The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 1


Imagine if it were possible to look around you wherever you are at this moment and, instead of seeing the things that in all probability you have seen many times before, it all looked different. For instance, some of you might be in what is called a living room. Others might be in a bedroom. No matter where you are, what would your reaction be if everything suddenly looked different, unrecognisable?
Would you be frightened? Or would you be curious?
Would you do all in your power to make the new world go away or would you have the desire to explore this new vista?
We asked these questions for a reason.
As we have stated in other publications, to a large extent we create with our imagination the world that we see around us.
We tend – most of us – to want that world to be stable, solid, familiar, friendly, reassuring. So, with our imaginations we do our best to create that sort of environment and we just accept that as life. Of course, life also, from time to time, sends us challenges that we do our best to resolve and then return to our familiar world, created by us individually and collectively.

Now, as we move into what is called Ascension, which is the result of spiritual power shining on us so, sometimes we get glimpses into other realities, the spirit world or the etheric planes. We do this with our mind. The physical body tends to stay in our 3D world.
Some, there are, that deliberately train to contact the invisible realms and learn to contact discarnate beings. These spiritual realms, we have stated, are many and there are a number of different realms that one can explore but it is nearly always done with just our spiritual bodies.
Our physical body remains on terra-firma, as it is called.

We have also explained that the physical body is, itself, an aspect of spirituality and, when we can realize this, it is possible to make it function rather as we can use our other spiritual parts. For instance, teleportation is possible to learn which is the ability to move instantly from one place to another. Very few people bother to learn to do this but it is possible.
It is also possible to see physical objects whilst blindfolded – a skill that some children are now being trained to do.
On the subject of teleportation, we have also explained to you that many alien visitors to our realms create crafts (UFOs) that are actually living objects and can teleport around our world.
So, the point that we are making is that, for those willing to make the effort, our physical and spiritual bodies can be considered to be one and it is possible to develop the gifts of the spirit and act in ways unknown to the average person.

We need to be careful when trying to reach out beyond what we consider to be the limits of our dimension and into the unknown because our imagination can play tricks on us and present nonsense that we assume to be fact and also, our arch enemies, the Archons, are never far away and, if they can pick up the thoughts of a weak minded person, will distract any thoughts and create a history designed to lead us all down the garden path, to use a colloquialism.
We have spoken about illusion before but, perhaps, it will be worth mentioning this again so that we can better separate so-called fact from fiction but, although this is a very important topic in its own right, we do not wish to spend too long on it as we wish to examine the different world that we hope to bring to your attention.
But it is important to be able to tell if the information we are receiving is coming from our Higher Self (the source of all knowledge), or from imagination.
We will say that wisdom from the Higher Self has to pass through the imagination plane before arriving in our consciousness, so it is only too easy to stop using Higher Self and just let imagination feed us illusion.
If and when this happens we will be the last to know as imagination can present information in a very convincing manner.
What we are going to say here we have already told you but we feel obliged to repeat it as we try to explain this different universe which is the subject of this book. Those who try to contact that world must be able to differentiate between fact and fiction.
Fact comes from the Higher Self but fiction can come from a number of sources; imagination, “collective wisdom”, and from the Archons and other entities who gain pleasure from misleading us.
The only source of wisdom is Higher Self. Anything else must be suspect.
The problem is, of course, how do we differentiate between information coming from Higher Self and that coming from another area?
There is only one way.
The master Jesus gave us the answer when he said “be still and know that I am”.
This rather enigmatic statement has often been misconstrued.
By, “Be still”, he meant to still the imagination plane.
By, “know that I am”, he implied to allow information to pass from Higher Self, through imagination and into the mind unaltered by imagination.
He suggested that we should still imagination so that wisdom from Higher Self can reach us unaltered.
This can only be done through meditation. True meditation is the act of stopping our normal mind functions, which is always connected to imagination, so that we create a direct path between Higher Self and mind.
We have talked about imagination before and have stated that it is constantly active and is a valuable tool to help us cope with life. But, like a lot of things, imagination is a good servant but a bad master. The problem is that it is very difficult to still imagination so, with most of us, both discarnate and incarnate, imagination is constantly active and trying to push ideas at us, ideas that imagination has itself created.
Therefore, we can see that imagination has created virtually all that exists. But this strange force – imagination – can be so powerful that it appears real and solid.
Whatever dimension one lives in, imagination creates a form of solidity and, normally, it is only when one can rise above the level of that reality that it disappears only to be replaced by a new one as we do not like to live in true reality which is nothing.
We have, of course, mentioned over and over again that imagination creates our apparent reality but it is worth repeating so that we can start to understand that true reality is just an empty void.
The only reason that we create realities is so that we can gain experience. If we all lived in an empty void it would be quite impossible to have experiences except, possibly, of being permanently bored by that type of experience so we create the worlds we live in, in order to give our lives purpose.

This continues indefinitely into the future. Long after our Earthly incarnations are over we continue into reality after reality as we progress through the realms of light and wonder, all created by imagination of one sort or another: individual, collective or that created by Archangels for our experience.

Now, what has all this got to do with the subject of this book, which is to explain a different reality?
Quite simply, it is essential to have a firm foundation of understanding one reality in order to be able to relate to a new one. If someone was confused about one reality he would not be able to appreciate (delineate) where that reality left off and a new one started.
So, we have spent a great deal of time and effort to explain as many aspects of the realities we think exist in order to be able to compare all these realities to the new ones we wish to explain.
We hope that you can appreciate why we have labored the points of our realities, interesting as they are, in order to be able to wipe the slate clean and start again, so to speak.
Let us consider why there should be alternative realities of which you have never heard and are unknown to virtually all people.
We have explained about alternative realities including what are referred to as parallel realities, created as back up plans should any one reality fail and we have even mentioned the strange reality on the other side of nothingness (God).
But we have also suggested that creation is endless.
The reason for this is that creation is, indeed, endless and long before there was any form of reality that we can relate to there was more creation.
We need to stretch our minds back long before the so called “Big Bang” which created our universes – which we have explained in a previous book and told you that it is all a copy of a higher version of creation and is placed in the 6th dimension, that of imagination.
But before that there was another version of creation.

By saying this we do not mean to imply that before the “Big Bang” there was an empty void, we wish to imply that before the “Big Bang” our galaxies did not exist, the void did not exist because it had not yet been created but in another area of life an entirely different reality had been created and was just as full of life as this one is.
Now, we are going to explain this again in very simple terms to make sure that you can follow our thoughts.
So, please bear with us as we say again that what we call creation at one point did not exist. It all suddenly appeared and is called the “Big Bang”
In fact, it was a copy/paste from a different dimension as we have explained.
But it is assumed that before the “Big Bang” there was an empty void where our various galaxies are. This is not true.
Before the “Big Bang” nothing existed. There was no empty void.
You have to imagine that before everything that we now see was created, there was just nothing in what we call our reality.
This is a difficult concept to comprehend. Many people assume that before the “Big Bang” there was an empty space rather like having an empty room awaiting the moment when it is furnished.
This is not so. Before the “Big Bang” nothing at all existed. No space, no vacuum, no concept of an empty void. Nothing existed.

But, in a different concept, there was creation: there has always been creation. The trouble is that dimensions, or rather, subdimensions are endless and so it is, perhaps, not surprising that in these other subdimensions there is creation.
Of course, although these subdimensions have been proposed by some people, it is quite impossible for humans incarnate to imagine them and even less, to visit them.
However, we have different access to information and some very advanced beings have been able to visit some of them and have described what they have seen and experienced.

We should say that we are not referring to life as we have described it in other talks. We refer to life in a different way.
All that we have mentioned in all our books, essays, and talks have all been directly or indirectly connected to reality that we know, from the concept of the 8 carrier waves created by God to life in all the dimensions. That is all connected in one way or another.
But we now wish you to forget all that while we attempt to explain a totally different concept of creation.



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