As the galaxy slowly expands to something like its former size, so we expand with it.
This implies expansion in two fashions.
First, we expand from a tiny dot, part of the singularity, to the size we were as we traversed emptiness on route for this galaxy and, second, we expand in the sense of moving away from the dot of the singularity and move out to space in the galaxy as does all the orbs.

This is impressive to watch.
The singularity expands and the orbs expand and form their previous shapes and, at the same time, the whole galaxy of orbs expands and assumes a space in the galaxy.

Eventually, the galaxy is expanded to the size required and seems to stop expanding but does continue to move slowly through what we might call space although, as we have said, there is not any space to move in.

So we watch as it continues to meander in rather an amoeba fashion as we have previously stated.

But we have learnt some things, the most important being that the galaxy is alive and it is the fact of each and every orb, independently and collectively, coming together that creates the galaxy being alive.
Further, the galaxy is one life.
We are familiar with this concept so it is a further link to the way life exists in our galaxy.
So we realise that this galaxy is not so very different from ours. But there is a big difference in that the orb we are studying is only alive as part of the collective of orbs forming the galaxy and that none of the orbs appear to have any independent life of its own.

This is very different from our galaxy which, it is true, collectively forms life but, at the same time, the individual life forms have an independent form of life – an awareness – of consciousness.
Without that independent form of consciousness, nothing would exist. Not you, not us, not anything.

This, obviously, is a vast difference from our galaxy of which planet Earth, at least, is brimming with life of all kinds.

Now, we know that the galaxy we are considering is alive and the God Force animating it has peace as its prime directive.
We are also aware that this galaxy operates under different rules in that it is only alive due to the fact that all the orbs, collectively, create its life.

This pushes us to want to know more about the orb we are studying because we find it difficult to accept that the orb as an individual has no life force but, collectively, creates life.
Can you see the conundrum?
Each orb appears to be lifeless but when the orbs join as one, life is created!

So, we decide to investigate further the orb in the hopes of discovering how it can be both lifeless and yet contribute to life when acting in conjunction with the other apparently lifeless orbs.

We wonder if we can discover this secret it will open a door to another aspect of life apparently unknown to us.
As we have said, the orb in question has an outer shell made of some unknown material – unknown to us that is – and all that appears to be in the interior is a form of jelly, a plasma, and that is all.
There is nothing that seems to ask to be in any way connected to life and yet there must be.

We have often stated that there are no miracles.
No magic.
All is science, physics, no matter how impossible some things might seem to be.

If we could quote and example. There are some extremely skilled magicians able to perform to an open-mouthed public the most incredible feats of magic and yet, once the trick is revealed, we see that it was all sleight of hand and no magic was involved.
In a similar fashion, even the most improbable events discovered in life, if we know the trick, are just applied advanced physics.
The only possible exception being the creation of life itself.
Even this, common sense tells us that there must be a rational explanation to, but at the moment, we cannot see beyond the magic and so we are in the position of the open-mouthed public, completely baffled as to how the feat is achieved although we suspect that the secret will be revealed to us one day.
This is why we are so interested in these orbs.

The one we are studying and, by extension, all of them, seem to contain nothing connected to life and yet, once they come together, life is produced rather like a rabbit appearing from the magician’s hat.

This puzzles us greatly and so we cogitate on what possible force can be contained within the orbs, that seem inert when contained within an individual orb, but that springs to life when all the orbs come together.

Once again, with the assistance of the advanced human archangels, we think we have the answer although explaining the technique to produce life is not going to be easy.
But we will try.

This is what we were told.

Life as we know it to be is not quite according to our understanding.
As we have previously stated, we have always considered that life was created as single dots in a kindergarten galaxy far away in time and space to our galaxy and each one of these dots of life were transferred to the 8th dimension of our multiverse where they wait patiently to be called onto the stage of life in some way, shape or form.

Indeed, we wrote a book about it and, rest assured, if we were not totally convinced that this is the truth as far as life in our sector is concerned, we would not have given you this information.
We do not speculate nor do we fabricate so we were and are convinced that what we told you is the truth.
But what we do not know was that, apparently, what we wrote is relevant to our existence but not to alternate realities like the one we are now considering.

This seems, at first, a bit strange. We know that the God of our multiverse created life as we stated it to be and, thus, we rather assumed that life everywhere would follow a similar pattern of creation.
This has taught us a valuable lesson.
We should never assume anything when investigating unknown matters but always look at the evidence and follow that evidence wherever it takes us.

In the case under discussion, let us follow the evidence and see where it does take us. This requires an open mind and we will admit that it is as difficult for us to be open minded as it is for large numbers of you.

Perhaps you can understand that people who have lived in non-physicality for vast periods of time and, collectively and individually, have studied the science of life as it applies to our multiverse would find it difficult to be confronted with evidence in direct contradiction to any knowledge previously assimilated.
It is not easy to go back to square one and start again but this is what we are required to do if we wish to understand this aspect of life.
This is why, at the beginning of this book, we suggested that you would need to forget all that we had told you about life and start again.

This, of course, is not entirely true because, as we said, there are some aspects of life in this galaxy that correspond to some aspects in our galaxy.

But what we are suggesting is that the prime creative force has followed a different path to ours and thus we need to clear our mind and be prepared to accept new information.

Having stated all that to prepare you that we are heading into uncharted waters, let us try to explain to you that which was explained to us by these very advanced human archangels concerning this galaxy and this God’s creative powers.

The first thing we learnt was, as we already knew, actually, was that there are a vast number of galaxies spread throughout what we might call the multiverse and that each one of these galaxies has an independent God creating life in various ways according to an overriding directive.

We need to explain this very important statement because it is totally new to you – and to many of us – and will change the way we consider life.
The part that is so important is the last line of the above sentence; according to an overriding directive.

What does that mean?
People have often questioned that if God exists, then who made God?
This question has been asked but never satisfactorily answered.
It is assumed that God just is!
God is the beginning of everything and it is pointless in questioning the origins of God. God just is.

But now we are being presented with an expanded concept concerning God(s).

Let us look at the problem in a very simple way that we hope will shed some light on the answer.
Imagine a jigsaw puzzle.
It consists of many separate pieces, each one of which consists of a picture in its own right but it is not until the last piece is put in place that the picture is truly complete and truly revealed.
We are sure that you can visualise that.
But, we also realise that someone created the picture and cut out the individual parts into which the picture was divided.

Now, the person who made the jigsaw had no connection to the jigsaw other than he created it. By which we mean that the creator of the jigsaw puzzle was not a form of advanced jigsaw puzzle but was something entirely different: a human who desired to create a jigsaw puzzle.

When people mull over in their minds who created God or the Gods of other galaxies, it is usually assumed that the Creator would be a super version of God as we imagine it or them to be.
But, in the case of the creator of a jigsaw puzzle, we showed that the creator was human and has no direct connection to the jigsaw other than he created it. The creator is not a form of super jigsaw.

So, is it possible that the creator of all these different Gods is a form of intelligence and, if so, where does he/she/it exist and is it possible to identify with it to find out how it functions?

Then, of course, it begs the question; if there truly is an intelligence capable of creating God(s), who created that intelligence?
However, let us not get too ahead of ourselves.

If we can solve the problem of who or what created the various Gods, that will be a start.

You may have wondered why we mentioned a jigsaw puzzle?

If you can remember us mentioning the strange event of the galaxy only springing to life as and when the last orb existed, you can see the connection.
The jigsaw is only finished, complete, when the last piece is in position.
We readily admit that a jigsaw puzzle is not alive in any real sense but we hope you can appreciate the analogy.

Now, let us expand the concept.
We told you that in this galaxy, and no doubt others, life only sprang into existence when the last part of it connected to the whole and we used the analogy of a jigsaw not being complete until the last piece was in place.

We wish to suggest to you that there are a huge but finite number of galaxies each one with a God exploring a theme unique to itself. This may be a truly enormous number of galaxies and Gods but the number is finite.

We wish, further, to present to your consideration that it was only when they were all created did any of the Gods or the galaxies spring into creation.
This may seem most improbable but, apparently, is the truth.

There are a huge number of galaxies and a huge number of Gods, one for each galaxy, but none of them existed, neither Gods nor galaxies, until they all existed and then life everywhere sprang into being.

So we have a grandiose version of the Big Bang theory although we can only use that metaphor in a relative sense as we know that, in our galaxy, the world we live in was created by copying a previously existing galaxy in the seventh dimension.

The question that we cannot answer is whether the galaxy we are now examining was created as a copy/paste process from a previously existing galaxy like ours or was it created in a different fashion?
The problem is that just by looking at the galaxy as it is today gives us no indication as to its origins.

This is a problem that exists in all versions of physicality.
Just by examining what exists in physicality in our galaxy gives no real clue as to the origins of things, so science has to make wild assumptions, some of them close to the truth and some wide of the mark.

We could site the Big Bang theory as a wrong assumption along with the creation of life generally and humans in particular and yet, to this day, Big Bang and Darwinism are taught in schools and universities.
We have discussed this at length in various other publications but it saddens us to see how closed-minded scientists of all denominations can be.
We hope that, in time, science will start to open its eyes and look behind the scenes to find the truth.

But are we in a position to find the truth as to the origins of the universe under discussion?

Once again we turn to the wise archangels who inform us that many, indeed most, of the galaxies were created following a similar pattern.
So, if this is true, it assumes that this galaxy was created by a copy/paste idea from a previously created galaxy in a different dimension.

This, of course, opens doors to a plethora of other questions as to whether this galaxy has dimensions like ours, were the life forms born and raised in a kindergarten system like ours and so forth.

To answer these questions we need to turn to those who have the answers – the human archangels.

Let us compare what we know about our galaxy and the life forms that live in or on it and this new galaxy that we are trying to examine.

We have already given you a book that examined and explained how our galaxy was formed. Indeed, we explained how life in our galaxy was created in several of the books as all aspects of life are connected, so to talk about any aspect implies mentioning the connections to all aspects.
So, whether we are talking about DNA or talking about alien life, it is all connected.

But the question we need answering is does the life in the galaxy that we are currently examining have connections to our life in our galaxy?

The Archangels inform us yes and no – not very helpful we thought.
So, as we know that the archangels are trying to help us, we asked them to expand upon their answer.

They told us that there was some similarities and some dissimilarities between the way that our galaxy and this galaxy were constructed

The obvious similarities is that there is a God and this God has a theme (peace) and that all of it had to be in place, like the pieces of a jigsaw, before it all sprang to life.
A further similarity is that all the orbs collectively create the conditions for that life to be manifested just as it does in our galaxy.

However, one of the major differences is that we can find no evidence of individual life in any of the orbs despite there being overwhelming evidence that each orb is alive in some fashion.

We really must investigate this important difference and find how something can be alive despite there being no indication of where that life force is contained.

In our galaxy, as we have explained in a previous book, there is a life force that we called the logos and we also went to great lengths to describe the important role played by DNA in allowing that logos to circulate throughout all life in all living things.
But, in the case of these orbs we can find no logos nor can we find any DNA.
So, there is a fundamental, a radical difference between what we consider life to be and what life is in this galaxy we are investigating.

We can but seek the advice from the learned archangels that are informed concerning this galaxy.

What they tell us is somewhat difficult to comprehend as it is totally different from anything with which we are familiar.
But we will do our best to explain in simple terms.

In the case of this galaxy, what we call life is not contained within any orb.
The orbs are elements of a collective and it is the collective that forms a life force.

Please let us expand on this concept. The force we call God in this universe is the total of the life force and could, if it wished, exist in isolation from any orb in which to manifest itself.
In other words, it could represent the total, finished picture of the jigsaw, to refer back to a previous analogy.
But, at the same time, this God force decided to create these orbs for some purpose that is not clear to us.
Having created these orbs, it animates them rather as a puppeteer would manipulate a puppet.
So, the orbs are not directly alive in an individual sense other than the life that this God gives them.
So these orbs are both alive and not alive.
So it appears the life force of this God reaches out and provides the orbs with a limited amount of life force, not really sufficient to allow them to act as individuals but sufficient to act as a collective.
But, at the same time, this God could, if it so chose, supply any individual orb with sufficient power as to be able to act as if it was alive in an individual sense.

This is what happened when we decided to investigate an orb. The God force sensed our interest and thus gave this orb sufficient God force to be able to interact with us and thus, to us, it seemed alive in an individual sense.
This also is how, when the God force decided to interact with all the orbs to implant some information, it drew them all into a singularity.

This, as you can imagine is a new concept to us and we find this very interesting.

It is interesting in that, as all life is one, despite this God force acting in a very different way to our God force, there must be some connection to our God force.

So we need to investigate any connection to our way of life which we will do in the next chapter.

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