You may remember that we discovered and explored, to a certain extent, one of the personality galaxies and its creative God.
We could call it the orb galaxy because it seemed to be a galaxy containing just a vast number of, apparently, lifeless orbs.
We further discovered that the theme of the God of this galaxy was peace and, when it drew all the orbs into a singularity, stressed that it wanted the orbs to explore and appreciate the concept of peace.

With hindsight, now that we have learnt more about these galaxies, we can appreciate that what we were involved with was a galaxy and a God that was created to explore the concept of peace.
We stress that it was purely by haphazardness that we discovered one that explored peace.
It could have been any emotion that we stumbled across.
And we suggest that the experience would have been similar.
So let us describe what we saw, what we deduce and, finally, what we know about this orb galaxy and, by extension, all the personality creations.

We mentioned a galaxy that contained a huge number of orbs.

We said that there was no evidence that these orbs were alive in the sense that we are but we realised that life can take many forms and we should not jump to the conclusion that just because something does not seem to contain life as we know it, it is not alive

It also teaches us to dig deeper and investigate where life leaves off and non-life starts.
We used this phrase ‘non-life’ because, in fact, as you should be aware by now, nothing can die but we do appreciate that some things seem more alive than others.
For instance, if we look at a forest in full flower, it is obviously full of life, but if we look at the same forest after a devastating fire although it can be argued that the fauna and flora have just changed form, to our eyes it seems to have lost most of its life.

Now, if we examine all the life forms in our galaxy; plants, animals and people, we can see what is obviously alive and what is not.
But if we look at the orbs in the orb galaxy we can find no evidence of obvious life.

This, we now realise is because each orb is not so much life but an aspect of personality.
This is interesting because we said previously that a logos (a living thing) can only spring to life when its personality is attached to it and yet, if we examine pure personality, it does not seem to contain life in any visible way.

But there are a few things we can deduce from the intelligence given to us by the very wise archangels who have access to the restricted area of the akashic record.
One of the things is that, if we could count the exact number of orbs in this orb galaxy, that would tell us how many people there are in our galaxy that have peace as their theme for life.

However, the problem is that many of us have a multiplicity of personality aspects to our make-up, not just one theme.

For instance, many of us have peace in our personality makeup but that does not stop us having other aspects as well; love, calmness, compassion, understanding and many other kind aspects.
We might also have other personality trends as well; short tempers, a certain degree of hate, bigotry and other somewhat negative bits to us.

How many of us can truly say that we only have one aspect of personality? Very few, we would suggest.

If this is true, and it surely must be, it implies a very complex mixture of which personality galaxies we can correspond to.
So, this raises yet another problem, a set of questions we must try to answer.

If we all had just one personality trend to our makeup, this aspect of life would be simple.
Let us try to look at this in a basic fashion.

We now know that there exists in our galaxy – just to consider humanity – a number of different types of humans, some male, some female, some who appear to be in the wrong body. Some tall, some short, those with different skin colours and so on. A true plethora of people with different physical features.

Now we have discovered that each and every one of these people have, attached to them, personalities that come from a different galaxy.

This master creator, that we have yet to discover, for some reason best known to himself, decided to create galaxies and Gods and put into those galaxies something – at least in the case of one of them – that appear to be all that contain personalities.

So far, so good. Although it seems somewhat complicated, at least we can understand how personalities are created.

But we don’t know how personalities are distributed to people, why, and just to complicate matters further, we know that most people have multiple bits of personality.
So, to find the answers to these questions is going to take quite a bit of delving.

We will ignore for the moment the different physical attributes that we all have and concentrate our efforts on trying to discover the complexities of personalities.

We will also just concentrate on humanity because if we start to analyse all of life; stones, plants and animals, we will get lost in a maze of information.
In fact, we did touch, slightly, on the aspects of minerals, plants and animals in a previous book but we deliberately kept our investigations slight because we very quickly started to discover that life generally and personalities in particular were closely connected to DNA. We gave you a book on the subject.

Now, we mentioned in the book about DNA that much of it was invisible and was referred to as junk DNA.
We implied that DNA was of extreme importance and was second in importance only to life itself.

So, we have a strong suspicion that if we investigate personalities of people, we will find DNA playing a role.

We have to add another branch to our investigations.
We discovered a number of Gods, galaxies and aspects of personality (whether they be orb shaped or any other shape) and now we are suggesting that DNA is probably playing an important role somewhere in the story.

This is where we have to say that we are grateful for having presented the various books we gave you in the order we have because, if you have read all the books you will have a fairly clear knowledge of some of the aspects of personalities and will be able to piece together with us the jigsaw we are attempting to put together.

As we have just mentioned, DNA always seems to be involved with life somewhere and, in the book on aliens, we mentioned that some aliens are actually unused personality bundles assuming an independent life in the astral realms for a while.

We have, somehow, to try to draw these disparate aspects together to make sense of personality.

We will say that our ultimate goal in this book is to locate and understand somewhat this Master Creator, if we can, but we know from experience that we will not be able to do this if we have not some degree of mastery of life both physical and non-physical.

Therefore, it seems to be important to us to try to understand these personality spheres and their Gods and how they all link to life in our galaxy.

We have discovered, with the invaluable help with our archangelic mentors, that each orb galaxy and its God promotes one pure aspect of personality quite independent from any other orb galaxy.

We need really to understand this. Of all the huge but finite number of galaxies and Gods there are concerned with personality, each one helps create one pure aspect of personality, ignoring all the rest.

So, let us try to discover who and what is creating these pure aspects and why they are being focused in and on any one galaxy to the exclusion of any other.
After all, we seem to be born with a variety of aspects of personality quite naturally and have suggested that they are, in some way, connected to our DNA.
This is all very well but doesn’t answer any questions as to why we have personalities in the first place?
If we have personalities, they must be created somewhere and for some reason.

In a previous book we mentioned the links we could locate between minerals, plants, animals and humans and suggested that each species; mineral, plant, animal etc., started with the same basic attributes but, as consciousness evolved, species by species, so we added more and more levels of awareness according to the species. For instance, it would be fairly obvious that the average human has higher levels of awareness than the average animal.

This does not imply that a human is any better than any animal but it does imply that most humans require a higher level of intellectual capacity to deal with daily life than the average animal.
One could say, of course, that an animal can survive in the wild whereas most humans deposited in the wild would struggle.

The point we wish to make to you is that you, if you read the book that mentioned personalities of minerals, plants, animals and, eventually, humans, they all started with the same basic attributes but each species added more and newer ones according to his species.
A plant has more attributes than a stone. An animal has more than a plant. At the top of the list is humanity, or will be one day.
So we must assume that personality is linked to consciousness and varies according to the species.

Why should this be? Where does it all start and how is personality manufactured because, if we all have personalities, which are connected to consciousness and all this is connected to DNA, some entity must have decided to create it.
As we have often said, there is no such thing as magic. Everything is based on physics in one way or another.

To understand how personality was and is created is very deep physics indeed but, fortunately, we don’t need to cover black boards with hieroglyphics not invent a mass of new words.
We can explain just using plain English.

Life, as we have said in the past, has always existed.
We did try to explain that the word ‘always’ is a misnomer because time does not exist and therefore ‘always’ just means ‘now’.

This is a difficult concept to grasp because even you who are reading this book will born at sometime in the past and most of you have a birth certificate to prove it and, depending on your age, you can remember going to various schools, may have had a variety of jobs etc.
These events trace your life from the moment of your birth up until now and will go on until the end of your incarnation on Earth.
So, you have the concept of life continuing day after day ever onwards inculcated in you from the moment of your birth until the moment of your release from incarnation.
At that point everything changes because once you return to your home in the Heavenly spheres time no longer has any relevance.
Time, and indeed, space are only associated with incarnation.
All people in the heavenly spheres are immortal.
You are immortal.

But we, or rather you, are incarnate and thus have to deal with apparent space/time.
It is no use pretending that space and time do not exist in so-called 3D reality (incarnation), because they do.

This is where things start to get very complicated.

The almighty power(s) that created all life had, eventually, to create life in two manners or fashions.

We have explained in other works that humanity was not originally designed to come to Earth. Earth was created for minerals, flora and fauna.
However, when it proved that these entities were not sufficient, humans were introduced.

This dramatically changed everything because humans are much different from even the most advanced animals.
Humans have levels of awareness, of consciousness that no animal could achieve.
We will say, at the risk of insulting you, that the humans that incarnate at the moment and in the past are only a primitive form of human. In the future, as we move more fully into ascension, so an advanced race of humans will be introduced.
These humans are being prepared even now and, when the time is ripe, will be introduced.
The humans will be at the level of Jesus or Buddha or of the other great Masters and many of them will be even more advanced.

You may remember Jesus saying, “These things I do, you will do, and more.”
That is what he was referring to.

But, in the meantime, we have to take things slowly and we had our incarnations and you are now going through yours.

We may not be at the level of the great Masters who will come here but we all do our best.

There is a logic to this slow progression from primitive people to very wise ones.
It may be thought that if all new arrivals on Earth were very wise, noble and peace-loving people, life would dramatically change and peace would reign.
This is not so.
We were, for a long time, in the negative swing of the pendulum of life and evil had full sway.
Now, as you should know, we are gradually moving into ever more positive moments but we are not fully there yet.
Evil forces are being chased from the theatre of life but, as most people are aware, the evil ones are clinging on and keeping as great a stranglehold on all aspects of life as possible.
Both they and we know that their battle is lost and they will, one day, depart the scene but, we must wait patiently for things to alter.

So, what has all this got to do with personalities?

Let us go back to a time we mentioned in a previous book, before you were incarnated. Obviously, we mention you but that is just to get your attention and make the story more interesting. You, in fact, refers to all of us, past, present and future.

Before you incarnated, we mentioned that you were taken on tours of the heavenly and hellish spheres of the higher 4th dimension, where we all live, and shown what was going on there.
Your friends, guides, teachers and mentors noted your reactions to the events you were shown and careful note taking of your interests.

So, comparing notes, they built a list of those events you found interesting and those that did not interest you.
Obviously, you took an active part in the discussions.

Eventually, as the date for your incarnation drew closer, you began to leave the school areas of heaven and were introduced to a number of areas that exist that help shape personality.

People are aware of some of these areas and they are called the signs of the zodiac.

In the night sky, certain clusters of stars have been given names in an attempt to quantify aspects of personality and are called Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius etc., – twelve galaxies in all.
Obviously, and we don’t wish to offend anyone, these star clusters have absolutely no connection to what is really happening behind the scenes but we do not ridiculise the concept because it describes in a very accurate way what is going on in the spiritual realms.
So it does help to explain personalities.

However, as we have explained before, embryo spirits are moved down the dimensional layers, closer and closer to Earth until, finally, they end up – or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the personality aspect of them does – and arrive at one of the galaxies that we have been describing that we called the orb galaxies.

These galaxies correspond to the twelve signs of the Zodiac with which most people are familiar.

So, one of these galaxies will give a basic personality to an individual that we called Pisces, Aries, Capricorn etc.
However, as we mentioned, very few people have just one aspect of personality.
Many, indeed most, people have a mixture that astrologists get round describing by including influence from other star systems that they call houses etc.

In fact, there are a far larger number of orb galaxies than just twelve, so the angelic beings that still have the embryo human under their control introduce the young human to all of the galaxies that their teachers had noticed interested the baby human.

So, the personality aspects of this young person finishes up with a main personality aspect but with a variety of sub-aspects added.

One could perhaps compared it to a school system where a student would study a main subject, say mathematics, but would also study other subjects; English (or his native language), foreign languages, physics, sport or whatever.
So the student would leave school and enter the real world qualified as a mathematician but would also have a certain mastery of a number of other subjects.
What we all go through – or rather our personalities do – is very similar.
So, we have a main personality but a number of sub personalities also.

But we haven’t really described what a personality is and why we need them.

Once again we are entering deep physics and going far beyond what conventional science, physics or even psychology or astrology are aware of. So we will introduce these concepts and just let you accept or reject what we tell you.

Let us ask you a question.
What is personality?

You all have personality which you might describe as likes and dislikes, desires, needs, wants, and you might, if you were courageous, connect personality to your ego, but could you really describe personality in any satisfactory sense?
A glance at a good dictionary will give some indication but many honest dictionaries state that there is no generally agreed upon definition of personality.

This is strange because we all have personality.
We stated that life without personality would be meaningless.
It is personality that separates man from machine.
Most animals have distinct personalities once one gets to know them and we could suppose that even plants have some form of personality.
It is most obvious in humans and yet dictionaries, or rather the people who write dictionaries, struggle to define personality.

Perhaps this is because the human being is composed of two distinct aspects.
One is connected to physicality and the other is connected to personality.
It is far easier to understand what we call physicality then personality.

For a start, much of what we call physicality is visible. We can see a human body, or an animal’s body, or a plant and even a mineral and all these have been studied for many long ages.
We can see what we call life and death by which we mean, just to look at humanity, that a person either appears alive or dead.
We can study the organs, heart, lungs, spleen, liver and on and on and we can transfer information concerning people to students who, in turn, can teach others.
Thus, life seems fairly easy to comprehend.

But when we start to investigate personality, things become much more difficult to understand.

The first problem is that there is nothing practical (physical) that we can see or identify with.

As we said, with regard to the physical aspects of a person, just by looking at someone we can make some assumptions as to their race, sex, and a number of attributes. This helps put people in boxes if you see what we mean and we all like to be able to quantify plants, animals, minerals and people. It gives us the impression that we are in control of life.
But, with regard to personalities it is rather more difficult.
Most people find it difficult to define a person’s personality until the person is well known to the questioner.

Of course, to those who have studied esoterics, it suffices to come close to an individual and the true nature of the person – his personality – is instantly revealed because we are all broadcasting our personality out through our auras all the time.
This is because we are all one and so, when we know how, we can link auras and thus link personalities.

So, what we are saying is that we all finish up with a mixture of personality, a main one that we chose to be incarnated with and a variety of sub personalities.
The reason that we need this mixture is, if we only had one personality, one theme that we explored, life would be very difficult. We would be like people who have a one-track mind.

Can you imagine if twelve people gathered together to discuss a problem and each one of them only had access to one aspect of personality, it would make agreement on a subject very difficult.
It is because we can draw on the various aspects of personality we all have that correspond to other people’s personalities that we can see their point of view and thus agree on a subject or problem.

This, of course, opens the question as to why we have a main personality at all?
Would it not be better if we all had access to the twelve main traits and thus all act as one?

We have mentioned this before and have explained that we, at this stage of our evolution, are not sufficiently advanced as to be able to incorporate more than one main aspect of personality into us.
Long into the future, man will incarnate with all aspects of personality incorporated.
At that point man will live in peace with his fellow man and with all life as all men will think as one.
But we are not there yet so the best we can do is have a main personality and incorporate as many subpersonalities as possible which at least opens the door to accepting other people’s points of view.

Of course, it makes it easier if the people we are interfacing with have an open mind as well. Conversation with people who have a closed mind on any subject quickly becomes impossible.
We see this in science and religion where people refused absolutely to consider an alternative point of view.

So where are we with all this?

Some master creator, long ago, decided to create life and created, with the help of trusted archangels, a number of Gods and planets (galaxies).
Into each one of these planets, he placed a God and gave that God a desire to explore a theme; love, hate, peace, war etc., as we have explained.
This master creator did exactly the same with our God and our galaxy and, by chance, gave our God love as his theme.

But this master creator went further. He decided to create life.

Quite what connection the master creator made between creating galaxies, Gods and life we do not really have the answer to but it does not take much of a stretch of the imagination to realise that this master creator would not go to the trouble of creating countless galaxies and Gods if there was nothing left to play with.
So, life was his stroke of genius.
If it were not for the master creator deciding to create life, none of us would be here.

So, before we bring this chapter to a close, let us say that, at some point, our galaxy and our God was persuaded to act as home to life as we know it in addition – or, perhaps we could say as a replacement for – just being there waiting to introduce people to the concept of peace.

Therefore, the situation we are in now is that basic life is under the control of the God of life in all its vast variety of forms and the other galaxies are left with giving personalities to all those lifeforms, including us.

So, we hope that you can see that our God has taken you under his wing to help you become whatever you are, in your case a human.
You could have been a mineral, a plant, and animal, a drop of water or anything else but, thanks to the archangels by chance selecting you, you became a human – the pinnacle of this master creator’s inventions.

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