In the last chapter we noticed some fundamental differences between our galaxy and the galaxy we were investigating, notably the way that the God of the galaxy we were investigating and our God created life forces in our galaxy and the solo creative forces of the God under consideration.

This God, apparently, created orbs but did not endow these orbs with any life as opposed to our galaxy in which our God – via the Directors of Life – created countless stones, plants, animals and people, each one containing the Logos of life and each one having experiences which were passed back to our God so that it could grow in wisdom.

So, a moment’s thought would enable us to realise that the God of the galaxy we were investigating had no means of growing in wisdom as it had no feedback from the orbs.
Yet we consider that the feedback system, allowing our God to grow in wisdom, is a fundamental attribute of our God.

So, is it necessary for our God to grow in wisdom, or is it enough that God exists and has no need of more wisdom?
A tricky question and, if we can investigate the nature of God, it might shine some light on the true nature of what we call God and enable us to find out if there is some other intelligence behind and above these various Gods that we know about, an intelligence rather like the one we mentioned when we considered the creator of a jigsaw puzzle.

Once again, we need to draw a distinction between the God of religion and the God of creation.
We know, from experience, that the God of religion is prime creator, remote from any investigation and it is blasphemy to consider investigating it.

We must also say that the God of any religion is connected solely to planet Earth and the galaxy in which planet Earth is, and there is never any possibility investigation of any other Gods in other galaxies. If there was any investigation of any galaxies remote from ours, it would be assumed that it was our God that created it, something that our investigations suggest is not true.

We will say that there appears to be a connection between the various Gods but that they are independent of each other and are creator Gods in their own right.

We hope, eventually, to discover how these God’s seem to act so differently to each other and why our God appears to want our life experiences and another does not.

So, we will devote this chapter to investigating the differences between the two Gods.

Suppose, for example, our God suddenly decided that it did not require to learn from our experiences.
What would happen to us?
At first thought we might suppose that all life as we know it would disappear.

As we have been told that God created all life so as to grow in wisdom through our experiences, we might well suppose that, if God no longer needed us, we would cease to exist.
But is this true?

Our investigations have led us to conclude that life would continue without sending the feedback to God. In other words, God does not require learning from our experiences.
God exists in its own right, with or without our experiences, and we exist in our own right and do not rely on sending feedback to God in order for us to exist.

We fully accept that the God Logos is placed in association with us and it is that Logos that creates life.
But we do not agree, now, that God requires our feedback to it (God).
God can exist with or without us, and we can exist without sending that feedback to God.

Now, this appears to be a contradiction to all the teachings we have given you to say that feedback from us to God happens. But it is not.
Wisdom given to us by advanced beings has told us that our experiences are returned to God but that God does not need that feedback.
There is a difference between our experiences returned to God and God needing that experience in order to grow.
If that is so, then why are the results of our experiences returned to God?

The answer is that life is a chain and once an experience occurs, our reaction to that or those experiences need to create a link, a circle.
In other words, God sends out a life creating experience and it is our reaction to any experience that needs to return to the originator of that experience for the force to be reabsorbed into the creator and for the energy to be dissipated.

This is a difficult subject to understand.
We might say that the electrical energy sent down a wire needs to be used up by an electric machine in order for that energy to dissipate.
We could not have a situation where electric energy is sent down a wire and no machine use it up.
Electric energy cannot just remain in the wire.

So, in our galaxy, our God has put into place a system in which energy from that God is sent out to us and we need to use up that energy through our experiences which then returns back to the creator – God – and that provides our God with more energy to be sent out to create more experiences.
It is an endless cycle of energy being sent out, used up which, effectively, returns to God and that creates more energy to keep life going. It is an endless cycle.

Although this happens, we do not think that our God needs that energy.
It is just the manner that our God decided to put into place.
Our God could operate without any real contact with us and we could exist without the feedback loop also.

Thus, to repeat, we can state that our God could exist without the feedback loop from us and we could survive without the feedback loop to God.

But that loop is in place and so it operates.
Whether God actually learns from our experience is another matter.
Certainly, we agree that the energy returning to God liberates more energy but we strongly feel that we, without God, could use energy created by our Logos to provide us with experiences and once we have resolved those experiences more is liberated to create energy for the next experience.
So, once again, we have this conundrum, this dichotomy.
On one hand we have God sending us experiences and our reaction to these experiences being sent back to God to create more energy and, on the other hand, our Logos possibly sending us experience and then absorbing that energy to create more experience.

This seems strange, until we realise that our Higher Self is in contact with our Logos – our spirit of God – which, itself, is connected to almighty God.
Thus, whether our experiences are sent to almighty God or whether they are sent to our Logos via the Higher Self, as our Higher Self, of which there is only one, is connected to our Logos which, despite there being one for every living thing on Earth, as the various Logo are connected to God, it works out to be the same.

Can you see this?

There is one almighty God for our galaxy and there are countless individual spirits of God, one for each living thing connected via the one Higher Self to almighty God.
Thus, the Logo of each and every life spirit are connected to the one almighty God and could possibly share the results of our life experiences.
The Logo and the one God are, effectively, the same thing.

It is only the fact that God created a Logos for every living thing that created the need to share experiences and send them back to individual’s Gods and God itself.
The Logos and God, effectively, being the same thing.

If we did not exist, almighty God could still exist and not require our feedback. Equally, under different circumstances, we could exist without needing to send feedback to the Logo.

It is just the way that life in our galaxy, that makes the feedback loop need to exist, that makes it so.

This is a very difficult thing to describe and we are not sure that all can understand but we have done our best to describe the process just using words.
If we had a black or white board at our disposition it would have made the description easier but we only have words.

So, to return to the galaxy that we will call the orb galaxy, we do not have such a complicated system as there is only really a God force.

Admittedly, this God maintains a connection to each orb but has no feedback system and has only a tenuous hold over each orb instead of a complex interplay between itself (almighty God) and the Logo, the individual versions of almighty God, divided into countless versions of itself, one for each Logos.

So, we hope you can see that this version of God, the orb God, has only a limited connection to our version of God and yet they are all Gods.
Logic would decree that the different Gods would all be the same but, clearly, they are not!

Now, we don’t know how many galaxies there are in all, and thus we don’t know how many versions of God there are, nor by what degree they vary, one from another, but it does seem strange to think that they may all vary, one from another.

If we consider, in our galaxy, how many different personalities there are amongst people, but they are all created by one God, one Higher Self, which is itself closely connected to almighty God, but all have individual versions of almighty God that we call Logos, it makes us wonder if, behind all these various Gods, there might be an overriding force – a sort of super God – rather like the creator of a jigsaw puzzle, that created all these Gods.

So, if we can visualise all the individual pieces of a jigsaw as all the various Gods, each one different but each one connected to the overall picture, we can imagine that behind each God is an overall God that creates a sort of complete picture of God, then we wonder what being made the various Gods, just like we wonder who created a jigsaw puzzle, each piece separate but, collectively, create an overall picture.

This is complicated so we will repeat the story.

Imagine a finite but varying concept of a large number of Gods of a number of galaxies, each God different but each God part of a complete number of Gods which, when they come together, form a picture of a super God.
Then, if this is so, it begs to find the being that created the Gods.
So, if we consider our God plus the God of the orb galaxy, that are just two Gods in a multiverse, and that each galaxy has an individual God, it is only when all the Gods are in place that we see the complete picture of what all the Gods create.
This might be considered to be a super God.
But then we realise that there must be some force that creates the various Gods that come together to create the overall God picture.

So, we have our God as just one of a number of Gods.
Then, when all the Gods are in place, there is a bigger picture, a sort of super God made of all the different Gods coming together.
Then, behind all this must be a grander force – intelligence – that created the super God.

The only way we can really describe all this is to think of a jigsaw puzzle, but think of it in reverse.
First there is an intelligence who wants to create a jigsaw puzzle. So, he gets a picture.
Then the picture is cut up into small pieces.

It is only when we put all the pieces together again, that the picture is revealed and we think of the person who created it all.

So, if our logic is correct, there are at least three stages to life:
1. The individual Gods which, when they come together create;
2. A larger picture created by the individual Gods coming together, and;
3. A higher wisdom that created the whole thing.

We have enough problems visualizing just our God, so you can imagine how complex it is to investigate the total number of Gods and then to try to find out the intelligence that created all the Gods.
And yet we know that life tries to keep things simple, so we rather suspect that, if we can see behind the magic, the answer will be simple, assuming that our thinking is correct.

We have, at this moment, little to go on other than we have discovered two versions of God that seem to differ somewhat; our God and the orb God.

All the rest, for the moment, is speculation and yet something tells us we are on the right track if only we can see behind the magic to the physics involved.

The question is, of course, how do we investigate this complicated event? How could we possibly find out about the super God and then this prime intelligence that created the plethora of individual Gods?

Even the human Archangels that normally provide us with information have a limit to their knowledge so we cannot rely on them to provide us with an answer.

Fortunately, there is a means of finding an answer and that answer is contained within a part of the Akashic Record that we have mentioned before, a sort of restricted section that only a privileged few have access to.

There is a lot of information contained within the restricted reserve of the Akashic Record, that most people never get to see, as this area contains knowledge that it would not be good for all to know.
Under ordinary circumstances, people like us would not be given access to this area and we must say that this information concerning the various Gods and the creator of those Gods has never been revealed to anyone and so you who read this book will be given information never before revealed either to us or to people incarnate.

Permission has been granted because time is short, and it is important that you are all given as much information as possible before the next phase of life takes over.
This process is called Ascension and, as we have said, you cannot rise in spirituality until you have all the facts concerning life.

So, for the first time in modern Earth’s history, we can reveal to you how this bizarre aspect of life works and how it was all created.

This we will start to do in the next chapter.

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