We have examined this strange and rather alarming mist but curiosity drives us to investigate further.

The only way we can really do this is to approach it and try to see, from a closer vantage point, what is going on.
But we need to be careful because, if this galaxy decides to expand or, indeed, to contract whilst we are in contact with it, we might be engulfed in its movements.

So, with some trepidation, we approach.
What we observe is somewhat startling and difficult to accept.

We wish you to accept that, as we reach towards this galaxy, it reaches out to us. Or rather an aspect of it does. We see a sort of projection, almost like an arm, reaching out to us and surrounding us.
Thus, we are engulfed in a part of this mist.

We wish you to visualize that the majority of the galaxy remains a fairly long way away but a part of it seems to have sensed our interest in it and has reached out to make contact with us.
So, we find our little spaceship surrounded by this mist.

It doesn’t seem to want to harm us. Indeed, the feeling we get is almost of a welcome, a friendship. We get the impression that this mist is exploring us to find out who we are.
Perhaps we are the first strangers who have ever made contact with this galaxy and it is curious to know who we are, where we come from and if we are friend or foe.
The arm of this mist withdraws, taking us with it and we are drawn into the body of the galaxy.

So, we find ourselves inserted into this mist and, much as we suspected, although from a vast distance it looked like a mist, once we are within it we find that each – what looked like drops of water from a distance – are, in fact, a vast number of orbs of life.

Now, we cannot effectively describe these life forms so we must use words with which you are familiar in order to convey what we are observing.
So, we will say that we are within a countless number of spheres of living objects. These spheres, although identical to our eyes and our senses, we realize, contain life in an individual and collective sense.
By this, we mean that each sphere clearly has a sense of being individual, like all humans are, for instance, but at the same time has a sense of being one.
The only example we could possibly use is to mention a huge ocean which, although created from individual drops of water, nevertheless reacts as one entity. An ocean appears to react as a complete body, the individual drops of water no longer retaining any sense of individuality.
Once again, it is difficult to explain what we are observing.
We ask you to imagine, if you can, being inside this galaxy sized object, each element of it clearly created of spheres that have a sense of individuality but, collectively, moving as one object as if the whole object had an overriding intelligence.

Of course, we have similar things on Earth.
A person, for instance, is made from countless atoms which, we ask you to imagine, have a sense of individuality, of intelligence, but collectively create a person who is able to move as a composite whole.
The big difference is that we sense that every sphere in this object appears to be completely sentient in its own right but also has the ability to act together with all the other spheres as a composite whole.

This is rather strange to us.

We can sense that every sphere, being alive as you and we are, and clearly curious to explore us is, in another sense, acting as a unit.
We imagine that, whilst those spheres that are close to us are observing us, the whole object is still pulsating and moving rather like an amoeba.

We do not feel the least threat, the least hostility. In fact, the overriding sensation we feel is a curious but warm welcome as if the spheres are glad we have visited them and are welcoming us into their midst.

For a long time these spheres observe us from a respectful distance, each sphere that is close enough to be able to see us obviously rather excited to know more about us and we, in turn, try to send out thoughts that we come in peace and wish them no harm.

We repeat that, in earthly terms, what is happening is doing so very slowly but as we are astral beings and thus immortal, time has no meaning to us.
A day or a thousand years of Earth time is one to us. Time is meaningless.
So, we are able to observe what is going on very much at the same level as this galaxy reacts.

These spheres, whether they can pick up our thoughts or not are obviously not frightened of us.
It may be that fear is unknown to them.

Certainly, they seem excited that we have visited them and are curious to make acquaintance with us in order to understand us.

Gradually, one or two come closer to us until they are almost touching our little spaceship.
We can feel their presence very strongly.
Once again, how can we describe their emotions that we sense, as words – or, indeed, our emotions – because we do not have any connection to their emotions?

Certainly, if we try to present to you what we feel using familiar words we sense curiosity, friendliness, respect and even a form of love or should we say, acceptance.

Obviously, these words can only be an approximation to the emotions they project to us because, as we said, there are no words to describe emotions totally different from anything with which we are familiar.

But we, in turn, attempt to reply using our emotions in the hopes that they can interpret and understand that we return their friendliness and mean them no harm and that we just wish to understand who and what they are.

It may seem strange to people reading this that we are trying to communicate with spheres of energy and sending them human emotions but, if one considers that we do this with animals that we call pets or, indeed, plants and these animals or plants are perfectly able to understand the love, respect and even admiration that we send them and they, in turn, are able to accept and respond to our emotions, perhaps it is not so strange that these spheres can also respond to us.

If they are alive – and to us they appear alive – it is not surprising that they have emotions and can accept the emotions we send them.
Indeed, it comes as a relief to us to note that they do have emotions, totally at variance to ours but, nevertheless, are sending love to us in their fashion.
After all, as we said, when we project love to an animal or a plant, it responds and sends us the love as they understand it to be. They send it to us in the form that they are able to generate, which might well be very different from our understanding of love but love is a universal emotion and so we are able to appreciate that emotion.
It is the same in this case. We sense that their understanding of love is very different from our interpretation but sense that they are sending us love nevertheless.

Once again, those who have close relationships to animals or plants are able to send human love to them and they can accept it as love and they send us their version of love and we can accept that.

Most emotions are universal: love, hate, fear or lack of fear, and any other emotion is universal and is able to transcend species without difficulty.

It is the same, or similar, in regard to these spheres of energy that are obviously sentient and are able to project love, acceptance and fearlessness to us.

This, then, raises a number of questions.
If these strange spheres in this strange life form that somewhat resembles a giant amoeba are alive, is the whole amoeba shaped galaxy alive?
Is it one body like an amoeba or does it more resembles a shoal of fish, the individuals being alive but the resulting shape caused by a huge number of individual, living fish not actually being a life form but just the result of a huge number of fish moving with one intent?

Obviously, we will have some difficulty in resolving these questions as we do not seem to have any means of having a direct conversation with these spheres, and as we doubt that we can find a means of direct communication.

However, as we have tried to convey to you, we are able to confirm some basic communication through the emotions of love, friendliness etc.
But our real interest is to try to understand who and what these spheres are and as much as we are able to comprehend about them. Equally, if they are interested in learning about us, we are willing to tell them as much as we can about us.
The problem, of course, remains that we need to find a common ground for exchange of information.

A long time passes during which a stalemate exists before, suddenly, this galaxy sized object starts to reduce in size.

We had previously observed this event and knew that it was going to reduce to a singularity. This, obviously, was a cause of alarm to us as we were somewhat concerned that, as we were trapped within the object, we would be crushed as the galaxy reduced to a single point.
The problem was that we could do nothing about it except to go along with the event.

We observed the galaxy folding up on itself, the outside folding into the middle until our turn came and we found ourselves being crushed into the centre.

Much to our surprise and relief, once inside this point of life – the singularity- we found that we seemed to remain much as we were before.
This was strange and is difficult to describe. From a physical point of view, if observed from the exterior, we might have seemed to be squashed with all the spheres into one single point but, from our perspective, nothing seems to have changed.
We are still as we were and the spheres remain as they were.

This is an event that we had never experienced before and caused much cogitation to try to understand how one can appear to be reduced to a singularity but, inside the singularity, life seems to be unchanged.

So we are experiencing something unprecedented in our knowledge, which at least leads us to admit that there is always something from which we can learn and from which we can expand our knowledge base.

However, it remains – or did at that moment – an experience that we could not resolve. We also realised that, if this was happening, it must be based on factual experience and thus must have a reason that should be capable of understanding if and when we had all the facts.

But for the moment, at that time, we just had to accept the reality in which we found ourselves and could only wait and see what would happen next.

The fact that we are here describing the experience indicates that this strange experience was resolved in a peaceful manner and that we survived to recount the tale.

So, let us proceed and state what we managed, eventually, to comprehend.

Once we arrived at this singularity and once all of the countless spheres of life had all arrived at the singularity, something even stranger occurred.

We heard – or rather we felt – a voice communicating with us in a telepathic manner.
This voice communicated some information to us.

We were aware of this voice and we assume that the voice was heard by every sphere in the galaxy and we were all given the same message.

Basically, the message was this.

The voice that spoke was from the controlling force that, apparently, spoke to the spheres on each occasion that the galaxy sized sphere reduced to a singularity. It took the opportunity to impart wisdom in order to guide the individual spheres as time moved on.
On the occasion that we experienced, information was given concerning the progress that the spheres needed to hear that would allow them to progress as a total unit and not as separate, individual spheres.
It urged the spheres to forget their individuality and to think and act as one unit.
It describes how this controlling force saw the future and, when every sphere could combine and act as one, then that galaxy could move outwards and join forces with other galaxies, eventually hoping and expecting that all the other galaxies in this vast universe would work together as one.
If and when this occurred, a level of harmony would be reached that would enable the controlling forces of all the galaxies to become one and that would allow a level of peace, love and harmony ensue in a manner never before achieved.

The message continued in a similar vein for some time.

We who were listening to this speech found it somewhat surprising and not a little confusing.
Of course, we agreed with the message but were surprised that this voice that spoke with such conviction could come from some, apparently, external force.
Our major concern was to discover who and what this force was.
We have no president in our galaxy.
We have wise and respected people who give us similar information but those people are humans who have lived for long ages in the Heavenly spheres. This voice seemed to come from nowhere but caused no surprise to the spheres listening to the message as they seemed to have experienced similar events each time the galaxy compressed to a singularity.

The problem we faced was that we could not actually communicate with any of the spheres and thus we could not ask who the voice was because it was obvious that the voice was coming from an intelligent source and thus the voice was coming from a living force.

The next question we wanted to ask was where are the other galaxies to which the voice referred?
Did the voice refer to our galaxy or did it refer to galaxies as yet unknown to us?

It was obvious that we needed advice to assist us to comprehend what was going on.

Therefore, we did what we have done before. We seek help from the very wise human Archangels as we have done before.
For those who do not know what we are talking about, we will explain.

We have stated that there are many galaxies and each one has a God force in charge of creating each galaxy, or rather, creating the life forces and creating the Archangels who, in turn, create all that exists in any galaxy.

We have also stated that each God force, despite acting independently from any other God force, acts in a way such that each and every God force understands what all the God forces are doing. They share their knowledge.

But the very advanced human Archangels are so close to our God that they know as much as our God does.
As our God force knows what all the God forces know, so it is possible for our archangels to know what the God force of the galaxy we are questioning knows.

We are able to question our advanced archangels and they have been kind enough to tell us what they know.

This is what they told us.

First, there are countless galaxies, each galaxy exploring an aspect of emotion: love, hate, beauty, ugliness, kindness and it’s opposite, growth, decline and so forth.

This galaxy – or rather its God – chose to explore peace as its theme.

Second, we might think that peace would equate to love, but it is not so.
Our God explores love but it is possible to live in peace without love.

Beings can live in peace together without sharing love. Peace can be a cold, sterile emotion whereas love has to be a sharing concept. It is not possible to love in isolation. Love is a sharing concept with all things but as little as two people can live together in peace.

Third, the archangels went on to state that the voice giving the message of peace was a collective result of coming together as a singularity.

This is difficult to explain in simple terms but we can say that, as the spheres come together as one, so that oneness enabled the motivating energy of the galaxy to express its basic nature; peace.

So the voice was coming from the very nature of the creative force. Not from the God force of this galaxy, nor from any archangels involved with its creation but from the prime creative concept of the galaxy.

This is a difficult concept to understand but it is important to accept that the theme of a galaxy is waiting patiently to express itself and, in this case, the coming together as a singularity provided the conditions for that prime force to express itself.

If we can accept that, it provides that our galaxy, if it can all join together as one, our prime creative force could and will be able to express our galaxy’s Modus Operandi; love.

We repeat that we do not refer to God when we mention this. We refer to the fact that the galaxy, like all galaxies, is a living, thinking object, has a brain, emotions and everything any person has – all is one. Therefore, as a person can express a point of view, so a galaxy can express a point of view.
But, in order to express a point of view it needs to have every aspect of life in our galaxy coming together to be receptive to the message.

The prime motivation of our galaxy is love whereas the motivating force of the galaxy we are studying is peace.

Perhaps that is why, when we discovered this galaxy, there was no fear, no aggressivity but curiosity and friendship.

So we remained patiently within this singularity until it decided to expand to its former size again and, as we have described before, it carried on its perambulations as if nothing had happened.

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