Let us turn to another aspect of personality and this will examine how our personal and collective personalities join together to create the world we live in because, do not think that your personality just stops with you.
As we have said, all is one although, as we explained in the last chapter, we all have personalities in varying degrees of power.
Therefore, as we have also said, we are constantly, through our auras, broadcasting thoughts out to the world.
Further, these thoughts also go out to every corner of all of creation, the physical, the astral realms and on into the furthest outreaches of every part of creation.

We don’t know if you can imagine this?

Every thought that you have is not only being stored for all eternity in the akashic record but wings its way out forever into every part of the immense multiverse that God and his archangels – the directors of life – have created.

You may imagine that in the various books, videos and essays that we have so far given you that we are getting close to describing all that exists.
You would be wrong.
We cannot say how much of creation we have so far described to you in terms of all that exists but if we said that, so far, we have described 1% of creation, that would be a fair estimate.
Having said that, it would also be fair to say that some aspects of life are so different from what we can expect you to understand that it would be pointless in undertaking the task of describing all of creation to you.
We will also admit that there are areas that we do not truly understand – life is endless – so even the wisest of us have to declare forfeit after a while.

But even in these deepest, hardest to understand parts of consciousness people’s thoughts reach and these thoughts can have positive or negative effects on life.
So please accept that in this chapter we may well describe events and actions that may be difficult to accept.
Accept what you can and place what you can’t understand at the back of your mind until the light does shine on it and its meaning becomes clear.

So let us begin to dissect how people’s personalities affect life.

If you have read and understood all that we have told you in previous chapters of this quite long and complicated book, you may be ready to take this next step.
If you are not ready, until you do understand what we told you earlier, you may struggle with this chapter and, indeed, any following chapters.

But we have to make some bizarre and startling claims.
From what we told you in earlier chapters of this book you may have picked up that personality is of great importance and is linked to DNA (which invades the vast area not only of people, animals, plants and minerals but also links to virtually every aspect of life: Higher Self, will, imagination and all the countless aspects of life).
Personalities made well be stored in the Akash but, as was described concerning the personality orbs, stretches out into galaxies that are known as the signs of the zodiac.
And it goes on and on.

Our task in this chapter is to describe as best we can some of the outreaches of personality.

We will jump in at the deep end which is not something that we usually like to do.
We prefer to proceed slowly and getting to the main point being made after we have given good cause as to why the point we are making is acceptable.
But, in this case we are going to make a statement and try to justify it later.

The point we wish to make in this chapter is that, if it was not for personalities, the galaxies would be empty. There would be no creation, no life. The various dimensions would just be empty carrier waves bereft of any form of life.

In view of all that we have told you in the past about how life is created and organised it would seem unlikely that mere personalities would play such a capital role in creation but, after we have explained, we hope that you will be able to appreciate the logic of what we said.

If you go back over the chapters of this book you will be reminded of how the Holy Spirit was able to take the single God force and create, via DNA, countless life forces that resulted in everything – and we mean everything – that has been, is or ever will be.
This DNA, as we have said many times, is involved in the creation of personality.
So, we have a clear trace back from personalities to the God force itself.
We could stop this chapter here because we have said, in a nutshell, what the connection is but we hope you will forgive us if we spend a few lines expanding somewhat.

The question is where do we start?
Life, as we have often said, is like a wheel turning tracing a straight line in the mud.
So, life appears to be a straight line which is measured as time and space but, if we could step back far enough we would see it actually as a never-ending wheel, forever turning.
We could question which part is true, the straight line or the wheel but when we realise that it is the wheel that creates the line in the mud it is obvious which part of creation is true.
What, perhaps, is hard to comprehend is that the wheel part is immense and it turns so slowly that countless eons of time pass before the wheel returns to its point of origin.
But turn it does and has been doing so for so long that it is fair to say that no one knows for how long it has been turning.

If life is like a wheel turning, we might ask what force is motivating the wheel? After all, nothing works by magic and if we can find the force that makes the wheel turn we would expect to be able to understand the physics behind this force that causes the rotation.
We might even be able to comprehend the nature of this force in the sense of is it electric or some other power source?

It is said that God created everything and this might be true in our galaxy but, as we have found out through our investigations, our God is not the only one.
Behind the various Gods we developed the concept of a master creator coordinating the paths that the various Gods take.
Now, we don’t like the idea of a master creator because it provokes the idea that is there just one master creator and if there are more, how many creator Gods are there?
Are there an infinite number of Gods stretching endlessly backwards in creation?

We will be honest and say to you that there is strong evidence of a creator God but beyond that we do not know.
And, to be honest, we are not even sure that the creator God created Gods. We call him a creator God because we assume that he created all that exists but we cannot confirm if he created Gods nor do we know who created the creator God.

Gods just seem to be and yet this is not an answer.
Nothing appears like magic although we have had to accept that our God, at least, seems always to have existed.
This, also, is not a satisfactory answer.
If something exists it has to have come from somewhere or been created by someone.
And yet we really struggle to find answers to these questions.

Is there any way of resolving this or these questions?

Apparently, before there was God – any God – there was nothing.
So we are back to the impossible question. How can something – God – be created from nothing?
It presupposes that there must have been something. But what could have been that something?
Was it another God somewhere?
We have mentioned a super God that works in many areas far remote from us. But then who created that God? The question cannot be answered like that because we just go on quoting God after God like a record stuck in a groove.
Common sense tells us that that cannot be right.
If so, how many creator Gods are there? Ten, one hundred, one thousand? Where does that end?
So we feel that we must look in another direction to find a creator God’s origin.

Once we have a creator God, of course, the rest of creation may start to fit together like the Jigsaw we mentioned. It is finding the start of creation that is hard and yet there must have been a start because we are all here.

So, our task, if it is possible, is to try to discover who created this giant wheel of life and who gave it the initial push to get it turning because they may not be the same entity.
Also, as a bonus, perhaps we can find what energy keeps the wheel turning.

We hope that you all realise that when we mention the wheel of life we are speaking metaphorically.
There is no wheel but there is a force that came from somewhere and created all that exists and our investigations have shown that life proceeds for a while at which point it all stops and starts again as if it were a wheel turning. The old end joins to a new beginning so to speak.

We said that there was no point in chasing after creator Gods because a problem can only be solved from a higher frequency than the problem itself and looking at and into Gods will not reveal where they came from.
And yet they came from somewhere and were created by something.

Let us try to cut to the chase, to use a modern colloquialism, and say that God did not create us.
We created God through our personalities. This sounds like craziness but bear with us while we explain.

If there is an empty void, there can be no life. But here we are looking at physicality.
Don’t forget that life started out in the non-physical realms or aspects and still does.
Even what we consider to be 3D solidity is Astra illusion so there is no such thing as a solid universe (physicality).
Does this help us to solve the mystery of creation at all?
It certainly breaks a barrier because astral matter is easier to manipulate than physical matter.
But we need to find what came along to kickstart life.

We are going to say something that we hesitate to say because we cannot prove this.
It has always been assumed that God – who he is and where he came from – was deemed to be the ultimate mystery and we have said so ourselves although we knew that investigations were going on that were close to revealing a plausible concept for the creation of God.
Those conclusions have now been reached and we will present them to you although, as we said, we cannot prove the veracity of the theory.

It has been realised that we have been looking at the problem the wrong way round. We were looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

Our recent investigations and even more recent conclusions have revealed that life can only exist when personality exists and, in fact, the origin of life is personality.
Not your personality, not ours but the global concept of personality.

This is a new revelation and is why we are giving you this book at this time although it does just happened to fit nicely in the sequence of books we are giving you.

To return to personality.
We imagine that to have personality one would need to have a body and be ‘alive’ and that is how things are usually imagined, personality included, but we have recently realised that personality can exist outside of space/time and outside of life as we imagine it.
We have said, and we imagine this to be true, although we have no proof, that before there was God there was nothing. Just an empty void.

But we have realised that there is no such thing as nothing because nothing, by its very nature, has personality.
So, although we cannot see nothing, cannot measure or count it, the word nothing exists and that gives it meaning and meaning implies personality.
We do agree that this might sound as if we are clutching at straws but we hope that you might accept that some of our finest minds have worked conscientiously on this subject for a long time before coming up with this simple solution which we all believe to be true.

Obviously, we will do our best to explain this strange and somewhat outrageous statement that personality is the source of all life in our galaxy and, by extension, all galaxies no matter where they are to be found.

We have delved into personalities to a fair depth in this book but, so far, have always assumed that life existed and we have traced how personalities were linked to DNA and, ultimately, to the God spirit itself.

So, our job now is to go beyond when anything existed and follow the path that ended with creation. We go back to the time when, it is assumed, nothing existed.

As we have said, nothing can be produced from nothing but, once something exists it can be expanded upon almost without limit, which is what has happened in our galaxy and all the other galaxies and life forms that now exist.
We confidently expect that life will expand far into the future also, but that is not our concern.
Our concern is how life was created before creation!

We have mentioned that personality is the force responsible for this wonderful creation. So, let us try to explain the type of personality that could have existed before creation.

Personality is connected to consciousness but the type of personality we wish to describe preceded consciousness.

In this long-ago time when, so we are told, there was nothing, as we said there had to be something to fire the starting pistol, so to speak.
This something was and is a form of consciousness that we have managed to link to personality which leads to life.
We must explain further to convince you.

It has always been assumed that before there was something there was nothing and this nothing has been described as no planets, no air, no lack of air, no life forces, no … anything!
This we accept.
Difficult as it is to visualise somewhere where nothing exists we can imagine it because those lucky enough to have been taken to where the Higher Self exists and, by extension, our God, will know that God exists in this nowhere place and will have had the strange experience of talking to their Higher Self whilst in this nowhere place.
So, we know that this nowhere place exists and we must try to explain how life came to exist in this nowhere place that, in turn, over vast eons of time created all that now exists in all dimensions.

This is where we need to expand our minds and take a leap of faith.

This nothingness, this nowhere place could not exist quite in that meaningless fashion.

To have nothing can be looked at another way and can be calculated as a lack of something.
But, by the very act of having nothing gives meaning to the word. And so to have nothing is, in itself, a positive force.
This is difficult to explain but let us give a childish example.
Suppose we assembled one hundred people and ask them to break into two groups, those who had money on them and those that did not.
Most would have some money about their person but, in these days of the use of credit cards, there are people who might have no money on them.
So, we break the group of people into two groups, those with money and those without.

Now, the group without money still have a presence. The fact that they have no money is sufficient to be able to identify them and they exist as a real group.
So, we hypothesize and present for your consideration that to have nothing does not mean quite what it suggests.
Nothing can be an identifiable force in its own right.

Now, the people who have been investigating this conundrum for long years are not foolish people and have considered this concept from every angle.
The scientific rule is that something can only be accepted as true if it is true in all cases.

The best minds available in heaven, including some well-known scientists and also angelic beings gathered together to examine this concept and have come to the conclusion that nothing is, in fact, a something force and, although nothing may apply to anything physical and, indeed, most things non-physical, there exists, nevertheless, by the very nature of nothingness a form of meaning that we term personality.

This is difficult to accept and we don’t expect all people to be in agreement with this analysis.

So, can we explain this form of personality that is so different from the traditional meaning?
This personality implies that ‘nothing’, in the sense we give to it, is to say that this lack of anything has a deep intelligence.
It might well be the opposite of traditional intelligence but, for those who have been able to link with and to explore the area before there was anything, were impressed by just how concentrated how focused this nothingness was and is.
It became clear that this nothing this was as dynamic a force as any life could be – more so in many cases. Nothingness does not really exist. It is just an alternative force that had been, until that point, unknown.

So the wise beings that explored the area before life as we now know it, became more and more convinced that this area had its own form of creation, of personality.
So, over a long period of time, the finest minds explored the concept and were drawn to the inevitable conclusion that nothing exists in its own right and has meaning. It has personality.

Of course, one could argue that if nothing has meaning then who created nothing?
But search as we might we can find nothing that existed before ‘nothing’, if you follow our trend of thought.

But it does give us a breathing space and allows us to accept that life was able to develop from the concept of nothing and so we cling onto that concept for the moment.

We repeat, the latest wisdom suggests that before creation there was nothing but nothing is a real force and has personality.
From this strange nothingness, life was able to develop.
This is as far as we have got in our investigations and these revelations are very recent.
We in the Heavenly spheres can accept the idea of nothing being a real, live force. Perhaps not alive in any sense that we could identify with but most of us in the Great White Brotherhood and beyond have expanded vision and thus are, perhaps, more able to accept concepts that many others would stumble at.

We do accept that it is easier to say that if nothing exists then nothing exists!
But, if you think about it, to say that nothing exists is to give existence to nothing. Nothing becomes something.

But we must say that out investigations never cease and if, at some time in the future, we find another convincing meaning to how life started we will amend our conviction. We are never blocked behind any theory.

So we present this idea to you, which we believe to be true, and leave you to accept or reject the concept.
Assuming what has been concluded is true it gives the notion that personality is of paramount importance and existed before creation.

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