What more can we tell you?

You may have noticed that these books are getting more and more advanced, more and more difficult to understand and we are pushing the boundaries of knowledge far from anything previously known.

We need to be careful because, although, as we have said, existence is endless in its dimensions and there is so much more to talk about, it would be pointless in going too far from anything you could possibly understand.

We have studied the reactions people have had to the book about aliens and we have noticed, as we suspected, people are breaking into two camps.
There are those who are fascinated by the information, who devour the information with a hunger bordering on gourmandize and there are those who, for a number of reasons, are not able to relate to the information, and so, just turn away.

This presents us with a problem, because we have been tasked with providing you with as much information, in as short a time as possible, to help with Ascension. But we don’t want to leave too many behind.
However, there is a growing difference between those able and willing to accept this information and those who find it too strange, too different from anything previously known and so cannot go on.
We freely admit that this information is so different from anything previously expounded by so-called experts, that it does take a stretch of the imagination.

Book 5 was about aliens and was difficult.
Book 6 is about DNA and many, indeed most of you, will find it a real stretch to comprehend, because it explains the range of influence DNA has in all life, all dimensions.

So, we are approaching the place where the ability to comprehend for even the most open-minded of you will not go.

But, as we have said, we have been instructed to make information available to all as quickly as possible, so we will introduce you to the subject of this book, which is about life as it really is.
Not physical, not imaginary, but yet another “behind the scenes” area, once again, largely unknown.

Thus, many of you will find this book even more difficult to understand and accept then the previous books.

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