So, in the last chapter we stressed the importance of a young spirit not only having a life force but also of sufficient DNA to tell it that it was a human and sufficient special DNA to give it some idea of what sort of human it wanted to be.

Before we go on to talk about the personality galaxies and the young human’s path through them we mentioned a special sort of angel who guarded the DNA that was required when life was created, or should we say, required.
We mentioned that this special angel guarded the DNA connected to personality in the akashic record and issued it as and when required.

Once again, this angel is not visible to us.
It is far too advanced and holy so its vibrational frequency is far above ours which is why it is not visible to us.
But it is aware of each and every spirit, young or advanced, incarnate or non-incarnate and it issues or modifies personality amongst a few other things as required.
We don’t know if you have picked up the mention of the word incarnate?
This implies that this angel is constantly surveying all life incarnate, including you, and alters the DNA connected to life and personality as required.

This implies that you, as you go through your incarnation and as you develop as a human and as your interests alter, have the DNA that is required for you to develop these interests given to you by this angel.
He monitors your interests, takes away those aspects of DNA that no longer interest you and replaces them in the akashic record and takes from the store DNA that corresponds to your new interests.
Then, as time passes and you start to age so you need modified DNA that corresponds not only to your aging body but the modified interests that you reject or develop.
Finally, at the moment of your demise from incarnation, this angel affects all the necessary changes required for you to acclimatize to life in the higher fourth dimension.

So this wonderful being is constantly in touch with all people, including you, and is monitoring your desires and changing interests (personality) and withdraws or replaces those aspects in the akashic record as required.

Now, we mentioned the word angel and an angel is usually imagined to be very much like a human and, indeed, there are angels like that but this angel is far removed from anything related to a human. It would be difficult to describe what he is because, by the very nature of the tasks he has to accomplish each and every moment, no human type of person could possibly do all this.
This angel is more like a machine. Not artificial intelligence we hasten to stress but an extremely complicated and powerful living force, rather like a warehouse that receives and issues parcels each day.

He is constantly surveying all life, everywhere: minerals, plants, animals and humans and is taking and replacing DNA in the akashic record as each entity requires change.

This also is new information never before revealed to people incarnate.

So, as this is new information we hope you will forgive us if we expand somewhat on this extraordinary being that we described as an angel and how it is able to be in active contact with all life, in all dimensions at the same time and able to comply with the desires, hopes and ambitions of all things simultaneously.

Logic would deny that such a thing were possible.
Can you imagine that anything that was alive: mineral, plant, animal and human either incarnate or discarnate could have each and every aspect of its personality constantly monitored and modified as the object concerned required?
And this endlessly throughout time!
Further, as even planets, galaxies, time and space are alive and thus have personalities, this being is monitoring these objects and/or events and are modifying them as life alters.

Once again, this seems like madness but we assure you is truth.

So, can we explain more fully what this angel is, where it is contained in the chain of life and any more about it that will make it seem to be a more plausible entity to you?

The first thing we must say that it is not in any way connected to humanity.
But it clearly must be, in some way, alive.

So this creates a problem. We have stated that everything created by God is alive. We will ignore all the various Gods and master creator and just say that by God we refer to a creative force.
So, anything made by a creative force must be alive.

Now, we know that minerals, plants, animals and humans are alive and we know that all the various angels and archangels are alive. But what sort of life force is this being that we have referred to, capable of monitoring and altering aspects of personality endlessly?

Clearly, by personality we refer to what are called the signs of the zodiac and we also said that for each aspect of personality there was a galaxy created under the control of a God.
But now we are saying that there is a being we called an angel stocking, storing and changing aspects of personality of all things as if there was some entity in charge of all the aspects of personality and controlling these personality galaxies and their Gods.

This is getting very complicated and we will need to explain all this very carefully or none of it will make sense.

Indeed, we wish that we did not have to explain this aspect of life to you because we said, at the very beginning of this book that we would be delving into areas of life never before explored.
We are now at that point and, reluctantly, we have been asked to explain all this to you.
But the problem is that there are only so many words in the English language and only so much that we can ask you to accept.

A number of times already we have stopped in the addition of new information and have recapitulated over and again what we have already explained.

We will not do so once more at this point except to ask you, if you are not sure of the way life is piled, piece by piece on top of itself, to go back to the beginning of this book and try to comprehend the layers.

So, we will go on from the point that we found ourselves, which was personality traits being brought forth or returned to memory banks in the akashic record.
Therefore, we ask you to accept that this life force we are dealing with is yet again a new form of life, in no way connected to life as we have previously described.
This may seem strange but as the various books we have yet to give you are written, we will have to explain that there are a large number of life forms that we have yet to reveal and explain to you.

The religious history of planet Earth tends to focus on one God and leads us to assume that that is all there is in creation.
Virtually all the information we have so far given you tends to reinforce this point of view. But, if you have read and understood what we have so far said in this book, we introduced you to the concept that there were other galaxies and other Gods that we said were related to personalities and even mentioned a super creator, a sort of developer of Gods.

Now we are asking you to believe in yet another sort of God or super God that is connected with the creation of personalities.
We mentioned that each personality galaxy had a God in charge of it, including our own galaxy, and now we are suggesting that, collectively, there is a master God that controls all the various Gods and galaxies that are related to personalities.

We could, of course, ask you to accept that just because there was a number of personality trends why should we consider that each one required a new galaxy and a new God?
Why could they not all just be functions of creation of life by our one exclusive God?

A fair question and one that we could easily accept, thus reducing the number of Gods required to one, as mentioned in our Bible and thus keeping life much more simple.

But the subject of personalities is not that simple.
We have found that personalities is a function of life in that nothing that is alive is so in a sterile form. Everything that is alive requires a form of intelligence, of awareness and that awareness we call personality.

Now, we do realise that words are beginning to fail us here. It is difficult enough to describe life and it is only the fact that you are alive and know that you are alive that enables us to get away with mentioning life without a long and difficult explanation.
One would think that describing personality would be equally simple but, in fact, personalities are extremely difficult to describe, not because personalities are complicated but due to the origin of personalities and their place in the chain of life.

As we have said, personalities are a form of DNA and are stored in the akashic records. Also we said that there was a special kind of angelic being that was in charge of issuing or recuperating these pieces of DNA that correspond to personality.
But we have also said that there are galaxies, each one under the control of a God that corresponds to the basic forms of personality.
Lastly, we informed you that, before incarnation, you were placed in connection to the galaxy or galaxies that corresponded to who you were destined to be.
The same would apply to not only humans but to everything that exists.

We hope that you can begin to see how complex all this is becoming and it is the DNA that makes personalities that is responsible for all this complexity.

So we are gradually getting around to the idea that personalities are actually a form of DNA. This is, perhaps, not altogether as surprising as it might seem because even the police, when they examine DNA evidence from a crime scene are able to define a number of aspects of the person whose DNA is being examined.
For instance, examination can determine the sex, age and even race of the person concerned so it does not take too great a leap to realise that personality is connected to DNA.

But where does this lead us in relation to the orbs that we originally discovered in what we called an orb galaxy?
You may remember us describing a galaxy containing a large number of orbs that did not, at first glance, seem alive but later we realised did contain a form of life or at least of consciousness and that were under the control of a God.
Further, we conjectured that there were a large number of these galaxies, each one with its overseeing God and each Galaxy containing orbs, if not of living things, at least containing things that contained conscious objects.

Now, in order to advance this book we are going to ask you to accept that each one of these galaxies was there to promote a particular aspect of personality just as our galaxy promotes the aspect of love and just as our galaxy has a God to oversee that aspect of personality, so each one of these other galaxies has a God that oversees and promotes an aspect of personality.

But we told you that personalities are DNA and are stored in the akashic record.
So, have we not a problem here?

We have just said that personality is DNA and is stored in the akashic record under the control of an angel and now we are saying personality is a series of orbs contained in galaxies under the control of various Gods.
This sounds very much like a serious contradiction. How can we resolve this problem?

Once again we ask you to take a leap of faith with us and ask you to accept what we are going to explain because we do not have the facts at our disposal to back up our claims. This evidence will be revealed one day but is not yet available.
We can only describe events and leave you to accept or reject them.

What happens is this.

The DNA stored in the akashic record corresponds to personality. In fact we could say that DNA is personality, or the aspects we are talking about are.
DNA contains a huge number of different aspects and helps control a huge amount of different parts of us, some physical and some non-physical.
DNA is amazing.
It is deeply involved with virtually every aspect of life and, although it is not actually alive, we can say that it has awareness, a form of consciousness.

So, in the case of personality, we can say that the DNA that is stored in the akashic record is the end result of education given to it by the galaxy orbs.
By which we mean that for every type of personality aspect, angelic or archangelic beings calculate how many aspects of each personality are required. Then, that exact number of orbs are created, one for each person, animal, plant or mineral that will eventually require that type of personality.
We should say that each orb – which is a portion of that God – is given varying degrees of that personality aspect according to its need to have that aspect.

Then, once that is done, the orb is passed to the angel in charge of DNA and that orb is linked to a piece of DNA and it is placed in the akashic record.
This implies that the DNA of the orb and the DNA of the stored object is actually two pieces of DNA.

Now, we have explained this very important manner in which personality is created in a very quick and throwaway manner and we are sure that there are many of you that did not fully comprehend so please forgive us if we explain all this again in a more expanded fashion and at a more leisurely pace.

As you know, personality is very important and we all have one main personality trait and a number of lesser traits that go to make up who we are from a personality point of view.

Then we explained that personality is part of our DNA.
We also went on to say that the DNA that makes up our personality – each separate part of it – is actually divided into two parts. One part is the actual personality trait and the second part is the degree or intensity of that personality any person or object has.

It must be obvious that, as all is one, every object whether it is mineral, animal, vegetable or human must have the same emotions or personality. But it must also be obvious that a grain of sand does not require any personality trait to be present or developed to the same degree that many humans have.
For instance, we imagine that a stone would not have the same emotion of love, or indeed, hate developed where as we know that humans are capable of extremes of these two emotions.

So this is where the two parts of personality come in.
One part gives all life the concept of all the possible personality aspects as a concept and the second part tells the personality aspect what degree of intensity of those emotions are required.

To repeat, if we may, just to clarify the point.
Everything, no matter what it is has all the personality aspects present but each individual object or being has these personality aspects present in varying degrees according to the type of object they might be and according to the depth of development that any object might have.

So, as we have said before, a stone requires a less developed personality than a plant and a plant requires less than some animals.
But, for instance, some animals are capable of projecting love more than others.
At the top of the tree, of course, is man who is capable of demonstrating extremes of emotion.

So, emotions or personalities are in two parts: the basic personality concepts and the personal degree of development of these personality traits.
All this is then stocked in the akashic record.

However, there is much more to the story than what we have so far mentioned.

We must go on to delve into the way the personality traits are connected to our auras and how our auras affect us in our daily lives, no matter what dimension we happen to live in.

There are also other aspects that we must touch on because personality is an essential part of our make-up and, if it were not for personalities, we would all be like robots.

So, we will end this chapter here and turn our attention to other aspects of personality.

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