The Dawns Of Life – An Exploration Into The Origins & Development Of Existence Book – Read Online – CHAPTER 3


After that rather long and drawn out introduction in which we attempted to introduce the concept of realities created by God but in no way connected to our reality, let us approach, in our minds, one of them and devote the rest of this book to a description of the closest reality to ours. We deliberately chose this reality because, as we said, words do not exist to describe other realities.
So, let us imagine that we are in a craft that was able to cross nothingness (the gap between our reality and the new one) rather as if aliens did much the same from their galaxy to ours and their dimension to ours.
Just as aliens from a different dimension, when they enter our dimension have the choice of a vast number of planets, moons, etc, they could visit, so as we approach this new reality we are faced with choices.
But, the choices in our chosen destination are not quite like the choices that aliens would have as they visit our galaxy. It seems that in this different reality planets as we know them do not exist. Space – the vacuum between planets in our reality – does not exist, there would be no point in space existing.

But we now enter an area somewhat difficult to describe.
As we approach this new reality, from afar (if we could step back enough) we would see it as a monstrous ball of glowing light just hanging in nothingness.
This is not easy to imagine but try if you will.
So, picture an empty space with no life, no gravity, no light, no dark, no time, no past, present or future. That is the “nothing” that we encountered when we left our reality with all its suns, stars, planets, space, dimensions and so on.

We can’t say that we traveled across this nothingness because there was nothing to cross.
But it seems that some human Archangels have been able to make this adjustment, this leap in the dark, and have seen this ball of light.

We have to try also to imagine that this ball of light is not a small object. It is galaxy sized but exists as a monstrous ball of light.
It must be said that if we could step far enough out into space to be able to observe our galaxy, it also would be seen as a spherical object. It appears that a heavy object, providing it is malleable enough, naturally takes the form of a sphere which is why, molten lead dropped from a tower into a tub of cold water forms balls that were used in guns years ago.
It also could, if people’s minds were open enough, put a stop once and for all to this “flat Earth” concept that is going the rounds in some areas.
As a sphere is the shape of the galaxy in this different reality and also our galaxy and, indeed, virtually all the planets, moons, and suns within it are spherical, that is a primary shape, which at least gives us a starting point to which we can relate.
However, we are not implying that this different galaxy – or multiverse as we might term it – contains solid bodies like stars, planets, moons, etc., as seen in our multiverse.
We are talking about a different reality.
So, we observe, from afar, this ball of light.

We should, perhaps, break off here to explain why it is seen as a ball of light although anyone who has followed our various writings up until now should be able to work out the answer for themselves.
But for those who cannot let us provide the answer.
Everything is made by and from God.
Now, we have stated that God does not exist in any fashion that could be described so we must content ourselves with a description of the effects, as seen, of the power of God and that effect is light – star light.
This is a basic truth although we will say that the brightness of this light and its color can be modified by consciousness of those manipulating that light.
Heaven glows with light while hell gets dimmer and dimmer as the beings that live in hell modify that light with their dark and dismal thoughts.
In its present form, the pure light of God is seen as star light. If we were to go outside of Earth’s atmosphere into space, the brightness of that light is extraordinary. But we humans are looking at starlight through the filters of a human’s ability to observe with eyes and also it is modified by our level of spirituality. If we were able to see star light with pure astral vision, the brightness and purity of whiteness would be breathtaking.
However, when we look at the brightness and purity of the light of this new galaxy it is noticed that it is not as bright as pure star light which immediately suggests to us that; (a) there must be life forms in that galaxy and (b) those life forms might not be of total purity.
As we said, consciousness modifies spiritual light so we note, with interest, that the life forms contained within this ball of light might be somewhat like those we know to be in our reality, which is to say some good, some evil and some in between. Thus, we make the assumption that life here might well be like in our reality which is to say a sort of school for the development of young souls. But we are only guessing as we have not yet started to explore life here so we might well be jumping to hasty and wrong conclusions.
We hope that by the time we get to the end of this book, which is to say, at the end of our exploration of this new reality we will have a clearer picture.

So, we approach this ball of light and see what a closer look might reveal. We approach with caution. It would be most unwise to just plunge into the ball of light without first trying to ascertain something about it.
We circumnavigate the exterior and take measurements of the temperature, of atmosphere, try to ascertain any gases that we are familiar with and we do note some similarities.
We become aware that, although the temperature varies somewhat, it would be quite amenable to life as we know it in our world – planet Earth. This raises certain questions because if we were to try to conduct similar measurements from the outside of our galaxy, we would notice vast differences. Although on planet Earth we find temperatures and gases generally conductive to life as we know it, the same cannot be said for the rest of the galaxy with its vast areas of near total vacuum, planets, some icy cold, some ferociously hot and many areas that we would have difficulty in trying to understand using conventional measuring devices and with the limited knowledge that we have.

But this galaxy sized ball of light appears different.
From what we can measure from the exterior it seems to be a cohesive whole with very little variation.
This is strange and defies logic.
From our point of view, we would easily accept a small ball that has one temperature, made up, or at least containing, a limited number of gases rather like a melon or a similar object but we cannot readily accept a galaxy sized object with such a limited diversity of features.
We wonder if this ball of light is unfinished, a work in progress (to use a modern term) and the beings creating it have not yet completed their work.
But, at the same time, if this ball was created long before our reality had been made, and our reality seems fairly well thought out, one would have thought that this reality had also been finished, so we ponder the possibility that this is what the creators had in mind when they created it.
So, this begs the question as to who created it and for what purpose?

We accept that the mind of God is behind all creation and God creates this for his own development so we assume that he created Archangels of various types to implement his thoughts and bring them into some sort of reality.
After all, that was and is the way that our reality came into being.
But we also know that the mind of God is infinite and his quest for knowledge is endless so we must be careful not to make comparisons, to assume that just because Archangels made our galaxy with all its diverse dimensions that the same is true for a new (or old) galaxy in a different reality.
Perhaps God did not use Archangels to create this place. Perhaps God used a totally different technique to bring it into being.
This gives us a fascinating opportunity to expand our knowledge and to grow in stature if we can intelligently investigate this new world and uncover its secrets.

Where to begin?
We can only use our intelligence and fall back on the techniques that ancient explorers used when arriving, after a long sea crossing, at a previously unknown land mass.
They would anchor their ships out to sea in safe waters and row ashore onto a beach. From there they might well set up a sort of base camp and then start to explore the land that lead away from the beach.
But can we do the same with this strange galaxy?
We approach the edge of the ball of light and, no matter how carefully we scan into the ball of light, we can discover no planets as we know them, no land masses. Not even any seas or anything to which we could relate and, certainly, nowhere where we could land and explore even a small part of it on foot.

All we are able to see is light. And yet, closer observation shows us that this light is not quite static like a huge light bulb. It is scintillating, sparkling, some parts of it shining more brightly than others.
How to explain?
Imagine that you were looking at a lit ball of light that had, floating inside it, a large number of tiny dust particles swirling endlessly about. Try to imagine the effect that you would observe – a sphere of light but the dust particles creating the effect that the whole sphere was shimmering.
This is what this galaxy looks like from the outside at first glance.
So, to make sure you have the image clearly visible in your minds we will repeat.
We have discovered suspended in a “nowhere place” where nothing at all exists, a galaxy sized ball of light just suspended in nothingness.
Further, this ball of light is shimmering as if a huge amount of particles of dust were gently, slowly swirling around in this ball at random.
Closer inspection reveals that it is not the sphere that is glowing but what appears to be the particles of dust that are emitting light of various degrees of various hues, some quite bright, some very dim. Some white and others of different colors.
We also appreciate that we are looking from afar at a galaxy sized ball and so what appears to be dust particles are actually planet sized spheres of light swirling around in this huge ball.
This is a somewhat comforting realization because we are used, in our galaxy, to seeing planets so this gives us – we hope – a point of reference.
So, we pluck up our courage and plunge into this galaxy sized sphere.

As we do so we have the impression that the space between any two particles of dust, which we now realize are planets, of sorts, is actually a fairly thick jelly like structure. We have some difficulty in progressing through this jelly – which is actually invisible to us – and, if we stop, we remain suspended within it and start to drift about, seemingly at random, much as the planets do.
We decide that, before progressing, we should try to define just what this jelly like substance is. So, we take our time and apply ourselves to examining this jelly.
After much consideration we come to the conclusion that it is a curious form of gravity. Not like any gravity with which we are familiar but gravity nevertheless.
We question why this gravity should be so thick?
We puzzle this for some time before we come to any conclusion.
The problem is that we realize that we are in a creation (made by God) outside of any creation with which we are familiar and thus, God in his infinite desire to create life, must have had good reason to create this.
We also are aware that God has absolutely no desire to hide anything from us and, therefore, we should be able to puzzle this out.

After some discussion we come to the conclusion that we have never fully understood gravity.
If we think back to our 3D reality as applied to the creation in which we live, it crosses our mind that gravity is not a fixed power.
For instance, if we wish to cross the place (space) between any two points we can do it quite easily. We just walk across the space on Earth, for instance and, although we have the gravitation of pull of the Earth acting on us, it does not seem to prevent us from moving at all.

The same applies in the air. A bird can fly and, although it has gravity that is trying to pull the bird to Earth, the only resistance the bird really feels is that of air.
So, we think about air and realize that the elements of air, which are gases of various types, do not seem to be overly affected by gravity and thus remain suspended rather than all being drawn down to the surface of planet Earth which logic would suggest.

But we realize that stones and rocks remain fixed – to a certain degree – on Earth by gravity and even water, which is basically just a mixture of two gases, remains fixed to Earth.

So, we realize that, perhaps, gravity is more complex than at first sight.
We realize that it would be pointless continuing until we understand more about gravity as it applies to our galaxy before attempting to understand this version of gravity in this different reality.

Thus, we return to our 3D reality to try to unravel the secrets of gravity and then, perhaps we can return to the alternative world and understand the type of gravity that we found there.

So, we gather around us some wise souls and explain the jelly like gravity that we have found there. Much to our surprise we are told to examine an atom. So, we do.
What we discover is a sort of sphere with a varying number of points – of particles – floating in a sort of jelly like substance. We realize that, in all probability the galaxy we came across was a gigantic version of the very atoms that we encounter in our reality.
Could it be that God had created an atom but of enormous proportions long ago and that when, with the aid of his Archangels, he created our galaxy, he used a miniature version of this atom to create the life that we experience?
But, of course, this does not explain why gravity is so thick in an atom but appears to be so thin on a macro scale.

We need to stretch our minds outside of what we think we know about gravity and realize that it is a spiritual force, created by the Archangels and designed to hold all life in balance. We are going to have to re-examine vibration, that we have mentioned so often, and try to examine what vibration, frequency (call it what you will) really is because this seems to be at the heart of everything.

We have mentioned that everything is vibration but we have also stated that everything is composed of atoms vibrating in certain ways to create all that exists.
We have said that not only are material things made of vibration but thoughts, ideas, concepts, hopes, ambitions, love, joy, fear and hate are all vibrations of different sorts.
We have also said that the atoms are also connected to these vibrations so all the above mentioned aspects contain atoms and all is alive. Life is all there is and life is both vibration but needs atoms to give that life a form of solidity. Thoughts are things – physical things, if we may use such an expression in abstract reality – so even thoughts and emotions require atoms to give those thoughts solidity.

It is probably difficult for many of you to appreciate that, as you think, so a stream of atoms are shooting out from you in astral form, passing through the 6th dimension and clothing your file in the Akashic Record rather as if we were spraying paint endlessly onto the walls of a room reserved exclusively for you.
Of course, this is just one of the many analogies we use but if it helps you to visualize that atoms are what go to make up the Akashic Record, we have helped you to understand.

So, can we link vibrations and atoms together and also link them to gravity?
We wish to point out that when we use the word atoms we are not just referring to those that you know of in physical form. Atoms are a fundamental part of the building blocks of all creation so there are far more atoms than science knows about. They exist in all dimensions and each atom, when it is in its quiescent form, not being used, vibrates to the quiescent frequency of whatever dimension it is attached to.
Further, not only is each atom to be found in a particular dimension, but all atoms have in association with them auras, which are aspects of the other dimensions.
Thus, we can say that each atom might well find itself in a particular dimension – its home base – but has, also, connections to all the other dimensions as does everything else.
Thus, we can say that all is one. If that is true, it implies that there cannot actually be separate atoms, separate objects all floating in a sea of gravity. We must assume that all is one point of life. Even this point of life cannot exist in any physical form nor even in any non-physical form. It just exists.

So, how can we possibly imagine this in any understandable fashion?
We think – we hope – that if you can imagine a vast something that appears to be a galaxy is, in fact, one item that has neither shape nor form in any physical or non-physical manner, then the atoms (or rather the “non-atoms”) that constitute that non-object would all be held together by some force to create this non-object.
This, clearly, is beyond the imagination of most of us although we have mentioned this concept before in a previous work.
We must do so again because the force that holds all these non-objects together is the force we term gravity. So, unfortunately, we must say that if atoms do not actually exist and if the bodies that atoms combine to create do not exist then the force we call gravity cannot actually exist. If we visualize atoms, objects and the gravitational pull that holds them all together, we must just be using imagination.
Of course, we have stated that imagination is a real force and, therefore, must use atoms to create imagination but we have also stated that neither atoms nor gravity actually exists. Therefore, even imagination cannot exist.
The problem, as you can see, is that we are torn between two forms of apparent lunacy. On one hand we have the strange world that we have spent much time trying to explain, that we said was a sort of reality, even if imaginary, and on the other we are saying that nothing at all exists, even imaginary.

Those of you who have followed our teachings thus far over the years and have come to trust what we tell you as true, no matter how bizarre what we tell you might be, will surely falter at this point. How can everything not exist at all even in imagination, especially as we have spent years describing life? And now we are implying that life does not exist in any measurable, understandable form at all!

What we have stated is also true but is so advanced in physics that almost no one incarnate or even discarnate could possibly comprehend.
So, we will return to the previous step and imagine that life as we know it does exist.


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