The Path Of Mankind Book – Read Online – Foreword


The field of esoteric knowledge is vast and complex.  Its effect on humanity has been accepted and rejected by groups of people over eons of time because humanity has been present on Earth and in the esoteric planes of reality for a long time.

The impression given by science, religion and archaeology as to the presence of humanity on Earth is a long way from the truth as groups came and went over periods of time.

Man has recently started to investigate and discover elements suggesting that history has not accurately recorded the occupation of man’s home planet but only evidence of recent occupation remains.

Time has eliminated all trace of the earlier sojourns made by man upon the planet so it is not possible for science to trace the beginning of humanity’s origins.

That is not to say that no record remains but it does indicate that it will not be possible to discover archaeological evidence remaining.

To trace the origins of man’s beginnings we must look elsewhere.

This new book, investigating the makeup of mankind is intended to probe elements of total man from his earliest beginnings up to the present time in as complete a fashion as is possible, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to grasp just who and what this creature called man is and his place in the overall concept of life.

It is intended that this volume should take man on into the future by examining minutely his past origins both in physical and non-physical forms.

By doing so, it is hoped that when considered in conjunction with the previous work presented (The Stairway To Freedom), it will be both complementary and innovative and thus form a comprehensive work that will explain the origins of man, his place in the universe and his destiny ultimately throughout the stars for, be assured that man came from the stars and his place, his destiny, is to return.

Man is a far greater creature than history has portrayed.

Most of what has been written to explain his origins is incorrect either by ignorance of the facts or by falsehood.

This volume, in conjunction with the previous, sets out to correct these errors and anyone who takes the effort to read and understand them will no longer be under the illusion as to his origins, his path through life and his future as he progresses through the maze of intricacies of life in his attempt to return to his source – God.

So, it must, at the outset, be fully understood by all that this proposed volume will be both diverse and complex in its investigations of life and so the student must be prepared, both in the sense of understanding of the task being undertaking and also by preparation for comprehension of its elements, by prior study.

This will not be a work understandable by all and, indeed, no one who has not armed himself by previous investigation should undertake its study.

However, for those who have prepared themselves correctly and for those who will make the effort of deep analysis of the topics to be mentioned it is hoped that clarity will be afforded and strides made to remove the barriers that have for so long been erected to keep the truth from the eyes of the searchers.

This day was bound to come.

Truth can only be hidden for so long.

It was kept from the curious public for long ages for a variety of reasons but times change and the changing time has decreed that now is the moment for unveiling the evidence that has been waiting to be presented.

So, with these admonishments as to the degree of preparation required and the level of comprehension expected, we will now start to begin to explain both the physical and spiritual origins of man from the dawns of time and into his probable future.

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