Let us continue with this strange tale of a galaxy far from us that behaves nothing like ours and yet, as all life is one no matter where it is found, there must be a connection between our galaxy and this one.
We have to try to realise that, in some way, the manner in which this galaxy performs must have a link to ours but, for the moment, that connection seems vague indeed.
We can, at the moment that we describe in this tale, find absolutely no connection between the life forms that constitute this galaxy and ours, so we progress as we can and hope that a connection will manifest itself eventually.

We used words like ‘story’ and ‘tale’, which are usually words used when describing made up yarns, but we wish you to accept, if you can, that the events we describe in this book are true.
It may all read, so far, like a created tale but what we are trying to describe is an aspect of life, of creation, that is true but just seems so remote from anything with which we are familiar that it seems made up.
We could say that it is made up, but not by us. We report what is known about this galaxy and hope that you can accept that it is the truth.
Everything is created and so the creative forces that worked together to produce this strange galaxy tasked themselves to create an area in which the God force overseeing it all was able to explore the theme of peace.

So, having said that, let us return to the point that we left off in chapter 3, which was within a singularity listening to the motivating force of this galaxy expressing the desire for all of it to come together in peace.

Eventually, of course, we know that the galaxy expanded again but before we follow that event let us talk about a few things relative to this galaxy.

We mentioned that the whole galaxy reduced to a singularity but that all of us, both us in our imaginary little spaceship and the orbs themselves were all reduced to virtually nothing but were in no way harmed.

This, surely, needs some explanation as it seems to be a contradiction.
Scientists often imagine that, in the case of a black hole for example, once reduced to a singularity, life would be extinguished but our experience shows that this is not so.
Life in a singularity continues.

Therefore, we must assume that singularities have been incorrectly described.
Let us try to analyse just what a singularity is.
We know that this will take us away from our main story which is describing the galaxy we contacted but it will be appropriate and useful if people can understand what a singularity is, its purpose and how life can continue once inside one.

We imagine that a singularity is a tiny dot of “something”.
This is both true and not true. Or should we say, as is often the case, it is true but not all the truth.

To fully examine a singularity would require a book in its own right so we hope you will forgive us if we just outline the concept and leave a complete description for another time.

To understand what a singularity is, we need to examine, somewhat, matter.
Once again, to fully explain what matter is would require a long treatise.
We are getting, once more, in to deep water because matter seems to exist but, in fact, does not.
Matter is illusion, part of the great illusion of physical life.

We have attempted, in other works, to suggest that matter does not really exist and all that exists is consciousness and imagination which together, give us the ability to imagine that matter exists.

But from our perspective, matter does seem to exist. Indeed, it seems to be the prime creation of our galaxy and also other galaxies.

We can hardly think that, as we look around us and see all that exists, that it is all an illusion.
If we bang our head against a brick wall, it hurts!
This can hardly be imaginary pain and we forgive anyone who rejects the concept that matter is illusion. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and the plain and simple truth is that we create matter with our imaginations.
So powerful is imagination, so powerful is illusion that matter seems real: people, animals, plants, planets and so on.

So, if you, we, can accept that matter is illusion and that nothing physical actually exists, why do we imagine it to be real?
Is there a point that does exist?
Can we locate something that we can say is physical?

Once again, the answer is both yes and no.!
We must repeat that nothing physical actually exists but there is something that we call consciousness.
So, what is consciousness?
It is a force that exists in a way connected to life and yet is, in another way, not connected to life.

You may remember in chapter three us stating that the prime directing force of the galaxy we were contacting talking to us.
That force is consciousness.

How can we describe consciousness in any meaningful manner?

If we take a living onion we may be able to realise that it has a form of consciousness. It is possibly self-aware. It is alive and thus has the desire to grow and to reproduce and we might call all that desire its consciousness.

And yet, if we peel the onion, layer-by-layer, we find no life force. There is nothing associated with the many petals that we could identify as its life force, it’s awareness that it was alive before we killed it by peeling it or chopping it up.

So, this consciousness is an invisible force that exists but we can never make contact with it.

If we consider all that seems to exist, all the people, animals, plants, earth (Including rocks, stones, sand), air, water and so on, the one thing that we can say is that it is all alive and is conscious.
And yet, we said that physicality was an illusion.
So, if nothing exists actually and yet many things seem to have a life force attached to them that enables them – people, animals, plants – to develop, that force we suggest is consciousness.

Therefore, if we could see life as it really is, the only thing that would exist is the individual consciousness of everything that seems to exist and all of this is connected to the consciousness of our galaxy.
We put it to you that, if anything at all exists, it is the conscience of the galaxy and we further suggest that this consciousness of the galaxy is the singularity that we originally attempted to describe.

We repeat. A singularity is the consciousness of our galaxy.

This, of course, applies to all galaxies. Each galaxy has its own conscience and thus its own singularity.

This may seem somewhat confusing and difficult to understand so we will elaborate somewhat in an attempt to clarify and make it more apparent just what a singularity is.

We imagine that matter, in all its diversity, exists but, as we said, it is an illusion.
Matter does not really exist.
It exists in the individual and collective consciousness as a concept, an imaginary form that enables us and everything else to have the appearance of form.
This is necessary because without the idea of matter, life would have no basis in which to be able to have experiences.
Those experiences are what enables us to proceed in maturity both material and spiritual.

It is the struggle with apparent reality that enables us to mature as life forms.

As we have said, and we repeat once more, matter does not really exist.
However, if we take matter away, what we are left with is nothing.
Not just empty space but absolutely nothing!

So, if nothing exists it would, logically, be impossible for any life form to manifest itself because even spiritual – non-physical – requires a spiritual form of matter in order to exist.

The reality is that there is nothing in any dimension that we could call physical because physicality in any dimension requires a form of matter in which to manifest itself.

But life does exist and, in the absence of any form of physicality, can only exist as a non-physical energy we call consciousness.
However, as we have also explained before, there is only one form of consciousness.

This also is difficult to comprehend.

If we consider all the people who have lived in the past, are living now or will live in the future that makes a lot of people.
If we consider all the animals who have followed the same path, the plants, water, the various molecules (oxygen, hydrogen, helium etc.) the vast number of planets that constitute just our galaxy.
All that, collectively, creates a vast number of points of life.
And yet we say that any physical manifestation of these life forms are just illusions and that all that really exists is one point of consciousness we call a singularity and, from that one point of consciousness, all the illusion of all that we see and that history records is manufactured to enable life to appear physical.

So we hope that you can begin to comprehend just how difficult it is to explain this subject.

It takes a real stretch of the imagination to realise that you – if we may use you as an example – do not actually exist as a physical person and that you are just part of collective consciousness pretending to have a body, personality with strengths and weaknesses, living in a world that seems so real and enables you to have countless experiences each and every day but that it is all a form of illusion.

We do understand those who turn away and reject this concept. We will not try to convince you.

We have been guilty of saying, in the past, that life had physicality but that was because we knew that most of you were not ready for the information we now give you which, we repeat, is that you, both you as an individual and you, collectively, as part of all life, only exist as part and total of this singularity of consciousness.
All that exists is an invisible point of life that we call a singularity and that is actually the totality of all life in our reality.

This point of reality – this singularity – may well be invisible but it is real and is alive. It is part of the only thing alive.
So, let us make sure that you have understood by looking at the subject in an opposite way.

There exists in our galaxy just one life form and this life form we call a singularity.

But the singularity has marvelous attributes. It can create the illusion that our galaxy is real and made up of a sun and countless planets.
Further, the singularity has the ability to create the concept of countless people, plants, animals, air, water and everything else that we see. It creates the illusion of matter.
Further still, with the help of certain archangels it can create the idea that we have thoughts, ambitions, hopes and aspirations.
It can create all the dimensions and heaven and hell.
In short, all that we have been talking about in the various books and lessons that we have given you is all created, one way or another, from this singularity.

But this singularity, being all that exists, is not only alive, but is a thinking entity, albeit, totally invisible to us or to you but can actually communicate with us all.

We had an example of this in the case we gave of an alternative galaxy reducing to a singularity which gave the overriding force of that galaxy the opportunity to convey information to the orbs in that galaxy and, by the same occasion, us who were trapped in the singularity.

We could go on to say a lot more about singularities but it suffices, for the moment, to understand that each and every galaxy in this vast enterprise created by the various Gods, to know that each galaxy is actually reduced to a single force that we call a singularity and so, just as there are an infinite number of galaxies, so there are an equally infinite number of singularities.

We will, perhaps, just repeat for the sake of clarity that all that actually exists in any galaxy is this infinitely small but intelligent life force that is termed a singularity.

Now, we are sure that there are many reading this that are confused because we have mentioned that each galaxy has its own version of God and those individual Gods create archangels to create all the illusion that any galaxy is made from.

So, if we may, we will try to explain the connection between any God, any archangels and the singularity from which everything stems.
We should also mention and explain where a Nirmanakaya fits in as well.
So, we appear to have a number of elements fighting and contradicting life.

Let us, for the sake of clarity, name just some of these entities and then try to explain how they all fit into the pattern of life.
We have mentioned, first of all, that there are a huge number of galaxies, each one existing separate from, but connected to, any other.
Within any galaxy there is at least one sun plus a large number of planets.
In our galaxy we have planet Earth and that planet is home to physical life.
Other galaxies may well have life forms associated with them but they are not life forms as we would recognise or understand them.
Then each galaxy has a God attached to it and that God explores an aspect of life (emotion) such as love, hate, peace, war and so on.
After that we find Archangelic beings -Directors of Life – that actually create all that any God desires to be produced.
We also mentioned Nirmanakaya.
Lastly, as far as this discussion is concerned, we have the singularity which has enormous importance in dealing with life.

If we regard the subject in a different order all that actually exists in any dimension – including what we call physicality – is the singularity that we have been discussing.
We could call this singularity the basis of all life.

Next, we have God.
Now, this is difficult to explain and to comprehend because most people consider that God is the creational force that is the start of everything. But we are suggesting that a singularity is the first thing that exists and God comes after.

So, who created the singularity?

We have mentioned that no one knows the origin of God but we know that we can link God to the singularity.
It would, perhaps, be impolite and incorrect to say that the singularity created God because we have the greatest respect for God even though we do not know the origin of God.
In a similar way, we do not know the origin of our galaxy’s singularity.

We understand that, if the singularity did not exist, God would not exist but we, in truth, cannot say which came first – God or the singularity.
It is similar to the question or which came first, the chicken or the egg?
The chicken comes from an egg but without the chicken, eggs could not exist.

We have an identical problem concerning God and the singularity.
It is generally accepted that God is the force that creates everything but we do know that without the singularity, nothing would exist including God.

So, we must just accept that the singularity and God are closely combined just like the chicken and the egg and so, instead of endlessly debating which came first, the singularity or God, let us just accept that we need them both although we do know for certain that God and the singularity are two separate things.

Now, as we have just stated, there are a large number of “things” that appear real and without which life as we assume it to be, both physical and non-physical, could not be.
We have filled a number of books which we have given you in discussing elements of life – physical, non-physical and spiritual – that require that these things seem real. But we have gone to some lengths also to tell you that none of it is factual in a solid sense and that all that exists, including God and his angelic forces, are part of the singularity which is also consciousness.

Now, assuming that what we have said is true, and if we did not know beyond doubt that it is true we would not have stated it, it implies that consciousness is at the origin of everything and all that follows on in any domain is created by consciousness.
It begs the question as to what consciousness is and where are its origins?
Is there an overriding entity somewhere; above and beyond God, that is creating in its mind all that exists?
Is this wonderful mind what we call consciousness?

We in the spirit realms have pondered this question for a great deal of time.
We have questioned human archangels who, we remind you, are so advanced that they are almost the equal to God and we have yet to receive a definitive answer.

We know for sure that the singularity is all that exists and this singularity incorporates consciousness.
We further know that consciousness exist in two parts: individual consciousness as applied individually to all things and collective consciousness as applied to groups.
We also understand that consciousness is constantly developing as life develops.
This, of course implies that there is a feedback system.

Consciousness creates all that we believe exists and it is all life’s reaction to the experiences within the illusions that are fed back to the consciousness and the consciousness grows in wisdom very much as we have implied that God grows in wisdom through life’s experiences.

Therefore, we assume that God and the singularity are very similar, very close, although we have been informed by the very advanced human archangels that the singularity and God are separate entities.

We are fast approaching the point where our knowledge concerning a singularity stops so, unfortunately, we cannot say much more on the subject. We dislike mysteries but there comes a moment, a point, where knowledge fails.
We will continue to investigate, to study and enquire as to the nature of singularities and, no doubt, at some point in the future we will become wise enough to comprehend this mystery but, at the moment, we have to admit that we cannot provide you with an answer.

So let us return to us being inside a singularity.

As we look around us, strangely enough, we do not feel we have been squeezed into an infinitesimal point at all.
We are aware that this event called a singularity has occurred but, from our point of view, space looks very similar to what it did before we were all reduced to a singularity.
We assume that space is relative and, no matter what point one observes it from, space remains the same. So, what we are saying is that, from what we know about space and time, it is all illusion and, thus, if one is in space/time as we assume it to be in our ordinary world or whether we are reduced to a singularity, life, being all that exists, must go on.
We could not exist if we were squashed to nothingness and thus the illusion that we have living space (space in which to live) is produced just as it would in our normal existence.

We know from our investigations about life that all that really exists is a singularity, so we must assume that a tiny dot of space/ time is all that exists. So being inside the singularity is our natural state.

This, obviously, seems unreal because in a normal reality we can look around us and see lots of space. We can look into the night sky and see for millions of miles into space, but our infinitely wise human archangels inform us that it is illusion and that, in reality, we are all inside a singularity.

We remind you that a singularity is a dot of space/ time so small that it virtually doesn’t exist, except as a concept. The singularity is so small that it could never be accurately measured by any measuring instruments. It could only be described in rather meaningless mathematical terms.
Yet everything physical, everything non-physical is contained in this virtually non-existent spot of space/time.
We apologise for hammering this point but understanding what an incredible object – if we can say that it really exists – a singularity is, is important.
It is fascinating as a mind exercise to imagine all of eternity in terms, not only of space but of time also (space and time being connected) contained in a spot of “something” so small that it can hardly be imagined, let alone measured, but once inside it space/time seems perfectly normal.

This, of course, is because, as we have said, our reality is contained within a singularity and we accept space/time as being real and endless in its dimensions and diversity.

Just as suddenly as this galaxy reduced in size, it expands again back to its former dimension and continues its perambulation through the nothingness in which it lives.

We wish that we could continue our instructions about singularities because we have not mentioned all that we know but this book is about this strange world we have discovered so we will end this chapter here, although we have not talked about this galaxy much but attempted to describe a singularity.

I hope you found this both interesting and informative as singularities are of paramount importance in life.
We will, in the next chapter, return to our recently discovered galaxy and continue investigating it.

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