This chapter will carry on from the point that the last one finished which is to study how, as personality altered as life came to its end, so the DNA must have altered and, once life started again, how and if DNA was recreated.
Need we repeat that we are not talking about physical DNA as that will stop as physical incarnation stops so we will be considering the other sort of DNA, so-called junk DNA, which plays such an important role in the creation of personality and, indeed, most aspects of non-physical life as we have explained at great length in this and other works.

We have stated that DNA is heavily involved with the creation of personality and thus DNA is involved with most of the aspects of life whether it be mineral, vegetable, animal or human. Particularly human.

But we have, in the last chapter, explained that life reaches a point where it gives up all desire for individual personality and creates a global personality totally unlike any form of personality previously known.
This may be difficult to understand and so we will expand somewhat.

If you have followed our other teachings you will be aware that all life, particularly human, develops personalities and these personalities can be linked to the signs of the zodiac.
Therefore, our galaxy is home to all sentient life and each sentient being has a particular personality trend mixed with sub personalities.
But, at the same time, the theme of our galaxy is love.
So we have this rather strange mixture, totally unique to our galaxy, of sentient beings with widely different personalities living in a world the God of which promotes love.
Perhaps we should also say for those who do not know, if a person desires to have a physical incarnation he comes to planet Earth.
There are sound reasons why this is so and we have explained why before but let us just say that it was easier for God’s archangels – the directors of life – to keep control of events by having them all together on one planet.
There are no other planets in our solar system with physical life on the surface, nor under the surface for that matter. All physical life incarnates exclusively on planet Earth.
The only life forms that incarnate elsewhere are minerals that combine to create other planets and moons but minerals are not really alive in the same degree that humans are.
People who create stories concerning life on the moon and on Mars, for instance, are either mistaken or they are describing reptilians and/or robots sent there for various reasons.
There are no actual people indigenous to the moon or Mars nor any other body for that matter. It is all contained on Earth.
Thus it is easier to control.

However, all life is one and when that far off day arrives that life decides to stop, all of existence, physical and spiritual, will disappear and that energy is used to recreate another turn of the wheel of life.
As far as we can see, once all life ceases, there is no other external God which creates the new life.
It is created by the massive amount of energy released by the disappearance of the old life.
It would appear that this cycle continues endlessly and because life is a spiritual force the energy released is exactly the same as was used to create the old life.
We feel that there might be even more energy released through the endeavours of life improving in spirituality but that is pure speculation on our part.
What we are sure of is that sufficient energy is released to create a new life, a new rotation of the wheel of life.

For those wondering how life can store energy and release it a bit at a time over billions of years, we remind you that time is an illusion and so, as one life disappears, the new life is created and actually lasts for a flash of time before disappearing again. It is how we regard time that gives the impression of countless years.

It is, of course, quite impossible for us to imagine that life, as far as we are all concerned, lasts for just a tiny moment before repeating the cycle but that is because we are conditioned to think of time as a linear force stretching from the past into the future.
But it is of no importance to worry about that.
Life is complicated enough without us trying to imagine life being created, destroyed and recreated billions of times a second.
Let us content ourselves to accepting life as we perceive it to be, a long slow linear progression.
But let us return to what happens to our DNA as our personalities are given up in favour of a collective one, no doubt totally different from any we can imagine.

So, we have, stored in the akashic record, a vast number of different personality types but none of these fit into the pattern required for this one, unique personality that must come together to prepare us all to disappear for the next cycle to commence.
And yet, this unique personality must exist somewhere or it could not be used.
So where is it?
To find it we must realise a number of things.

First, we would like to remind you that, one by one, as we reach perfection we dissolve into the Godhead and become one with God.
This, of course, is part of the circle of life – the wheel of life, if you wish.
So the day arrives when all living things; mineral, animal, flora and human cease to exist as independent objects and become one with God and assume God’s personality, which is pure love.

We remind you that all was created by God – and we include his archangels, as usual – so even dimensions one and two and the lower fourth (all that can be connected to non-love) disappears into the loving force which is God. It all returns to God. This is, of course, in preparation for the final step of everything disappearing.

Then God reaches out into the part of the auras/dimensions that we told you about that is reserved just for God.
And from that reserved part he reaches into the reserve of the akashic record and extracts from that restricted zone the special type of DNA that only God can use which is the formless type of personality.

Now, we do realise that there are a number of Gods so there has to be a similar process going on that allows all these Gods to create the same formless personality.

We must also admit that there is a certain amount of speculation connected to these statements but we are sufficiently sure of what we stayed to present them to you.
As we have said, if at any time in the future we find that something is not quite correct we will rectify the information.

So we wish you to accept if you will that the day will come when all that exists are the various Gods (and the creator God) and all the Gods vibrate to the one, unique and formless personality, which is actually DNA.

This is where we have to reach into deep speculation as we know that at some point everything disappears and the energy contained in the personality DNA provides the energy for the next spin of the wheel of life.
But we are not quite sure how all this happens.

We do know that all the Gods resolve into this DNA and we also know that there remains the creator God.

What we are not sure of is the step that transforms what is left of the old spin of the wheel of life into the new.
There are a couple of possibilities and both of them concern the master creator.

Either, at some point even the master creator is absorbed as the last God force and then, as that personality disappears, the energy released starts the next step of life and, somehow, a master creator appears or the master creator remains and takes control of the birth process and directs the energy liberated by this personality disappearing to create and control the next spin of the wheel of creation.
In other words, either a new master creator God is formed or the old one remains eternally.

We have no knowledge of this event and thus cannot put any weight behind any theory.
It remains a mystery to us for the moment.

We hope you can appreciate that we are trying to delve billions of years into the future to the point where the wheel of life ends and a new one begins or we try to look back billions of years into the past to the point that the last spin stopped and the one we now find ourselves in started.
Either way, we hope that you can appreciate that it is not a simple task to puzzle out what happened.

Modern day science delves ever further back in the past to try to discover the moment of creation but we are trying to look past that point to the moment of the last destruction.
If science, with all its resources, struggles we hope you will forgive us if we, too, struggle.
What we are sure of is that the old wheel of life reaches a point where it disappears and then a new one starts at the point that the old one stopped.

We do not have all the facts as to how the exact process works but we do know some things and we have presented them to you.
It seems to us that what is important in all this are two things, intimately connected:
1. Personality, and
2. DNA.
We are of the opinion that all construction is governed by these two things and without them nothing would exist.

We are very impressed in the manner in which the directors of life and the various other angelic and archangelic beings cleverly invented this wide-ranging force we call DNA and linked the relevant portion of it to personality thus freeing personality to act in a global sense through the aegis of this wonderful DNA.
We also realise that in the book on DNA we gave you we merely gave you an overview of DNA, as a complete compendium of how DNA is connected and facilitates every portion of life would have been virtually impossible.

Personality, on its own, would be a rather limited force but by linking it into DNA which, itself, is linked to virtually every other aspect of creation has enabled personality to have far greater importance.

We have decided to end this chapter here and to add just one more final chapter to this book before moving onto new pastures.

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