We don’t know what you made of that last chapter where we tried to justify the very strange and very unlikely concept that nothingness was, in fact, not only something but such an important something that it could create the foundation of all that now exists.

This leaves us in a quandary because, on the one hand, we feel somewhat obliged to try to expand in order to help you understand this strange concept and, on the other, to leave it as it is in the sure knowledge that time will help make things clear.

We should, perhaps, say that even we feel a little uneasy with the concept that nothing is something.

Most of us accept it as a working hypothesis and, as we have confidence in the brilliant minds that managed to discover this idea, we do not question the conclusions and, further, if it is true that there is really no such thing as nothing, it does help us formulate a foundation for life to commence.
But we do appreciate that for the majority of the world’s population, especially those who are stuck in physicality, it runs against all logic. For many people either something exists or it does not.

We understand that point of view and we would not argue against it but, at the same time, there are huge numbers of people who proudly state if they cannot see, measure and quantify something it doesn’t exist.
We have mentioned this before and have described some of the many things that we cannot see but that do exist: electricity for example. We can see and measure
the effects but we cannot actually see electricity. Gravity is another. Life yet another. Wind yet another.

Looking at life from that point of view, if we can start to accept that things can exist without them being visible or measurable perhaps, eventually, it may be accepted that lack of anything is just another way of life presenting its facets to us.

But we do not wish to be accused of overkill. To quote Shakespeare. In Hamlet, Queen Gertrude says,” The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
So we will stop here and turn to how, from that humble beginning of nothing being a positive force we called personality, it started to grow into the concepts of Gods.

Perhaps we should explain why the fact that nothing is a great deal and should be linked to personality because this does not seem at all likely at first glance.

So, we have this strange notion that before there was something, indeed, all that we now puzzle about, there was nothing but we hypothesize that nothing is something. We feel that we must make some effort to expand on this idea although, as we said, people in the future will be able to make the link more effectively than today’s humans.

It would appear that there has never been truly ‘nothing’. It is just that the system that we now know did not exist and so we assumed that before what we now understand to constitute life did not exist therefore there was nothing.
But it seems that there was something and this something we call personality.
So, we now believe that there has always been a force, a sort of life, although we could not link it to life as we now understand it to be.

This almost feels as if we are cheating in that we are just pushing back creation further and further into the past.
And yet we reach the point where any form of life as any of us understand it ceases to be but, it now appears that before our understanding of life there was a global force that was completely different to any life that we now have.

This life force was a composite whole and could not be divided up into different parts as we are able to do once the idea of God and galaxies came into being.

Thus, to understand the difference we have to trace life in the sense that we have described in our various books and lectures back to the point that it no longer exists and replace it with a sort of block of a totally different meaning.

We ask you to imagine if you can a personality block that has a form of life but nothing that could relate to life as we know it.

The strange thing is that this personality was and is totally unconnected to any form of life as we now know it to be and yet we are fairly sure that this original personality block was able, in some way, to open the door to the creation of all that now exists.
So there must be a connection.
If there is a connection we should be able to link this original personality block to the creative force that we call the creator God.

Therefore, we try to imagine this one, all connected block of personality, and allow time to modify it until it morphs into the creator God.
Then, from that, all the rest of the Jigsaw came to be.

But it started with a personality block.
We have a deep intuitive feeling that this personality block that existed in the past is identical to the personality block that will sound the death knell when our sense of creation ends.
In other words, life will continue for long ages until, one day, life comes together and forms one block of personality at which point it will create a creator God and it will all start again.

If this is true it implies that our disparate personalities will gradually join to become one whole personality and that will signal the end of one cycle of the wheel of life and life will join to the point where it left off and will restart to another cycle, another rotation of the wheel of life.

Of course, it really doesn’t help much because it still does not say much about where life came from in the first place.
Nor does it tell us anything about the nature of the force that created life.

We know that life is vibration and that is really all we can say.

We understand that the next round of life is created from the personality block that ended the last cycle but we still have no idea of when and how it all started in the first place.

But what we are fairly sure about is that personality is the force that comes together until all of life becomes one block of personality.
Then life, whatever life is, decides that is has done enough and stops until it can create another creator God and life starts all over again.

We will state that new life starts the moment the old life ends. There is no break. That is why we can compare life to a wheel, endlessly turning.

We are of the opinion that the personality block, as it disappears, provides the motive force to promote the next turning of the wheel.
This implies that, as life comes together to create one personality, at the moment when the last life form gives up its individuality and joins the global personality then it all disappears releasing a vast amount of spiritual power and that is used to give the next wheel of life its spin.

So, once it started, it all works automatically, all the various life forms progressing towards perfection and, more importantly, gradually giving up its sense of individuality, its ego and joining together with all like-minded life forces to create this global personality.

This raises another point that we should explain.

We have stated in previous works that the God force – the ID – is constantly pushing us to survive at all costs and at the expense of other life forces if necessary.
We see this with plants that spread their leaves to get all the light they need and spread their roots to get all the nutrients they need.
Animals do much the same.
It is survival at all costs that is important.
But survival is a selfish act. Caring only for self at the expense of others.
This is what psychopaths do.
But, at the same time, this only applies to physicality and physicality is only a drop in the ocean of life.

Therefore, in order to reach the point where all life joins together to think as one would imply that physical life as we know It could not exist. Physical life requires one to survive at all costs but the personality required for life to reach its end implies all sense of individuality disappearing and all entities joining as one thought.

We have to imagine a life where physicality has no meaning and even the love force that motivates our galaxy being modified to incorporate a sort of pure energy with no particular emotion.

So, can we imagine, far into our future, a state where there is no physical life and all life forms, whatever they might be or whatever dimension they might live in are in a state that is outside of any emotions?
Can we imagine all life as one emotionless force that just exists?

Then what about the galaxy orbs we mentioned?
All the various Gods in charge of these galaxies?
The creator God itself?
What happens to all of these Gods?
We can only speculate but if it is true that all life must reach a point of just pure emotion and personality, pure energy if you will, we imagine that these Gods must also lose all sense of individuality and join with the rest of everything.

Now, our relation to any God has always been difficult to comprehend.

We imagine that our God, for instance, being the creator of all that exists – and here we are linking the directors of life and any other archangels to be included in the word God – has access to all the personalities although we explained that our God’s theme was love.
So it would seem that our God, if he has a personality like us, would be consumed with the desire to explore and create love in all its facets.
For those who have difficulty in understanding what we mean by this we must say that to understand what love truly is we must explore also hate because it is only possible to understand the subject if we also understands its opposite – hate.
Therefore, hate must exist as an anvil on which to strike with the hammer of love. We could describe this in the opposite manner also.
The hammer of hate striking the anvil of love.
Either way we need to two forces, love and hate.
This is how love is truly understood.

But we must assume that our God along with all the other Gods we mentioned must, at some point, give up their creative power and join with the rest of us in being this formless personality.
Lastly, we must also assume that the original creator God relinquishes its power also.
Then, at some point everything ceases to be and starts again with, we assume, a creator God being instantly formed from the power released from the demise of the old system.

Perhaps this is where the concept of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes of its previous incarnation comes from.

Having tried, to a small extent, to explain and justify this strange concept, it all seems abstract as if it only concerns other life forms and not us but we would be wrong.

We are very much a part of these life forms and so, at some point far into the future we will discard our personalities and, eventually, disappear as all life disappears.

We know that there are people who have little understanding of life and will start to be uneasy thinking that this event will happen soon. We wish to reassure such people that, although we are fairly certain of what we are explaining and sure that these events will happen, we will say that it will occur far in the future.
Could we put a timescale on it? The answer is no but we would guess that we are talking about billions of years in our future so there is no need to panic.
All of us will continue our lives as they are now for long years into the future.
We hope this reassures you.

For the moment we are moving into the positive phase of the pendulum swing of creation.
This will last a long time.
Also, the population of Earth is steadily growing as an ever-increasing number of spirits volunteer to incarnate to take part in the ascension process.

We mentioned that, one day, far into the future, physical incarnation will cease and all life, animal, vegetable, mineral and human will cease to be.
So, one day there will be nothing physical and all life will remain in spiritual form. This will happen but is so far down the road of life that we cannot even imagine that it will happen.

But all things follow the same path: birth, growth, decline and death. The whole of our system must follow the same path. It is just the timescale that alters.
Our physical system came into being many billions of years ago and will continue for many billions of years before, finally, ceasing to be and life will start again somewhere.

Can you imagine people in billions of years asking the same questions that we now ask? Puzzling where we all came from and where we are going?

Apparently, this has happened countless times and will continue forever exactly as it is happening now … over and over again.

Life is, indeed, strange and is difficult to understand.

The strangest thing of all is that it can all be traced to personality and personality is linked to DNA.
We wonder what DNA can tell us about life?
That will be the next chapter of this book

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