We mentioned in the last chapter that this chapter would investigate the lower 4th dimension which, as a lot of students of esoteric wisdom know, is the area that contains the negative forces.
We have said that dimensions 1 and 2 also contain negative beings but they really do not concern us as the individuals in those dimensions have nothing to do with us. So, when we talk about negativity we may restrict ourselves exclusively to considering the lower 4th.
The lower 4th is a connected dimension to the upper 4th, the only difference as far as the dimension is concerned is frequency.
But, although both the lower and upper parts are separate it is only frequency that separates them. They are both part of one dimension – the 4th dimension.

However, what goes on in those two sub dimensions differs greatly.
We have explained that the upper 4th contains heaven and hell and, although hell can be very unpleasant, it is part of the upper 4th.

We have explained about the lower 4th in other books, talks and essays but, for those who do not regularly follow our talks and books, we will explain it all again perhaps, as we did in the last chapter, adding a few new items.
So, at the risk of repeating what we told you in a previous chapter, we will say that all the beings that end up in the lower 4th start off as points of life in the 8th dimension.
By hazard, some are selected to become the denizens of the lower 4th but first they are put into the 7th dimension as is all life.
There, gradually, they are given the DNA that will enable them to assume the role of creatures of destruction.

Once again, we will be repeating ourselves but for the sake of those who do not know, we will explain that we need both positive and negative beings in order to keep life in balance.

We will say something here that will be new to people incarnate because it is something that we have not discussed before.
To be honest, it is a subject that we have studiously avoided mentioning because it is something that sounds impossible.
In fact, if we consider what we need to say from a negative point of view first, it will be easier to understand what we need to say concerning the positive aspect.

You have all seen ‘dead’ things, we suppose. By dead, we mean plants that have died and are starting to rot, animals run over at the side of the road and some of you may even have seen dead people.
We have already explained that all that happens when something dies is that the life force separates from the physical body and goes off to the 4th dimension – the upper 4th.
What actually happens is what is called a silver cord breaks (dissolves, actually) and so the link between the spirit force and the physical body is no longer maintained and the body stops living and the spiritual part goes off to Heaven.
Now, the bit that interest us from the point of view of this discussion is that the body, whether it be vegetable or flesh, starts to break down, to rot.

This seems so normal to us that we never question it.

Whether it is plants that have come to the end of their seasonal life, animals that have died for some reason or food forgotten at the back of a refrigerator, sooner or later food starts to rot.

The question is why should this be? What is the mechanism that changes a dead plant or a dead flesh and blood object from just being dead to turning into a stinking, slimy mess and finally decomposing entirely until, at the most, only a skeleton remains?

There are angelic beings in charge of this process and what they do is bombard the dead object with certain rays – vibrations – that have the effect of changing the frequency of the dead object from the natural frequency that all things on planet Earth vibrate to – the quiescent frequency of planet Earth – to a lower one.
Thus, the structure of the body of the plant or animal alters and, as it is no longer in harmony with planet Earth’s vibration, it cannot maintain its integrity and, in effect, is rejected by the planet.
This seems strange and is not something that has ever been revealed before, as far as we are aware.

So, there are negative angels in the lower fourth dimension that constantly monitor living things and the moment they die, spring into action and bombarded things with this frequency, which causes dead things, effectively, to disappear thus preventing the land or the seas of planet Earth from being piled high with dead plants and/or animals, including dead humans.

Now, that is all very well and we are used to seeing dead things disappearing but, as all is one, there must be a process that makes living things grow.
Once again, we are used to seeing living things grow so we don’t really question the process.

We know that if we take seeds, plant them, water them and give a certain amount of fertiliser, with a bit of luck the plants will grow.
Equally, we see babies of all kinds, animals or humans, and provided they are cared for, given food and liquids, they will grow to adulthood and then, finally, die.
Once again, we are so used to this process that we don’t question it but, in fact, rather like the angels of destruction that we just described there are angels of construction that constantly bombard newborn creatures of all kinds with a ray (a vibration) that is just slightly in excess of planet Earth’s quiescent frequency that has the effect of drawing towards any living thing the atoms of that creature or plant and causing it to grow.

If this were not the case the atoms would not be attracted to whatever it is that needs to grow.
This is new information and, we must admit, sounds improbable but, like everything else that we tell you, is true.

These angelic forces are contained within the 4th dimension. The angels for construction are within the upper 4th and the angels for destruction are within the lower 4th.

In the case of the angels of construction, young creatures are bombarded with this frequency of a greater power than when it approaches adulthood. As the entity approaches adulthood the strength of the rate is reduced so, in infancy, when the ray is strong, the infant grows quickly but from adulthood onwards the ray is reduced so that the entity does not grow much at all.
It can happen, if an object reaches great age, that it starts to get bombarded by both rays at once, albeit both of a very limited power. This has the effect of the object staying alive but part of the physical body deteriorating.
We see this in some trees, some animals and some humans who reach great age but their physical bodies start to decay causing all sorts of illnesses.
But let us return to the lower 4th dimension.

We mentioned the angels of destruction because the lower 4th dimension is largely concerned with destruction just as the upper 4th is concerned with love which relates to construction.
This is not to say that the lower 4th is connected to hate although humans that are consumed with hate can use the beings contained within the lower 4th dimension to put into operation their evil plans.

Now, the aim of this book is, by and large, to discuss personality although we take the opportunity to expand somewhat and introduce other topics some more or less directly related to personality.

The problem is that, as all is one, all is connected and so, as we are discussing one topic this often leads us onto others.
If we think that these extra topics are somewhat relevant and that you might find them interesting we mention them at the risk of making this book rather large and possibly confusing.

However, if you have followed out other teachings you should be able to follow along.
We will add one further comment here if we may.

Much of what we tell you is complicated and some of it is new and maybe above your level of comprehension. If this is the case, please do not let it worry you.
These books are given now but we hope will remain in circulation for many long years into the future and so, as people evolve, their level of comprehension will grow and so that which seems confusing now will become obvious in the future.

Once again, we got sidetracked!
Let us return to the lower 4th, the creatures that reside there and their personalities.

Unlike the upper 4th, the lower 4th is not concerned with incarnation above and beyond destroying dead objects, as we mentioned above.
Also, there is no concept of heaven and hell. It tends to be one area.

However, it contains a sufficient number of life-forms to fulfill the requirements of keeping dead and dying objects under control, which is why it exists.
The positive regions that we have mentioned at great length in this and other works can be intricate indeed but the actions emitting from the lower 4th are much more simple.
Construction is always more complicated than destruction. For instance, it may take months to construct a house, but, with explosives, can take a second to destroy it.

So, there are a number of negative creatures in the lower 4th, each one or each group programmed to destroy a particular aspect of creation in order to keep all in balance.
These creatures, that we tend to call devils, have been carefully trained to fulfil a particular function.
Now, religion tends to connect these devils with the negative aspects of some humans but that is because some evil people have learnt to harvest the negative energies of these beings to cause harm to positive people.

In fact, the devils are trained to control destruction.
Whether it is just disposing of dead and dying life forms on Earth or whether their power is harnessed to cause mayhem on Earth is not the fault of these devils.
They do their job which is always destruction and do not have the ability to pick and choose for whom they work.
They are not given sufficient personalities to pick and choose.
If they receive a message that they should destroy something, whether it be a dead plant or the life and health of someone, they spring into action and perform that duty. The people to blame are the black magicians who harness their energy.

But let us delve into the lower fourth and see what it looks like and what is going on.

Those of you who have developed the ability to enter Summerland in the upper 4th or have had a NDE would have immediately noticed a few things.
They will be aware that they have entered an area of bright light, warmth and beauty.
So, it does not require much intelligence to work out that the lower 4th is the complete opposite.

Those who enter the lower 4th will be aware of Stygian darkness. It is pitch black there.
Temperature does not seem to play a great role but we can say that it is not the least bit warm.

The next thing we notice is a feeling of abject terror. In the upper 4th we are surrounded by love but in the lower 4th we are surrounded by terror.
It is a feeling that has to be experienced in order to appreciate.
So great is this feeling of terror that many visitors from the higher 4th dimension cannot stay there. It is literally indescribable.

Now, although it is pitch dark, such is the nature of the astral world that visitors can, nevertheless, see.
So what would they observe?

First, there is no life as we know it in the sense of plants, rivers, lakes etc.
It is all just a barren wasteland.

Now, we must mention the beings that live there – the devils.

Like all life, due to their personalities, they tend to vibrate to various frequencies.
So a visitor to the lower 4th might not be able to see all that lives there due to an incompatibility with the visitor’s frequency.

However, we will try to describe them.
We have to say that no devil resembles the pictures you may have seen of devils as presented by religions.
Nor is there a king devil variously known as Satan, old Nick etc.
But devil’s there are and of various degrees of power.
But they do not have any form of physicality. They are orbs of what we might call light.

Now, once again we must introduce you to a concept that you will not know about although man should have had the intelligence to work this out.

Light is vibration (frequency). The higher the frequency the brighter the light gets.
And it is a positive frequency.

However, there is more to life than that.

There is a negative counterpart that we might call a negative frequency.
So light can exist but is observed as a negative light by which we mean that, as positive light manifests itself in ever-increasing frequency, so negative light manifests itself in degrees of ever-increasing negative frequencies.

This may be difficult to comprehend but if we take pitch-black as a starting point, positive light starts with the slightest glimmer and increases to the light of the sun or a star.
Equally, people, angels etc., glow with similar degrees of brilliance.

Now, from pitch black there is another version of light that starts off with pitch black and gets ever darker.
Because of the way our eyes work, we cannot see this negative light but it exists.
Similarly, negative creatures correspond to degrees of this negative light.

The more negative a being is the more it radiates negative light.
This cannot readily be seen with the naked eye but for those trained in psychic vision it can be observed as ever darker patches or orbs of darkness.
So, when we are in the lower 4th dimension, depending on our skill to operate in the esoteric realms, it might be possible to observe orbs floating about of various degrees of negative light.
The more powerful a devil is the more negative light he would emit.

When these orbs, these devils, are in their domain, the lower 4th, they can cause no harm to humans and even if we are foolish enough to go into their realm, generally they will not harm us. But it must be said that going into the lower 4th is a bit like going into a lion’s den.

You may be aware that in the upper 4th dimension there are all sorts of positive beings.
If we ignore humans that are there, there remain a large number of creatures that range from quite low powered beings, through the angels up to extremely powerful archangels.
They are all there to serve God in keeping his kingdom in growth.

Equally and oppositely, in the lower 4th there are a large number of negative entities ranging from low powered up to and including negative angels and negative archangels.
Their function also is to keep God’s Kingdom in order but not from growth but from the point of view of clearing up the mess caused by things dying.
So they are equally as important as the positive angels and life would be chaotic if they did not exist constantly clearing up the debris left by dying entities.

We have no doubt that many readers are curious to know the names that are attributed to these negative individuals or groups. This is not easy because, although there are a large number of them ranging from almost harmless to extremely powerful, they do not really have names anymore than the positive forces do.
But we will try to explain a little.

You may have heard of djinns.
These tend to be quite low powered compared to true demons, the negative equivalent of Archangels.
But they exist and have varying degrees of negative power, some more than others.

The function is to instigate the destructive process of plants and other easily disposed of objects. The harder a flora would be to dispose of – a tree for instance – the more powerful a group of djinn would be dispatched to deal with it.
A blade of grass would only require the attention of a low powered djinn.

But these djinn have developed the ability to transform into objects that we can see.
Although they have a destructive function, like all things they have free will and can move into physicality, or a replica of it.
They also have curiosity and like to ape sentient animals and even humans.
So, if and when they are seen, they might just be seen as grey orbs or they might be observed in the form of cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals or even as a sort of human although they are not very good at aping human morphology.
The striking feature about djinn is, if alarmed, they will return to the astral realms by forming a sort of black, smokeless smoke, if that makes sense, from their rear or lowest end and, in a flash, transforming into invisibility by drawing that smoke into themselves from the lowest exterior towards the head and in a second they are gone.
It is difficult to describe but is impressive to watch.

This smokeless smoke is, of course, them returning to the darkness of their natural colour – negative light.

They can be used by black magicians, and often are although they have no loyalty to the magician and will be equally content to harm the magician as his intended victim.

The image of a djinn is often used in the children’s tale of ‘The Genie in the Lamp’ and the djinn can be seen with a vaguely human head and torso but the rest of his body as smoke.

We will try to explain somewhat about a true demon – the equivalent of an archangel.

Once again, they were points of life that started out in the 8th dimension, were given the logos by God and moved to the 7th.
By now, it knew that it was going to be part of the negative forces.
In the 7th dimension it was given the necessary DNA to help form it into a demon, went through the relative orb galaxy and became a fully-fledged negative archangel (a demon) and finished up in the lower 4th dimension from which it fulfils is function of decomposing ‘dead’ things.
Now, really powerful demons do not concern themselves with clearing up dead grass and things like that. They would be kept in reserve for dealing with very serious events like cataclysms.

All of these various demonic forces can be harvested by man but the more powerful a demon is the more difficult and dangerous it is to deal with them.
Any black magician should be aware that the function of a demon is to destroy and any demonic force would be just as happy destroying him as it would any victim.

We will not describe the steps needed to be taken by a black magician for controlling djinns or demons but we will say that, sooner or later, the power of the magician will fade and he will almost certainly fall victim to the negative influence of the negative entity he is trying to control.

There is an aspect of life that should be obvious but that few neophyte magicians ever seem to consider.
If a person wishes to study the esoteric arts, whether he desires to perfect what we might call white magic (although it is not magic but physics) or whether he desires to perfect black magic, he needs to follow a similar path, although in the desire to achieve opposite results.

Anyone desirous of following the path of light will, as we have often explained, need to do three things.
1. Pray to almighty God, thanking him for the blessings he sends.
2. Meditate on a regular basis which opens the path to connection to the Higher Self.
3. Aid and assist all life when appropriate.
These three simple acts will, over time, open the doors to all the positive acts and attributes that man calls the gifts of the spirit.

A black magician follows exactly the same path although instead of his aim being to raise his vibrational frequency, thus enabling him to approach the white light – starlight of God – his aim would be to develop power to harm people.

As his skills increase, so his vibrational frequency drops and he lowers his frequency towards blackness – the opposite of the starlight of God.

Now, the law of mutual attraction is always at work drawing like to like.
You may know that you are never alone.
Even if you live in a cave you always have spiritual entities that watch over you rather as a child is watched over by his parents.
Even children abandoned by their Earth parents will never be abandoned by their spiritual ‘parents’.
The fact is that basically we are all one and the fact that we have a certain frequency causes, by the law of mutual attraction, certain spiritual humans to be drawn towards us and us to them. We must also remember that we are part of a soul group and that soul group will always stay linked to us whether we be in incarnation or not.
Thus we are never alone.

As our frequency increases through following the path of holiness so the beings that we attract to us will also be of ever higher frequency until, if we are actively engaged in spiritual work assisting our fellow man, the beings associated with us could be called angels.
We must mention that, to do God’s work, it is not necessary to become known publicly. It suffices to live quietly and correctly, meditate and, above all, help all life when it is appropriate. Then, gradually, our frequency rises and such people can, by the law of mutual attraction, be surrounded by angels.
Thus, we wish to assure all good people that you may never be known publicly, may never have any sort of public recognition but if you just spend your life following the 3 precepts given above; thanking God, meditating for a few minutes each day and being of service to all life; humans, animals and even Flora (plants), your frequency will rise and you will attract ever higher spirit guides as they are known.
Thus you will be helped through your incarnation by evermore holy guides and your place in heaven is assured.

We perhaps should, before we return to discussing the lower 4th and black magicians, add a warning that we have mentioned before.
There are people who start out following the correct path to God that we mentioned above but find that they achieve a certain fame and who fall into the trap of allowing their ego to influence them.
As one advances along the path it usually happens that the gifts of the spirit, as they are known, start to appear.
These gifts are much admired by those whom we might consider ordinary people.
Thus, the person who finds that he or she has a certain control of these gifts is tempted to exploit them. He might write books, give lectures and/or give private readings for which he charges money.
Now, the gifts of the spirit are gifts given freely by God to those willing to follow the path of righteousness. But they are gifts and they are freely given by God so that the recipient of these gifts may impart spiritual wisdom to lesser people. The thing is that they are freely given and should be freely shared.

If a person uses those gifts with the desire to seek fame or fortune, God reserves the right to remove those gifts … and he will!
One should never be tempted to use the gifts to seek fortune or financial remuneration.

But let us return to black magicians.

We described how a person following the path to God must act.
People following the opposite path do exactly the same except in the opposite sense.
Instead of praying to ‘our’ God they pray to Satan, the devil.
What they don’t perhaps know is that Satan is just a thought form.
God, although invisible, is real. It is the only thing that is real but Satan is just an invention of religions.
So, those who pray to Satan are just praying to an empty thought, which is foolish.
They meditate but with the intention of developing the gifts of the devil. As the devil does not exist, it is difficult to know what gifts they hope to develop!
Lastly, instead of helping all life they try to harm life. Thus they perform human and animal sacrifices and other things of a harmful nature.
The result of all this is to lower their frequency and, by the law of mutual attraction, they draw towards them beings from the lower 4th – Djinn and demons, depending on how far they lower their frequency.

Naturally, when their incarnation is finished they are drawn to the depths of Hell.

But, when incarnate, as their frequency lowers and as they are surrounded by harmful creatures, so their health and their lives suffer.
One outstanding example is the most famous black magician of modern times. We will not mention his name. He came from a very rich and famous family but ended his life prematurely a pauper and in poor health. Further, this unfortunate man is now in hell repaying the debt to society he incurred in his incarnation.
This is the inevitable reward for devoting one’s life to following the wrong path.
No one made him do this. It was his own free choice. But it shows that to follow any path that is not of a holy path will end in destruction.

Thus we wish to make it quite clear to all of you who read this book that you have free will.
No one will interfere in your life choices.
Life is meant to be experienced and you may experience it as you will.
But, equally, there is a price for everything.
To try to advance on Earth at the expense of others is, of course, permitted as it is your choice but will ultimately result in a heavy price to pay.

This price is not a judgement. No one judges you ever in the spirit realms. There is no need.
You automatically rise or fall in vibration as you live your life and thus, when you get to the spirit realms – and indeed, to a certain extent in physicality – you will draw towards you the landscape and the type of life commensurate to that vibration.
Thus, in a sense you judge yourself or at least you create the conditions which permit you to be drawn to a certain landscape.

Having explained that, one would expect most, if not all, people to follow the path of righteousness, but how many actually do?
Enormous numbers of people are engaged in negative activities; crimes of all sorts.
Others are engaged in selling inferior goods to gullible people.
Yet others are engaged in military, police and prison activities which, whilst perhaps necessary, are hardly the best path to peace and love.

We could go on but we have said enough.
All we can do is to advise you to follow the path to God and you will attract God’s angels to you who will guide and protect you.
Only if you allow your ego and personality to push you down the road of evil will you meet creatures from the lower 4th who will guide you further down the path of evil.
Don’t forget, the function of devils is to destroy. They will be just as happy destroying you as they would any victim you might wish to harm.

Even in the best scenarios, according to the way you lead and lead your life, if you follow evilness you will lower your vibrations, draw bad things towards you now and will finish up in the low regions of Heaven.
All this can be avoided by being a nice person and putting others ahead of you.
Jesus said,’ Love thy neighbour as thyself.’
What he meant was,’ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’
Equally, ‘Never do to others that which you would not like done to you.’

If you treat all life with love, by the law of mutual attraction, you will draw love towards you.
Gradually, step-by-step, as you follow the path in peace, gentleness and love, your personality will improve and you will become a better person.
Inevitably, your frequency will rise and you will attract evermore holy spirit guides to you who will assist you to become a yet more holy person.

Through the law of mutual attraction and its counterpart the law of mutual rejection, good people draw good things into their lives but, by the same token, cause bad things to happen with less frequency.

As we live in this so-called physical world, inevitably, problems will arise from time to time but a holy person can draw positive forces to his aid.

Now, in this book, we have attempted to explain some of how personalities develop and the effects that they have on our lives.
We have not explained all.
Life is complex, and as all is connected, to fully explain personalities we would need to unravel all of life and that would fill the most enormous book ever written.
Life is endless and personality is an important part of life. The more advanced a being is, the more his personality is important. Thus, humans, as they advance, develop stronger and stronger personalities.
If one were lucky enough to meet a human archangel, his personality would be overwhelming.
This, obviously, is a positive personality and it can happen that the personality of the archangel is so strong that it can overpower a person who is seeking guidance from him and, effectively, push away the seekers auras and have them replaced by the auras of the archangel.
So the archangel and the seeker of guidance become one for a short time.
This seems very strange but it can happen. The seeker might be carnate or incarnate but if he is overpowered by a good human archangel, the archangel can, effectively, replace the seeker’s auras and thus his personality, and so the archangel and the ordinary person become one.

If and when this happens in a positive sense, the result is positive and the seeker can act almost like an archangel until he withdraws, in which case the seeker returns to himself.
But, should the same thing occur and a powerful demon take over the personality of a black magician, the magician can act for and with the same power as the demon.
Thus, the demon and magician might be able to accomplish remarkable things for the duration of the overshadowing, but once the demon withdraws, the magician feels exhausted, having used all his reserves of energy to produce the works he wanted.

We hope that you can see that the difference between two people, one of whom is following the part of holiness and the second the path of evil, is largely the same path.
The only real difference is direction. One aims to help life and the other aims to harm life.
These different paths are, of course, the result of personality.
Two people having virtually the same training but, as a result of different personalities becoming totally different people.

We could say much the same concerning positive or negative angels or archangels.
They too follow very similar paths but the direction of their education being opposed.
One is taught holiness and the other evil.

We must stress a difference between the two groups of angelic beings, the first inhabiting the upper 4th and the second the lower 4th, and it is this.

In the upper 4th the angelic beings are only too willing to share their knowledge with those lesser than them including you and us, but in the lower 4th this does not happen. By spiritual law, living a holy life is to recognise that all is one and so it is important to share all wisdom with all good people.
But in the lower 4th dimension, such is the nature of evilness that sharing information is not part of personality.
Higher evil beings sharing information with lower beings does not normally happen and thus, should a black magician wish to learn from a devil, he must strike a bargain, give something, perform some evil act in order to be given information.

Had he taken the path of righteousness, he could have freely got similar or the same information from holy angels without having to strike a bargain but such is the nature of black magicians that they think that everything has to be paid for. Which is why they hold their disgusting rituals called black masses.

Another aspect of the lower 4th that would be remiss not to mention is the UFO aspect. We have mentioned this before.

Now, many long years ago, life was in the depths of the negative swing of this pendulum of life and so, life on Earth was in the grips of negativity.
We must say that this was before the human group who are on Earth at the moment came to be.
The group that were on Earth at that time were very advanced technical logically but tended to be drawn towards evil.
Thus, a group of negative angels wondered if they could possibly enter 3D Earth environment and so, with the help of some Earth scientists, created the UFOs that are sometimes seen flying around the skies.
They all the same machines, or duplicates of them, that were invented all that long time ago.

The demons also invented little robots and are still creating them today.

It must be realised that the UFOs and the robots have two aspects to them.
They can be astral or they can lower their frequency and appear in our world.

But it must be remembered that they are negative. Not so much the UFOs that are just machines but the little robots are under the psychic control of demons so, if you are contacted by these creatures, bear in mind that behind them and controlling them are demons.

We feel that we have explained enough about the lower 4th dimension.
So we will stop here and close this chapter.

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