We wish to investigate another aspect of personality that is seldom considered.
It has to do with the way that individual personalities link in a cosmic sense. By which we mean that all people incarnate or discarnate have individual personalities which they have developed over time but, at the same time, these personalities link together to form global personalities.
So, let us expand on this until we can fully understand.

Although each and every person has a distinct personality, nevertheless, people can be grouped into personality types.
For instance, we might have nice people. We might have nasty people. We might have those drawn towards science, medicine, education and so on.
So, although, if we got to know any group, each individual would be unique in that he would have a particular personality, nevertheless, those people would share a common aspect for any particular aspect of life and those common aspects we could consider to be an aspect of personality.

This may not seem obvious at first glance but, for instance, there are people who devote their entire lives to politics.
Now, politics is a very fraught career path to follow.
First it requires that one has an exaggerated opinion of self. It also requires great cunning. Also, a person who desires to enter politics needs to have enormous degrees of energy and stamina so as to be able to battle on during election campaigns, touring from city to city giving speeches, taking very little rest and, somehow, finding the energy to soldier on, often against all odds.
It is worth bearing in mind that, if there is an election somewhere, no matter how many people are vying to get elected, only one person can be elected.
Then, a few years later it all starts again.

Even if someone is lucky enough to get elected, when he comes to the end of his elected time it will be obvious to both him and to his constituents that he has achieved nothing.
But he must stand up in front of his constituents and admit that he might have failed last time but try to convince the voters that this time he really does have the answers and so, if the public vote for him again, he will solve all their problems.

It takes a very special person to be able to face a public, having failed over and over again and still try to convince people that he knows what he is doing.
But such is the ego of politicians that they carry on without hesitation, pushing and pushing to try to get people to vote for them.

Equally, and this is the interesting part, there are large numbers of people – potential voters – who are willing to put their trust in someone who has failed over and over again. But, through sweet talking, the electors are willing to put their common sense on hold and vote for someone who has no idea what he is doing.
So, it is often the case that large numbers of voters accept into their personalities the personality of the particular politician.
This is interesting because, if we look back over the history of any particular group of politicians or a political party, at no stage is the public actually helped. The only people who have been helped are the individual politicians who are paid large salaries, plus exorbitant expense accounts to pay for apartments, hotels, restaurants and travel expenses.
The actual voters get nothing in return for voting for a politician.
And yet the voters seem perfectly happy to vote for a person or a party and will laudit the virtues of a person or a party, incorporating the individual or collective personality of a politician or a party into their personality.

The same applies to religions of course. Equally, we find people with strong nationalistic pride who, without hesitation, will join an army to fight a supposed enemy, the dangers of whom are extolled by small groups of people who have a vested interest in encouraging people to think like them.

If we think about this it seems strange that one person – or a small group of people – with a strong personality can overpower huge numbers of the public with lesser personalities and the public incorporate that person’s personality into their own personality.
So it might be interesting to try to analyse what is going on.

You may remember us talking about the fact that personality is actually DNA and that DNA is stored in the akashic record and is loaned to individuals. We have also explained that there were two aspects to personalities.
1. The different types of personality that we choose according to our different and varying interests.
2. The power that we develop of these personality trends.

But there is more to personality than just the fact that the types of personality trends are stored in the akashic record and are loaned to people.

The personalities are taken – on loan, so to speak – from the akashic record and are copied into the various auras.
Before we go on explaining this we remind you that the auras are multitasking and perform all sorts of duties and distributing our personality aspects throughout the various auras is one of them.

Therefore, many of our auras – not all of them – are influenced by the DNA that concerns personalities and are connected to our auras.
But the thing about auras is that, whilst each and every one of us is influenced by our auras, the auras also act in a more global sense in that we are all connected via our auras.
The auras act both in an individual sense and in a collective sense.
Our DNA is connected to our auras and thus our personalities are connected to our auras.

You may remember us saying that if you were contacted by an archangel, it may happen that the power of his personality would be so strong that it would push your auras aside and his auras would overtake you – overshadow you.

Powerful people incarnate; politicians, religious leaders, trade unionists and other ‘leaders’ can do the same to a certain extent.
They may not have the power of an archangel and they certainly would not have the wisdom but they have sufficient power to be able to influence the auras of undeveloped people and thus to push them to think like them and, if necessary, to vote for them.

So, to a certain extent one of these leaders can reach out, push weak people’s auras aside and replace them with their own twisted views.
This is obviously not a good idea because, in effect, instead of the public being able to decide for themselves which path to follow on any subject the public are being forced to think like any leader to which they feel drawn.
Now, all people have their own basic personalities and thus will naturally feel sympathetic to certain parties, right wing, centre or left, or drawn to any religion but when, on top of their own policies, they are being brainwashed by powerful politicians who, effectively, reinforce any person’s basic views, that person becomes convinced that his point of view is the correct and only valid point of view.

This is why there are so many ordinary people who are convinced that a certain political point of view is the correct one, any religion is obviously correct and so on.

The fact that these leaders might, in turn, be under the influence of archons or negative forces does not help.
There are, unfortunately, a number of leaders all over the world that are being fed negative information by a variety of negative entities in the astral realms so that these leaders are expressing, in part, their own views and, in part, the views of negative beings and who, in turn can influence, in part, their own views formed by their own personalities but mixed with the views of leaders who, in turn, are expressing in part, the views of evil spirits, the net result is that whole swathes of the world’s population finish up spouting the views of evil forces.

This is why the world is in such a mess.
The general public are always seeking guidance but the only people to whom they can turn are these so-called leaders. If these leaders are spouting information given to them by evil spirits in order to harm the world, we are going in the wrong direction.

This has gone on for long enough.
During the long ages when the world was in the negative part of the biological clock effect known as ascension – or perhaps we should use an opposite term – decline – nothing could be done about it but now we are truly entering the positive aspect – ascension.
It is time that old time politicians or religious leaders saw that they are spouting nonsense and either retired or turned to meditation to fill their auras with positivity.

But it is not in the nature of politicians or religious leaders to admit to going in the wrong direction. Nor is it likely for them to retire.
Power, it is said, is the greatest aphrodisiac. This is true and it is easy to work out why but we will not investigate that aspect of life.
With power, generally, comes money.
Money and power generate respect.
Thus, anyone in power can live in a world where he is surrounded by people willing to do his slightest bidding.
Magnificent houses to live in.
The finest food.
The finest clothes.
Chauffeur driven limousines,
first class train tickets,
first class air tickets,
top hotels.
It goes on and on and politicians and other leaders quickly become accustomed to this way of life and will cling on tooth and nail rather than admit any failure.
One can understand this but, unfortunately for them, the pendulum swing into positivity is ineluctable and so, sooner or later, they will be voted out and their places taken by positive leaders.
This will take time as the pendulum swing is very slow but it will happen and nothing will stop it.

There will be two noticeable effects from this change.
The first will be that those leaders, when they lose their positions of power, will find themselves in exactly the same position as the working classes they exploited for all those years and will struggle to make ends meet.
The second will be that the masses that were influenced in a negative fashion by negative leaders will now be influenced in exactly the same manner by positive leaders.
So, their point of view will take a 180° change but less strong-willed people will still be influenced by strong-willed people – but in a positive sense.
This will be a good thing but it does show that weak-willed people can always be influenced by strong-willed people.

So, strong willed people will always be setting the tone, so to speak, and weak-willed people will follow.

We said that a powerful archangel can overshadow less strong-willed people, push their auras away and replace them with the auras of the strong-willed archangel.
This can happen in the Heavenly spheres and will certainly happen on Earth.
The question one must ask is if this is a good thing or not?

One would suppose that, as we are all one, we would all be equal but, from what we have told you above, it is not so.
Some people, both good and bad, have stronger wills, stronger personalities then others and a strong-willed person, through his auras, can influence the auras of large numbers of others. So, whole masses of people can be influenced by the will of a single person or, indeed, a group of strong-willed people working together in a common aim.

This, of course, puts a great burden on any strong-willed person or group to consider in which direction that person must proceed.

A good person or group must ensure that he only acts for good as his every move, every thought is influencing large numbers of people.

It can happen that a good, strong willed person strays from the path of righteousness, in which case, as those being influenced for good by the will, the personality of the first person, discover the change of direction, feel very disappointed, very let down by the leader and that causes the masses to lose hope.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that anyone who finds himself in a position of leader going in a positive direction, must never relaxes vigilance, never grow tired of acting as leader and, no matter how tired he becomes, always remembers his position as leader and always puts his followers first and himself last.

We must remember that there are an equal number of strong willed, strong personalitied people acting in a negative sense – although their number will decrease as we move into ascension – and they are affecting masses of weak-willed people to produce negativity.

Will, as we have mentioned in other books, is the desire to create and put an idea into action.
So, will is closely connected to Higher Self and is also connected to personality and its DNA and also connected to auras.
As everyone’s auras are constantly broadcasting thoughts out of the world it is only the degree of development, of power, that controls the influence one person can have on others.

Nevertheless, it is important that all people, regardless of the power of their personality, behave at all times in a positive manner because his auras are influencing others and even, to a certain extent, influencing a strong-willed person.

So, in an ideal sense, it seems to us that the more people that are doing good, the more that makes the job of a good leader easy.

This is the system we have in heaven.
There are groups of angels and archangels influencing lesser beings but these lesser beings are encouraged constantly to think noble thoughts and, in that manner, heaven becomes the wonderful place it is.

As we rise in ascension and as angels and archangels draw close to you incarnate, it behoves all good people to do the best they can to be holy and, together, angels, archangels, we in the Heavenly spheres and you incarnate will make planet Earth a better place for all to live in.

We must also state that, in the lower 4th dimension, there are an equal number of demonic forces as there are positive forces in the upper 4th.
If it were not for a certain number of black magicians who attempt to employ these demonic forces to harm people incarnate, they would not be a problem to us.
However, those who have power and wish to cling onto it sometimes employ demonic forces and thus cause a certain amount of harm.

Then we have archons who only know negativity and a certain number of negative reptilians who try to cause harm.

But, as life marches on and as many negative humans die off to go to their home in hell, so they are being replaced with better people. So, inevitably, life will improve.

This chapter is short but we wished to draw your attention to those beings – positive and negative – who have powerful personalities and can influence large numbers of ordinary people.

It is all well and good being influenced by good and holy powerful people but we wished to bring to your attention the number of people of powerful will and personality who do not have your best interests at heart and use you to promote their own self interests.

We advise you not to follow these people and not to vote for politicians and not to follow church leaders if you suspect that they might be putting their interests above yours and are merely using you to get the votes or the finance that they need to keep themselves in power over you.

They need you but you do not need them.
By not voting for such people or for not financing them will force them out of positions of influence and their places may be taken by good people.

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