So, to add to the confusion concerning personalities we must now turn our attention to the way that what we have so far links to a different part of humanity.
We refer to the parts of the God life spirit that joins with the DNA involved with personality.

This sounds like the usual gobbledygook so let us go a long way back in the books we gave you to explain.

At one stage we mention that the God spirit, that ultimately links with the Higher Self, nevertheless also links with the part of us that is generally ignored but is actually a staging post between the God spirit and the rest of us.
It is possible that you do not remember us mentioning this part of the chain or that you have never seen or read the explanation.

This is a part that is often confused with the life spirit itself and, in the phrase, ‘the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’ it is the part that is the Holy Spirit.

So we have the Father, which is God itself and the Holy Spirit which, despite any other connotation that various sectors of Christianity might put to it, actually refers to the staging post between God and the Higher Self (the Son).

We do not wish to get into a theological or religious argument about whatever meaning any reader of this book might put into the three terms we mentioned. The part of the phrase that interests us is the third part – the Holy Spirit.
So please accept, if you can, our interpretation of the three terms.
In our interpretation, Father equates to God, Son equates to Higher Self and the Holy Spirit is the part in between God and the Higher Self.

The problem is that the Higher Self is part of the fifth dimension. As we have told you, there is only one Higher Self for all life.
But we have also explained that, depending on the degree of sentience, so whatever object is being considered, the degree of sentence can vary widely, a stone being less sentient then a human or, indeed, an angel.

This is where all the personality stuff that we have gone to great lengths to explain comes in to help divide sentence according to the requirements of the various objects: animal, vegetable, mineral or human.
So, we have done our best to help you to understand that personality is basically DNA and, despite being spread over a fairly wide area of consciousness, is ultimately stored in the akashic record. We have also said that the akashic record is actually another term for the Higher Self. So akashic record and Higher Self are the same thing.
We have also said that personalities are created from DNA.
Thus, at least part of the akashic record and part of the Higher Self are capable of handling DNA.
As we progress through these books we will discover that virtually everything to do with life is connected to DNA in one way or another.

But the Higher Self is not DNA.
The akashic record is largely DNA but the Higher Self is not although it is capable of accepting and handling DNA.

This makes another complication because we said that the akashic record is virtually all DNA but that the Higher Self, despite being the same as the akashic record, is not made of DNA.
Therefore, for the Higher Self to be able to accept DNA, a sort of transformer is required.

Strange as this may seem, this is where the Holy Spirit comes in.
The Holy Spirit is pure spirit and, like God, is not contained in any dimension.
But something is necessary that is capable of accepting information that is of a purely spiritual nature but, at the same time, is capable of accepting information that is DNA based.
The Holy Spirit is that transformer.

We repeat once more that personality is of extreme importance in the construction of life and the more sentient an object is, the greater role that personality plays in the construction of that object.
By object, of course, we refer to anything alive; animal, vegetable or mineral.
As humans are the most advanced of God’s creatures – if we ignore angels etc., – we will just concentrate on the way the Holy Spirit acts in regard to humans.

You will have noticed that we placed the Holy Spirit next to God, the creative force, which gives some idea of the importance that personality and DNA has in the construction of life in general and man in particular.

So, we need to try to understand something about the Holy Spirit.

We have said that it is a spiritual force and thus is not contained in any one of the auras or dimensions.
DNA, even the very high sort that we have been describing, could be considered as physical in that it has a sort of practical aspect to it as opposed to being pure spirit. The Holy Spirit is a spiritual force but, at the same time, it is capable of dealing with DNA.
This is why we call it a transformer.
This is perhaps not the most accurate term we could have used but we wish to imply that the Holy Spirit is a force that can take one thing and link it to another.
Also, it can do this in both directions, by which we mean that the Holy Spirit can take a purely spiritual concept and transform it into DNA, which has a sort of physicality to it, and/or take DNA and transform it into a spiritual force.

Now, this is opening the door into looking at personality in a new and different way,

We are going to ask you to accept slightly new and different ways of considering a few words because there are some concepts for which words do not exist.

In the case of DNA, although this very high sort that we are considering in this book is not at all physical in the sense that we normally ascribe to the meaning, we are going to ask you to allow us to use the word ‘physical’ when we mention this high form of DNA as opposed to a truly spiritual force such as God.
We hope this is clear but we will repeat.
When we mention DNA, we ask you to think of it as physical but when we use the term spiritual we are considering a force that has no concept of physical.

Thus, when mentioning the Holy Spirit, we want you to consider it to act in two ways, the first being spiritual and the second physical. That is why we called it a transformer.
It may seem bizarre to think of the Holy Spirit as being in any way connected to personality but it is so.

Until now, when talking about personality, we have tended to mention more or less exclusively DNA, which we described as physical and avoided any mention of a spiritual connotation.
We did this deliberately as personality is extremely complicated and we did not wish to jumble the DNA aspect of it with any connection to God but that connection exists and we must now address that connection.

To be honest, if we think of personality and if we think of all the huge mass of life, it should be obvious that the creative force – God, if you will – should play a role somewhere. If you think back to the beginning of this book and if you consider what we have explained, chapter by chapter, it should be clear that personality is not only extremely complicated but must surely be linked back to the creative force (God) somehow.

So we are going to try to explain how the spiritual aspect of personality, using our terms, links to the physical, to create a more comprehensive understanding of what personality truly is.
Perhaps we should say that there are other facets that we will broach later but the spiritual aspect must be dealt with, which is what we are going to attempt to do it now.

Thus, this chapter will deal with the way in which the God force is connected to personality.
Once again, we inform you that this is information that will be new to you as it has never before been explained in quite this fashion.

In order to make what we wish to say to you understandable, we need to go back to the beginning of our explanation of what God is in relation to humanity. We will ignore all other life forms for the sake, not only of verbal economy, but also in order not to get lost in confusion. Thus, we will consider just humanity although we know that you will be able to accept that what we say about man will apply to all life.

God, as we have said, creates life. That is all that God does.
In fact, if you have followed our teachings you will know that God created just one life.
But, and this is where the Holy Spirit starts to come in, God created what we have previously termed awareness or consciousness.
This was able to create the idea that there were a large number of creations.
We mentioned the ID which is something that allows you to think of yourself as an independent living object.
If you advance enough spiritually, you may reach the point where you can appreciate your oneness to all life but your ID is constantly informing you that you are you, an independent life force separate and remote from any other lifeforce, human or anything else.

So we need to find which part of us provides us with the knowledge that we are an independent life force.
In other words, we need to find, to locate, the source of the ID. Not only do we need to locate where the ID is but we need to know why it exists and all that we can find out about it including if it is physical or spiritual.

Now, it may not surprise you that the ID is connected to personality which, itself, is connected to DNA.
Therefore, we could consider the ID to be linked to our meaning of the word physical.
But we also link personality to spiritual in that personality comes from the fact that God (a spiritual force) created not only one life force but also created the concept of multiple life forces.

This is starting to get complicated again so let us try to explain it in simple terms.

Life is created by God. But God only created one life force. However, God required more from life than just one life force so the concept of multiple life forces was introduced. This concept is spiritual.
However, as we move into accepting multiple life forces we start to call that the ID. But we tend to link the ID to DNA.
At some point we need to create a change, a link from a spiritual force to a physical force.
Or we could say that is just a change from pure spirit to DNA.
However we look at it, we need to transform pure God construction to physical DNA and also link it all to personality.
This is where the Holy Spirit comes in.

The Holy Spirit accepts the one God force into one side of it and then splits it into a myriad of separate parts and gives each new part of the concept of the ID, which is the way that all things think of themselves as independent life forms.
This ID, which is DNA, can thus link itself to personality.
Let us repeat this to make sure that it is quite clear.

God created life. But God only created one life.
Realising that this one life was not satisfactory, God’s Archangels, implementing God’s desire, needed to find a way in which this one life form could be persuaded to think of itself as countless lifeforms.

First, the concept of DNA was created and then a form of personality was brought into existence.
This form of personality is called an ID.
There is actually only one ID for all life but the magic is that, through personality, all life thinks it has a unique access to the ID in a personal sense.
This is achieved by altering the spiritual force of the creation of the one life force to the spiritual force of the one ID and then changing it into DNA which allows it to think of itself as multiple life forces.

We do realise that we have not explain this very clearly but it is not easy to find words to describe taking one thing and, by changing it from spiritual to physical, creating the idea that, from this one life force, countless life forces can be imagined.
Anyway, this is the task that the Holy Spirit accomplishes.
The Holy Spirit takes the one spiritual life force and transforms it into a multitude of physical entities.

The editor of this book asked Great White Brotherhood if they would clarify further their understanding of the ID. These few lines, written in italics, were what the editor was told.
“The ID is, at its base, a spiritual manifestation. That is why there is only one.
So, if we consider the major spiritual aspects which, being just one of each, are not connected to physicality, we have three.
1. The God spirit itself.
2. The Higher Self.
3. The Holy Spirit.
Now, the ID is more difficult to place as it is both spiritual and DNA (physical).
It is not contained within any of the auras whilst it is in its solo spiritual form but is when it is used by life to help create personality.
Thus, in what we might term its physical form (helping create independence), part of it can be found in the sixth dimension.
So, it is, in a way, on either side of the Higher Self. In spiritual form it is close to the Holy Spirit but in its DNA form it can be found close to personality. Then it is on the physical side of the Higher Self.”

We must admit that what we have described is not the exact truth because there are other aspects to the Holy Spirit that it would, at the moment, be inappropriate to mention. It would just cause confusion but we do not like to hide truth from you so, if we can, at some point in this book, finding an opening to describe more of the Holy Spirit, we will. For the moment, please accept the explanation we have provided.
It is complicated enough we think you will agree without piling more on top.

We have not yet finished explaining the transformer function of the Holy Spirit.

The question, amongst others, is how the Holy Spirit can take a spiritual force and transform it into what we term a physical force. Or, to put it in other words, to take a spiritual, Godly force and change it into DNA.
As always, there is an easy answer and a complicated one.

The easy answer is that something we call consciousness, or that we call the ID, takes the one spiritual life spirit and, by connecting it to the ID, which thinks that it is multiple beings. As the ID is connected to DNA, the transformer merely does its job which is to change one into many and the trick is performed.
Obviously, this is not the whole answer because we need to explain what this ‘trick’ is, that we also called magic, although, as you should know by now, there is no such thing as magic. It is all just advanced physics.

Any of you who have even basic knowledge of electronics will know that a transformer can take one voltage and change it into another.
Equally, on one side of a transformer, we can measure a single voltage and on the other we can measure multiple taps of different voltages.
Also, from a transformer it is possible to take alternating current (AC) and, with the help of a circuit, convert it to direct current (DC).
So we are used to having transformers converting electricity according to the needs and desires of the circuit designer. Real life is often not too different to life as we live it.

Let us use our imaginations somewhat and try to use the electric or electronic transformer concept and see how it equates to real life.

We start off on one side of the Holy Spirit with the one, pure spirit, God force.
Now, the God force is vibration (frequency) that we could call AC.
Obviously, we are using an analogy to say this but, at the same time, it is not that far from the truth as an electric circuit feeds AC current into one side of a transformer and the one God force is also an AC power.
Then, with a normal transformer, this one AC current can be changed in a number of ways, either higher or lower voltages or multiple voltages.

In the case of the Holy Spirit, very much the same thing occurs. This one God force is converted into a huge number of taps, according to the number of animal, vegetable, mineral or human entities that exist, including time, space, planets, galaxies, gravity and every conceivable thing that has been created in our reality. We should perhaps say that we would need to include alternate realities and all the beings that live in them in this calculation.
So, this would make a truly stupendous number of secondary taps on the second side of the transformer we call the Holy Spirit, but God is not limited by such matters.

Thus, we now have at our disposition – or rather, God’s archangels have – this incalculable number of frequencies, as we have described above. This opens the way for just one life force (God) to appear to be multiple life sources.

However, electric or electronic circuits with which we are familiar are not very useful in creating TVs, amplifiers, computers etc., just using AC electricity.
Many of them tend to require the AC current on the secondary tap(s) to be converted into DC before they can be used to create electronic devices.
The reason for this does not concern us at the moment but we will go on comparing God’s created life to electronic circuits, if we may, for a bit longer.

Electronic circuits often require a circuit that converts AC current into DC.

Now, God does not require this exactly but there is, attached to the secondary taps of the Holy Spirit, a circuit that changes the AC that came from the secondary taps of the Holy Spirit transformer into DNA.

This circuit, obviously, does not exist in any way that would be understood like one might understand a DC converter.
This circuit is another form of DNA.
DNA can take many forms and, especially when we are dealing with personality, there seems to be almost no limit to the varieties of DNA that are employed.

You may remember us mentioning the akashic record made of DNA, the ID containing DNA, the orbs being made of DNA and a number of other things we mentioned either in this book or others, especially the book about DNA. We wish you to understand that all, or most, DNA mentioned is unique.
It is all different according to its ultimate use.

So, the DNA that converts AC frequency from the God force to DNA that can be used to create all that God requires to generate sentient life, can be considered as an AC/DC converter used in electronic circuits.

Now, we don’t want to stretch this analogy of comparing electronic circuits to the way the God force is altered in DNA, which can be used by life, too far.
However, we are grateful that electronic circuits exist because it does give us an easily understandable example to explain how the one God force (pure vibration) is converted into all the DNA that life requires.

We are going to use the analogy of electronic circuits one more time as there exists an example that, with a stretch of the imagination, can equate to life.

We will mention electronic valves (tubes) that used to be used before what are called solid state devices were invented.

We may use valves (tubes) as an example as they utilities three different sorts of electricity and, in a way, life does too.
From the secondary, or output, of the transformer, DC is generated which equates to DNA.
Also, AC is generated which is used to power the heater circuit in a valve (tube).
In real life, God’s AC power is present in various strengths to give the ID, amongst other things, the sense of oneness to God.
Then, lastly, there is the AC signal, whatever it needs to be, which, just in the case of a musical instrument, takes the weak signal from that instrument and amplifiers it.
In the case of life, this AC God force is what we call life.
This is the force that gives all things created by God independent life.

However, we have used this analogy enough and we do not wish to wear it out!
Also, we understand that there may be many that do not understand anything about electronics and even fewer who know how valves (tubes) function.
But we needed to find something that we could use as an example of how the Holy Spirit functions and that was the best that we could find.
For those with no knowledge of electronics, we ask you to forgive us and we hope that you have managed to follow how the Holy Spirit works anyway.

We must also say that what we explained was by way of simple analogy and that, in reality, the Holy Spirit does not act exactly in the way a transformer does, although the comparison is close enough that we feel comfortable using it.

The next problem is that, linked to the output of the Holy Spirit are a vast number of connections, mostly DNA, that combine to create living creatures, including humans.
If we tried to describe all these links, it would require a book in its own right and we wanted to limit this part of the explanation about personality to just one chapter.
We think that what we described so far concerning the Holy Spirit is complicated enough without giving a complete picture.

This applies to most things concerning life. There are so many facets to life that to describe all of it would need an immense encyclopedia.

We wish you to have a comprehensive understanding of life but there is a limit to what we can describe.

We have tried to describe how personality works from a number of different directions.
This latest one, connected to the Holy Spirit, is one of the most unexpected but we assure you that it is a vital aspect. Without the Holy Spirit acting as a transformer, changing the one God spirit into a multitude of different components, many of them connected to DNA and the God power transformed in frequency and power, personality would not exist and without personality life as we know it could not exist.

So we end this rather complicated chapter here and turn to the auric fields or dimensions.

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