In the last chapter we introduced the strange concept of multiple intelligences, God after God, each one more creative than the others.
We suggested that there was a creative force that made a large number of Gods that would need to come together to form a super God.
By that we implied a large number of individual Gods that needed to join forces in order to create a super God and, from that super God, all the individual Gods of all the individual galaxies were created.

This is a difficult concept to describe effectively because we are suggesting that all the individual Gods, including our God, needed to be created and it was only when all the Gods were created that they came together to form, from the individual Gods, a combination of all the Gods that formed a super God, created by and from all the Gods being created.

The only way we could effectively describe this was to use the example of a jigsaw puzzle where a complete picture was cut up into many small pieces and each piece needed to be put back together to reform the original picture. Then, and only then, could all the pieces reveal the original picture.

So we are suggesting that all the Gods need to be created before coming together which actually creates a bigger version of life and with it, individual Gods that could not exist until all were created.
We think that you will agree that this is very difficult to describe as we need all the Gods to be individually created and come together before any of the Gods could exist.
It is a bit like the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?
To create the chicken we need an egg and to create an egg we need a chicken. Actually, we need two chickens – a male and a female – in order to create a fertile egg.

So, to create individual Gods – one for each Galaxy – we need them all to exist but for them all to exist as individual Gods, we need them all to exist as a collective already.

The only way to resolve this problem, it seems to us, is to have an overriding intelligence that created them all just like the person who takes a picture and cuts it up into pieces.
The picture is still there but cut into pieces and it is only when they come back together again that they create the original picture.

So, our job is to find out who or what this overriding intelligence is and where it comes from.

This may, at first glance, seem to be an impossible task.
How can we even imagine a force capable of creating a vast number of Gods because it implies not only a force capable of creating Gods but, by the same token, capable of creating, at least in principle, in theory, all the subsections that go to make life in any area.

For instance, if we consider just our galaxy, not only do we have a God but we have archangels that put into creation all the dimensions and the countless, complicated life forms that have all been created.

Now, this implies that either this overriding intelligence, this master creator, had all this in mind when he created our galaxy or he (it) endowed our God with the creative power that enabled our God to formulate and put into action the incalculable number of marvels that go to make up all life as we know it to be in our galaxy without us even considering all the other marvels created by or in conjunction with the Gods of all the other galaxies.

Who amongst us could even consider such an entity?

Then, of course, we have to face the dreaded questions of what does this entity look like, if he has any form, and where does he come from, where does he live and, most dreaded question of all, who made him?

We call this master creative force ”him” just because it is considered normal to refer to God in the masculine. If that offends you, please refer to this overriding force as she, it or any other appellation you care to give it.
We do not wish to offend anyone but we must refer, if we wish to discuss this entity, by some term. So we call it “he”.

As we stated previously we have the restricted area of the akashic record that comes to our rescue and gives us some answers. Enough answers for us to be able to put two and two together to describe the makeup of this extremely complicated creation system.

Now, we did say, at the end of the previous chapter, that we would attempt to describe the master creator but, to do so, we need to make sure that we understand the effects of creation rather than describing prime creator and then hope to connect that to the various effects that are manifested.

So, the first thing we need clearly to understand is that there are a finite but large number of Gods, similar to ours in creative force, everyone in charge of creating a galaxy somewhere.

Our galaxy – universe, multiverse – call it what you will, has been created by our God who chose as his creative theme, love.

We have, in various books, talks and lessons, attempted to describe at least some of what our God created and although what we have described is just a drop in the ocean compared to what we could say in reference to the creative power of our God, we hope that you can see that what God has created is truly amazing and it requires a real stretch of the mind to accept it.

If we go back to the concept of the jigsaw puzzle, if there was just our God, the complete jigsaw picture would show just an image of our God, assuming that Gods can be seen.

So, once again we ask you to accept what we are saying metaphorically and that the picture of God in the jigsaw puzzle is hypothetical. God cannot really be seen. It is an imaginary picture.

But, we mentioned another galaxy that we referred to as the “orb galaxy” and said that there was a God force in charge of that galaxy. We discovered that the motivating force of the orb galaxy was peace.
So that would give us two pictures in a jigsaw, one of love and a second of peace.
Now, we stated that these two Gods were independent of each other but were, at the same time, connected as part and total of the jigsaw picture.

Obviously, if we were able to investigate the orb galaxy more thoroughly, we would discover other similarities between it and our God but it suffices for the moment to accept that there is more than just our God in creation and each God can create independently from our God although there always remains a connection between the Gods. A connection that we won’t, for the moment, describe.

So far we have put into our jigsaw puzzle two pictures, if you will allow us to continue to use this analogy. So this points us in the direction of the creative force that created the two Gods.
If there was only one God for all of creation that would simplify matters but the fact that we know that there are more than one creator God implies a force higher and above God that creates Gods in the plural.

Before we attempt to describe this higher force, let us continue to fill our jigsaw image with sufficient visages of Gods so as to complete the picture.
We have admitted that we do not know the exact number of Gods there are nor do we know the number of galaxies but we do know that, for each galaxy, there is a creator God and we also know that each God has a theme that he acts upon.

We assume that some force has decided how many themes exist in creation – love, hate, peace, war etc., – and has created a God and a galaxy to explore each and every aspect that could be created.
Therefore, we assume that some higher force has considered each and every aspect of creation and has created a God and a galaxy to explore all of the aspects of consciousness that exist.

So, just as we have people on Earth that reflect all of the possible aspects of thought, of being, of reactions to life so there are Gods and galaxies that also reflect the same themes.

This is curious because, although the theme of our God and all his creation is love, nevertheless we find people that display, individually, all of the aspects of emotion possible.
By which we mean that there are people here on Earth and also in the various dimensions, that display love, hate, peace, war, fear, compassion and all of the aspects of emotion that exist.

This seems somewhat confusing as logic would decree that, as the theme of our planet is love, we would only find loving people on our planet and any people who display other emotions would have been born into a galaxy that explored the emotion corresponding to the emotion of that person.
In other words, those who are loving would be born here but those who are hateful, or fearsome, or compassionate or whatever, would be attracted to the galaxy the God of which would explore the same theme.

So all this seems rather strange.

On one hand we have all these galaxies and Gods, each one dedicated to exploring a particular theme or emotion but, at the same time, we have here on Earth a mixture of people who display the very same emotions.

Now, we don’t know for sure if there are entities that only follow the theme of their God but we can state with certainty that the people on or around planet Earth display a mixture that are not, necessarily, only displaying the emotion of love.
Indeed, there are many who seem to be in opposition to love.

So, what does this tell us?

What inference can be drawn from the fact that people here on Earth or in the astral dimensions surrounding Earth can be of any type of emotion?

Can we infer that the galaxies and Gods of other areas are closely connected to the people attracted to planet Earth?

This seems to be getting stranger and stranger because either planet Earth seems to be a special case unconnected to the other galaxies and Gods or, in some way, the other galaxies and Gods are totally connected to the people of Earth, including all those in various dimensions.

Can you understand what we are suggesting?

Our investigations have revealed that there are a large but finite number of galaxies and Gods remote from Earth, each one of which is dedicated to exploring a particular theme or emotion and that there is one God and one Galaxy for each emotion. But, at the same time, here in our galaxy there are people who also respond to each emotion.

So, logic would suggest a close connection to each galaxy and its God and the people of Earth who respond to the very same emotions that the various Gods and galaxies purport to study.

It is almost as if planet Earth is acting as a sort of capture point, a clearing house to all the various galaxies and Gods apparently devoted to the study of the various emotions.

This seems to defy logic.

If the theme of our galaxy and God is love how can it be that the people of our galaxy can show such diverse emotions?
Also, if all these other galaxies and Gods, each one exploring a particular theme, explore the same themes as the people of our galaxy, it is almost as if these strange galaxies and Gods are in some way connected to the people of our galaxy.

But, if this was so, it would imply that the people of our galaxy were also connected to the galaxies and Gods of these various themes.

It seems to imply that every person alive connected to planet Earth is also connected to one of the other galaxies and Gods, the connection being the emotional theme; peace, harmony, hate, cruelty and all the diverse emotions.

We will repeat this in slightly other words.
We have discovered, dispersed throughout the multiverse, a large but finite number of galaxies, each one under the control of a God and each God exploring an emotional theme.

But, at the same time we know that, in the multiverse connected to our God, there are a similar number of people (Logo) exploring a similar number of themes.

This seems to imply that each one of us is not only connected to our galaxy but, at the same time, is closely connected to another galaxy and another God according to how we react to emotions; love, hate, compassion, etc.

To cut a long story short, it implies that people (Logo) are not only connected to our galaxy in all its dimensions but, at the same time are connected to the various Gods and galaxies exploring the various emotional themes.
We draw the conclusion that, if we go back to the concept of a jigsaw puzzle and if we could create a picture of each God as a piece of the jigsaw, each part, each face of a God would represent an aspect of emotion as lived by the people that go to make up the people of our galaxy.

This has strange ramifications.
It implies that the people alive in our galaxy have a particular personality because the overriding master force created them all as part of this jigsaw but, when applied to people (Logo) decided to put them in our galaxy.

It is as if the galaxies and Gods that go to make up the jigsaw are just creations but those creations come to life when adopted by humans in our galaxy.

It also implies that our God has one part of creation under its wing but the galaxy and God promoting any one aspect of emotion also plays a role in promoting a personality aspect of a human.

This seems to be extremely complicated. And it is, until one can comprehend the concept of various Gods creating people – or rather, personalities – while another God (our one), creates people.
So, our God creates people (Logo), while the personalities of those people are created by other Gods in other galaxies.
It implies that live people and their personalities are two separate aspects of life.

We want you to understand this because it is new information never before revealed – at least to the population of Earth this time around. So we will explain it all again in clearer terms.

We want you to understand that the God of our multiverse created one person – just one – and put the Logos of himself with that one person.
But he (God) also endowed that Logos to imagine that it was a huge number of people.
But, without any personality, it would be obvious that there was only one person. It is personality that creates conscious life.
So, please understand that this master intelligence created our God who, in turn, creative one life force.
Then, this master intelligence created a number of other Gods, each one exploring an aspect of personality, of emotion.

Now, this is where it gets difficult to describe.

The master creator took the one logos of our God and divided it up into a number of parts and put a part with each personality creating God so that, now, not only do we appear to have a large number of people but each one of these people have a distinct personality.
It is these personalities that create conscious life.
That is why independent life could only exist when all the independent Gods had been created, each one influencing a certain proportion of the one logos.
These diverse Gods needed all to be created so as to be able to divide the one logos into many parts, each part containing a distinct personality.

So, if we have understood correctly, we have a master creative force that created our God rather like a queen bee or a queen ant and then, for each and every aspect of personality, a series of Gods and galaxies in order to give personality to aspects of the one logos.
It is personality that gives life to the divided-up logos.

We could, before we try to discover more about this dual existence, attempt to find out why all living things are attracted to planet Earth and its various dimensions.
The answer is simple and we have mentioned it many times.
Planet Earth the only one in which there is physical life and the dimensions around planet Earth are the only ones in which complete humans – body, personality and soul – come together.

Why planet Earth was chosen as the melting pot for all life we cannot say.
We can only acknowledge that it is so.
Had another planet, another galaxy been chosen, the outcome would have been the same so it matters not what planet system was chosen.

What is important is to realise that life, particularly human life, is split into two parts.
One part is the life we live on Earth and in the dimensions surrounding Earth and the second part is to realise that each and every life logos has a personality and these personalities group and develop in and around other galaxies elsewhere.
There are various personality types and these personalities group in one area, a galaxy for each personality.

Thus we have bodies and then personalities.
Eventually we must decide how the bodies and the personalities link together and if they ever actually join or if they remain apart.

This will be the subject of the next chapter.

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