The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Chapter 5


The revelation of a different way of living: peace, love and harmony, instead of conflict, hate and competition will take a long time to be accepted by the majority of the world’s population, so do not think that what we have mentioned as inevitable progress into light will occur straight away.

Life changes slowly.

We must accept that the majority of the humans incarnate at the moment have no idea of the spiritual changes happening and so continue on their daily round as lost as they were before the solar system started to move into the light.

It is true that many children are being born at the moment incarnate with that knowledge installed in them, but it is also true that the evil ones are aware of this and have installed a system of injecting newborns babies with poisons in the hopes of preventing them from realizing their potentials.

This is a terrible crime and the perpetrators will pay heavily for the harm they are causing to beautiful children who could have helped push the knowledge of spirituality forward but, instead, find themselves isolated in a world that is cut off from our world.

Nevertheless, as has been mentioned, nothing will prevent life from unfolding in the future as has been predicted.

This prediction is based upon the way things unfolded long ago, the last time the galaxy moved into the light and so it will happen again in much the same way.

Life always moves in circles and those wise beings who lived through those events long ago have reported to us how events unfolded.

However, we cannot be sure that life this time will be a carbon copy of the unfolding last time, but we can be sure of how the main events will be revealed this time.

It is a wonderful time to be living in and the heavenly hosts are rejoicing that life is moving into these joyous times.

It is important that we all, both those incarnate and those discarnate act together in as positive a fashion as possible.

We mentioned in the last chapter how the light from God will illuminate every corner of creation chasing darkness and replacing it with God’s power.

We wish now to jump forward a long time into the future and explain how we expect life on planet Earth to appear.

It must be clearly understood that light, as we now see it, is not at all how light really is.

Light is the power of God – the God-force.

But, light is life.

More than this, light is a living substance that has remarkable elements to it.

One of these elements is of a crystalline nature.

If we examine the stones that we call crystals and compare them with ordinary rocks and stones we can get some idea of the difference.
Stones are dense, cold, apparently lifeless objects, although they do contain a life force.

But crystals can be seen as things of great beauty, translucent or transparent. Either clear like glass or of great beauty: pink, blue, green and of many colors.

These crystals are, in fact, remnants of stones remaining from the last time Earth was bathed by the God-force.

During the long ages that Earth was in spiritual darkness, what we know as stones and rocks have been formed, a reflection of the darkness, the lack of spirituality that has been formed on the surface of the planet, and on other planets and moons also.

But, deep underground, can still be found the beautiful stones we call crystals that formed long ago through the God light shining on the surface. They have been covered by more modern formations as the planets grow over the long ages.

Therefore, it is expected that long into the future the surface of planet Earth and other planets and astral bodies will once again, glow and scintillate as the God-force creates more crystals, but that will be lying on the surface.

This will be the natural result of the rising in spirituality of all life in response to the God-force, of a much higher frequency causing beauty to be formed everywhere.

Planet Earth will become a thing of incredible beauty, truly a joy to live on.

It will, in fact, become the Garden of Eden described in the Bible, although humanity will not be wandering about naked and in ignorance as is described in the Old Testament.

Quite the opposite will obtain.

Man will not need clothes quite as they are known at the moment.
Humanity will, through an act of ‘will’ be able to create whatever form of garment he wishes to clothe him.

Last time we were in this blessed state, the majority of people clothed themselves in garments of a rainbow hue, garments, not created from things of the Earth: animal or vegetable, but raiment’s created from their minds. As minds were pure and full of beauty, so the clothes they summoned were also things of beauty constructed from astral energy.

It was similar with housing. It was no longer necessary to pillage the Earth of its minerals to build houses. They were created from astral matter by an act of will.

These remarkable acts are possible through the rising of consciousness to the point that manipulation of energy becomes possible.

It sounds like science fiction at the moment, and would, certainly, be almost impossible but times change and, once the move into the light truly occurs and, once mankind, bathed in this light, realizes his potential, virtually nothing will be impossible.

The God-force has no limit and so, people filled with this God-force will also know, virtually, no limit, only the limit that people impose upon themselves according to their level of spirituality.

Naturally, by this time the power of the Archons will have been totally removed as will have been any influence by the psychotic people who, at the moment, run your world.

Wars will have long since ceased.

Consumption of animal flesh and by products will have stopped.
Most animals will have lost their fear of man and we (man and beast) will live in peace together.

So we present a picture of a planet Earth totally healed, loved and respected, glowing with the spiritual God-force present in all its elements: stones, plants and water, man dressed in rainbow colored robes and the whole world living in peace.

This glorious image will become reality and will gradually become so, from the humble beginnings we have today to its peak of perfection before, inevitably, declining back to what we now see.

This is the inevitable, unstoppable swing of the pendulum of life, back and forth between growth and returning it to its source – God.

But, at the moment, we are in the spring of this event so we can look forward to a long, long summer before autumn sets in and we return to the winter of existence.

This positive phase will exist for many hundreds of thousands of years so let us rejoice in the glory that is coming to us.

We must now look to our more immediate future, when life will not have reached its climax, but nevertheless, is not as dismal as it is at the moment.

What can we expect to see?

Once again, thanks to the memories of the wise ones who had incarnations at that time and were willing to share their memories with us, we can make an estimate of this probable future.

The first thing that should happen, as has been mentioned previously, the evil ones who run the planet will be exposed and removed from power.

We repeat for anyone who has not read the previous chapters, the time of the Archons, their stranglehold on all life on Earth and the time of their psychopathic minions is over.

Life will have difficulty in changing until the hold on the reality that they have created is removed.

That time is already upon us. The next few years will see great change, great freedom come to Earth.

As soon as their domination is removed, then we will see zero-point energy introduced.

This as has, once again, been mentioned previously, will provide virtually free electrical energy for all the world.

Zero-point energy quite simply takes the differential energy from what we refer to as the sky and the planet Earth and that energy can be converted into electrical power.

This differential energy is similar to what is observed during a thunderstorm when huge amounts of this power are unleashed in a somewhat uncontrolled fashion.

But it gives a clear indication of the energy available. Man is able to tap into this energy and release it in a controlled fashion providing endless, unlimited energy for man to use.

There is no limit to this power.

It exists, quite simply because of the differential in spiritual power between the sky and the Earth, a differential that it is always trying to balance.

So, by capturing some of this differential it will be possible to provide energy for all to use.

Now, we must consider a form of transport that already exists but has been kept out of the public domain for many years. We refer to anti-gravity transport.

For long ages, man has noticed strange craft crossing the skies and has questioned how they flew: silently, and incredible speeds and not observing the laws of physics that science is used to following.

There are a number of forms of locomotion of these various flying craft but some of them use zero-point energy.

This energy can be tapped by devices standing on the surface of the Earth but can also be captured by craft in the skies.

This energy, which is basically vibration can be manipulated to provide a power that is termed ‘anti-gravity’.

It is perhaps not the moment to go into a lesson on advanced, alternative physics but we will say that vibration can be manipulated to provide an attractive force or a repelling force.

The power that is termed gravity is a power, a force, that has not been understood by general science. Indeed it is a subject that has been deliberately kept from the public eye because an understanding of how gravity works would open the door to understanding both free energy – zero point energy – but also help people to develop anti-gravity machines.

However, as spiritual light floods all of creation so all must be revealed.

The secret of zero-point energy will be revealed as will how anti-gravity works be released to the public domain.

Thus we can expect to see more objects flying through the skies, much as we have airplanes at the moment but these new forms of flying transport will be silent, swift and harmless to the Earth.

Once again, this may seem to be science fiction at the moment but it is a form of transport already being used by certain military groups but it has been kept from the public eye as much as possible in order, amongst other reasons, to enable certain rich people to become even more rich at the expense of planet Earth, as oil, water and other elements play a part in the health of the planet.

Once zero-point energy becomes freely available to all, of course much will change.

We break off here in our discussion of the ascent of man to discuss something that we have been reluctant to discuss because it would have caused turmoil and fear if we had mentioned it years ago and that is the beings that are also seen in the skies at the moment flying in unusual shaped craft silently and clearly using out of this world technology.

We refer to what we call aliens.

This group, or rather, these groups of beings, come from various dimensions and areas of life far removed from planet Earth and its apparent solidity.

It must be said that there are life forms also present on Earth that look human but that come from what we term a different dimension.

Now, there are dimensions that are of such a different vibrational frequency that the beings that live there would be invisible to the untrained eye but there are also dimensions, if we can call them such, that vibrate at a slightly different frequency from your 3D world.
In those dimensions, and there are a number of them, beings of all sorts live.

Some are totally visible to us, some are translucent and some, of course invisible.

Among all those different beings we find the nature spirits: gnomes, elves and so on. On slightly higher frequencies we find the fairy folk who have the ability, along with the nature spirits to raise or lower their frequencies to make themselves either visible or invisible to the human eye.

The raising or lowering of frequency also enables them to alter their degree of solidity in relation to our material world.

Thus, in a visible state, these beings may have a degree of solidity very much like our dimension. But, as they raise their frequency, they not only are able to move in degrees if required between visible and invisible but, in the same degree, can alter their degree of solidity, being able to move through what appears to be solid walls.

These almost magical, to our eyes, feats – moving from visible to invisible and passing through solid objects – is not magical at all. It is simply a question of changing frequency rather as if someone was tapping on the keys of a piano, moving up or down the scale.

Humanity will, one day, far into the future be able to accomplish these feats. Indeed mankind already has the capability but has not developed his spiritual awareness to be able to put this into practice.

So, to return to these human like beings that share the planet Earth with us, we could call them a different parallel branch that have existed for at least as long as humanity has but have not been subject to the rise and fall of life that has been described earlier.

Their evolution has followed a different path to we humans and thus have had different events happening to them, events that have been less dramatic and negative to their progress.

We, who also live in the astral realms have little contact with them, being first and foremost concerned with the evolution of humans on Earth and in our astral realms, but our paths do cross from time to time and we do communicate with them.

So to repeat for the sake of clarity, there exists this race of beings that have a parallel evolution to us, are much more spiritually evolved than most of the human race currently occupying planet Earth and that tend to keep to themselves. Until now.

They have started to make themselves more visible to us because the actions of man with his destructive intentions is interfering with the planet and thus, is interfering with them.

The mining and other actions done by man in the past caused little interference with them but the more recent activities: nuclear explosions and what is termed Fracking is not only harming the planet but is also of great concern to this race of people.

Thus, they have made themselves known to some of the leaders of certain developed countries and have tried to explain the changes and the harm that is being caused by man’s ill-advised actions.

As is well known, the greed of man and his war like actions resulted in the refusal of our leaders, both military and political, to listen to these people and to heed their advice. But our concern, at the moment, is not with the stupidity of man, but on an investigation of the human like forms that live on the planet Earth and in her astral realms.

So we will describe these beings, what they look like and how they live as far as is known.

Physically, they resemble man to a large degree.

They tend to be tall, slim, with silver hair and would be considered ‘good looking’ although some of their good looks is the result of their high level of spirituality shining from them and affecting people’s impression of them.

They are of the two sexes, like man, male and female. They fecund in a similar way to man and have children.

They have long lives compared to man, partly because of their peaceful, stress-less way of living and partly because spirituality tends to help in the prolongation of physical life.

To describe their homes is difficult because they have developed the ability to be physical and nonphysical.

When physical, they tend to live deep underground in caverns that they have terra-formed according to their needs.

When in non-physical form, of course, they need no home, being pure spirit.

Their food is simple. They are vegan and eat little, drawing much of their sustenance from the auric fields surrounding the planet.

When alone, they are able to transport themselves by teleportation.
When in groups they use craft that you would term space ships, the propulsion system being a modified zero-point energy machine, modified by mixing a spiritual element with the physical machine, a system a long way in the future for man.

They communicate telepathically. Thus they can not only communicate with each other but can communicate with us.

Telepathy is a universal language.

Let us now turn to think about other life forms that are visiting planet Earth at the moment and, indeed have been doing so for long ages.
It has been mentioned that this planet (Earth) is the only one in the galaxy with life in the physical form on the surface.

This unique fact has been the cause of great interest to many life forms that, themselves, live in astral realms but desire to explore life in physical form.

Thus, they have a problem. Being made of astral material these beings are not able to visit Earth in a physical form without a great deal of artificial assistance.

Also, being astral in form, they are immortal and so have had immense amounts of time to resolve their problems.

The problems are many and complex.

The major problem to overcome is, first and foremost, how to visit planet Earth from their auric homes.

Everything is made of vibration, frequency.

So, regardless of the level of spirituality in a Godly sense, the auric fields are of a higher frequency than life on planet Earth.

So it was necessary to find a means of reducing their frequency, both in a singular and in a collective sense to match the frequency of planet Earth.

It is a question of bombarding the individual or groups of individuals with the frequency of what is termed the third dimension and that enables a change to occur in the form of the being under discussion so that he can match the frequency of planet Earth and with our galaxy.

Once this is achieved the being or beings are in a position to assume a sort of physicality at least temporarily.

However, they would still be distant from planet Earth because it is not sufficient to match the carrier wave frequency of this dimension. It requires also knowing the exact frequency of the place either on Earth or on another planet that they might wish to visit.

The subject of each point in our galaxy having a unique frequency has also been previously discussed.

So they would not only need to bombard themselves with the carrier wave frequency of the third dimension but also of the frequency of the exact spot that they wish to visit.

Having successfully achieved this they would disappear from their auric home and arrive at their destination here on planet Earth or on one of the many planets or moons that are in our solar system.

So they would arrive somewhere and have a sort of temporary physical form but would not have the means of operating successfully on the surface of a planet.

To operate correctly in physicality requires a great deal more that just a physical form.

It requires clothing, food suitable for the being who is going to consume it.

It also requires a suitable temperature, light conditions among many other needs.

So the problems go on and on.

Let us recapitulate.

Beings in astral form from a certain dimension needed to learn how to alter their quiescent frequency, from their basic frequency to that of our physical dimension.

Then they needed to learn how to project to the spot in our universe where they wanted to appear.

Also, as was just mentioned they needed to create a body that could survive on the particular planet they wished to visit.

Some things it was possible to master and other things proved impossible.

Strangely enough the things that humans would consider the most difficult – the changing of frequencies and the ability to arrive at a particular spot – was the easiest for many races of aliens.

This is because many of these groups have science very developed and so the knowledge of how to manipulate frequencies was well known to them.

The real challenge to them was to create a body suitable for living on any particular planet.

This was new to them so they had no knowledge to fall back on.

So they were obliged to abandon that idea.

But they did not abandon the idea of visiting planet Earth.

Thus they developed robotic entities that they could send to Earth to harvest materials that could be used to create a more long lasting form of robot capable of successfully operating on Earth.

Now, before we go on with this history lesson we must mention the means of transport variously known as flying saucers, UFOs, etc.
Remember that these aliens all live in the astral realms so do not have any physicality.

It was mentioned previously that teleportation is possible but that one could not do it in a group fashion, nor could large amounts of material be transported.

Thus to harvest materials from Earth and to transport them to an astral world, some means of container needed to be manufactured.

Thus, over time, in astral form, various forms of flying machines were invented by the diverse races.

As was mentioned, most of these races have a firm foundation in science, so it was relatively easy for them to fabricate, in astral form, flying machines that could, themselves, not only transport beings (robots) and materials, but could be altered in their quiescent frequency to operate in our dimension.

According to the race building these machines, they have different shapes and their power source is different.

But they all use a form of anti-gravity as that was considered to be a requirement so that they were independent of the need to use fossil fuels or any other primitive power source.

We should also mention that these flying craft were constructed with a high source of intelligence compared to anything known on Earth, to the point they could be considered alive, even if it is an artificial intelligence form of life.

So these flying machines can think for themselves, calculate the course that they need to take and much more.

Now, the robotic creatures, known to the military as EBE’s. EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITY’S were sent to Earth to gather materials that were hoped to be suitable for creating a more enduring form of artificial intelligence.

This is where things become almost laughable from a human standpoint.

These robots, were instructed to gather a variety of plants, animals, fish and even humans.

Then the frequency was altered up to the quiescent frequency of the astral realm concerned at which point attempts were made to construct viable creatures.

After much experimentation a small robot was constructed, partly out of vegetable matter, with a skin of modified Dolphin skin and with a modified human brain.

It’s basic shape was also humanoid.

It is the being known as the Grey.

We must remember that this creature was first constructed in astral realms but was found to work effectively in our dimension.

The mental component – artificial intelligence – is sufficient to obey commands and also perform acts that mystify us – levitation, teleportation and the ability to pass through apparently solid objects – but is, nevertheless, just sufficiently intelligent to obey orders.

This almost comical little creature has become a standard working model for many alien groups that still remain hidden from our eyes in the astral realms.

We should mention also the strange looking entities sometimes known as Praying Mantis.

Once again they are a construct, an artificial intelligence object created from Earthly matter.

Quite why a Praying Mantis form of a creature was copied we don’t know for sure.

It is possible that it is sufficiently human like in its bodily make up to fill the requirements of the aliens looking to emulate life here on Earth.

Certainly, it has a distinct head, two eyes and other facial features, a body, two arms and two legs. It also can stand upright in a similar fashion to man so, perhaps it was a good choice.

In any case, these artificial beings were constructed and found to be successful at being able to operate on Earth.

Generally, it seems that they are given a higher degree of intelligence than the Grey robots but, nevertheless, are just robots obeying the wishes of their masters, the aliens living in the astral realms.

The instructions are given both to the space ships (when required) and also to the EBE’s telepathically.

Mention has been made of the Draco’s, but these are of the Archon construct and do not enter into this discussion.

There have also come onto the scene in recent years a variety of other alien creatures.

Some of these are more recent robotic constructs, some astral projections (holograms) and some of them implanted images put into the minds of people.

In no case are they real aliens as none have found a way of living on planet Earth.

This, of course takes us into the unpleasant subject of abductions both of humans and animals and is the prime reason that we were reluctant to talk about the alien subject at all.

However, times change and no discussion about the human race would be complete if we did not mention the alien intervention and interference of humanity by aliens.

People claim to be abducted by the Grey robots, taken into space ships, or facilities somewhere and undergo very unpleasant examinations. They are also shown vaguely human looking fetuses grown in giant test tubes.

Further the victims of these abductions claim to be shown strange looking children and are informed that the child was constructed from their genetic material – sperm or ova.

Now, some of these stories are mental hallucinations. Many are implanted images done to observe the reactions of people without going to the actual trouble of performing all these acts, but some, it is sad to say, seem to be based on actual abduction and experimentation.

The object, when it occurs, quite simply, is to try to produce a viable human body, capable of surviving on Earth, but with a brain linked to the alien’s brains rather as is done with the robots, so that these human looking beings could have the alien, in his astral world, nevertheless experiencing life here on Earth.

These beings are generally called hybrids.

Now, all things are alive. So the sperm and ova used to create the body that grew in a test tube is alive but there is more to successfully living than just being alive.

A real human is a complex being with many parts to his make up, much of it spiritual in nature.

The beings that the aliens grow in test tubes, if left to develop naturally, would become normal human beings, the result of a sexual joining of sperm and ova.

But this is not what the aliens desire.

They seek to have a human but with an enslaved mind, a sort of artificial intelligence that they, the aliens, can command and that the hybrid would obey without question.

Real humans tend to think for themselves which is not what the aliens want at all.

So they alter the brain of the hybrid.

We are calling them hybrids for the sake of not confusing them with true humans although they are not hybrids really, have been made from human genetics.

Now, they alter the brain to try and install an artificial intelligence element into it.

Without exception, up until now, it has not worked.

The human body rejects the interference and so the unfortunate hybrid becomes ill after a while and is destroyed.

Before we leave the topic of aliens and move on to other areas of interest we need to round off the subject.

We have mentioned in earlier chapters the psychopathic leaders of planet Earth, humans under the control of Archons who have only their best interests at heart. That of the Archons.

For the sake of clarity we will repeat that Archons are non-physical beings and have been considered to be an artificial intelligence life form, although that is not entirely true.

It would be closer to reality if we considered them to be more like ants and bees.

They have a hierarchy of sorts and a strict code of discipline.

The military groups around the world are based on Archon principals.

This is where things start to get complex.

We have mentioned a variety of different life forms that have either visited the planet Earth or who have attempted to do so.

We have also mentioned this parallel human life that has shared Earth with man for long ages and who have remained apart from mankind generally speaking.

We must touch on motives.

If beings decide to expend large amounts of energy to go from one place to another, there is usually a reason for this.

In some cases it is simple curiosity.

In others it is to learn how to create physical form but in many cases it is in the hope of getting some advantage: spiritual, material or for power motives.

In the case of the Archons, as was explained, it was for power, domination, even a form of evil.

There are other groups of aliens who are not far removed from the Archons in outlook.

The human military machine, being under the control of psychopaths and thus under the control of Archons naturally attracted the attention of similar minded aliens and so very quickly found a common ground from which to work.

Thus, very quickly, an exchange system was set up. These alien groups gave the human military what they sought – advanced negative energy sources that could be converted into weapons of various sorts and, in exchange, the military gave these aliens carte blanche, via their different robots, to live on planet Earth and to conduct their various experiments in the vain hopes of achieving their goal – to be able to live on Earth.

Of course, all this has its limits in both senses.

The military have indeed manufactured flying machines and various other technologies that were taught to them by aliens but, not having the skill of the aliens, can only make poor copies of true alien technology whilst, at the same time, the aliens have not yet produced viable hybrids.
But, fortunately, there are other groups of alien life forms with more noble, peaceful, ambitions and whom we might consider to be, not exactly guardians of planet Earth, but certainly have our best interests at heart rather as, in the case of humans, there are some who exploit animals and some who take it upon themselves to protect animals.

We have described the two extremes: aliens that we might consider negative and aliens that we might consider positive.

As with all life, apart from these extremes there are a number of groups that visit Earth with other motives but we have gone to some length to explain why the skies contain flying machines and why the robots that pilot them, and that interact with man, do so.

But we must not forget the pendulum swing of life that was described in earlier descriptions of life.

Much of what we described, and we break off for a moment to say that alien visitation of Earth goes back a long way into the past, was only possible because the galaxy was passing through the negative aspect of life.

Now, of course, the galaxy is rapidly moving into the light filled aspect.

Thus, great changes will occur in the galaxy at large and in planet Earth in particular.

We mention that the time of the Archons and of their psychopathic minions is drawing to a close.

Therefore, wars will eventually cease.

As there will be no need of armies, the military that are working with these negative aliens will be disbanded. Then the public will start to discover the full extent of the harm created to some humans and aliens by these robots.

They will be disposed of and contact with the negative aliens will cease.

However, contact with the positive aliens will be encouraged and, as man develops the ability to use telepathy, direct contact with these good beings will occur.

Thus they will share their advanced, peaceful knowledge with us and thus will man progress more quickly.

Spirituality does not preclude advanced technology. Indeed, they can advance together so, as man advances in spirituality, so advanced peaceful technology will be shared with us by these peaceful aliens.

We will begin exchange programs with them, not necessarily in terms of visiting each other, although this will eventually be possible, but exchange of ideas and concepts to permit man to advance towards perfection more quickly.

So, like all life, the dark times are fading and man and his space brothers will move into the light together for, do not forget, that even the more advanced alien life has been battling the powers of darkness and are themselves celebrating moving into the light.

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