is one, until such barbaric practices stop, none of us can say we have progressed spiritually at all.

This criticism applies also to us who live in the higher frequencies.

All life is one and so all life is at the same spiritual level. There cannot actually be some people more advanced spiritually than others if we are all one.

Until the least advanced spiritually among us rejects hateful thoughts and turns to love, none can rest in the halls of peace and tranquility.

If one considers the human population as a whole, what real progress, spiritually, has been made?

Which religions have revised their teachings in recent times to incorporate the spiritual knowledge available?

No, it must be admitted that, for the vast percentage of the world’s population, little or no improvement has occurred.

The reason for this was discussed in chapter one.

We mentioned the stranglehold that the Archons have maintained on humanity for many long years so that they may profit in negative energy creation by the various processes they have installed in order to keep mankind in a state of discord and conflict.

But we also mentioned that change, positive change, was and is coming to Earth in all the dimensions, physical and astral, which will open the door to a more harmonious form of living.

This, of course, will take a certain time but success is assured. The speed that change will occur is, as has been mentioned, dependent on the speed that all mankind can accept the influx of this positive energy flooding into man and can release his negative aspects.

But, as is always the case, to assist in keeping things in balance, there must be an increase in negative vibration.

It may be difficult to appreciate but, if there was a sudden, monumental influx of positive energy flooding into humanity, chasing out all negativity in an instant, this might be considered to be a wonderful thing but the reality would be chaos.

Too much of a good thing.

All changes must happen slowly. Good gently prising bad out, a step at a time.

So the Archons, who are doing all that they can to maintain the status quo in an evil sense are actually playing into the hands of the angelic beings introducing positivity but using Archon influence as a hand brake to help counter balance positivity to avoid chaos from happening.

One wonders what the Archons, who are the epitome of evil, would think if they were able to realize that the positive angelic beings are using them to assist in the gentle inflow of pure love.

Fortunately, the Archons, being so enwrapped in evil are not able to see outside of their negative control system and thus could not comprehend to what use they are being put.

The same applies, of course, to the psychopaths currently in incarnation. They, too, are being used to slow the influx of positivity to avoid chaos, but they, also, are so involved in negativity that they cannot see that they are being made use of.

As this inflow of positivity is being introduced slowly in order to give humanity a chance to develop slowly and gradually, so the negative forces are of the opinion that they are winning the battle between good and bad, love and evil and are celebrating what they see as a certain and close victory.

They will, ultimately, be deceived, of course. But, by the time that they realize the game that has been played on them by the positive forces, it will be too late. The battle will be over.

However, we ask you to be patient and courageous.

Victory is assured but each move on the universal chess board takes time as each move must hide the master plan for victory by allowing the enemy to think that he is winning.

Check mate is assured but the pawns and various other pieces must be played and moved into position carefully.

There is no room for error.

As this great game is being played on many levels of reality, it must be realized that the overall picture of life is constantly moving. Just as with most things, there is the ebb and flow of events rising and falling as the way life is viewed. Sometimes we have the image that peace is winning and sometimes we think that evil has the upper hand.

The truth is that, for many millennia, evil did have priority and it seemed perfectly normal that wars, hatred, bloodshed and evil were the natural way for life to evolve, both human and animal but, following the great procession of life, change always occurs.

Evil cannot reign forever. Neither can peace and love but, fortunately, we have moved from the downward flow. As all things must ultimately balance we must now start to move into the upward swing so we move into a period which also will last for many millennia.

In order for this new way of living to become reality, enormous changes must take place in all the dimensions, physical and astral.

As was mentioned, these changes must take place slowly so that all life can adapt to the changes.

We should now consider how these changes will affect man dressed in his physical body and his bodies of light. We must also consider man’s home, when incarnate – planet Earth – and study the life forms that live on the planet and how these changes will affect them.

Man has been under the influence of the negative forces for so long that history has based its investigations solely on these dark periods.

The last time there was a bright, positive time was so long ago that recorded history has no recollection of that time.

Fortunately, in the spiritual realms, there are people whose memories go back that far and we can record their recollections in order for us to map out and predict how the move into the light might occur.

So we, who have planned this book, have contacted these wise beings and have asked their help in recounting how life evolved at that time.

As all life moves in similar cycles, it is expected that their memories will be able to act as a blueprint for us to be able to predict for you what will happen.

It should be noted that:
(a) we are in the early stages of this upward swing and,
(b) we will be describing what will occur over many, many, millennia so the people who will be able to read this book will have moved on to other pastures long before it all will come to fruition.

However, it is expected that, eventually, man discarnate will be able to communicate with future man incarnate and will be able to pass the information down to him to help guide his passage through his incarnation.

It should be realised that this book, which is being dictated from spirit and which, it is hoped will be published on Earth eventually, is a copy of a book, the original, which will be kept for all time in the libraries of the spiritual planes.

So this information will never be lost and will, it is hoped and expected, be made available in printed or electronic form on Earth for man incarnate to read but also be available for man dressed in his bodies of light to read.

So let us look at some of the ways that life should start to change.

We must first consider the reasons why it was necessary for humanity to develop its level of spirituality above and beyond the level of knowing that a force called God existed and the concept of heaven and hell put into place in the hopes of curbing the wildest excesses of zeal both in a religious and demonic sense, the one sometimes not being far from the other.

Once humanity had developed beyond the point of what we would call caveman and had developed sufficient intellect so as to be able to quantify for himself the more mysterious aspects of life, it became clear that a control system was required.

Thus, as was mentioned, our arch enemies, the Archons, made their appearance on the stage of life, first in an astral sense and later, working through the minions that they had co-opted to their will, in a more physical, practical fashion.

The Archons and Archon controlled people introduced the concepts that we call religions, complete with teachings both based on fact and based on falsehood. Either way, a very selective version of spirituality was presented to the world, virtually ignoring any mention of love, peace and happiness and concentrating on hell and damnation for any person who dared to step outside of the strict parameters set by the Archons for conducting their lives.

These concepts, although first introduced into the minds of man many thousands of years ago are still alive today.

So, although man progressed, slowly, in a technological sense over the centuries, from a spiritual aspect virtually no change occurred.

All this was explained at some length in a previous chapter. We merely introduce it again to remind you, briefly, of the history of man, religion and spirituality.

However, as was also mentioned, those unhappy days are now drawing to a close and it is time for the willing to accept what we tell you, to start to enter the next, more glorious phase of existence.

This phase has been awaited in the heavenly spheres for long ages. We knew it was coming and preparations have, for a long time been completed.

Attempts were made from time to time to test the waters by having advanced beings incarnate and give their spiritual message to plumb the depths and observe reactions to these messengers.

At least one being was sent, corresponding to the attitudes of each individual racial group and presenting the same information but from the point of view of each individual race type.

There would have been no point, for example, in a person (a saint) incarnating and presenting information from, say a Christ like perspective to a people whose mindset was totally at variance with the ability to accept such information.

Thus, for one group, Jesus came along and taught his message, Buddha did the same. Krishna and countless others came and taught essentially the same message but presented in a fashion that, it was hoped, would appeal to particular groups of people.

As is so well realized now, much of the teachings fell on stony ground but, nevertheless, these teachings were not wasted.

Although, by and large, either ignored by the general population or corrupted to further fuel the fires of hate and discord, these messages were given and remain as a tribute to the great masters who incarnated in order to help his fellow man.

But the time that the advice of the masters is relevant is over.

We are moving to a new phase in the spiritual development of man.

At the time that the saints incarnated, they were obliged, generally, to teach on an individual basis, converting one person at a time to walk the spiritual path.

Now, from this day forth, vast numbers will feel the inflow of spiritual power and will awaken to the spiritual call. But the strange thing is that people must awaken as individuals.

We use the word “strange” because it flies in the face of logic and in the face of information that we have already given.

If vast numbers are receiving the wakeup call, it would be logical for them all to awaken at the same moment.

Equally, if we are all one, it follows that, if one awakens, all must awaken. But we have just stated that people must awaken as individuals. Clearly, we must explain this contradiction or risk losing all credibility.

To explain, simply, how we can all be one but can act as individuals, we need to return to the concept of consciousness.

Mention was made, both in this book and in other talks given, that God installed in all of us, not only humans but all things, a sense of individual awareness – the desire to grasp hold of the God-force and keep it for himself.

We use consciousness in order to do this. We mentioned that God has self awareness (consciousness) and God installed that self awareness in all things.

Therefore, although all is one and that one is the God-force, the fact is that each element of the total oneness has a sense of self awareness.

Thus it is possible for all to be one but, at the same time, each aspect of that oneness is able to consider itself as a separate element of that oneness.

This is a difficult concept to grasp: all is one but each part of that oneness can act and think separately from all other things.

It is individual consciousness that permits this.

It is an important concept to grasp, that we are one but individual at the same time.

This is part of the extraordinary power of God. To be one and many at the same time.

Consciousness permits this.

So we now have a spiritual force flooding the galaxy, indeed all the dimensions as well, but each and every entity, whatever form it takes; human, animal, plant or mineral must react to that inflowing spiritual force according to how its consciousness accepts and analyses this force.

Some people find it easier to accept the inflowing spiritual force than others. Equally, some animals can do that.

The vegetable and mineral kingdoms are more difficult for us to quantify so we will ignore them in this discussion. Our main focus being man, let us concentrate on how man reacts to this spiritual force.

So, if we ignore all the variations between the two extremes of total acceptance and total rejection, we have these two opposite polarities.

Those who can accept the positive force now pouring into man are helped in this endeavour through the law of mutual attraction in so doing by angelic beings.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, those who cannot accept are aided, through the law of mutual attraction, by the Archons.

Now, as the number of people accepting the inflow of spiritual power increases, so the power of the spiritual force will also increase. Conversely, the power of negativity will decrease in proportion to the power of positivity.

It should be understood by those interested in this subject – the origins of man – that spirituality does not increase in a purely simple mathematical manner. In fact it does not conform to mathematics at all. However, in an effort to enable the student to comprehend, we could say that spirituality increases or decreases exponentially. Thus, for those who can understand that term, the power of God increases or decreases dramatically and the more that people are influenced by this power, it increases or decreases in a manner that quickly becomes more than just the number of people practicing spirituality.

To make the point quite clear, there is little correlation between the power of God flowing into the planet Earth, and its auras, and the actual number of people following spirituality. The power increases dramatically as the number of people increases.

By the same process, the power of negativity decreases dramatically.

However, as was mentioned before, the angelic beings charged with allowing this positive force into man must do it in a controlled fashion as the balance of all things must, at all times, be maintained.

Should these angels lose control of this process, the effect would be catastrophic beyond comprehension.

Thus to the frustration of all good people, those incarnate and those discarnate, patience is required and we must content ourselves with seeing positivity changing the world bit by bit.

Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see the floodgates open and the world rise to the heights of spirituality that we know is its destiny but, unfortunately, we know the opposite would obtain.

A too rapid unleashing of spiritual power would have the opposite effect and would not achieve the goals anticipated at all.

So what can we expect to happen in the immediate future?

We know that, at the moment, there seems to be a large amount of negativity and we also know that we need to keep some of that negativity in order to maintain balance between positive and negative.

But our goal is to provide conditions in which people find an atmosphere conducive to encouraging them to develop their level of spirituality.

Therefore we put our trust in the angels controlling the balance between good and evil and push forward the spiritual aspects of life knowing that greater minds than ours will control the game.

So we can expect two things to happen. We know that there are an increasing number of people feeling the inflow of this spiritual force and are either turning to prayer, meditation and helping all life or are, at least questioning the old values by which they lived and, through the results of their searching, will start to follow the spiritual path.

Thus will the spiritual power both on the surface of planet Earth and also in its auras increase.

But we must also expect that the number of people doing negative work will seem to increase.

In fact there is no need for more negativity to happen. There are sufficient evil people on Earth at the moment to balance any amount of good, so it will be disclosure of the evil ones that will cause many good people to doubt and thus will lower their level of spirituality and, therefore, keep good and evil in equilibrium.

However, as positivity is a greater force than negativity and, as it is inevitable that this flow of positive power will come to man in increasing volume, so negativity will fade.

These positive forces will generate great changes on man, animal and on the structure of the planet Earth herself eventually.

This, as has been mentioned, will take time but we feel obligated to mention these effects so that the change that will appear over time will not come as a shock to future man. Further, it is hoped that man incarnate at the moment becomes aware of the possible changes so, by dwelling on them he will begin to draw them into his reality.

So let us describe these advances, these changes to all life, as positive spirituality causing alchemical events to occur.

We must bear in mind that God is light. Therefore, as the power of God flows into man, so man will tend to become, eventually, a being of light.

Light can take many forms from the barely visible glimmer of a candle to the blazing brightness of the noonday sun.

Further, light, being life, has its eight auras, as do all things, so these lights in all their various powers will be shining in the astral realms. Indeed, it is in the astral planes that the spiritual light will increase first, to be passed down through the astral dimensions until it finally illuminates the dark plane – planet Earth.

We will just mention that there are also two planes or dimensions beneath Earth that we might term the first and second dimensions but, as neither human nor animal life incarnates in those planes we will ignore them from the point of view of discussing the evolution of humanity and leave them to explore their dark realms alone.

So, gradually, the majority of humanity incarnate and many discarnate will begin to fill their auras with spiritual light.

This will be barely noticeable at first. As was mentioned above, light must come slowly and gradually to avoid trauma, both physical and mental, so the light will fill the planet Earth, and all life, particularly mankind, starting with his auras and working down to his physical body.

This will cause strange sensations in many.

We will have a situation, indeed it has already started, where there will be, despite all the precautions taken, an imbalance of light throughout the various bodies of man. The higher auras will be capable of absorbing a more powerful ray of light than the physical body at any moment of time. Thus the higher elements of many will become out of alignment compared to the lower elements.

This will affect the emotional component of some people as the higher auras respond to the influx of bright light while the lower elements, including the physical part, is still processing a less bright ray.

So it is suggested that people learn to keep a close watch on their emotional attitudes and, if it is suspected that things are going awry, that a halt is made to any spiritual progress until the whole man (physical element and his auras) are capable of absorbing the same light-force.

Only then should anyone continue to try to advance towards God.

God needs strong, well and healthy people to serve him, not an army of mental cripples.

Assuming that due warning is taken, as man meditates and opens himself to light being projected to him, so he will gradually fill himself with this positive energy.

Man, generally, has been for long ages an ego based creature.

This has been the result of the negative forces that have dominated all life, both in the physical domain and in the lower astral dimensions.

It has been a force engineered in order to create the world that surrounds you.

Those people who have ego the most developed are the ones who rise to the top of the pile in terms of finance, political and industrial power.

As these egocentric people control much of the world, by the law of mutual attraction, they draw towards them like minded people and reward these people who are similar to themselves, promoting them to high offices and rewarding them financially.

The ultimate in egocentricity manifests itself in what we term psychopaths, people totally concentrated on their own needs, wants and ambitions.

It will be difficult for light to enter and to have much effect on true psychopaths but it will be able to enter the hearts of many of those employed by psychopaths.

As spiritual light enters the hearts of these people, so they will start to question the aims and motives of their leaders – the true psychopaths.

This will, in some ways, be an effect similar to what was described earlier, people whose physical bodies were at one level of spiritual development while their higher auras were at a more advanced state of development.

In the case of those employed by psychopaths they will start to notice that what they are required to do in their day to day work will be at odds with what they feel comfortable doing.

This will cause much turmoil in the minds of many.

The action taken to resolve this dilemma will depend on the person.

Some will stifle their new, higher emotions and carry on doing the bidding of their masters.

Others will abandon ship and turn to less demanding employment.

Yet others will seek to sabotage the plans of their employers in various ways.

Gradually, over a number of years however, these psychopathic leaders will find themselves isolated and more and more alone as, one by one, those in their employ leave like rats deserting a sinking ship.

No one can run an empire alone.

Therefore, it is expected that these psychopathic leaders of virtually every domain that exists will be forced to abandon as they find themselves the last and only one trying to maintain a hold on something that they can no longer control.

It will be in this fashion that the psychopathic leaders will be forced to resign. They will find, quite simply, that no one would want to work with them and so they will be replaced by new leaders that people will want to work with.

Once again it is the law of mutual attraction that will draw the new leaders of those affected by light.

So the old, evil, dark ways of living will be replaced by everyone working together in a light filled world.

As it is hoped you can imagine, this will all take time.  Do not expect to see instant change but it will occur.

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