In the last chapter we looked at the way the God force was able, via the Holy Spirit, to create the impression that there are countless individual entities.
This is in part due to the fact that everything is living in a world of illusion.
Even though what we call the plane of imagination is the 6th dimension, nevertheless, due to the fact that no matter in which dimension life lives it is all created from and, in fact is, just one force – God – so, in a way, all the dimensions contain fiction.
This, obviously, needs to be explained.

In reality, various dimensions are real as they were created by God but any life that they might contain is the result of what was created via the Holy Spirit as we explained in the last chapter and so is, to use the word, imaginary.
Not just the beings in the 6th dimension but all life no matter in which dimension it is to be found.

We do not like to use the word imaginary as it is not exactly true but there is not a word in the English language to describe exactly what life is.

If you have read and understood chapter twelve, you will know that from the one spiritual God force, thanks to the Holy Spirit, DNA and personality, this one force thinks that it is everything.
So, this must be illusion but it is illusion created from one reality – God. Thus, we have two realities in one. We have the God force from which all entities are created and then we have the entities themselves which are imaginary but, thanks to DNA and personality, seem to be totally real.

So, for there to be one word that would encapsulate all that we would need a word that explains two states; one real and one imaginary or created. Such a word does not exist.
But it is important that the student of esoteric matters understands clearly that he/ she/ it is living in two states simultaneously.
The first being the one unique God force and the second this created illusion.

In another chapter we mentioned that there were other galaxies and other Gods and that they, too, contributed to the creation of personality.
Once again, these galaxies are distantly connected to our galaxy as they help create personalities so they are creating illusions also although the Gods in charge of these galaxies are real.

Lastly, we mention the master creator which, obviously, is real.

We will just mentioned that this is not the end of creation as there are other areas to explore but that must wait for other books as any description of other realities – truly real or imaginary – must wait until we come to the books we intend to give you.
We are exploring personality at the moment and we think that you will find this difficult enough to comprehend without worrying about yet other matters.
We merely mentioned this to help sow the seeds of a pigeon hole in your mind in which, eventually, to store more information.

This chapter, as we said, is about how the auras relate to personality.

Now, we have mentioned auras or dimensions before many times and have given you a book about them – auras and dimensions being two words to describe the same thing.
We tend to use the word aura when describing how they interact with life and dimension when describing the nuts and bolts of them, if you will forgive the expression.

We do not intend to explain in any great detail the auras as we have given you an entire book and if you are not sure what auras or dimensions are, please read the book on auras.

However, as we unfold this chapter we will mention that dimensions 1, 2 and 3 do not concern us, dimensions 1 and 2 containing hate-filled creatures, even though they are illusionary. But we prefer not to mention them if and when we can.
Dimensions 3 is empty for the moment so there is nothing to talk about in that dimension.
It may be that God has future plans for that dimension but, for the moment, it is not used.
So this chapter will limit itself to dimensions 4 to 8 and then only in as far as they concern the construction of personalities.

So, let us try to explain one more time these various dimensions and how life as we imagine it to be and as we visualise it is placed in them.

The problem is, of course, that having giving you a complete book on the subject of dimensions and, indeed, life as they are placed in them (life in plural), it should be possible to link it all together without our help. But we are considering personalities and they are linked to DNA so we will consider how life links to DNA and thus to personalities from this point of view which presents a new aspect of understanding life.

Let us take the top 2 dimensions referred to as 8 and 7.

Perhaps, if we repeat ourselves somewhat you will forgive us because we must consider the many people who have not studied the information we have given you on dimensions or auras (the same thing), so to make sure we are all on the same page we will need to explain a few things once again.

Perhaps we should say to start off that there are 8 dimensions.
Despite these 8 dimensions being split into countless sub dimensions, each sub dimension created to house an aspect of life, nevertheless, there are just 8 basic dimensions.
Next, in order to try to explain the way life unfolds in, on and around these dimensions, none of them have any more spiritual importance than any other.

We know that there are people who create fantasy concerning dimensions and create the most fantastic nonsense concerning them.
The first is to say that there are more than 8 dimensions.
We have heard people claim to have spirit guides from ever higher dimensions, far in excess then the 8 that actually exist and give the impression that the higher the number of a dimension the more holy it is.
Thus, we have heard people state that their guide is from a ridiculously high level that is just below God itself. Indeed, we have heard people claim that their guide is God.
Equally, if not God, it might be Jesus, Saint this or Saint that.
Now, we do not like to criticize anyone but we would suggest that if you come across any information created by anyone pretending to be channeling a guide from some very high dimension or from God, Jesus etc., you treat that person and their information with the greatest circumspection.

There are 8 dimensions and, although each one serves a unique function, none of them are any more holy than any other.
The dimensions are just bands of frequency created by God to allow life to unfold and expand.
They are not in any way connected to higher and higher levels of holiness.

This is not to say that there are not levels of higher or lower holiness but they are not spread out across an immense number of dimensions.

You will find when you get there that the vast majority of holy or unholy people – Saints or Devils, if you will – are housed in the 4th dimension with links to the 5th and 6th dimensions (which we will explain later although we have already explained this before).

The degree of holiness or unholiness is connected to higher or lower personal frequencies within the 4th dimension. Once again, we have explained all this and have linked it all to the law of mutual attraction.

But life as we know it to be starts off in the 8th dimension at which point aspects of God are placed there just as points of life without any denomination. This denomination will at some point be given by God’s archangels placing a logos with them that tells them what they are going to be; animal, vegetable or mineral.
This logos is actually DNA and the origin of that DNA can be traced back to the Holy Spirit as we explained in this book.
Once a point of life has this logos with it, it knows what it is going to be and it then moves down to the 7th dimension to develop somewhat according to its destination.
But let us just consider humans and just as far as it concerns personality.

A human obviously requires a lot more treatment than a life spirit destined to become a grain of sand or a raindrop but, as all is one, so they all follow the same course.
It is the degree of education that varies according to the needs of each object to have advanced knowledge or not.
This advanced knowledge is provided in the form of DNA. A human or a grain of sand follow the same course but the type of DNA that a grain of sand is given is much different than that given to a human.
There are a large number of different sorts of DNA and they are under the control of the angel we mentioned and are stored in the akashic record until required to be distributed to the life aspects.

The DNA, stored in the akashic record, is in the 5th dimension.
The 5th dimension, amongst other things, contains the akashic record and it also contains the Higher Self.
So, life in general and humans in particular are given links to the 5th dimension from which it can do a number of things.
The God spirit itself is connected to the embryo human via the 5th dimension and the DNA that helps form the spirit is also contained in the 5th dimension.

Now, this next bit might seem a bit complicated.

We said that life, once given a logos, was placed in the 7th dimension.
But we mentioned that DNA was in the 5th dimension.
We gave the impression that DNA was extracted from the akashic record in the 5th dimension and given to the embryo spirit in the 7th dimension.
This is both true and not true.
It is true that DNA is attached to the spirit in the 7th dimension but it is not removed from the 5th dimension.
Although the spirit in the 7th dimension is able to use the DNA attached to it, nevertheless the DNA actually remains within the akashic record in the 5th dimension.

Thus we can say that, at all times, humans and all life are permanently connected to the akashic record and can have access to it when required.
As a person develops and as his interests and life experiences change so he can release DNA and link with new DNA.
He also has a similar connection to the Higher Self.
The Higher Self remains in the 5th dimension while the embryo spirit remains in the 7th dimension.

Further, in the case of the Higher Self, there is only one but obviously there are countless life spirits so it is only through independent frequencies that form a connection between the life spirit and the Higher Self that enable the embryo spirit and the Higher Self to have a permanent link.

Then, of course, we move onto the 6th dimension which is the one, amongst many things, that deals with imagination.
Once again, the young spirit remains in the 7th dimension but has a permanent link to what is going on in the sixth dimension.

So, to make this quite clear, undeveloped spirits of life are stocked in the 8th dimension.
Once they have been chosen to be something they move to the 7th dimension.
It is at this point that they start reacting with DNA and start to become more recognisable as “something” whatever that something might be.
It is also at this point that, through DNA, personality starts to form.

It might be possible for a grain of sand or a raindrop to live without much personality, but in the case of a human, if they did not all have distinct personalities they would be very strange humans indeed.
The personality is DNA as we have explained.

Finally, it is usually required that the life spirits of all types move to the upper 4th dimension.
Once again, we remind you that virtually everything, if it is going to go to an incarnation, will move to the upper 4th dimension
You may know this as the Heavenly sphere but it is much more than that.
It is about the busiest dimension of all.

Most people that know about the 4th dimension only know of the Heavenly spheres but there is an enormous amount more going on than just Heaven.

So, although we said that this chapter would just consider how dimensions and personality are linked we will take the opportunity of expanding somewhat on this dimension, especially as much of it concerns personalities and their associated DNA.

We must first say that the 4th dimension is divided into two parts, the higher and the lower.
If you have followed the wisdom we have shared with you, you will know this.
The higher 4th being the area of positivity and the lower negativity. Both areas are equally important and both areas contain life forces in similar numbers and shades of development.
Obviously, the DNA that forms their personalities and thus their actions is vastly different but all life follows the same pattern and thus the DNA that is issued to lifeforms, either in the higher 4th or the lower is stored in the akashic record. All is one, we remind you.

But let us first consider the higher 4th before moving on to consider the lower, although, once you have understood what is occurring in the higher 4th dimension you will easily understand activities occurring in the lower 4th as they are very similar.

But our interest for the moment is to try to describe what occurs in the higher or upper 4th part.
We must first say that what separates the upper from the lower is frequency (vibration).
The 4th dimension, like all dimensions, has a basic carrier wave but within that carrier wave are a vast number of sub frequencies – one for each living object that is found there.
So, the sub frequencies start off at a certain vibration and rise in frequency until there are sufficient sub frequencies to allow each living objective being to be housed.
By which we mean that each and every entity, whether he be positive or negative, has the same basic frequency as his sub frequency carrier wave which allows him to maintain his connection to a sub frequency within the 4th dimension.

We wish also to say that each entity, whether he be Saint or Demon, is alive and has the God logos with him just as you have. All is one.

So, everything that is in the 4th dimension started out as a point of life in the 8th dimension, was selected by archangels and given the DNA that told it what it was destined to become. Understanding this fact has startling consequences.

As we have often said, you were, at one point long ago, just a point of life in the 8th dimension but, by chance, were selected to become a human and you were given the logos, which is actually a sort of DNA, that made you into a human.
But before you were given that stamp, that logos, that DNA, you were just a point of life created by God and you could have become anything.
Indeed, you could have not been selected at all and thus could still be a point of life in the 8th dimension.

Thus, we wish you to understand that when negative creatures were required the archangels could have selected any point of life in the 8th dimension but just selected the number of points of life required to fulfill the need for positive or negative creatures, gave them the necessary DNA and move them to the 7th dimension.
It is important to understand that negative creatures are not much different from you or any of us. We all started out in the 8th dimension, were selected to be something and then moved to the 7th dimension.

So, although demons, djinns etc., are dangerous and best left alone, they follow the same path that you did and still do. The only difference is the DNA that was given to them.
The DNA that you were given created a human and, generally, humans are positive people. Demons are exactly the same except that the DNA they were given told them that they were part of the negative forces and thus, in the 7th dimension, they were pushed down a different educational path to humans.

But when all life had completed its education and had been given all the DNA that it needed to form its personality it was taken to the 4th dimension and put in the care of an oversoul where it would receive further education if necessary.
So, demons and all negative beings, due to something called the law of mutual attraction, are drawn to the part of the 4th dimension commensurate to their frequency.

In case you have not understood this part, let us expand as it is quite interesting.
Everything is basically the same and largely follows the same path but also, obviously, a raindrop, for instance, does not require the same education as a human.
As education proceeds, different sorts of DNA are given to it to teach it to perform its function well so a raindrop, a grain of sand and a human all receive education, are given the DNA they require to fulfill the functions that they are destined for and also their basic vibration alters. Some have higher frequencies and some lower depending on what they are to become and thus the DNA they are given.

We wish to say something about water that should be obvious but that very few people realise. The same applies to minerals but we will consider just water.

The archangels today almost never need to create more water.
Long years ago, when the illusionary world in which you live was created, a certain amount of water was also created.
The strange thing is that exactly the same amount of water is on Earth today as was created when planet Earth was created.
Planet Earth has a cover over it sometimes called the Firmament that seals the planet in a shield of gravity.
This prevents any water from disappearing.
No matter where water is, in clouds, rivers, lakes, seas, in the Earth or in underground caverns, no matter what you do to water, like boiling it, it reforms and remains exactly the same amount as when the planet was created.
So, the archangels almost never need to worry about creating more water.
It is all in the sixth dimension, the world of illusion in which you all live, and there it remains.

The same applies to minerals.

Thus, although water and minerals are just as alive as you, they do not need as much attention as you do.
We will just say that as Ascension proceeds, water and minerals will slightly change and increase in frequency as planet Earth increases in frequency but for the moment the change is very slow and so not much attention to them is required.
Other, more alive objects; plants, animals and humans obviously require more attention and thus occupy the archangels and the directors of life more – especially humans.

We were talking about the upper 4th dimension and got sidetracked. Let us return to the upper 4th.

As you know, the upper 4th dimension is the place you return to when your incarnation is finished.
Regardless of the life you lived on Earth, holy, middling (or ordinary) or evil, you will spend the rest of your life – which will be to all intents and purposes infinite – in the upper 4th.

There is a lot of confusion about what is called hell.
Most people think that it is a totally separate place from heaven and many think that unless you are a devout Christian, no matter how good and kind of person you were during your incarnation, unless you were a Christian, God will condemn you to suffer in hell for all eternity.
There are other religions that purport the same thing.
In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The problem is that explaining heaven and hell is not easy because words often fail us.
We have explained the connection of heaven to hell many times but will do so once again as where a person ends up once his incarnation is finished is connected to his personality.
So, we will explain once again.

If you have understood what we have told you in this book and other knowledge we have shared with you, you will know that everything is vibration.
So, each person has a basic vibration or frequency.

People also have free will and, as they went through the long educational process before incarnation, they were presented with lots of experiences and were able to choose which things they were attracted to.

With regards to the aspects of personality connected to kindness or unkindness, the ability to put others first or not, the desire to create peace or not and so on, people draw towards them these aspects of personality.

This is a natural process and the teachers take note of their pupil’s preferences but do not try to persuade the pupil to move in any direction. The pupil has free will.
But, according to the personality that the pupils develop they draw from the DNA in the akashic record the type of DNA that helps them develop a particular type of personality.
So, if we simplify things, people tend to be either very kind, very hurtful, or just ordinary people.

Thus, the people vibrate at particular frequencies.
The hurtful people vibrate at a low frequency, the ordinary people vibrate at a higher frequency and the very nice people vibrate at a yet higher frequency.

Obviously, this is a simplification. In reality, there are a huge number of personality types but the same rules apply. If one is a nasty person he vibrates at a low frequency, if he is kinder, his vibration is higher and very nice people vibrate with a yet higher frequency.
All these frequencies are connected to the type of person one chooses to be and are created through the personality trend provided by the DNA that he draws to him.

We hope that you have understood this. It is not complicated but has great consequences once one’s incarnation is finished and the person returns home to the upper 4th dimension.

Let us now look at heaven and hell.
Contrary to what people think both heaven and hell are an integral part of the same portion of heaven.
They are separated by vibration.
So, what are referred to as heaven and hell occupy the same portion of the upper 4th dimension but contain a vast number of frequencies which will correspond to the frequencies of people. People that vibrate to a low frequency will be naturally drawn to a part of heaven or hell that matches their frequency while people that vibrate to a higher frequency will be drawn to a part that matches their frequency.
It is all quite simple and is all a natural event caused by the law of mutual attraction.

We will explain this again to make it quite clear.

In a certain portion of the upper or higher 4th dimension Is an area that is called heaven and/or hell.
We will say that we do not refer to it in those terms but what we call it is of no importance.
What is important for you to understand is that there is an area that is used to separate people according to their level of spirituality. But it is all one place.

It is not, as many people think, two separate areas, heaven and hell. It is all one huge area.
Within that area are an enormous number of sub frequencies and each one of these sub frequencies contains landscapes of vibrations commensurate to the sub frequencies of each sub dimension.

That might be difficult to understand so let us explain again.

The heaven/hell area contains a huge number of landscapes that correspond to the frequency of that sub dimension.
You could imagine it as a number of countries each one formed with different landscapes.
So, some contain beautiful garden areas with lawns, lakes, rivers, flower beds and so on.
Some contain barren wastelands and some look rather like we imagine the moon to look.
Equally, in some areas there is bright sunshine and it is warm and in others there is little light and it is cold and bleak.
There are many, many such areas each one separate from the others and each one vibrating at a certain frequency from low to high.
The dark, bleak, dismal areas we call hell and the bright, beautiful areas we call heaven.

If we consider vibrations (frequencies) from the lowest to the highest, they create these landscapes so the lowest are unpleasant indeed but, as the frequencies rise, so the landscapes become nicer until we arrive at areas so bright and beautiful that we couldn’t really describe them.

The bleak ones we call hell and the bright ones heaven.

Now, and this is the important part, each one of these many areas corresponds approximately to the frequency of each person incarnate.
When a person’s incarnation is finished, his body is disposed of but all that is immortal; spirit, soul and all the personality aspects, amongst others, is transferred not only to the higher 4th dimension but that part that we call heaven/hell.

He arrives, first, at a sort of halfway place that is referred to as Summerland.

He arrives at this halfway place despite how evil he might be or how holy he might be.
He is shown around Summerland to give him time to acclimatise to his new life.

Eventually, he is shown the life he led on earth during his incarnation. His life review.
At this point he has the opportunity to repent for any harm he caused. If he repents, this has the effect of raising his vibrational rate. If he does not repent his frequency remains much as it was. If he is glad for the harm he caused, his frequency lowers further.

So you can see that no one can accuse anybody of judging them.
First and foremost, the life that the person lead on Earth forms his personality.
Actually, it would be better to say that his personality was formed in the higher 4th dimension whilst he was being shown around that area before incarnating.
He had the opportunity to be drawn towards holy things or unholy things. The person chooses for himself. No one tries to push him in any direction.

Eventually, he faces incarnation and, once again, he chooses in which direction to develop.
By the law of mutual attraction he is drawn towards following a kind path or an unkind path but the person may change at any moment.
His life plan will guide him according to the choices he made before incarnation but he may alter his life plan if he really wants to in relation to being kind or unkind.
But, sooner or later his incarnation ends and he arrives in Summerland.
Eventually, he sees his life on Earth – his life review – not only from his point of view but also from the point of view of those with whom he interacted.

It must be said that no one is perfect. By the very nature of incarnation, we are constantly interacting with others. The life spirit (God) wants us to survive at all costs and so our ego tends to push us to put ourselves first at the expense of others.

Even the best of us have hurt others in our struggle to survive so we arrive in Summerland, faults and all.

This is why we have the life review. It gives us a chance to take a second look at our incarnation, see the kind, helpful things we did and also the harm we caused to others.

When we see the good that we did for others, this should gladden our hearts and our frequency rises somewhat.
When we see the harm we caused others, if we feel sorry for what we did those sins are wiped out.
We all make mistakes but if we feel sorrow for those mistakes, the errors are eradicated from us and our overall frequency rises.
If, however, we are glad for the harm we caused and are sorry that, in the higher 4th dimension, we can no longer cause more harm, our base frequency lowers.

So, to recapitulate. Before incarnation we form a life plan.
This, inevitably, whatever path we choose, will place us in situations where we must decide to harm others or to help them. So, in a way, the life plan will have little impact on the degree of good or bad we do.
Those choices come from the amount of ego we let develop.

Then, once incarnation finished we face our life review.
This gives us a second chance to modify our frequency.

We stress that at no point during any of these events does anyone judge us or try to influence us. We do it all ourselves according to whether we wish to follow the path of love or the path of hate.

Those who think that God judges us are mistaken.

Once the life review completed, our frequency is finally created by us.

You may remember us mentioning that in the heaven/hell area there were a vast number of levels, each one corresponding to a frequency and the lowest frequency ones being very bleak and the highest ones being very beautiful.
We also said that Summerland could be considered to be in the middle, the default zone.

Those of you who have lived in incarnation for any length of time will have surely noticed that people fall, by and large, into three categories.
There are a few very holy people, a few very horrible people, and then there is the vast majority of just decent people who do their best to live in peace together.
But, if you got to know really well a large number of people, you would notice that not only do they fall into these three categories that that no two people are exactly the same.
They would all vibrate to slightly different frequencies.
Thus, to find a home for them in heaven/Summerland/hell, there needs to be a huge number of separate frequencies, one for each type of person.

Once the life review finished and once the final frequency decided upon – it happens naturally – then, by the law of mutual attraction, the person is drawn to a frequency (a landscape) that is closest to his own frequency.

Therefore, we can assume that hell contains a certain number of landscapes, heaven others but by far the largest area is Summerland as most people are ordinary although no two people are identical. Thus, there are a huge number of landscapes, some nicer than others, but each of a slightly different frequency. Just as many normal people incarnate are very similar so many of these frequencies are similar.
Therefore, large numbers of people drawn to Summerland are able to mix and to share life together.

But, as we go down to hell or up to heaven, not only are these areas kept apart from
Summerland but each landscape tends to be apart from each other.
This also is due to natural law.

Therefore, we have these very low areas, each one of which is kept apart from any other. Then Summerland which tends to blend somewhat and then true heaven, a series of landscapes that tend to be kept apart.

We will, at this point, mention something very important.
Although each person develops a certain frequency that person is not stuck with that frequency for all eternity.
All have the freedom to raise or lower their frequency in which case they will move to higher or lower landscapes.
Generally speaking, people tend to try to raise their frequencies although it has been known for some people to be so steeped in negativity that they actively try to lower their frequency in which case they move to ever more sombre landscapes.
It might seem foolish to wish to become more evil instead of becoming more holy and it is of course foolish, but to use a well-known expression “It takes all sorts to make a world” and so there are people who seem to get enjoyment from being evil.
Thus, the lower they go the happier they are.
But most people try to become better people.

Now, there are a large number of people in the spirit world, the higher 4th dimension, that devote their lives to helping others rather as we try to help you and these people come down from their elevated plains and give lectures to try to explain a number of things about life to those lower on the ladder of life than them.

They would appear, to those lower than them, to shine with purity.
Life is light but the degree that someone shines to is commensurate to the degree of spirituality that the person has obtained.

Those that have had a near death experience often talk about being met by a person shining with pure light. To someone from Earth, to see a truly spiritual person would be to see that person as glowing with light.

We wish to repeat that when a person’s incarnation finishes, with very few exceptions, that person will find himself in Summerland, the default zone of the heaven/hell complex.
He will be met by someone who is there to greet the recently deceased person and will reassure the individual concerned that his incarnation has now finished and he is in the spiritual realms.

It might be worth mentioning that the spirit world takes no account of who the person was whilst incarnate.
A king or a pauper are exactly the same in spirit. Indeed, there has been many a situation in which a king or a very rich or highly respected person has died, has arrived in Summerland expecting to be waited on hand and foot, expecting to be given a palace to live in and has actually found himself, eventually, in one of the levels of hell, the result of having lead an egotistical, selfish and sometimes cruel life.

The same might apply to religious leaders of all types. If such a person lead a life of debauchery – and many of them did and still do – he will be drawn to a level of hell that corresponds to his level of unholiness.

A question often asked concerns the destiny of pet animals. Can they go off to our heaven?
The answer, quite simply, is yes!

Our system is based on love and love is a coming together emotion.
Anyone who has cared for a dog, for example, will know the high degree of love they can have for their owners and that they only ask to be loved in return.
Of course, there are a large number of pets of all sorts that display love in varying degrees.
But we wish to assure all pet owners that if they have a pet that they truly loved and that loved them, that pet will be there in heaven ready to continue the journey together.

Now, we mentioned love.
This implies that only people that have an affinity for each other will see each other.
The law of mutual attraction and its opposite, the law of mutual rejection, is always at work and so if you knew anyone that you did not like or get on with, you will not see that person in heaven.
It is a case of different vibrations keeping people apart.

We are considering the upper 4th dimension and have said that hell is part of the upper 4th and also part of what we might describe as heaven/Summerland/hell.
We will mention that, as its name implies, Summerland is so beautiful compared to anywhere on Earth that it relates more to the heavenly spheres than to the hellish ones.

There is much more to the upper 4th dimension then just the heaven/hell areas.
There are a large number of areas devoted to education.

No one is forced to educate themselves but for those that want to, every subject imaginable is available for study and to any level or degree the person concerned wishes to proceed to.

However, we must say that people who are in hell are barred from education. This is quite simply because education is a positive thing and falls under the vibrations of love.
People in hell, by the very nature of their vibrations, are lower than that required by love vibrations. Thus, they bar themselves from education

If the day comes that people in hell are able, one by one, to repent their sins, they may rise to the higher spheres or landscapes and then they may join in educational groups.
We mentioned that every subject was available for study but there is a limit.
Subjects like pornography, terrorism and other negative concepts are not available generally. There are wise beings that keep an eye on such subjects so as to be aware of developments on Earth but students are not permitted to study them.

We mentioned that, by the law of mutual attraction, we would only see those to whom we feel attracted.
There are many groups of people, just to consider Summerland, that have widely differing personalities, egos and interests.
This automatically creates particular frequencies which means that individuals and groups vibrate at different frequencies. The result of this is that groups can be invisible to each other.
Thus, if we consider religious groups, different racial groups and on and on, if any one individual or group does not feel comfortable mixing with another individual or group, his vibration will be different and thus he would be invisible to another group.

For example, if a person is a Christian and another a Muslim and they do not feel comfortable mixing together their vibrations keep them apart. The same applies to race and so on

Then there is the situation in which people decide to come from higher spheres to teach or to go into the lower spheres (from true heaven to Summerland or to hell) in order to encourage those there to try to become better people. Normally, these people would be invisible to those lower than them due to the differences in vibrations so these people have to go through extensive training to learn to lower their frequency. This involves not pretending to be less holy but actually altering their personality DNA to become less holy.
This is not easy to do and involves actually becoming a person that they have struggled not to be for long years.

Having managed to lower their frequency somewhat enables them to become visible to lower groups and also to enter the dimension in which the lower people live.

To come from a high landscape down into Summerland does not take too much of a reduction but to be able to enter the depths of hell requires that the noble spirit actually rejects his nobility and takes on the feelings of evil people. The person has actually to become an evil person for a while in order to interact with those in any particular level of hell.

The lower the helper wishes to go the more he has to alter his frequency.
One could almost compare it to the story of Jekyll and Hyde.

Of course, once his mission is over the person is able to return to his former noble self but it is very unpleasant for them to go into these low areas to try to assist the poor souls stuck there, especially as any help is often rejected by those in hell.

Another area of the upper 4th dimension is devoted to animals once their incarnation is finished.
As we are all one, animals too go to the upper 4th.
They do not, generally, go to our Summerland – with the exception of beloved pets – but most animals go to an area set aside for them.

Once again, due to different frequencies, many groups are invisible to each other. Lions and other predatory animals would not be visible to herbivore animals. Fish would not be visible to land animals.
These animals stay in the upper 4th for a while after which their life essence slowly dissipates and the atoms recycled.

Plants have an area also and their life essence gets recycled like that of animals.

In principle there are areas for stones, water etc., but, in truth, these things last so long on Earth that we do not need to consider them.

We will say that in the upper 4th dimension there are areas for what you call aliens. These beings are not exclusively in the upper 4th any more than life generally is.
Most life, whatever dimension it finds itself in, 7th or 4th maintains links to the 5th and 6th dimension as we have explained before.

We have not described all the life that is in the upper 4th dimension because there are a few life forms that we have never mentioned but we will stop in our investigation of that plain and briefly turn to the lower 4th.

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