We have, thus far, made some attempt to explain that life generally and human life in particular is split into two parts – body and personality.

We have also gone to some lengths to explain that life is all illusion and the only thing that really exists is consciousness. Thus, life equates to consciousness.

We have also explained that personalities are created in separate galaxies, each one under the command of a God who was tasked with promoting one aspect of personality, which we linked to the signs of the zodiac, of which there are just twelve, although we explained that there are a large number of other aspects to personality, each one under the control of a God.
Finally, we explained that our galaxy, whilst it had a theme to explore – love – had also been tasked with raising all life that we might consider physical: minerals, plants, animals and humans.

We have not delved very deeply in this book, so far, to the vital role played by DNA.
We mentioned it but have not really linked it in this book to just how vital DNA is, although we did explore its importance in another book we gave you about DNA.
Now, we have a problem because we do not like to repeat ourselves, and those who have read and understood the book on DNA should be able to link the importance of DNA to this book about physicality and personalities.

However, we wish to be polite and we must accept that many of you who are reading this book may well not have read the book on DNA or might not have retained all the aspects of it, so, if we may, we will devote this chapter to how DNA plays a role in the development of life.

We have stated that DNA is second only to the creation of life itself. This is no exaggeration.
If DNA did not exist, life would not exist.

We are not referring to the crude DNA tests police and science uses to compare blood or tissue samples.
We refer to the wonderful DNA science rejects as junk DNA.
Although we have described this DNA at some length before, we will start again and, if we can, we will link it to this book in a way that was not explained before.
So, we will not mention what we might call physical DNA at all.
It is the DNA that is working behind-the-scenes linking all aspects of life together that interests us.
So, where to start?

We have mentioned physical life and how it is created. Or perhaps we haven’t.
Let us start again just with humans.

We explained, in a previous book, ‘The Dawns of Life’, that basic life was created in a kindergarten, and these points of life were eventually transferred to the eighth dimension of our galaxy.

Eventually, archangels gave a logos of life to them and gave them a unique identity. This might have been anything but, in your case and ours, it was the logos of human life.
Thus, you and we became humans.

Before you had a logos given to you, you were a point of life – a singularity – but that life was without any denomination. It was just life, if we can thus describe such a wonderful creation.
However, archangels gave you something that is referred to as a logos.
That logos tells you what you are destined to become.
That could have been a grain of sand, a drop of water, a plant, an animal of any description or a human.
By chance, you were given the logos of a human.
But the question is what is a logos?
What is it that tells you that you are a human instead of anything else?
The logos is DNA.
The word logos refers to DNA.
Now, each and every aspect of DNA is unique in several ways, it not only implies that you are human as opposed to a raindrop, an animal or anything else, but that DNA is ascribed exclusively to you and creates exclusively you.

So, when an archangel reached into the bank of life and selected a point of life, a singularity, it gave that point of life something we call a logos which actually means it gave that point of life DNA which not only told that point of life that it was going to be human but that it was going to be you.

Can you understand this?

At one point you were just a point of life which is a singularity.
This implies that, in reality, there is only one point of life.
We have not really explained this in quite this fashion before because we have to explain things slowly.
We are now at the point that we must explain things in a more exact fashion and hope that you can follow.

So try to imagine all basic life as a singularity in the eighth dimension.
A singularity, as you should know by now, appears as an almost invisible dot of consciousness although, if you have followed this book so far, you will know can consist of a vast number of living things but reduced in size to an unmeasurably tiny dot.

The archangels reached into that tiny dot, extracted a tiny portion of life and attached to it some DNA that corresponded to you and you were created.

Now, we must ask where did the DNA come from that created you?

This is the miracle.
Long before you were who you have become, you were created as DNA in a kindergarten that we have described in a previous book.
Then, eventually, you were transferred with countless others into the eighth dimension of our galaxy.
But you were not only DNA. You were given the spark of life.
Now, this DNA was not human at that point. That DNA is part of basic life.
But, when a human was needed, the archangels took the basic life form, complete with its DNA and added a final component that had been stored awaiting your moment, added it to the DNA and it all became you.

So, just what is this final piece of DNA that creates you?
This final piece is DNA that contains the components of your personality.

Thus, if we can start to link this together, you – just to consider you – are a point of life, given to you by archangels but created by God.
This point of life is what we refer to as a singularity and implies that everything that has ever been created, or ever will, is this tiny spark of life, this singularity that implies that there is only one tiny spark of life for all things.
That is why we constantly tell you that all is one.
It is because everything, at its origin, is created by this one, single point of life (a singularity).

The outreach of this is phenomenal if we can understand it. All things, whatever they are, exist because they all contain this one, tiny spark of life.
It is something that few people really stop to consider but the result of everything being created, at its base, from one identical dot of life implies that absolutely everything is the same.
Not only people, plants, animals etc., but galaxies, planets, space, time and absolutely everything are all just this one dot of life created by God.

Even this is not absolutely true in the sense that there is more to the story of creation than that but we will deal with that step later.

Let us, for the moment, try to accept that everything that has existed, exists now and will exist forever in the future, in all dimensions, has, at its base, this one unique life force. A tiny dot we call life but that we could also call consciousness.

However, as we have mentioned, there is more to life than just this spark of life.

It was decided that life as we know it was necessary to be created in order to make life more interesting.
After all, one tiny dot of life might well be a wonderful creation but does not create a very interesting life for anyone, God and the master creator included.

So, first, all the various galaxies and Gods that we have so far described in this book were created.
When all this was completed, our galaxy was chosen for a special task and that task was to house life.

So, the master creator thought about this and decided to create all the countless life forms that now exist. These were all to be placed in the care of our God.

The next problem was how to create all these objects from the one spark of life.

This is where something called DNA was invented.
Quite what being invented DNA we do not for the moment know.
It might well have been the master creator or the archangels that work for him or it might have been our God. We do not know but what we do know is that all that now exists was created in thought form, partly from the spark of life and partly from something we call DNA.

So what is DNA?
We have tried to explain DNA before in other books and lectures but we will briefly repeat again what it is.
We are not going to mention physical DNA that science studies but the much more interesting and so-called junk DNA.
This type of DNA is invisible as it is non-physical but exists in a variety of fashions.

The sort that interest us in this book is a type of DNA that tells each object what it is destined to become: a mineral, plant, animal, human, air, water or even gravity (amongst a large variety of other things).

So the master creator, no doubt in conjunction with his trusted cohorts, the archangels, took points of life and link them to a sort of design, a pattern, a meaning.
This design we call DNA and was linked to life in order to create life as we know it.

So, at this point, we have two aspects to life:
1. The actual spark of life without which nothing can exist.
2. DNA, which although not actually alive, nevertheless has sufficient life-force to tell the, now, ‘object’ what it is destined to be: a mineral, a plant, an animal and so on.
This DNA has a further aspect to it in that it not only tells the object that it is going to be, for example, an animal but which sort of animal it is going to be.
By which we mean a horse, a pig, a mouse, a snail or any other sort of animal.

So, at this point we have the concept of a created ‘something’.
Not just a point of life or a piece of DNA but the coming together of those two pieces create the concept, in astral form, of a living something, whatever that something might be.

Then a further miraculous step follows.
Another piece of DNA is added that was actually created at the very beginning when the kindergarten part was going on.

This is a form of DNA that creates personality.

But this DNA was not placed in the hands of our God. It was put into the care of a special sort of angelic being who was tasked with carefully guarding this DNA until it was required.

So, once again the akashic record is called into play and every aspect of every sort of personality is stored in the akashic record.
Initially, this DNA is not directly connected to a person, animal, plant or mineral. It is just a stock of personality traits and are carefully guarded by a special sort of angelic being that was created long ago to keep all these personality traits in order and to distribute them when required.

Perhaps we could use the example of the quartermaster in a military camp who guards the various parts of military uniforms.
Initially, they do not belong to any particular soldier but, once distributed to the new recruits, it is they, the new recruits, to whom these items now belong.

It is a similar concept with personalities and we will explain this at greater length as it is both important and relevant to this book which attempts to describe personalities.

We break off for a moment to speak about personalities in relation to this book.

When we started this book we told you that we were going to take you into areas that had never been explored before and you may have wondered what we were going to describe.
You may well have thought that we were going to explore an area of life totally strange to you.
And now we are saying that we are just going to tell you about personalities.

Personalities are not at all a new subject because all people have personalities and we know all about people and their different and sometimes strange personalities.

But you may have noticed that, in this book, we have already written a number of chapters and many thousands of words and still have not fully described personalities.

We crave your patience because the subject of personalities, the study of their origins and their uses is very complex and has never before been attempted even by the most respected psychotherapists and psychologists.
Generally speaking, they describe how people react to different personality traits and leave it at that.
We are tasked with explaining the origins of personality, how and why they were created and why we all have personalities – not the same thing at all and a difficult and complex subject to describe.

However, understanding personalities is an essential part of the spiritual growth of all of us, probably more than any of you could realise at the moment, so we ask you to read carefully this book because, as your life unfolds, both in incarnation and later in the spirit world, the understanding and, indeed, manipulation of personalities will be of paramount importance to you.

Therefore, please allow us to continue with this long and difficult task of describing how personalities are distributed, not only to people but, believe it or not, to all life wherever it is.
It may not be obvious at first glance to comprehend that everything has a distinct personality but, as all is one basically, if you have a personality all must have a personality to some degree.
It is only our personal development that blocks us from appreciating that everything must have some form of personality, from a grain of sand up to and including our entire multiverse.

Indeed, learning to feel and to respect the feelings of, just for example, mother Earth, is a sign of great spiritual advancement and of an advanced aspect of personality of the individual concerned.

Now, this is where we feel we should recapitulate somewhat what we have so far described in this book, and in others to a certain extent, and try to link it all together in as simple a fashion as possible because, unfortunately, the study of personalities is far from finished and we do not wish to pile new information on top of previously given information in an endless heap or both you and we will get lost in this maze.

Understanding personalities in medical areas is hard enough.
The average doctor has to complete his studies of the human body before he is permitted to delve into how medical people think the mind works so the average student doctor has to spend many years before he is considered to be qualified to try to help people with emotional problems.
Of course, you, once you have read and understood this book will know much more about the psychology of people than even the most qualified of doctors but we hope that you can appreciate that it will take us a great deal of study before we consider that we have given you enough information not only to understand who you are, but those of you who are interested in becoming healers will require all this information.

Much of it is new to man incarnate at the moment and we must also say that there are large numbers of people non incarnate who have never studied his complicated subject.

So we ask you to be patient and follow along as what we will reveal in this book will, eventually, be incorporated in medical studies thus helping student doctors to understand humanity.

Personality is of the greatest importance and a deep study of it is necessary in order to understand how life develops.

So, let us once again return to the basic development of life and then we can add other parts in a more understandable manner.

We mentioned that something called life was extracted from this singularity of life that was created by what we call God and that each aspect of life picked out by archangels was not only a tiny speck of life but was also the totality of life.

Perhaps, at the risk of losing your attention, we can spend a few lines to explain this.

This strange thing we call life is a force that exists. Quite where it came from we are not sure because the deeper we explore the origins of life, the more strange events we discover, each event based on the fact that life existed and each event requiring a manipulation of that life force.

We should, perhaps, inform you that, although we have given you information about life far in excess of any information previously given by any group, all this information is based on the fact that life already exists.
So all we can tell you at the moment is that, as far as our researchers have concluded, life has always existed.

The only real new information we can add is that life was not invented by our God but by, possibly, a greater being that we term the master creator.

We cannot even be sure that life was created by this master creator because, although he has created all the steps that enable life to develop as it has, at no point is there any indication that this wonderful master creator actually created life.
Indeed, much of his creation seems to be based on the assumption that life already existed and this master creator took basic life and built upon it to create all that we know and much more in areas that we have yet to discuss, for don’t think for a moment that what we have so far told you is the limit of all that exists.
There are other areas of life yet to be discussed.
The only common denominator is that it is all based on life.

However, we have a singularity that we call God and this singularity is connected to all the Gods that we have so far mentioned, including our God and, we assume, the master creator.

So we want you to accept, if you will, that somewhere is an area that creates life in a singularity.
Quite where this life force is contained, we don’t know.
As far as we are aware, the only beings that know where this life is kept are the archangels charged with selecting parts of it to create what is necessary to be created.
So, they reach into this singularity that we call life, but that we could also call consciousness, and take a portion which is not only a part but the totality of life.

To that they add a piece of DNA which tells that life force that it is going to be a something.
At that point it is placed in the eighth dimension of our planet.
So, in the eighth dimension, if we are just to consider you, you would be placed. At this point you would not know that you were going to be you because your identity had not yet been placed with you. You would just be life plus the knowledge that you were going to be a human.
One could almost compare it to an embryo in the womb of the mother of some type.
Life but no identity.

At some point, two people – who will become your parents – take the necessary steps and a foetus starts to grow in the womb of the lady who will become your mother.

So, the beings in the higher fourth dimension need to find someone who will be willing to incarnate in the family that now has a pregnant lady.
Obviously, this could be a lady anywhere in the world. A rich lady, a poor one. A lady in a developed country or a less developed one. You can work out the possibilities for yourself.

But all the possible choices are in the eighth dimension.
Further, they know that they are alive and they know that they are human. But that is all they know.

So a fairly large number of these embryo humans in the eighth dimension are invited down to the fourth dimension. And so a large number arrive.
We should perhaps say that we are referring to the upper fourth dimension in case there is any confusion.

Then a small portion of DNA which forms personality is placed with the potential humans.
There is just enough of this DNA to give the persons the desire to explore life.

So, they are placed in an over soul and what you might refer to as guides take them on conducted tours of all the areas of the heaven and hell that might interest them.

Now, we will mention at this point that we gave you impression that these young humans were being trained to incarnate in a particular family which would have only giving any young human the time of a gestation – nine months – to decide what he wants to be.
This was not true and we just used the story to illustrate what happens.
In fact, a young human might spend a long time exploring the heavenly realms before deciding what type of family he wants to be born in.

Therefore, do not assume that an embryo spiritual human is chosen to be born in a specific family at the same moment that a physical embryo is created in the womb of the physical mother.

A large number of non-physical human life forms are created and invited into the higher fourth dimension, given the necessary degree of life force and DNA to give it some degree of intelligence, placed in the care of an over soul and its education starts.

Then, as we have said, note is taken of each young human’s interests and, eventually, it starts its journey through the personality galaxies.

So, we will end this chapter here and describe, in the next chapter, how all this happens with regard to the personality galaxies and, we hope, start to approach, at long last, how the master creator oversees all this.

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