So, we are going to broach this difficult topic of how to describe the indescribable!

Perhaps, if we may we will start by saying what this subject is not.

We are all, both those in incarnation and us in the spiritual realms, used to the reality in which we find ourselves.

We remind you that all who are part of the Great White Brotherhood, and we are many, all had incarnations at one time.
Some of our elder members had incarnations so long ago that life as you now perceive it on Earth was greatly different but, nevertheless, they did have incarnations and those incarnations, as they have been described to us, have managed to educate us to realities scarcely imaginable to the more recent arrivals.
But incarnations they were.

So, it is not easy for anyone who has not studied the subject of this book, to visualise areas outside of either incarnation or the Heavenly areas.

Equally, no matter how far we travel back in time, right back to the moment when everything was first created – and that was a long time ago indeed – could anyone visualise this subject.

So, we wish you to try to comprehend that no intelligence in any area could visualise what we are going to try to explain to you.

However, this area does exist.
Indeed, there are countless such areas.

It is only too easy to wish that what we have so far described to you is all there is in creation, but, unfortunately, all that we have so far discussed is only a drop in the ocean of creation.
It is, indeed, endless and we wish you to be able to expand your mind and realise that physicality, the spiritual spheres and all the other areas of life we have described is far from the limit of creation.

Now, this is where we are going to upset some religious people.
We must mention God.

God exists, as we have explained, not as an old, white man sitting on a cloud sending Hellfire and Damnation to all who do not conform to a particular religion, but exists as a sort of concept.

Already, many will have difficulty in accepting that.

But now we must introduce you to the concept that the God we have described – complete with his Archangels – is only a subset of a greater, far more expanded version of God that exists everywhere where there is life.

By that we mean that the God of our galaxy is not the totality of God. Not lesser, but part of.

There are areas outside of any form of reality that we could imagine. In other realities there is also a version of God that created – no doubt with the help from other trusted servants – that reality.

Then, if we were able to move on to yet another reality, there will be yet another version of God that would have created that reality. On and on.

So we wish you all to try to understand that no matter how different, how bizarre life anywhere else is, there is always a version of God that can be seen as the guiding hand behind it.

Such is the nature of the creative force we call God, that his outreach is truly endless.

However, the amazing thing about this God force is that, not only are there countless versions of God in all these different realities, but our studies have shown that there is a definite link between all these versions and it is our understanding that all these different versions of God are aware of what is going on in any other reality.

So, we are implying that the God in charge of the remotest, unlikeliest version of any reality, is aware of and in contact with the God that created “our” version of reality.

This is a strange concept to contemplate.

It is fairly easy to imagine that God is so far reaching that he might well have created alternative realities but it is harder to imagine that each reality has its own version of God remaining exclusively with each reality.

We seem to be putting a limit on God’s power, suggesting that he can only deal with so much and so there has to be multiple Gods to deal with all the different realities, each one confined to that reality.

In a way we are, not because we think that prime creator has any limit, but for the reason that God is so intelligent, so powerful, that he deemed it wise to create different versions of himself in order that each version could, independently, create each version of existence.

But we also said that each version of God has links to all the other versions and so all these Gods, although able to act quite independently to each other, nevertheless, remain linked in permanent contact together, sharing wisdom and growing together.
Even God is not a static, all knowing entity.
Quite the contrary!
God is constantly evolving as life evolves.

God might well have created all life everywhere but he is not so arrogant as to be above learning from experience of the life he created.

All returns to him, wherever that life might be and these versions of God, independently and collectively, benefit from the individual experiences of these various life forms.
That information is shared to all the versions of God no matter how remote from each other they might be.

This information about multiple versions of God will be new to you and might be a bit confusing and alarming to many but it happens to be true and we have been charged with transmitting this truth to you.

We hope that it will help you realise just how wonderful this creative force is, that it was able to create multiple realities and create independent, but linked, versions of itself to oversee these different creations.

So, whether you can accept this or not, we are presenting to you, possibly for the first time, an expanded view of the creative force – God – which, we hope, should give you an even greater respect for God then you might already have.

Now, as we have explained in relation to our reality, God is the life force but does not actually involve himself with creation.
There are trusted Archangels, sometimes referred to as the Directors of Life (although these Directors of Life are not the only forces involved with creation), and there are also other Archangels that help create other aspects of our reality.

We break off here to explain how we were informed about these other realities which will be the subject of this book when we can get around actually to talk about it.

We do apologise for taking so long to start to explain alternative life but we hope that, in order to clear the decks, so to speak, we need to create the base from which we can try to make sense of this other reality – one of many.

There are, as we have mentioned, two types of Archangels.

There are the ones created to serve God in creation and there are those who are human, have passed the final test and have progressed almost to the point of being absorbed in the Godhead. And some of them do, but others remain to serve for long ages.

This last group, wise beyond any recognition, are so close to the Godhead that they have knowledge of these other areas.

They do not, as far as we are aware, actually visit these other areas, but they are aware of them through the link with “our” God who, we told you, has links to other versions of God.

So, thanks to that link and thanks to these incredibly wise and generous human Archangels, the information has been passed down to us lowly beings (compared to them) and so we are able to pass that information to you.

We hope you will be appreciative of just how generous these beings are in sharing their wisdom with us.

While we are talking about Archangels, may we mention just who the beings are that have charged us with revealing all this strange and new information to you.

We wish you to appreciate, just talking about our reality, that there are many levels in the heavenly spheres.

You may have heard people talking about Ascension as rising from dimension to dimension and of high beings located in ever higher dimensions.

This is not at all true.

We have described in great detail all of the eight dimensions and have stated that various aspects of life are contained in different dimensions, each aspect having links to the other dimensions, in part at least.

Now, rising in holiness has nothing to do with dimensions. The Ascension process has nothing to do with leaving one dimension and rising to another, neither physically nor spiritually.

You, at the moment, have your physicality based on the 6th dimension and the Higher Self and other parts of you are based in the 5th dimension, with links to all the other dimensions with the exception of what is referred to as the lower three.

In fact, outside of physicality (when explaining things to you), we never refer to any dimension by giving it a number.
We only do this to try to explain existence to you in a way understandable to you.
We think of the dimensions as one huge dimension rather as one might consider an octave of music, although it consists of individual notes, as a glissando of sound.

So, it simply is not true that, as any person rises in spirituality, he would change dimensions.
If you are incarnate and on the 6th dimension, no matter how holy you might become, you will still remain on the 6th dimension.

If in the Heavenly spheres, you will remain in the higher 4th until you merge with the Godhead.

However, spirituality causes people to be at different levels within those dimensions.
This is not actually, literally true.

The very wise and noble beings, far above us, are invisible to us, not because they are in a different place to us but vibrate to a higher frequency than us.

If we can imagine the spectrum of light from total lack of light (blackness) to pure Starlight (blinding white light) you can imagine that there are many frequencies in between.

It is very similar with spiritual growth.

The person who has little spirituality would not glow very brightly whereas a very advanced being would shine with a brilliance approaching pure starlight.
Obviously, in between are many levels and there are humans (discarnate) in all these levels.

The beings that have asked us to instruct you in spirituality live in fairly high levels but are still very much in touch with both us and you.
As they are aware of the shift of the Pendulum, the biological clock of the Multiverse, they have asked us to try to bring you up to speed on the requisite information that, together with meditation etc., will enable those who so desire to ascend in spirituality.
But, we repeat.
You, as you grow more spiritual, would be seen by those with psychic vision as glowing more brightly as all your atoms change frequency within the dimension in which you currently live, but
you will not be going anywhere. You will not be changing dimensions.
However, you will be changing greatly from within.
You will become more loving, more peaceful, more understanding of those lesser than you.
You will be able to accept all life as it is and not look down – or up – to anyone, except God, of course.
You will radiate this fundamental aspect of God and of existence … love!

So, we have spent quite a lot of time hedging around the subject of this book and, to be honest, we could fill a complete volume with what this book is not about, but we will not presume upon your patience anymore but will try, gradually, to take you into this book which, as we said, is about life in a totally different area that is outside of anything mentioned in any book and outside of anything we might have described to you before.

We should really start a new chapter at this point, but as this chapter is short let us make a start in introducing it to you.

Now, the first thing we wish to say to you is that we want you to put behind you anything that you think you know about life.
We want you to try to dismiss from your mind anything you learnt at school, anything that life has taught you and anything that we have mentioned in the various books, videos and lessons that we have made available to you.

The only example we can give you is to imagine that you had spent your entire life just studying one subject, gardening for instance.
So, all you really know about is gardening and you might have become quite expert on that subject.
Then, suddenly, someone asked you to stop studying gardening and to start to study another subject; quantum mechanics for example.
This would come as a shock and would require you making quite a mental change.
Well, this, in a way, is what we are suggesting you do.
Forget all you know and start again.

So, let us start at the point where, in our little spaceship, we discover this strange new area.

You may remember us saying that our galaxy, if it could be observed, would actually resemble an enormous sphere, with a coating of gravity surrounding it to protect it from being bumped into by any other galaxy wondering about.

This galaxy, if we may describe it as a galaxy, looks nothing like that.
The best we can say is that it looks like an enormous mist floating in a void.
This is, of course, only an approximation because we have no means of describing this new place, so we must use words with which we are all familiar or we could make no progress with our explanation.
So, let us call it a mist.

What does it look like?
A mist is usually white although, of course, a mist, if it is of chemical origin, might be of any colour.
This mist we will also call white.

However, as we look at it from afar, we notice that it is not static.
It is as large as our galaxy is but, as we look at it, we see that it morphs into different shapes, almost as if it were sentient.
We will see, later, that it is sentient. It is alive. Every bit as alive as any creature on Earth is alive although its life force is not like life on Earth.

So, if we stop at a safe distance and regard this galaxy, we see it constantly changing shape. The only parallel we can use from Earth is to describe a shoal of fish that moves in a great band as the shoal moves, so if we observe it, we see it constantly changing in shape as it ambulates across an ocean.

This galaxy resembles that somewhat but, can we say that it is progressing through nothingness?
We cannot really confirm that because nothingness, by its very nature, implies lack of space so, although it changes shape, we have no means of measuring movement.

We suppose that, if we had any means of calculating progression, it might be moving but we cannot confirm.

All we can be sure of is that it changes shape, pulsating, growing larger and smaller with, occasionally, parts that stick out for a moment, only to withdraw and the galaxy sized mass of mist assumes other shapes.

Obviously, with such a large “object”, this happens very slowly so we do not want you to imagine that it moves, expands and contracts quickly. It does not. It all happens very slowly.

Now, this is where, once again, we need to presume upon your credulity.

If you were to study this galaxy for the duration of your lifetime you would not notice much difference but as time is relative, it does change shape.

If we could film, for long ages, this mist and then play back the film at very high speed, we would see it as we described, pulsating, expanding and contracting and, possibly, advancing across the void of nothingness.

We break off here to say, just once, that what we will say about this object, for the duration of the book, has not, we think, been directly observed by anyone. Not even the human Archangels.
It is information gleaned by the most advanced human Archangels directly from the God Force, with whom some are in touch and we remind you that “our” God is in touch with all the other Gods in all these other life areas and so what the God of this alternative galaxy knows, our God knows, which is passed on to some human Archangels and is, in turn, eventually, passed to us.

So, what we will describe to you is obtained by this means.
That will avoid us having to repeat, endlessly, the source of the information.

Whatever we say about this area has been collected by the means we just described.
Of course, you may accept or reject this information.

So, to return to this galaxy sized mist, it moves rather like an amoeba, constantly changing and we question whether it is alive?

Now, we could say that our galaxy is alive – and it is – but it does not seem to move as a composite whole whereas this one does.
We could say, equally, that a shoal of fish is not actually alive although it is created from countless small fish who are alive and their collective movement gives the shoal the appearance of life.

So we need to ask if this mist is alive in its own right or is it created from tiny objects, themselves alive, and giving this mist the appearance of life through the individual and collective movement.

We will examine more closely this huge mist and try to determine what is going on.
For the moment, we observe the mist and see it undulating, pulsating, swelling and reducing.

Suddenly, we noticed that it withdraws to a point, a sort of singularity, stays like that for a while and then, just as suddenly, expands to something like its former shape and continues its slow perambulations.

What on Earth is going on?

Then, just as suddenly, it expands to truly enormous size, sort of convulates on itself, almost as if it were turning inside out, reduces to a singularity and then expands to its former galaxy sized shape and continues as if nothing had happened.

We need to explain this as best we can.
The only example we have in our existence is a sun that, when it comes to the end of its life, expands dramatically, and then contracts to a very small area.

What we are trying to explain is not quite like that but gives us a basis for understanding.

So, let us explain again in slightly more detail.

This galaxy sized mist spends a while pulsating gently as it wanders about and then, without warning, it might contract to a single small point.
We use the word singularity because that is as close a word that we have to what is occurring.

So, every particle of this mist – assuming it is made of discrete particles rather like the large number of fish in a shoal – suddenly, and instantly, contracts to a tiny point.

We might ask if this point contains the life energies of the individual parts from which it consisted and whether this point has enormous mass (weight).
But, in nothingness, these terms might well be meaningless.

So, it stays as a point for a while and then, just as suddenly and just as rapidly, expands to something like its former size and continues as if nothing had happened.
Then, later, it seems to do pretty much the opposite.

It will suddenly, and without warning, seem to explode.

It grows to enormous size and, just at the point that we think that the individual particles that go to make up this cloud my surely wizz off into the nothingness, it seems, from the outer edge, to fold up on itself.
The outer edge seems to meet at the middle, all the rest follows until it is all absorbed, once again, in this point, this singularity.
And it stays like this for awhile.

The only example that we can think of to explain this in simple terms is to consider a pastry chef who might take a ball of dough, spread it out, and then take the outer edges and fold them into the middle.

Not a very good simile, we agree, but if you can visualise this enormous sphere suddenly expanding to an unbelievable size and then, just as suddenly, not withdrawing in the opposite sense to how it expanded, but folding up on itself so that the outer edge of this truly enormous sphere is drawn into a tiny point, followed by all the rest.

How can we possibly describe the reality of that stupendous event?
We just ask you to imagine if you will the outer edge hurtling into the centre, followed by all the rest until only a point remains.
Then, after a while, it expands to its former size and continues its route as if nothing strange had occurred.

Now, we must say that what we described above is true in principle but the reality defies description.
It is slightly different from our description but, as we said, words do not exist to describe any of this so we have described this mist using words with which you are familiar.

If you could be there to observe this mist and its Shenanigans, you would agree that the way we described it is correct but the reality, if you could observe it, would be much stranger.

However, if we must describe this entity, we must use terms and images with which you are familiar.

Actually observing this place will need to wait until we reach God like status and, even then, we may only be informed about it in the third party fashion.

But, we repeat. This place is real and what we have presented is as close as we can get using words to describe what occurs.

So let us stop this chapter here and take a closer look in the next chapter.

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