We feel the galaxy starting to expand again. Just how long it took to expand from a singularity to a full galaxy again, we cannot say, as time is relative.
To us inside the galaxy it seemed like a very short time but we cannot truly say, in Earth time, how long it took and, to be honest, is of no importance. What is important is that the galaxy did expand and the reason that this is important is because, as we went to some length in the last chapter to explain, the singularity is all that exists and so we realised that this expanded version of the galaxy was returning us back to illusion once more. Or at least we reasoned that we were entering illusion again.
We knew enough about illusion to understand that this galaxy, just like ours, required illusion in order for it to have life experiences, experiences that it could not appreciate if trapped permanently inside a singularity, a single dot of consciousness.

Now, the thing is that in our galaxy, just on planet Earth, there are a myriad of life forms in all of the dimensions and that requires this expanded form of illusion in order to create what appears to be reality for all the life forms in all the dimensions and in all the abstract aspects of life: thought, desire, emotion, etc.

But what puzzled us was that the orbs that surrounded us all seem to be identical and none of them seemed to have any physical form different from any other, nor any sort of identity. The only attribute we could ascribe to them was that of peace as they reflected the motivating force of the God of that galaxy.

This seems illogical to us. What was the point of creating a vast number of orbs, clearly all alive, but with no distinct separate identities as far as we could see?

So, we thought about this and wondered if it was possible that the galaxy was more advanced spiritually and had outgrown independent personalities – ego based – and had progressed to the point where they reflected the will of their God?

This seemed a possibility but, itself, raised other questions.
If all the orbs had reached this stage and were now identical, what was the point of that?

Then we remembered that the voice that spoke to the orbs encouraged them to come together and reflect the will of their God – peace – so that implied that the orbs had not yet reached that advanced stage.

So, we hope that you can see that we had a dilemma, a mystery to solve.

On one hand, the orbs seemed identical and on the other we realised that the orbs had not reached the stage of being identical and of just reflecting the will of their God.

We felt the need to resolve this mystery or we would never understand what was occurring in this galaxy and, also, common sense told us that there must be a connection between them in their galaxy and us in ours and, if we could find out what was going on in their galaxy, it might have a bearing on how our galaxy might develop, assuming of course, that this galaxy was more advanced than ours.
It also crossed our minds to wonder if the opposite obtained and that this galaxy was so primitive that the orbs had not yet developed independent personalities.

In any case, we felt we needed to try to find out just what stage of development this galaxy was at and as much about these orbs as possible.

The huge problem was, of course, as we have previously mentioned, we seemed not to have any means of communicating with these orbs as they did not seem to have any language or, at least, any language with which we were familiar.
We were all well versed in telepathy but even this did not seem to provoke a response that we could identify with.

We managed to find an answer to this problem eventually and, if we may, we will explain, although it might seem improbable or even a bit foolhardy.
We decided to see if we could enter one of these spheres and connect with them that way.

So, we sent out a thought that we would like to do this and, much to our surprise, one of the spheres came up to our little spaceship and enveloped it.
We should, at this point, admit that we were not actually in a spaceship. We were in a sort of globe of consciousness, protected by a form of gravity.
We mentioned a spaceship in order to keep our description of travelling through nothingness and of entering the galaxy simple, but now, in order to keep the story going in a comprehensive and understandable manner, we must admit that it was in a sphere of consciousness.

However, in reality, one of these orbs blended with us and accepted us into their world.
It was most strange and a feeling that none of us had experienced, nor one that we could imagine.
We will attempt to explain although, as is often the case, we are limited by words and words do not always exist to convey sensations unknown to Earth humans but we will do our best to convey our impressions.

As a means of opening this explanation, may we suggest what one person might experience if he were to blend with another person. We refer to humans and human experiences.

We are all separate in the sense that we all have feelings, sentiments, emotions and ideas that are unique to us as individuals, although, as we are all connected and as there are only a limited range of these feelings we would, if we as humans blended with another human, expect to experience feelings that we would be familiar with.
We would expect to find love, hate, peace, anger, fear, calm, family attractions, feelings of sexual attraction – or the opposite – and so on.
The range is relatively limited so whatever we would be aware of in terms of emotions within ourselves, we would expect to find in other people.

Of course, some feelings might be more prominent in one person than another but most people have a range of feelings, of emotions present and we can all share those feelings.

But how do we explain or even, ourselves, understand feelings and emotions totally at variance to any with which we are familiar and how could we expect these spheres to understand the feelings and emotions we have which would be at total variance to them?

However, we have two points of reference. The first is that we know that the prime directive of their God Force is peace. This is a feeling with which we are familiar and that we share with them and, second, they accepted us into their world and thus we must share acceptance with each other and also feelings/emotions like trust, confidence and the common desire to share experiences.
So, we do share some feelings. This is a start!

We should, perhaps, explain the process of sharing feelings and emotions and how it works.

We do not physically blend or mold with one of these orbs.
We link our minds and do our best to put our feelings and emotions on hold and allow the orb with whom we are linking to direct his feelings and emotions to us.
Thus, we replace our thoughts by the orb’s and, effectively, become one with the orb.

At the same time, we sense that the orb does much the same and thus can link with our minds.

So that is another thing that we have in common – the ability to exchange thoughts, feelings and emotions.
As you can imagine, this is a fairly advanced form of spiritual exercise and not one that could occur between primitive entities.

We should also point out that such actions do not imply a highly developed degree of holiness.
There are, in our realities, creatures, beings, entities that are decidedly unholy: black magicians, Archons and some aliens, that have developed the ability to stifle someone’s thoughts and replace them with their own.
So, the ability to share thoughts does not automatically imply holiness. But we feel we can trust these orbs and allowing them to probe our minds, would not be negative.
We will also point out that we, ourselves, are sufficiently developed as to be able to reject any advances by these orbs if we felt any malign intentions.

So, we are doing a ‘mind link’, if we may thus express the process and allowing the orb that we are in contact with to probe our minds. We must be fair to the orb in question and if it is kind enough to allow us to explore its feelings and emotions, we feel that we must reciprocate by allowing it to explore our feelings and emotions.

We mentioned that we already knew we had a few things in common but when we really linked with this orb, we reached a stumbling block in that there was virtually nothing to which we could relate. But we battled on to see what we could discover.

The first problem we found was that the orb was not constructed of any material with which we were familiar. We are sure that most of you are aware of what is called the periodic table and the various elements; oxygen, hydrogen, helium, etc., and are also aware that most, if not all, matter is made by combining these elements in various ways to construct metals, plastics, glass and all the things we see on Earth.
Even bodies, human, animal, plants, rocks and earth are formed by elements found in the periodic table coming together to form everything.

But this orb and, by extension we imagine all the orbs, were created from elements unknown to us.
These elements remained unknown to us as we have no means of analysing just what their periodic table contains, assuming they have a periodic table.

Physically, they appear to be made from some sort of translucent material, the degree of transparency altering from time to time, presumably in response to changing thoughts or emotions. By which we mean that sometimes the orbs seem virtually transparent and sometimes quite opaque.
Why this should be, is a mystery.

Another thing we noticed is that these orbs are not fixed in their shape.
You will be aware that the majority of objects found on Earth tend to have a fixed shape, with the exception of some primitive life forms like amoeba or some jellyfish that can alter their shape somewhat.
The basic shape of these orbs is a sphere but, we notice, can alter to become elongated or pear-shaped, etc.
We also noticed that we never saw any of them becoming square or rectangular, triangular or pyramid shaped. Whatever shape these objects moved into was always based on spheres. Rather as if a sphere could be pulled into elongated versions rather like a rugby ball. There were never any sharp corners.

So, we were confronted with entities made of unknown material, able to morph into different shapes without there being any obvious intelligence causing this change of form and able to alter their degree of transparency, once again, without apparent reason.

What they thought of us is not really relevant to this discussion but we imagine that they were just as confused by our appearance and thoughts as we were by theirs.
Please remember that, as we said, we were in a sort of bubble, a sphere of consciousness protected externally by a coating of gravity. However, we were real entities within that bubble, not in physical form, but as spheres, also, of consciousness, each one of us with his own particular thoughts, ideas and emotions.
The exact number of us in the sphere of consciousness is not important. We mention it due to the fact that, if the intelligence in the orb we were investigating was singular, it may have been confusing to it to be picking up thoughts and feelings from multiple minds but that is not our fault. We travelled to this galaxy collectively and so were multiple minds.

To go back to the orb. What could we see when we entered it?
First of all, we could sense no life at all. We expected this orb to be a shell, a container for some life force but, although the interior was not totally empty, we could not feel that there was any living being inside it.
When we said that the interior was not empty but contained something, what we noticed was that it was full of a transparent sort of jelly.

We had experienced this before when we visited a place that had embryo lifeforms developing and we describe this jelly-like substance in a previous book.

So, this was something else we knew about.
We could not tell what the outside shell of the orb was constructed from because it was material new to us, but at least the jelly – plasma, if you wish – we had seen before, albeit in an area of life only distantly connected to our reality.

So, we repeat, we could find no life force within the orb. This pushed us to consider the possibility of the orb being alive in a global sense, in that the outer shell and the interior together created the life force because we were sure that the orb was alive.

Now, we could go on describing the long period of time that we cogitated this life force to no avail but, to cut a long story short, we once again contacted the human Archangels, who informed us that the whole galaxy, collectively, constituted its life.

Let us explain this in terms more readily understandable.

It seems that this galaxy was constructed of a large number of these orbs.
Each orb, individually, not really being alive but, collectively, the whole galaxy constituted what we might term, life.
It was only because of the total number of orbs constituting the galaxy that the galaxy of orbs became alive.

This is bizarre but not as bizarre as one might imagine.

So, if we may, we will break off the discussion of the orb under question and discuss the very important topic of life being connected to a coming together of disparate elements.

We have talked about this before but we wish to describe it again because it is one of the fundamental building blocks of what we call life and that life could not be if there were not all the disparate elements – humans, animals, plants and everything else, the physical and non-physical, existing that constitutes the conditions for life existing, at least in our galaxy.

Once again, this seems ridiculous but happens to be the truth, so let us expand on the concept in an attempt to make it understandable by all.

This is a very difficult concept to describe.
If you have read the information we gave you in at least one of our books, we mentioned that, in the beginning, God created a huge but finite number of points of life. A number sufficient to cover the needs of creation from the beginning until the demise of this galaxy.
These points of life are sufficient to cover all sentient life plus all the planets, etc., from day one until the end of time as far as our galaxy is concerned.

This is a ridiculously huge number of points of life, and could not possibly be imagined or calculated by anyone.
But the exact number of points of life were decided by God in conjunction with his Archangels and that exact number of points of life were created and placed in one of the dimensions. That exact number, no more, no less.
This does read like imagination gone wild but it is the truth.
Now, the strange part is that all these points of life are indestructible and will live forever, until, one by one, the points of life reach perfection and return to the Godhead.

Even stranger is the fact that, to create life, all of these points of life need to be there in order to create that life.
Whatever the number of these points of life are, and the number is beyond anyone’s ability to calculate, that exact number has to exist in order for there to be life.
If it would be possible to remove even one point of life from the huge number, life would cease to exist.
If it were possible to remove just one point of life, the whole galaxy, including all the dimensions and all the life in the whole multiverse would vanish in an instant and there would just be nothing.
Not a vacuum. Nothing at all.
Fortunately, it is not possible for any point of life to disappear, so life continues.

So, what happens, in effect, is that this huge number of points of life – themselves not initially alive – collectively create life as we know it.
Now, we called the points of life by that name and, perhaps, gave the impression that they were already alive.
This is not quite true.
What we should have said is that they were potential points of life because it was not until they were all together in the 8th dimension that the magic happened and they all spring to life.
Life came into being in the form of all these countless points of potential life and, even more, if you can understand, those life forms created one life.
So, we have individual life in the idea of these individual points of life but also, collectively, these points of life came together and created one life form we call God.

We could use the example of a person who is made from a myriad of atoms, each one alive, but when they come together, they form a living person.
All, or most of the atoms that constitute a person, are necessary but it is the coming together of all these atoms that create a single, living person.

It is the same concept with a galaxy, universe, multiverse (call it what you will).
It is the coming together of all these individual points of potential life that creates them to be alive, both as individual points of life and collectively as one life.

We hope that you have understood what we were explaining.
Life can only exist as a concept, a potential, until every aspect of that life form, whatever it is; human, animal, plant or planet is complete.
Then, in conjunction with God’s Archangels who control life by putting a logos with it, it springs to life as a single life force.
However, within that single life force, each disparate element also has a form of life.
We have explained this before by stating that every aspect of life is alive in an individual sense but, collectively, form a single life force we call God.

You may have picked up what appears to be a contradiction in what we have said.

We stated that God, in conjunction with his trusted Archangels, created the individual points of potential life but, once they were all together, sprung to life and formed one life essence that we called God.

This, at first, must seem bizarre to have individual points of life, only potentially alive, until all the parts are in place and then, and only then, does everything spring to life and form a collective and individual life.
But we have a similar event when a mammal is created.
At first, as it grows in the womb of its mother, the individual atoms – if we may use that word to describe individual life parts – gradually come together to form whatever the baby mammal is.
Each atom is potentially alive but remains connected to the mother by the umbilical cord which provides the substance to feed the atoms.
It is only at the moment of birth that all comes together and the baby mammal is born.
So, it is alive as an individual but each atom is also alive as can be demonstrated by taking a sample and growing it in vitro as is done with cloning animals. And so the process continues.

Let us return to the galaxy we were interacting with.
We gained the impression from the studies we quoted above that each sphere (orb) was part of the galaxy and so each sphere was a separate but essential part of this galaxy which existed as a solo entity but relied on each and every sphere to be there in order for it to exist.
So, we have to assume that the sphere with which we were connecting was alive as it was part of a living galaxy. but we could detect no life force within the sphere.
So, in a way we were not much further forward.

On planet Earth, each atom of a living entity is itself alive as we just mentioned but, in this galaxy, there did not seem to be any life in the individual sphere we were studying.
But we were fairly sure from the way the galaxy behaved that it was alive.
How could this be?

The answer will take us on into an unknown form of life creation.

We could say that life is endless and, once created, an object, no matter how large or small it might be, has to remain alive for all eternity, ignoring its eventual disappearance into the Godhead far, far into the future.
But those who have followed our various talks or lessons will be aware that we have said that life is created, destroyed and created once more, countless billions of times a second.
So, our life in our galaxy does not exist eternally.
It is created and destroyed, created and destroyed, so we can hardly say that life in our reality is endless.
It is in a way, but as it is being created and destroyed, it is slightly altered due to the DNA of all things being adjusted and so, effectively, each time life is remade, it is a different life, slightly altered – from a DNA point of view – to the life that was destroyed a moment before.

It is the fact that the changes happen so fast that gives the illusion of one continuous flow of life.
In reality it is a series of jumps – created, destroyed, slightly altered as it is created again, then destroyed and recreated, slightly altered from the previous life.

If we could see life slowed down, we would clearly see that each frame, each moment of time is not only separate from each other but different as the DNA of all things is altered.
So, we would observe, slowed down, life as a series of frames, each frame slightly altered in its DNA to the previous frame.

What has this got to do with the strange world we are trying to explain?

We will attempt to explain this in the next chapter.

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