Already, there are vast numbers of people throughout the world that are convinced that all that exists is physicality and we must admit that we have been guilty in saying this.

We did it for a reason.

We had a number of aspects of what appears to be physicality to explain to you and so there was no point in telling you that nothing exists except imagination and curiosity and that they are aspects of God’s mind.
There was no point in telling you that, although God exists, he is an invisible force living in a “nowhere” place.

But, having taken several books and many lessons to explain physicality, we gradually introduced to you the concept that, in fact, all that exists is imagination and curiosity.

Now we must admit that this was not the truth either because, if we return to our onion that we have so often mentioned, it appears physical, But, if we peel it back layer-by-layer, skin-by-skin, we arrive at nothing in the sense of no evidence of any life force.

But that implies that, although something might be invisible it still exists.

We stated that a number of things are invisible but exist: air, gravity, electricity and many other things.

But we want to take you further back – or forward, depending on how you look at life – and say that there exists life beyond that invisibility.

We are not talking at all about something that can be measured but not seen.
That there is a whole level of all life that has no means of being quantified.

Obviously, if something cannot be seen, measured, weighed or even estimated, if something is unquantifiable, logically, it should be impossible to describe or to talk about.

But talk about it we must.

So we have our age old problem of where to begin.

We have said that all good stories start at the beginning, go on to the end then finish.
But we have also described life as a wheel, with no beginning and no end.

While this is true, it is not all the truth.

For instance, incarnation, as far as the average person is concerned, is a straight line: birth, growth, decline and death.

But, we explained in the story about a straight line in the mud made by a cartwheel that, behind that straight line was a circular wheel turning, transporting goods, through the energy of the horse and the ability of the cartier, that life is really a turning circle with no beginning and no end.

This second description of the turning wheel may exist in physicality but is, can and does exist in the astral planes.

So we have two aspects to life:
1. A straight line from one spot to another or the progress of time from the past to now and, eventually, into the future.
2. Also we have this apparent circle of life.

We would like to bring to your attention yet another aspect we have mentioned in the past and that is the “now” moment and the “place” concept.

We have suggested and explained that, in effect, life only consists of countless now moments and, equally, there is no space and only the “here” idea.

Whilst this is also truth, and we hope that you have followed our other teachings to understand what we are saying, there are always other ways of looking at life.
We have the somewhat unenviable task of explaining in simple language this next level.

We want to wipe the slate clean and go back to the time where nothing existed.

We hope that you can remember from our previous books that there was a time, long ago, where nothing at all existed: no planets, no space … absolutely nothing!

Yet, obviously, something must have existed to create all that now exists.

This is where we have a problem because, the simple truth is that when we said that nothing existed, we really meant … nothing!

Not even God.

We apologise to people who cannot imagine a life without God and we have been guilty of telling you that God has always existed. The good news today is that God does exist and his power is growing stronger by the day.

But there was a time – if we may mention time – when we can go so far back in time to this “nothing” time and say that, at that far distant moment, not even God existed.

There was absolutely nothing!

So, from that strange time we need to find out how everything that we see, all that came into existence in this incredibly complex subject called life, came about.

So this is where we need to step into the void and find out just what happened to bring life from nothingness to all we have now.

This, as you can possibly imagine is not going to be easy to explain as we must introduce to you concepts that have never been described before.

The Bible starts from the moment when God created the heavens and the Earth, implying that there was a time when nothing existed and that God, happily for us, decided to step in and create everything.

Even in other religious texts, they generally start with creation.

Scientists talk about the” Big Bang” and spend a fortune investigating where everything came from – although we have told you how everything was created in other books.

But no one seems to worry about what was going on before everything was created, before God came to be.

There have been a few that have speculated, but no one has really been able to get to the truth of the matter.

We also have a problem in that, no matter how far our records go back, and they go back to the time of the Big Bang, for obvious reasons there are no records available before creation.

So, how can we possibly describe existence when there was no existence?
Fortunately, the answer is simple.

It is possible to go back to the time before all that we see in all the dimensions came into being, including the creation of God – for God was created by the simple process of delving into another reality.

So we have rather tricked you, in a way, because we said that, at one time there was nothing at all and now we say that there was something; another reality!

So did we tell you a lie?

One could answer yes, but we do not deliberately lie.
Sometimes we alter truth somewhat to gently explain reality (existence), but we would never lie to you.
That is contrary to our code of honour.

One should never lie.
One should always tell the truth even if one does not tell all the truth or masks truth in allegorical stories as the Master Jesus did so often.

Therefore, we ask you always to bear with us and, whatever we say in the beginning to introduce you to strange topics, we will always, eventually, guide you to the actual truth, as far as you can understand.

One of the major problems we have is that no matter what we tell you, there are always other levels of truth behind and beyond what we say.
Therefore, we are in the difficult position of never being able to reveal the ultimate truth about life because it would be totally incomprehensible to anyone.

So all that we tell you is true in its time and true in the limit of what we are talking about but can never be the ultimate truth.
To be honest, life and existence never ends so there are levels of experience, levels of new life constantly being created so the story never ends, nor will it ever end.
So, no matter how hard we try to describe life to you, it is always only relevant to the slice of time that we select to study.
Even as we are studying one aspect, countless other aspects are constantly being created.

Life never stands still so there will never come a time that anyone would be able to say that he knows all there is to know.

But to return to the subject of this book.
We mentioned that we played a trick on you by saying that there was a time when nothing existed but then we mentioned that there was life elsewhere.

It was a trick in a way but it was also the truth.
It is true that there was a time when absolutely nothing existed.
It is also true that life as we know it was created as a unique object, totally different from any other life form(s) created elsewhere.

Now, this is where the subject of this book is going to get difficult because we want to take you into a completely different form of existence to anything you could imagine.

As you can imagine, this is not going to be easy to explain.

Already, to imagine a time when absolutely nothing exists is a real stretch of the imagination.

But, if we can do a sort of mind exercise.

Please try to imagine a time when there was nothing.
No planet Earth, no life forms, no planets anywhere, no suns, no galaxies, no space, no time, no God, no Archangels, no concept of anything at all. Just absolutely nothing.

Can you imagine that?

Now, imagine yourself as the sole survivor, perhaps in a one-man spaceship or something, able to wander about in this nothingness.

Obviously, it would be quite impossible to do this because if there is nothing, there is nowhere to be!

But please go along with us.

If you could travel through this nothingness, you would, eventually, be drawn to another sort of area where there was life.

The problem is that this form of life has little or no relevance to anything we might experience or even imagine.

This is the task that we have set ourselves. How to explain life – if one can call it life – in another area?

So we will end this chapter here and start to delve into the real subject of this book, although we warn you that it is not going to be easy to explain, nor will it be easy to comprehend.

In fact, we would need to take you into areas where words do not exist.

Now, in the Heavenly spheres, we have the advantage that when we explain this book to students, we can create what you would refer to as holographic images to help students visualise the unknowable.

But in your reality, we have only words and so we have thought long and hard about how to tackle this problem.
We will do our best, just using words, to describe this strange place to you.

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