The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 2


So, we leave all that we know, can imagine or think we might know and step into the unknown. Rather like leaving a house in which we have lived all our lives, with our families, friends, enemies and all that we have explored and step into the unknown.
We wish you fully to comprehend that before God created the 8 frequency bands, sometimes called dimensions, eons ago, there was life.
We cannot really call it “life elsewhere” because the concept of “elsewhere” implies that there was an elsewhere to go to. We also imply that elsewhere is outside of a known area.
This is not how it works.
The essential point to bear in mind, if we can, is that this force that we call God; the creative force, the all that is, is not an old man sitting on a cloud surveying us. God is an invisible, unmeasurable, unquantifiable force that nevertheless exists but exists in a void that contains absolutely nothing but God itself.
How many of us can really imagine that the most powerful force that has ever existed – will ever exist – living in an area where there is absolutely nothing?
Nothing at all. No space, no time, no gravity, nothing that even the most advanced physicist, mathematician or philosophers could describe.
God is a force that does not exist in any way imaginable to even the most advanced of us and yet lives, and lives in an area like himself which does not exist in any understandable way.
So, this strange creative force created everything in his image which is to say that everything; you, me, us, all life in any area or dimension exists just as a force.
You, extraordinary as this seems, exist only as an imaginary concept. The real you is God, and thus, the real you is something that could never be seen, measured, quantified or understood and yet you also exist as the totality of all life. You, as an individual, contain the essence of all life, everywhere, from the moment of your creation by God to the moment you return to God. And yet, if we could strip away the layers of imaginary existence, rather like peeling an onion, at your core you exist as an unmeasurable force living in an unmeasurable “somewhere” that we can say does not exist. So, you are a “something” – a nothing – existing in a somewhere – nowhere – and yet you are also the totality of everything – of all creation. If you did not exist, nothing would exist because you are all that exists. And this existence does not exist, not even as a concept, because you are God, the totality of God, the all that is, and yet you both exist and do not exist at the same time. It is obvious that you exist or you would not be reading this book but the force that animates you does not seem to exist in any quantifiable or imaginable manner.

This apparent gobbledygook is actually a great truth. It is the fundamental truth – the only original truth – and yet it is so strange, even to advanced beings elsewhere in the cosmos, that no one really understands.
Who, in all honesty could say that they understand that all that exists in every corner of the cosmos cannot actually exist because the force that creates it all does not seem to exist?
And yet even this cannot be true because, if what we see around us, and in all dimensions everywhere in this unbelievably huge multidimensional existence does indeed exist, even in our imagination, there has to be some force that creates it even in imaginary form.
So, we clearly have a gap in our knowledge that no one anywhere, ever, has filled.
So, we have various names for this force; God, the all that is, our Father and so on and we just accept. That is all we can say.

So where does this take us?

The simple truth is that this force we refer to as God has always existed and has always been active, creating universe after universe.
Now, let us try to expand on this concept and see if we can bring any clarity to it.

We said that God has always existed. That is a bold statement to make as we can have absolutely no concept of what existed before the 8 carrier wave bands that God created long ago that has resulted in the worlds we see around us.
This is not quite true.
It has been possible to contact certain human Archangels as opposed to those who work for creation – and these human Archangels have informed us that they have information beyond the level of our information.
They have told us that God has always existed and that God has created reality after reality stretching back unimaginable lengths of time.
The reason that these Archangels have this information is quite simply, being so pure, they have a direct link to God and thus have access to all the information that God has stored in his memory, information about the other universes he has created. But, being human, they retain a link with us and share knowledge with us.

So, much of what we are going to tell you in this book has come from these human Archangels to whom we all share a debt of gratitude.
The big and unanswerable question, of course, is that why has God always existed? Was there any other force in existence before God that created God?
We, like you, question these things and we, like you, can find no answer.
Just how long a period of time “always” refers to is also a mystery. Of course, as time does not exist, at least in our universe and there is only the “now” moment, we could say that God only exists in this “now” moment and that would be true but, somehow, common sense tells us that is just a way of avoiding the question.
Who is to say that in other universes created by God before our one, time did not exist? Who is to say that if sequence of events exists, which is another way of looking at time, life did not go back and back like in time.
There is no point in guessing. We are informed by beings we trust (human Archangels) that God has always existed so we must just accept this as true although we will admit that it leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths – if you will forgive the expression – to have to accept something that defies logic and cannot be answered.

We like to think that all things have a logical beginning and a logical progression so to say that God has always existed is a struggle to accept.
But there are things like that, a classic one being, “which came first the chicken or the egg”?
We wish we had the answer to that puzzle but we don’t.
We have to accept that a chicken lays fertilized eggs, covre’s them and, eventually, beautiful chicks appear.
How that sequence of events was brought into being we don’t know.
Fortunately, there are few things that are inexplicable and with time, perhaps we will find the answers but for the moment we must just accept that we do not have all the answers.
But, we do understand something about other realities outside of our one and we will return to trying to explain one of them.

So, we must go back to a time before our universe, our dimensions, our version of reality in all its shapes and forms existed. We return to the moment that we have already attempted to describe when absolutely nothing existed, no space, no time, absolutely nothing.

But now let us with our imaginations try to feel that we exist and are able to transcend this nothingness until we voyage through nothingness to a something. A something that existed in another concept of life.
Let us, with our minds attempt to approach this distant reality rather as if we were leaving our galaxy in a craft of some sort, traversing empty space to approach a different galaxy.
This analogy is quite apt, the main difference being that instead of crossing empty space between our galaxy and a far different one, we are crossing some barrier between two realities.

Now, we feel obliged to try to describe, if we can, what we mean by two different realities.
Obviously, words and concepts do not exist accurately to describe leaving one reality and entering another so we can only use analogies in feeble attempts to describe what we mean.
We don’t know if you have ever left a busy, bustling, modern city and traveled to a very “primitive” area like a jungle, a desert community or similar. The contrast can be quite astonishing as we leave so call civilization and find ourselves in an area where survival is all that matters.
This is not to imply that the people who live in these undeveloped areas are in anyway less intelligent than city dwellers. These people develop different skill sets and live by different rules.
So, as we leave our reality and approach a different reality, we would expect life to live by different skill sets and different aims and objectives to the reality that we just left behind.

We hope that you have clearly understood what we are saying. The galaxy, the multiverse in which all of us have lived in since it was all first created by God long, long ago, is just one of an endless creation of realities stretching back endlessly and, no doubt, stretching forward endlessly and we are attempting to describe – or will be – one totally detached from our reality and yet, we hope, sufficiently close in many ways that we can use language to explain what we see.
We understand that there are other multiverses so different from ours that words do not exist to describe them.


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