The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Chapter 9


Let us assume that all the readers of this book will be aware of the various types of employment taken by people, the different personalities that people have and the way that they pass their incarnation and fast forward to the point where the incarnation ends.
Once again, we will assume that some people pass naturally at the end of a long life while others find their term on Earth truncated by illness, accident, suicide and so forth.
No matter what the cause and what the duration of that life, in one way or another, most people will go to what are termed the heavenly spheres although, as we have mentioned in various talks, there are no domains but only levels of consciousness.
However, to avoid confusion, we will refer to heaven as a domain, a vast and many layered area that all souls go to at the end of their incarnation on Earth.
Before proceeding with details of how the transition from one plane to another occurs we should point out that planet Earth and all the so called physical galaxy fits into the description concerning the fact that it all only exists as a figment of our imagination.
All that may be observed is not real as people imagine it to be and exists by what is referred to as collective consciousness otherwise known as cosmic consciousness, the ID.
A better term would be cosmic illusion, but, as people reading this book can attest to, it appears real and solid.

In a similar fashion, the various levels of heaven appear just as real as the world in which you currently live in does.
Illusion can be very persuasive. Just as the vast majority of people incarnate are convinced that the Earth is a solid body and that all life that one can observe has physicality so the heavenly spheres appear as solid and real.
Indeed, few are the numbers of people able to see through the illusions either of physicality or of the higher levels that are referred to in many works on esoterics.
So long as things appear real there is no reason to question them.
So, as we mentioned, to avoid confusion, we also will follow the trend, consider Earth as solid and heaven as a plane, a dimension to where one migrates at the end of incarnation.

Now, we need to understand that a physical entity: man, animal or plant, has a physical body, the part that we are used to seeing because it is created from certain atoms that physicality requires and forms a shape according to the Logos of the creature,
We are all familiar with the shape that humans have, many animals and some plants.
Those shapes are created around the blueprint, the Logos of that entity.

However, the Logos is not a physical force, it is an invisible spiritual force and yet it can influence so called reality to create that which is observed by people and animals – physicality.

This physicality, so real, is almost an impossible concept to deny. What we see, what we feel, what we experience cannot be an illusion even if people like us who live in another dimension say that it is unreal.
Can this problem be solved. We search for truth, not illusion as we need to try to resolve this apparent dichotomy – either physical life is as we experience it or it is not.

Let us try to give some sort of explanation that, we hope, will enable some people at least to comprehend.
The God-force has created a number of bands of different frequencies, as we have previously explained.
Each frequency or carrier wave, is a basic structure, invisible of course, that enables life in its various configurations to exist.
We have previously compared these frequencies to the carrier waves that supply you with TV or radio programs. You change the carrier wave and you change the program.
This is an excellent way of explaining the various dimensions that exist, sometimes referred to as auras.
However, there is one major flaw in this analogy. TV and radio channels bring us illusion.
Even if the original information captured on cameras or on a microphone was of ‘real’ events, that which is broadcast to us is a sort of copy of the original event.
Even then, depending on our vantage point we would not necessarily observe exactly the same scene that the camera saw.
We would only see that which our eyes or ears could capture from that particular place.
Someone standing a few yards away would observe a slightly different version of the same scene. This would go on as people more and more remote from you watched the same scene but got different impressions than your version.
Thus it is if, say, a crime is committed and the police interrogate various people who claim to have witnessed the crime, they give slightly or startlingly different versions of what happened.
Then, of course, we have the vagueness of memory.
People describe the same person as wearing a black coat, a green coat a red coat. Of having blond hair, brown hair, black hair and so on.

The point we are trying to make is that no two people have exactly the same concept of an event.
This being so, how can we be sure of what physicality is?

Now, if we carry this thought on, we ask ourselves, what is the truth about life?
We accept that some people are male, some female.
Some with white skin, others with black, brown, yellow and so on.
Some people live in big houses, some in small.
We could go on endlessly describing the differences between any two people and any two situations.
And yet we all say that we live in a physical world.
A moment’s thought will show that there is a problem.
How can physicality be real if no two people experience the same thing?
So, we need to search deeper to reveal just what physicality is.
Clearly it cannot be as solid as we imagine or we would all have some degree of common acceptance, some common denominator that would give us a basis for comprehension.

So, where does the idea of solidity, of physicality come from?
This is where this great illusion concept is born.
The archangelic beings that helped construct physicality – the Directors of Life (DOL) – needed to find a method of persuading us that planet Earth is solid and all life that is on it has solidity also.
So, they implanted in our minds a concept that is difficult to describe and difficult to comprehend.
They created in our collective Logos, not only that we are alive and that we are God but also the concept that, for the duration of an incarnation, the conviction that we are physical.
This is a very weak reply to the question so we will try to expand.
The DOL put, in association with our Logos, a concept that we could identify with the carrier wave that corresponds to physicality.
This concept allows us, from the moment of our incarnation until its termination, a belief that what we see and experience is real in terms of physicality.
The closest that we can get to explaining it is to ask you to imagine that you are watching a performance on TV but that you are not merely an observer but that you are actually one of the performers. That you are taking part in the program being revealed on the screen.

We have mentioned this before in other talks on the subject of reality but we have mentioned it again in an attempt to enable you to realize that physical reality is but an illusion.
However, you have no option but to accept this illusion as it is put into association with your Logos and thus is as important to you as the fact that you are alive and are God.
Thus, people incarnate have little or no choice but to accept that physicality is real – at least for the duration of their incarnation – and then we can move on to other forms of apparent physicality but in astral form with different rules to the game.
We will say as a last part of this explanation that it is possible to break through this illusion mentally and see life as an illusion but, even then, that very advanced person would still be bound by the fact that whilst in physicality he is bound – to a certain extent – by the rules of physicality.
That part of his Logos that ties him to physicality cannot be broken until his incarnation ends.
Thus all humans and all life on planet Earth has this lock that binds him to physicality.

To return to what we were discussing previously, the move from physicality to astral, at the end of our incarnation is possible because the lock mentioned above opens and frees us from being tied to physicality.
Once this happens, the person that is you is freed from the shackles of physicality and the person can move away from physicality and into the astral realms, permanently.

Some people, through meditation are able to move into their astral form for a while but are compelled, always, to return to the physical world.
This chain that binds us to physicality is seen by some mystics as a silver cord. It is the tie that binds us to our physical body during our incarnation.
Other people watching a dying person say that they see the ‘light’ leave the eyes of that person at the moment of their demise.
Once again, this is the animating spirit – the real person – leaving the body when the tie is broken.

Either way, the fact of the matter is that, once the cord is broken, once the lock is opened, the spirit of that person leaves its connection with its physical body and is liberated.
Before going on, let us spend a few moments in examining who ‘you’ are so that we may better understand which parts of you are freed and which parts remain with this corpse.
Now, we can’t tell you every part of your spiritual body because it is far too complicated and complex for most people to understand and, although we wish to be open and honest with you, there is no point in confusing you. Indeed, there are many people who have spent long years in the heavenly realms who are still not advanced enough to understand what constitutes a human.

We are all familiar with the physical body that by some miraculous means has a heart that beats without us needing to pump it (except by those who have what is called an artificial heart), causing blood to circulate around the body and through the brain, the blood absorbing nutrients and particularly oxygen via the lungs that, in some way that people seldom question enable the brain to send electrical signals to the various parts of our body to keep it alive. Do people question what force causes the heart to beat, supplying the brain with what it needs to produce electrical signals that cause the heart to beat?
This almost equates to the chicken and egg situation that was mentioned a few chapters ago. The difference being that we know what keeps the whole system working.
The ‘magic’ that keeps the system functioning is that which we refer to as the ‘spirit’.
Whilst this is so, the spirit – which is actually the God-force that we have mentioned many times – may well be the motor as in the motor of an automobile it is not the whole story by any means.
If you are familiar at all with the workings of an automobile, you will realize that to make that mechanical contraption take you anywhere, much more is required.
So, the spirit, being the power source of any living object, required many more things to make it function.
In the case of a human there are a large number of invisible spiritual parts that must work together to enable a person to be ‘alive’.
We have already mentioned some of these; higher self (or higher mind), mind – closely associated with physical brain – imagination, will, auras, chakras and so on.
As we said, there are a number of other parts that we cannot, for the moment, describe because we do not wish to stray from the subject, all of which must work silently in the background in order for the physical body to operate.
These spiritual parts are locked together with the physical body and the Logos but, at the moment of death, the lock is opened and the spiritual attributes are free to wander away from the body.
We apologise for taking so long to get to the point of where what is referred to as the spirit goes to, once freed from the body, but the subject is complicated and we want you to have a clear understanding of what happens at the moment of death so we feel obligated to keep bringing in other aspects as they arise.

Once again we must break off to mention near death experiences (NDE).
It happens, for one reason or another, to some people that they appear to die and find themselves going through the death experience that we hope to describe shortly.
The point that we wish to discuss is that, sometimes, the person is met by what seems to be a god like figure and is told that it is not yet his time to remain in the heavenly spheres, and that he must return to his body and to his life on Earth.
The question we ask and hope to answer is, how does this god like figure know that the person is not truly ‘dead’?
The answer, quite simply, is that the person who informs the victim that he is not truly dead is able to perceive the silver cord, the link between the physical body and the spirit in heaven and thus can be sure that the person might have his vital functions no longer working, but that the person is not truly dead.
Once that cord is severed the person must be considered ‘dead’ and nothing can resurrect him.
So the person in heaven sees that there is still a connection between the soul and the body and advises the so called dead person to return to his body and he does.

So, at long last, let us examine what happens when we get to the sad, or happy, moment when this tie to physicality is broken and the spirit is, at last, free to reassume its long journey back to the Godhead.

Now, once again, as we have mentioned in various discussions on life after death, we must say that there are a number of ways that a spirit may be liberated from its ties to physicality.
In the most unfortunate case, a foetus may not reach full term and is aborted by accident or by design.
The term abortion has long been a bone of contention amongst religious people and is considered to be a form of murder by some.
We wish to reassure any prospective parents that, although we do not condone abortion, it is not murder.
Despite much debate as to the exact moment when a spirit (a soul) associates itself to the physical body of the embryo physical body, we wish to reassure all prospective parents that the spirit (Logos) actually makes contact with the baby at the moment of birth and at that moment the body springs to life, usually with a howl of protestation and everyone associated with that birth breaths a sigh of relief knowing that their child has safely been delivered.
However, from time to time the spirit cannot link with the foetus and withdraws in which case we say that a baby is ‘stillborn’.

A baby’s body, being very fragile can be subject to a number of accidents which can provoke the necessity for the spirit to withdraw and then we say that the baby has died.
Then, later in life, there are a number of illnesses or accidents that can cause an early demise of the person and lastly, there is old age which brings about an inevitable collapse of the link between body and spirit.
Although we feel rather guilty that we have taken so long to get to the point that we originally proposed talking about, we will, once again, break off to discuss just what ‘old age’ is.

A human person consists of two parts, the physical body and the spiritual elements.
The spiritual elements are immortal and are connected to the physical by this lock associated with the Logos that we have already mentioned.

Now the physical part grows and declines in two stages.
Up until the age of almost fifty years of age the various auras link with us one after another, typically, every seven years.
As there are seven auras, a person is not a complete human until he is approximately fifty years of age.
During this first fifty years of his life he is drawing energy into his physical body from the atoms in the atmosphere and also from the energy that is contained in what is termed ‘dark matter’.
But all energy must be kept in balance and so, from that moment onwards, the energy that was drawn into the physical body must be returned to the cosmos.
Thus, as one passes the age of fifty, the physical body, returning the energy used to create his body during the first part of his incarnation, starts to grow physically weaker and we start to see signs of old age.
The hair on the head turns grey and does not grow so quickly.
The body is subject to illness increasingly and the body exhibits all the signs that are observed in elderly people.
This ‘giving back’ process continues until the person declines to the point where the body can no longer contain the spirit and the link between the spirit and body breaks and the spirit is released.

We wish you to comprehend that this is a hypothetical example and, although true in principle, the effects of this giving back of energy show marked variations.
No two people are the same so the speed with which one gives up the ghost varies from person to person as does one’s resistance to illness, depending on that person, his lifestyle and so on.
But we have described why the physical body, sooner or later, becomes unable to contain the spirit and why a person dies of old age.

We would also like to mention that this chase after perpetual youth is pointless.
No quantity of rejuvenating creams spread over the body, no face lifting operations that some people feel compelled to undergo will hold onto youth.
The process of the body breaking down is inevitable and it is futile not to accept it.
It would be better that one grows old gracefully as do animals.
There can be beauty in age just as there is beauty in youth.
We would also like to stress the advantage there is in having all of the auras attached and thus, has more chance of making wise decisions instead of the rash, impulsive actions that young people often take.

Eventually, whether through accident, illness or age the cord snaps and liberates the spirit.
Generally speaking, the spirit, the true ‘you’ goes to heaven.
But there are a number of ways in which this journey to heaven can occur.

We will describe, first, the tunnel of light.
What happens in this instance is that within a very short space of time after the lock is opened and the spirit freed, the person finds himself in a long tube of multi-colored lights. He finds himself drifting slowly along this tube without having to walk. He moves automatically.
He may hear music of some sort.
This tunnel, this tube, is actually a portal that opens momentarily to convey the person to the next dimension.
This portal is actually an aura connected to a chakra point at the top of the head and actually exists all the time.
The person, when incarnate does not normally see either the chakra nor the aura but they are there and are part of his make-up, constantly maintaining a link between body and his higher self, higher mind which is also heaven.

So, the spirit, now freed from its physical body, is a being of light and is naturally drawn by the law of mutual attraction towards the light that it sees. This is, of course, the tunnel of light which is the chakra and aura that will conduct him back to his home – heaven.

As he progresses down this tunnel he will see a light, bright white, the light at the end of the tunnel.
When he arrives at this point he steps into a beautiful world.
Most people see this as a never ending and most beautiful park land. It is sometimes called ‘Summerland’.
He will be greeted by a person, the likes of which he will never have met before.
This person will appear extremely bright and exudes total love.
Many people think that this person would be God, Jesus, Buddha or one of the great saints.
It isn’t.
It is one of the many people in the heavenly realms that choose to spend their time helping newly deceased people to acclimatise themselves to life in the heavenly spheres.
In heaven, holiness is light, evil is lack of light.
As this person is holy, he exudes light and also exudes total love.
This light and love will be strange and somewhat disturbing to the newly arrived spirit, so he might find it somewhat overwhelming at first.

Now, we stop at this point in describing arrival into the afterlife in order to describe other means by which deceased persons can be taken to heaven.
It can and does frequently happen that a person approaches death slowly and over a period of time.
The angels who preoccupy themselves with assisting people to make the crossing make a decision to send a family member to greet the newly deceased person. This is to help make the crossing less dramatic.

In this case, the family member approaches, in the astral realms, the dying person, mixes with the auras of that person and waits patiently for the moment when the chain breaks and the person is released.
Then, as the person concerned leaves his body, often feeling completely bemused as to what is happening to him, he is greeted by the person who has come to help him cross over and is taken to the summer land.
One might ask why the tunnel of light does not appear?
The answer is that, with the sort of person who dies not knowing anything about spirituality and not having studied spirituality during his life, his auras would be weak and would take some time to form sufficiently to create a tunnel of sufficient strength to support the weight of the spirit of the person, there is always the danger that the spirit might wander about in the low realms and be attacked by negative entities, thus causing even more confusion.
To avoid this, a relative or a close friend greets the person and escorts him, by the law of mutual attraction back to heaven, from whence he came.

Now, we consider the case of sudden death due to accident or suicide.
The result would be similar to what is mentioned above.
For those who have been good and kind for most of their lives, they would have strengthened their auras even if they have not consciously done anything to strengthen them. That person would find himself in the tunnel of light – the head aura – and would proceed to the light of Summerland.
Similarly for someone who had done little to develop his auras, a person would immediately be dispatched to receive the deceased person and would guide him to heaven.

We must mention something that has only recently been developed.
There are a number of people who put out messages advising people that the tunnel of light is a trap and is created to enslave the dead and is part of an endless reincarnation event.
A moments thought will show that this is the total opposite to what should normally happen.

Fortunately, the number of people around the world who know of this idea is relatively small and so the vast majority of dead people see the tunnel of light and go into it and quickly find themselves in heaven and are met by a loved one to be escorted there.
But there are a small number of people who are convinced by this evil argument and resist the tunnel of light and resist to pleadings of their loved one offering to escort them to heaven.
As those who have read this book thus far will quickly realise, this recent idea is an Archon invention.
One should always be on the lookout for Archon intervention in our lives.
The Archons are constantly seeking to harm humanity.
It is easy to see Archon intervention.
Anything that one can feel is natural, good, beneficial and that one is told is harmful, is sure to be of Archon origins.
These entities do not invent but they take events that occur in life that are good and turn them upside down and present them as evil.
Evil things that one would normally reject, Archons present as good, beneficial and positive.

Thus, in the case of proceeding down the beautiful tunnel of light which would normally be accepted as a pleasurable experience, people are encouraged to reject.
As we all have free will, a small number of people, when they die, refuse this tunnel of light, refuse to be guided by a loved one and so thus find themselves in ‘limbo’.

Limbo is not a place so much as a state of mind.
The person wanders about, close to Earth, completely lost and confused.
This, once again, creates fear which is food for Archons.
This state of being in limbo can last a short time until the person calls for help and an angel comes and guides him to summer land or it can last for long ages in the case of a person who refuses to believe he is dead.
He becomes what is known as an Earth-bound spirit.
These Earth-bound spirits are the cause of hauntings which are quite simply people deceased who refuse to believe that they are dead and thus remain, in spirit form, in their old homes.
Thus, when they see new people coming in to occupy what they consider to be their house, they seek to chase them away.

We who live in the heavenly realms cannot intervene as we have no right to interfere with free will but it saddens us to see people suffering either through ignorance or through the evil actions of others.

Once again we are concerned that the concept that the tunnel of light is a trap might become collective wisdom that most would believe, which is the objective of the Archons and those who work to spread their evil agendas.
Thus we urge all who can to refute this imbecility and encourage all to accept that the tunnel of light is the connection between man and heaven.

To round off this chapter on the dying process we should mention the etheric double.
As we have explained, all life has a physical body, seven auras and seven chakras.
Now, the auras can contain a great deal of power and, if they were to be directly connected to the human frame, could cause harm.
Thus, the chakras – which are the connecting points – are connected to an etheric double.
This appears as a grey mist surrounding a person. Its purpose is to act as a transformer reducing the power of the auras to a level acceptable to the human body.
It is not an aura, it is, in a way, part of the physical body and when a person dies, the etheric double will dissolve back into etheric matter from which it was made.
But it can wander about on its own for a while and is sometimes seen in graveyards as a misty white figure wandering near the place where someone was recently buried.
It will eventually dissolve and, if seen, should not be the cause of fear as it is not alive and will not harm anyone.

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