So what else should we tell you about personalities?
We could fill many pages with information because, as we hope you have understood, what we refer to as personality is a basic building block of life and without disparate and collective personalities – despite sometimes being given different names – there would be no life as we know it.

But there is no point at this time in giving you too much new information because we would need to open doors into areas of life that none of you would be aware of and thus would have difficulty in accepting.
We have other subjects yet to discuss so we do not wish to expand on personalities much more.

But we thought that in this last chapter as many of you are interested in alien life we would explore, to a certain extent, the personalities that aliens might have, assuming that they have personalities. It won’t take long.

You may remember that we gave you a book about aliens and said that there were two types of true ETs; those in the lower fourth dimension and those that use spare or unused personality aspects of us humans.
We also mentioned cousins of us that live on or underground the earth (the Tall Whites for instance) that have flying craft and are sometimes confused with aliens.
They are not. All aliens are non-physical, dimensional or inter dimensional entities.

So let us commence with those you call the Grays.
As you should know by now, the little grey, bulbous headed creatures you are familiar with from countless books, films and sightings are just robots created from various demonic beings found in the lower fourth dimension.
We have mentioned these demonic beings to a certain degree in this book but we will do so again as there are a certain number of these creatures (not all) that are involved with the UFO program.
You will, we hope, excuse us if we repeat information given elsewhere for the sake of those who have not read all our books nor watched all the videos.

You should know that there are a variety of entities in the lower fourth dimension. They are all negative and they are all of various negative power according to the destructive tasks they were created to do.
Their prime function is to act in the opposite fashion to the angels of construction.
As all life in incarnation comes to its end, these demonic forces spring into action to lower the vibration of whatever is dying and, gradually, the silver cord breaks, the spirit of whatever it is; plant, animal or human goes off to its astral home and the demonic forces cause the object to break down into its constituent atoms.
Now, as we have said, there has to be a variety of demonic forces according to the tasks that they must achieve.
It does not take a very high-powered demon to breakdown the atoms of a blade of grass compared with the forces required to break down a complicated structure.

Thus, we might say that the various demons would have a varying degree of intelligence – IQ if you wish.
The basic djinn would have a limited intelligence and thus a rather basic personality, just sufficient to perform its task, whereas some of the much more powerful demons have a large degree of intelligence.
We remind you that all of these beings are negative and so their intelligence, or personality, is always concentrated on negativity, destruction.

We might break off here to explain how a demonic force in the lower fourth dimension knows that an object in the sixth dimension, which is considered physical, knows when an object is dying and can spring into action.
The answer is that, as all is one, there is a constant and permanent communication at all times with all things.

This means, if we might mention you, that at all times, as you grow, positive angelic forces are monitoring you and pouring positive energy into you to keep you alive and following your life plan.
Life follows four phases: birth, growth, decline and death.

So, for all things, including you and us, when we were in incarnation, positive angels poured positive energy into us in the form of vibrations up to a certain time. Then the positive power was gradually reduced to allow the decline part of the cycle of life to commence.
Eventually, by the law of mutual attraction, the positive angels withdraw and the negative ones move in to reduce the frequency of the person, animal or plant and that reaches a point where the spirit can no longer animate the entity and the silver cord – that all things have – breaks and whoever or whatever it is goes off to the higher 4th dimension while the angels of destruction move fully in and start the decomposition aspect of death. It is all quite automatic.

But, as these demonic entities are alive – just as alive as any creature or human is – they must have intelligence and a certain personality.
It should be obvious that a basic djinn would have a limited personality and a really powerful demon a much more advanced personality.

All the time the entities from the lower 4th just do their job, which is getting rid of dead things from the 6th dimension, there is no problem.
But, as we have also said, black magicians have learnt to harness their power to cause harm to others.

There is an aspect of the powerful demons that enters this chapter.
The highly intelligent demons have a lot of free time because they are not called into action to perform their duties very often. The majority of destruction is left to the low powered djinn.
So, some demons became bored and decided to explore life in physicality – the 6th dimension.

Now, as they are a non-physical force they are not able actually to appear in our physical realms because of the difference in frequency between their world and ours.
Physical life, even though it is illusion, is of a higher frequency than the lower 4th so even the greatest of demons finds it impossible to raise its frequency to our higher frequency.

Demons can lower their frequencies, which is what they do when they break down the constituent parts of a now dead object but they cannot raise frequencies. Only positive angels and life can do that.
So, they found it impossible to enter 3D life.

We have already explained this but we will repeat.
Long ago, when planet Earth was in the grips of the negative swing of the pendulum of creation, certain demons were able to influence certain highly advanced but negative humans and gave them the plans for constructing the UFOs and the little grey robots that we still see today.

Once that was done the demons could overshadow the robots, which were sufficiently intelligent to receive telepathic communication from the demons and thus the demons could interact with humanity and try to find a way of creating a human/demon (or alien) hybrid so as to gain a foothold on Earth.
This they failed to do. It is just as well.
Could you imagine people walking about with the personality of a powerful negative demon?
It would be bad enough but if ever they got into positions of power the effect would have been catastrophic.
Life is bad enough on Earth with the archon Influenced people who control the planet.
However, as we have said, ascension will reduce the numbers and the powers of these people.

It is perhaps surprising to find that the alien life that we think we discovered interacting with us quite recently has, in fact, been happening for many hundreds (thousands) of years but it should not really be a surprise as even cave paintings often depict images of craft and/or beings clearly far different and far in advance to modern life. Certainly far different to life as seen by cavemen.

Now, what concerns and interests us is the personalities of these demonic entities.
We are not sure that we can analyse individual demons and discover their individual personalities but we can, at least, make some educated guesses.

For a start we are very familiar with the basic djinn and, if we may say, many of you should be familiar with them as they frequently make appearances in our daily lives. It is the fact that most people walk about with their eyes shut, if you will excuse us for insulting you somewhat, that enables them to operate in our world unseen.
In fact, basic djinn cannot really enter our 3D reality, as we have just said, but they can enter the etheric realm which is so close to physicality that many people can see into it and most digital photographic cameras can also capture djinn on both still and moving images.

Djinn are able to enter the etheric because they are so basic in nature that they are not really evil in the sense that highly developed demons are and thus their frequency is not far removed from the etheric realms.
People with even a basic ability to operate in psychic planes can see some djinn.
However, most people have trained themselves to ignore any strange phenomena and so the djinn pass unnoticed.
Perhaps this is just as well as to interact with even the most basic of djinn, for an untrained person, would be unwise. Even the most basic of djinn is part of the negative forces so it would and could be dangerous for untrained people to interact with them.
Those firmly on the side of good would want nothing to do with them, leaving only those interested in negativity to desire to interact with them.

But do djinn have individual personalities? We think not. We would consider them more to be like worker ants or bees, just doing their job.
However, this is not quite true as they have often been observed aping human or animal life, pretending to be something like a cat, a dog or some other life force. They try to imitate humans but the resulting shapes are not very convincing.
We notice that they do have curiosity and also fear quite developed so those are two aspects of personality. More than that is less obvious.

However, high powered demons are different indeed.
It is their advanced intelligence that has enabled them to have UFOs and robots constructed.

No demon can influence a good person due to the difference in frequency between them and good people.
But they can and do influence people who have negativity in their personalities.
So, this suggests to us that high powered demons have a developed but negative personality and have for a long time been able to overshadow negative people.
This is still going on, of course, in the underground bases where negative types of scientists of many disciplines work with the robots who are being controlled by demons.
Therefore, we assume that, by the law of mutual attraction, if there are scientists, politicians and other rulers of the world, many of whom we consider to have negative personalities, the demons would have similar personalities.

We try to stay away from negative people but if and when we examine and analyse the personalities of various individuals involved with what we might call ET agendas or programs, we find people with very powerful, dominant personalities, often acting without hesitation to cause harm and even murder to those who either get in their way or need to be tortured or murdered to advance a program, we can imagine that demons would be very similar.

There are differences of course. Humans that cause harm to life, whatever that life is, when their incarnations end, find themselves in hell paying for their crimes whereas demons are immortal.
Another difference is that demons cannot directly operate in the 6th dimension where we are so they need to harness the energy of either the robots or the various humans with whom they work.
But the result is much the same.

If we examine the personalities of the humans who are involved with, either black magic or the so-called space program, including trying to produce hybrid humans, animals or trying to produce modified creatures – part human and part animal – we can easily understand the personalities that intelligent demons would have.
We advise anyone involved with these programs and that are dealing with demons that they are playing with fire.
A demon is a negative entity and exists to destroy. But, being intelligent, they are willing to work with scientists, politicians and any individual or groups on a seemingly positive program but one can be sure that the end result, if and when the end of the program arrives, will be negative and will cause destruction and unhappiness to as many as it is possible to involve.
Demons are negative and their personalities are negative.
It is a pity that so many people involved with these secret programs do not realise this, but being negative themselves, it is a question of birds of a feather flocking together.

Therefore, although it is not easy for us to fully understand the personalities of demons it appears to us that if we are aware of the personalities of those who work with them via the robots there must be a similarity.
You may have noticed yourself that it is very difficult to work with people who have personalities diametrically opposed to one’s own, so by examining the personalities of those humans who do interact with demons we can get some idea of the personalities of demons.
There are a number of different groups of people involved with demons.
The first would be the military who have been promised advanced technology in exchange for helping the demon aliens.
We do not wish to insult anyone so if we use language that seems negative we hope both you and they will forgive us.
Military people have to be, by and large, rather special.
By that we mean that the security guards have to have personalities that do not question orders. They are told to patrol an area and keep it safe from any intrusion and that is what they do.
What their reaction is to any unusual life forces they come across or what their reaction is to any people or animals shut in cages would not be like ours.
We might well be horrified to see horrific scenes but the job of a security guard is just to make sure that no one from outside the complex penetrates and that nothing escapes.
Then, of course, we have the officer classes that would be involved with the demonic agenda.
We are sorry to say that the type of officer that would be attracted to helping develop programs might not be the sort of person of high intelligence.
Military circles and military folk tend to be the sort that accept, sometimes with pride, that they are part of an important and secret project and so they consider it an honour to ensure absolute secrecy and will go to great lengths to work with demonic alien forces, providing all the necessary facilities and materials to help these aliens.
The final agenda is not their problem only as far as their rank involves them with different levels of complexity.
Then we have the scientists that help the grey robots and, of course, their demonic masters.
Once again, those recruited to work on these projects have little regard for the suffering caused to people and animals, the results of their experiments. They put into action the desires of those higher up than them and justify what they do because they are pushing science forward.
Lastly, as regards our little discussion, we have a small number of politicians and/or secret service groups who are happy to help implement the whole agenda.

Now, from the above description, we can interpellate into the demonic mind and see that, according to the intelligence of various demons, there would be more or less the equivalent in the demonic group of the various human groups involved with the alien agenda.

Let us now consider the other type of aliens. Those that are created from unused personality bundles. For those who have no idea what we are describing please read the book on aliens we gave you.

This group, in principle, should have personalities not dissimilar to ours as they are, in fact, us.
So, we expect to find some with good, bad and indifferent personalities.
However, it has been our experience when dealing with this group of aliens that curiosity tends to be highly developed.
Thus, we find that this group also tend to be positive. It would be difficult to combine curiosity with negativity.
When we were describing somewhat negative military people we noticed that security guards, for example, had almost no curiosity. They obeyed orders without question.
One cannot be of that type if one has curiosity highly developed. So we generally find that curious people tend to be fairly positive.
We find this also with the groups of personality bundles that desire to become aliens.
They have curiosity, positivity and kindness developed .
They may or may not have spiritual awareness developed but one can be a good person without having spirituality developed.

Therefore, our description of this group – constituted from personality bundles – is short.

They tend to be curious first and foremost which is why they decide to become aliens and have the desire to explore the 6th dimension, which is where you are at the moment.
But they are also peaceful, loving entities and it is a pleasure to deal with them.

Thus we have two types of aliens.
1. The demonic forces that are entirely negative.
2. The personality bundles which tend to be the opposite. Kind, peaceful loving entities that wish us no harm and that will help us if they can.
This is not to say that all personality bundles are like that. It is those that decide to become aliens that tend to be nice.

So, we will end this chapter and this book here.
As is so often the case we have tried to explain personalities to you but have merely scratched the surface.

We hope that some of you at least have got something from this difficult subject.
We have done our best to explain it as simply as possible but it is a complex subject.
We will expand more in years to come.

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